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Fabrication of two-dimensional hybrid sheets by decorating insulating PANI on reduced graphene oxide for polymer nanocomposites with low dielectric loss and high dielectric constant

31-Oct-2012 | Mi Li; Xingyi Huang; Chao Wu; Haiping Xu; Pingkai Jiang; Toshikatsu Tanaka, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

Novel polyaniline decorated reduced graphene oxide (rPANI@rGO) two-dimensional (2D) hybrids sheets were successfully prepared by in situ polymerization of aniline on graphene oxide (GO) sheets and successive reduction by hydrazine. PANI is heavily reduced, thus it is electrically insulating. The ...


Synthesis and optical properties of 1,1-binaphthyl–thiophene alternating copolymers with main chain chirality

31-Oct-2012 | Kohsuke Kawabata; Hiromasa Goto, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

A series of axially chiral 1,1-binaphthyl–thiophene copolymers were synthesized by Migita–Kosugi–Stille polycondensation and electrochemical polymerization. The polymers exhibit circular dichroism not only in the ultraviolet region but also in the visible region, both in solution and film states. ...


Significant electrochemical stability of manganese dioxide/polyaniline coaxial nanowires by self-terminated double surfactant polymerization for pseudocapacitor electrode

17-Oct-2012 | Afriyanti Sumboja; Ce Yao Foo; Jian Yan; Chaoyi Yan; Raju Kumar Gupta; Pooi See Lee, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

Manganese dioxide/polyaniline coaxial nanowire networks are prepared by using double surfactant approach. This approach improves the interaction between the two active materials which has been confirmed by FTIR and XPS measurements, and yields a controllable uniform thin coating of polyaniline on ...


Graphene/polyaniline nanorod arrays: Synthesis and excellent electromagnetic absorption properties

04-Sep-2012 | Hailong Yu; Tieshi Wang; Bo Wen; Mingming Lu; Zheng Xu; Chunling Zhu; Yu-Jin Chen; Xinyu Xue; Chunwen Sun; Mao-Sheng Cao, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

In the paper, we find that graphene has a strong dielectric loss, but exhibits very weak attenuation properties to electromagnetic wave due to its high conductivity. As polyaniline nanorods are perpendicularly grown on the surface of graphene by an in situ polymerization process, the ...


A Novel All-Solid Electrolyte Based on Co-polymer of Poly-(Methoxy/Hexadecal-Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Methacrylate) for Lithium-ion Cell

04-Sep-2012 | Xiang Zuo; Xiao-min Liu; Feng Cai; Hui Yang; Xiaodong Shen; G Liu, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

A novel comb-like copolymer solid electrolyte with a relatively high ionic conductivity, 10−3.9 S•cm−1 at 30°C and 10−3.1 S•cm−1 at 80 °C, is prepared by free racial polymerization in this study. The polymer consists of methacrylate as backbone and a mixture of hexadecal (C16)/methoxyl terminated ...


Self-Templating Surface-Initiated Polymerization: A Route to Conductive Brushes

22-Aug-2012 | Michał Szuwarzyński; Justyna Kowal; Szczepan Zapotoczny, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

A facile self-templating approach for synthesis of surface-grafted conjugated brushes has been introduced here. Polymeric chains containing acetylene moieties were first grafted from gold surface and then the side groups were polymerized. After doping the obtained brushes exhibited high ...


Synthesis and properties of small band gap thienoisoindigo based conjugated polymers

22-Aug-2012 | Gijs W. P. Van Pruissen; Fatemeh Gholamrezaie; Martijn M. Wienk; Rene A. J. Janssen, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

Using Stille and Suzuki polymerization reactions we incorporate thienoisoindigo (TII) as an acceptor co-monomer in a series of alternating pi-conjugated copolymers with combinations of benzene, thiophene and carbazole as donor co-monomers. By changing the nature and length of the donor segments, ...


Synthesis and characterization of poly(para-phenylene), its copolymers and their n-alkylbenzeme grafts as proton exchange membranes: high conductivity at low relative humidity

09-Aug-2012 | Kun Si; Daxuan Dong; Ryszard Wycisk; Morton Litt, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

Water insoluble poly(para-phenylene disulfonic acid) and its copolymers were synthesized by direct polymerization of 1,4-dibromobenzene 2,5-disulfonic acid and 4,4’-dibromobiphenyl 3,3’-disulfonic acid lithium salts using Ullmann coupling reaction and subsequent grafting of long-tail alkylbenzene ...


Synthesis and electrochromic properties of polyacrylate functionalized poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) network films

08-Aug-2012 | Leiqiang Qin; Jingkun Xu; Baoyang Lu; Yao Lu; Xuemin Duan; Guangming Nie, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

A novel acrylate modified 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene (EDOT-AA) was synthesized, and its free radical polymerization and electrochemical polymerization led to the formation of corresponding precursor polymer polyacrylate (PAA) functionalized with 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene (EDOT-PAA) and uniform ...


Porous heterogeneous organic photocatalyst prepared by HIPE polymerization for oxidation of sulfides under visible light

01-Aug-2012 | Wenliang Li; Wenjing Zhang; Xiaoqing Dong; Lesan Yan; Ruogu Qi; Weicai Wang; Zhigang Xie; Xiabin Jing, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

A porous heterogeneous photocatalyst was prepared by high internal phase emulsion (HIPE) polymerization. Such porous materials have interconnected pores and enough active moieties for photocatalysis. The material demonstrated a very high catalytic efficiency and can be reused for photocatalyzed ...


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