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A Multifunctional Reactor with Dry-Stored Reagents for Enzymatic Amplification of Nucleic Acids

22-Dec-2017 | Jinzhao Song; Changchun Liu; Michael G. Mauk; Jing Peng; Thomas Schoenfeld; Haim H. Bau, Analytical Chemistry, 2017

To enable inexpensive molecular detection at the point-of-care and at home with minimal or no instrumentation, it is necessary to streamline unit operations and store reagents refrigeration-free. To address this need, a multifunctional enzymatic amplification reactor that combines solid-phase ...


Vacuum-Ultraviolet-Excited and CH2Cl2/H2O-Amplified Ionization-Coupled Mass Spectrometry for Oxygenated Organics Analysis

22-Dec-2017 | Bo Yang; Haixu Zhang; Jinian Shu; Pengkun Ma; Peng Zhang; Jingyun Huang; Zhen Li; Ce Xu, Analytical Chemistry, 2017

The mass spectrometry analysis of oxygenated volatile organic compounds (OVOCs) remains challenging due to their limited ionization efficiencies. In this study, we surprisingly found that, under vacuum-UV (VUV) excitation, a gaseous mixture of CH2Cl2/H2O/analyte (OVOCs) in N2 buffer generated ...


Expanding Proteoform Identifications in Top-Down Proteomic Analyses by Constructing Proteoform Families

22-Dec-2017 | Leah V. Schaffer; Michael R. Shortreed; Anthony J. Cesnik; Brian L. Frey; Stefan K. Solntsev; Mark Scalf; Lloyd M. Smith, Analytical Chemistry, 2017

In top-down proteomics, intact proteins are analyzed by tandem mass spectrometry and proteoforms, which are defined forms of a protein with specific sequences of amino acids and localized post-translational modifications, are identified using precursor mass and fragmentation data. Many ...


Fast Orthogonal Separation by Superposition of Time of Flight and Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry

22-Dec-2017 | Alexander Bohnhorst; Ansgar T. Kirk; Marc Berger; Stefan Zimmermann, Analytical Chemistry, 2017

Ion mobility spectrometry is a powerful and low-cost technique for the identification of chemical warfare agents, toxic chemicals, or explosives in air. Drift tube ion mobility spectrometers (DT-IMS) separate ions by the absolute value of their low field ion mobility, while field asymmetric ion ...


Noble-Metal-Free Co0.6Fe2.4O4 Nanocubes Self-Assembly Monolayer for Highly Sensitive Electrochemical Detection of As(III) Based on Surface Defects

22-Dec-2017 | Shan-Shan Li; Wen-Yi Zhou; Yi-Xiang Li; Min Jiang; Zheng Guo; Jin-Huai Liu; Xing-Jiu Huang, Analytical Chemistry, 2017

Nanocrystals generally suffer from agglomeration because of the spontaneous reduction of the system surface energy, resulting in blocking the active sites from reacting with target ions, and then severely reducing the electrochemical sensitivity. In this article, a highly ordered self-assembled ...


Versatile T1-Based Chemical Analysis Platform Using Fe3+/Fe2+ Interconversion

22-Dec-2017 | Yiping Chen; Binfeng Yin; Mingling Dong; Yunlei Xianyu; Xingyu Jiang, Analytical Chemistry, 2017

We report a versatile analytical platform for assaying multiple analytes relying on changes in longitudinal relaxation time (T1) as a result of Fe3+/Fe2+ interconversion. The T1 of water protons in Fe3+ aqueous solution differs significantly from that of Fe2+, allowing for the development of a ...


Digital Protocol for Chemical Analysis at Ultralow Concentrations by Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering

22-Dec-2017 | Carlos Diego L. de Albuquerque; Regivaldo G. Sobral-Filho; Ronei J. Poppi; Alexandre G. Brolo, Analytical Chemistry, 2017

Single molecule surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SM-SERS) has the potential to revolutionize quantitative analysis at ultralow concentrations (less than 1 nM). However, there are no established protocols to generalize the application of this technique in analytical chemistry. Here, a protocol ...


Investigating the Effect of Column Geometry on Separation Efficiency using 3D Printed Liquid Chromatographic Columns Containing Polymer Monolithic Phases

22-Dec-2017 | Vipul Gupta; Stephen Beirne; Pavel N. Nesterenko; Brett Paull, Analytical Chemistry, 2017

Effect of column geometry on the liquid chromatographic separations using 3D printed liquid chromatographic columns with in-column polymerized monoliths has been studied. Three different liquid chromatographic columns were designed and 3D printed in titanium as 2D serpentine, 3D spiral, and 3D ...


Advanced Multiwavelength Detection in Analytical Ultracentrifugation

22-Dec-2017 | Joseph Pearson; Johannes Walter; Wolfgang Peukert; Helmut Cölfen, Analytical Chemistry, 2017

This work highlights significant advancements in detector hardware and software for multiwavelength analytical ultracentrifugation (MWL-AUC) experiments, demonstrating improvement in both the spectral performance and UV capabilities of the instrument. The hardware is an extension of the Open AUC ...


Helium Ion Microscopy for Imaging and Quantifying Porosity at the Nanoscale

22-Dec-2017 | Matthew J. Burch; Anton V. Ievlev; Kyle Mahady; Holland Hysmith; Philip D. Rack; Alex Belianinov; Olga S. Ovchinnikova, Analytical Chemistry, 2017

Nanoporous materials are key components in a vast number of applications from energy to drug delivery and to agriculture. However, the number of ways to analytically quantify the salient features of these materials, for example: surface structure, pore shape, and size, remain limited. The most ...


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