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Evaluation of GO/MnO2 composites as supercapacitors in neutral electrolytes: role of graphite oxide oxidation level

31-Oct-2012 | Mykola Seredych; Teresa J. Bandosz, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

Manganese oxide/graphite oxide (GO) composites containing GO of two different oxidation levels are investigated as supercapacitors in neutral electrolytes, Na2SO4 and Li2SO4. Addition of only 10 wt% of GO with a low oxidation level results in an 18 times improvement in the capacitance in lithium ...


Lithium diffusion in Li1−xFePO4: the effect of cationic disorder

24-Oct-2012 | Cristina Tealdi; Clelia Spreafico; Piercarlo Mustarelli, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

LiFePO4 is a key material in the field of rechargeable lithium batteries. In this study the transport properties of partially delithiated LiFePO4 are investigated by molecular dynamics simulations, giving particular emphasis to the effect of the presence of Li–Fe anti-site defects on the ...


SnS2@reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites as anode materials with high capacity for rechargeable lithium ion batteries

04-Oct-2012 | Jiefu Yin; Huaqiang Cao; Zhong-fu Zhou; Jingxian Zhang; Meizhen Qu, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

Nanostructured electrode materials are favorable of the lithium ions and electron transport, lowering the stress caused by its volume change during the charge/discharge process of electrodes, and decreasing overpotential of the electrode reactions the in LIBs. In our work, we develop a new ...


Structure and Reversible Lithium Intercalation in a New P’3-phase: Na2/3Mn1-yFeyO2 (y=0, 1/3, 2/3)

03-Oct-2012 | Meglena Yoncheva; Radostina Stoyanova; Ekaterina Zhecheva; Elitza Kuzmanova; Marushka Sendova-Vassileva; Diana Nihti ..., Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

In this contribution, new data on the reversible Li+ intercalation in iron substituted sodium manganates are provided. Novel Na2/3Mn1-xFexO2 (x=0, 1/3 and 2/3) compounds with P’3-type structure are prepared from frieze-dried citrate precursors at 500 oC. A new structural element is the ...


Atomistic modeling of site exchange defects in lithium iron phosphate and iron phosphate

20-Sep-2012 | Christian Kuss; Guoxian Liang; Steen Schougaard, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

A new force field is presented that allows for modeling of the entire lithium insertion range of the lithium iron phosphate system (LixFePO4, 0 ≤ x ≤ 1). By comparing calculated values to experimental crystallographic, spectroscopic and thermodynamic data, the force field’s ability to reproduce ...


Graphene oxide oxidizes stannous to synthesize tin sulfide-graphene nanocomposites with small crystal size for high performance lithium ions batteries

19-Sep-2012 | Ming Zhang; Danni Lei; Xinzhi Yu; Libao Chen; Qiuhong Li; Yanguo Wang; Taihong Wang; Guozhong Cao, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

This study reports a novel strategy of preparing graphene composites by employing graphene oxide as precursor and oxidizer. It is demonstrated that graphene oxide could oxidize stannous ions to form SnS2 and it is simultaneously reduced to graphene, directly resulting in the formation of ...


Hierarchical SnO2/Fe2O3 Heterostructures as Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes

12-Sep-2012 | Yanli Wang; Jingjie Xu; Hao Wu; Ming Xu; Zheng Peng; Gengfeng Zheng, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

We report a facile, two-step hydrothermal growth method to synthesize a new hierarchical SnO2/Fe2O3 heterostructure, consisting of a micron-sized primary SnO2 nanosheet base and sub-10 nm diameter Fe2O3 nanorod branches grown on the nanosheet surface. In addition to the high theoretical lithium ...


A Lithium-ion Anode with Micro-scale Mixed Hierarchical Carbon Coated Single Crystal TiO2 Nanorod Spheres and Carbon Spheres

05-Sep-2012 | Hongwei Bai; Zhaoyang Liu; Darren Sun, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

A novel concept is reported for Long-lasting, high-performance lithium-ion anodes with a uniform mixture of simultaneously prepared hierarchical carbon coated single crystal TiO2 nanorod spheres and carbon spheres. Such novel anodes result in many merits, such as 1) uniformly mixing of active ...


Lithium chromium oxide modified spinel LiCrTiO4 with improved electrochemical properties

05-Sep-2012 | Chunhua Chen; Xuyong Feng, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

Lithium chromium titanium oxide (LiCrTiO4) spinel powders are synthesized by an acrylic acid polymerization method. The lithium intercalation capacity of the LiCrTiO4 sample synthesized in air is about 150 mAh g-1, which is very close to its theoretical capacity (157 mAh g-1). In addition to its ...


On the influence of the iron susbstitution in the electrochemical properties of Li1+xTi2-xFex (PO4)3/C composites as electrodes for lithium batteries.

05-Sep-2012 | Pedro Lavela; Candela Vidal-Abarca; María José Aragón; Jose L. Tirado; Nareerat Plylahan, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

Li1+xTi2-xFex (PO4)3/C series with 0 ≤ x ≤ 0.4 was prepared by a sol gel-method. XRD patterns showed a rhombohedral phase and minor contribution of a orthorhombic phase. The local environment of the phosphate structure has been analyzed by 31P MAS NMR. The electrochemical lithium insertion ...


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