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Lipophilic and cationic triphenylphosphonium grafted linear polyethylenimine polymers for efficient gene delivery to mammalian cells

15-Nov-2012 | R. Bansal; S. K. Tripathi; K. C. Gupta; P. Kumar, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

Synthetic chemical vectors have recently provided a versatile and robust platform for the safe and efficient delivery of exogenous genes. Here, for the first time, a small series of N-butyltriphenylphosphonium bromide-grafted-linear polyethylenimine (BTP-g-lP) polymers (N–P hybrid polymers) have ...


Synthesis and optical properties of 1,1-binaphthyl–thiophene alternating copolymers with main chain chirality

31-Oct-2012 | Kohsuke Kawabata; Hiromasa Goto, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

A series of axially chiral 1,1-binaphthyl–thiophene copolymers were synthesized by Migita–Kosugi–Stille polycondensation and electrochemical polymerization. The polymers exhibit circular dichroism not only in the ultraviolet region but also in the visible region, both in solution and film states. ...


Synthesis and characterization of yellow-emitting electrophosphorescent polymers based on a fluorinated poly(arylene ether phosphine oxide) scaffold

24-Oct-2012 | Shiyang Shao; Junqiao Ding; Lixiang Wang; Xiabin Jing; Fosong Wang, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

A series of novel yellow-emitting electrophosphorescent polymers (PhPs) have been designed and synthesized by grafting a 2-(fluoren-2-yl)-1H-benzoimidazole ligand based iridium complex, (fbi)2Ir(acac), with a fluorinated poly(arylene ether phosphine oxide) backbone (FPCzPO). Due to the efficient ...


Towards materials with enhanced electro-mechanical response: CaCu3Ti4O12–polydimethylsiloxane composites

17-Oct-2012 | Laura J. Romasanta; Pilar Leret; Leandro Casaban; Marianella Hernández; Miguel A. de la Rubia; José F. Fernández; Jo ..., Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

We describe a straightforward production pathway of polymer matrix composites with increased dielectric constant for dielectric elastomer actuators (DEAs). Up to date, the approach of using composites made of high dielectric constant ceramics and insulating polymers has not evidenced any ...


High Throughput Modification of Chemically Reduced Graphene Oxides by a Conjugated Block Copolymer in Non-polar Medium

16-Oct-2012 | Dhinesh Babu Velusamy; Sun Kak Hwang; Richard Hahnkee Kim; Giyoung Song; Sung Hwan Cho; Insung Bae; Cheolmin Park, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

We present a simple, but robust route to efficiently disperse very high rGO concentrations of chemically reduced graphene oxides (rGOs) in various non-polar solvents and polymers. Our method is based on the noncovalent, nondestructive modification of rGOs with a conjugated block copolymer, poly ...


Protein resistant properties of polymers with different branched architecture on a gold surface

04-Oct-2012 | Yuanyuan Zhuang; Qi Zhu; Chunlai Tu; Dali Wang; Jieli Wu; Yumin Xia; Gangsheng Tong; Lin He; Bangshang Zhu; Deyue Ya ..., Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

To elucidate the effect of polymeric branched architecture on the protein resistant properties, protein adsorption behaviour of polymers with different branched architecture on a gold surface was investigated. A series of poly((S-(4-vinyl) benzyl S’-propyltrithiocarbonate)-co-(poly(ethylene ...


Novel efficient catalysts based on imine-linked mesoporous polymers for hydrogenation and cyclopropanation reactions

04-Oct-2012 | Eva Maya; Ester Verde-Sesto; Angel Lozano; José Gonzalez de la Campa; Felix Sánchez; Marta Iglesias, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

Two imine-linked polymer organic frameworks (POFs) with different geometry (C3v-POF and Th-POF) and mesoporous properties were prepared and proved as catalyst supports. Due to the greater ability of Th-POF to coordinate metals, Cu- and Ir-coordinated Th-POF were tested as catalysts. Both act as a ...


Surface Functional Polymer Library by Post-Polymerisation Modification using Diarylmethylenes: Metal Ligand Catch and Release

26-Sep-2012 | M G Moloney; Apichat Aphaiwong; Martin Christlieb, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

Functionalised diarylcarbenes can be used as anchoring agents for the introduction of metal chelating ligands onto the surface of a polystyrene substrate, rapidly creating a library of chelating polymers from a common precursor; although exemplified for polystyrene, the method is potentially ...


Conjugated Polymers with Cationic Iridium(III) Complexes in the Side-chain for Flash Memory Devices Utilizing Switchable Through-space Charge Transfer

20-Sep-2012 | Shu-Juan Liu; Wen-Peng Lin; Wen-Juan Xu; Li-Xia Zhou; Hui-Bin Sun; Qiang Zhao; Shanghui Ye; Xiang-Mei Liu; Wei Huang, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

Polycarbazole and polyfluorene containing cationic iridium(III) complexes in the side-chain have been designed and synthesized. Both two polymers have been demonstrated to show conductance switching behavior and non-volatile flash memory devices based on them were realized successfully, in which ...


Augmented properties of PVA hybrid nanocomposites containing cellulose nanocrystals and silver nanoparticles

20-Sep-2012 | Johnsy George; Sajeevlumar Appukuttan Vallayil; Sabapathy Nadana Shanmugam; Ramna Venkata Karna; Siddaramiah B, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

PVA nanocomposites containing cellulose nanocrystals and silver nanoparticles have been prepared and their properties were investigated. Even though bacterial cellulose nanocrystals (BCNC) improved the mechanical properties of hydrophilic polymers like modulus and strength, they also contributed ...


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