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Synthesis and characterization of Mg2Si/Si nanocomposites prepared from MgH2 and silicon, and their thermoelectric properties

22-Nov-2012 | Tanghong Yi; Shaoping Chen; Shawn Li; Hao Yang; Sabah Bux; Zhixi Bian; Nebil A. Katcho; Ali Shakouri; Natalio Mingo; ..., Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

Silicon (Si) nanoparticles embedded in a Mg2Si matrix (Mg2Si/xSi) have been successfully synthesized at 623 K from MgH2 and Bi containing Si nanoparticle powders. The use of MgH2 in this synthetic route avoids the formation of oxides through the generation of hydrogen and provides a route to ...


Polymer-derived nanoporous silicon carbide with monodisperse spherical pores

21-Nov-2012 | Claudia Hoffmann; Tim Biemelt; Andreas Seifert; Katja Pinkert; Thomas Gemming; Stefan Spange; Stefan Kaskel, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

The synthesis of polymer-derived nanoporous silicon carbide with monodisperse spherical pores is described. An incipient wetness method was used to fill the interparticle voids of microemulsion-derived silica nanospheres with the polycarbosilane SMP-10. The spheres have a very narrow diameter ...


Synthesis and characterization of in situ Fe2O3-coated FeF3 cathode materials for rechargeable lithium batteries

21-Nov-2012 | Wei Zhang; Lin Ma; Hongjun Yue; Yong Yang, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

Here, a novel architecture of a core–shell structured FeF3@Fe2O3 composite with particle size of 100–150 nm and tunable Fe2O3 content is synthesized by a simple heat treatment process utilizing FeF3 with fine network structure as precursor. The structure, morphology and electrochemical ...


Synthesis of high-charge capacity triarylamine–thiophene redox electrodes using electrochemical copolymerization

15-Nov-2012 | Jeremy T. Kearns; Mark E. Roberts, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

Growing interest in electric transportation and renewable energy generation places a high burden on the development of new materials and devices capable of storing and delivering energy at high rates. We have previously shown that efficient, reversible redox couples can be incorporated in ...


Controlled synthesis of CdS micro/nano leaves with (0001) facets exposed: enhanced photocatalytic activity toward hydrogen evolution

06-Nov-2012 | Cuixia Li; Lijun Han; Rongji Liu; Honghua Li; Suojiang Zhang; Guangjin Zhang, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

Two-dimensional CdS micro/nano leaves have been synthesized via a controlled hydrothermal process. The dimensions of the leaves is in the range of 4–6 μm and the thickness of the leaves is 30–50 nm. The surface of the leaves is smooth and composed of several parallel laminar layers with ...


Benzoxazole and benzimidazole heterocycle-grafted graphene for high-performance supercapacitor electrodes

31-Oct-2012 | Wei Ai; Weiwei Zhou; Zhuzhu Du; Yaping Du; Hua Zhang; Xingtao Jia; Linghai Xie; Mingdong Yi; Ting Yu; Wei Huang, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

An efficient method for the preparation of benzoxazole and benzimidazole covalently grafted graphene and their application as high performance electrode materials for supercapacitors is reported. The synthesis of such covalently functionalized graphene materials first involves a cyclization ...


Gd(III)-doped carbon dots as a dual fluorescent-MRI probe

31-Oct-2012 | Athanasios B. Bourlinos; Aristides Bakandritsos; Antonios Kouloumpis; Dimitrios Gournis; Marta Krysmann; Emmanuel P. ..., Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

We describe the synthesis of Gd(iii)-doped carbon dots as dual fluorescence-MRI probes for biomedical applications. The derived Gd(iii)-doped carbon dots show uniform particle size (3–4 nm) and gadolinium distribution and form stable dispersions in water. More importantly, they exhibit bright ...


Size controlled synthesis of monodisperse PbTe quantum dots: using oleylamine as the capping ligand

31-Oct-2012 | Yi Pan; Hanying Bai; Liang Pan; Yadi Li; Maria C. Tamargo; Mohammad Sohel; John R. Lombardi, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

We report a simple method to synthesize monodisperse hydrophobic PbTe quantum dots followed by a stability study of the as-synthesized quantum dots in air. We provide evidence that air-stable PbTe quantum dots can be synthesized using this method. PbCl2 complexed with oleylamine was used as the ...


Cobalt(II,III) oxide hollow structures: fabrication, properties and applications

31-Oct-2012 | Xi Wang; Wei Tian; Tianyou Zhai; Chunyi Zhi; Yoshio Bando; Dmitri Golberg, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

Hollow structured semiconductor oxide materials have been paid more and more attention due to their potential applications in many areas. Cobalt(ii,iii) oxide (Co3O4) is an important semiconductor oxide and its synthesis and properties have been of growing interest owing to prominent applications ...


In situ growth synthesis of heterostructured LnPO4–SiO2 (Ln = La, Ce, and Eu) mesoporous materials as supports for small gold particles used in catalytic CO oxidation

31-Oct-2012 | Chengcheng Tian; Song-Hai Chai; Xiang Zhu; Zili Wu; Andrew Binder; J. Chris Bauer; Suree Brwon; Miaofang Chi; Gabrie ..., Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012

A general in situ growth method was successfully employed to prepare lanthanide phosphate–SiO2 mesostructured cellular foams (MCFs) (LnPO4–MCFs; Ln = La, Ce, and Eu; MCFs = SiO2). These heterostructured MCFs (LnPO4–MCFs) feature binary interpenetrating LnPO4 and silica frameworks, large surface ...


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