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Facile Synthesis of Catalytic AuPd Nanoparticles within Capillary Microreactors Using Polyelectrolyte Multilayers for the Direct Synthesis of H2O2

08-Sep-2017 | Shamayita Kanungo; Violeta Paunovic; Jaap C. Schouten; M. Fernanda Neira D’Angelo, Nano Letters, 2017

Microreactors present innovative solutions for problems pertaining to conventional reactors and therefore have seen successful application in several industrial processes. Yet, its application in heterogeneously catalyzed gas–liquid reactions has been challenging, mainly due to the lack of an ...


Remote Manipulation of Ligand Nano-Oscillations Regulates Adhesion and Polarization of Macrophages in Vivo

08-Sep-2017 | Heemin Kang; Sungkyu Kim; Dexter Siu Hong Wong; Hee Joon Jung; Sien Lin; Kaijie Zou; Rui Li; Gang Li; Vinayak P. Dra ..., Nano Letters, 2017

Macrophages play crucial roles in various immune-related responses, such as host defense, wound healing, disease progression, and tissue regeneration. Macrophages perform distinct and dynamic functions in vivo, depending on their polarization states, such as the pro-inflammatory M1 phenotype and ...


Reassessing Graphene Absorption and Emission Spectroscopy

08-Sep-2017 | Yuan Yang; Grigory Kolesov; Lucas Kocia; Eric J. Heller, Nano Letters, 2017

We present a new paradigm for understanding optical absorption and hot electron dynamics experiments in graphene. Our analysis pivots on assigning proper importance to phonon-assisted indirect processes and bleaching of direct processes. We show indirect processes figure in the excess absorption ...


Seamless Staircase Electrical Contact to Semiconducting Graphene Nanoribbons

08-Sep-2017 | Chuanxu Ma; Liangbo Liang; Zhongcan Xiao; Alexander A. Puretzky; Kunlun Hong; Wenchang Lu; Vincent Meunier; J. Bernh ..., Nano Letters, 2017

Electrical contact to low-dimensional (low-D) materials is a key to their electronic applications. Traditional metal contacts to low-D semiconductors typically create gap states that can pin the Fermi level (EF). However, low-D metals possessing a limited density of states at EF can enable ...


Single Molecule Trapping and Sensing Using Dual Nanopores Separated by a Zeptoliter Nanobridge

08-Sep-2017 | Paolo Cadinu; Binoy Paulose Nadappuram; Dominic J. Lee; Jasmine Y. Y. Sze; Giulia Campolo; Yanjun Zhang; Andrew Shev ..., Nano Letters, 2017

There is a growing realization, especially within the diagnostic and therapeutic community, that the amount of information enclosed in a single molecule can not only enable a better understanding of biophysical pathways, but also offer exceptional value for early stage biomarker detection of ...


Refractory Plasmonics without Refractory Materials

08-Sep-2017 | Gelon Albrecht; Stefan Kaiser; Harald Giessen; Mario Hentschel, Nano Letters, 2017

Refractory plasmonics deals with metallic nanostructures that can withstand high temperatures and intense laser pulses. The common belief was that refractory materials such as TiN are necessary for this purpose. Here we show that refractory plasmonics is possible without refractory materials. We ...


Effective Interlayer Engineering of Two-Dimensional VOPO4 Nanosheets via Controlled Organic Intercalation for Improving Alkali Ion Storage

07-Sep-2017 | Lele Peng; Yue Zhu; Xu Peng; Zhiwei Fang; Wangsheng Chu; Yu Wang; Yujun Xie; Yafei Li; Judy J. Cha; Guihua Yu, Nano Letters, 2017

Two-dimensional (2D) energy materials have shown the promising electrochemical characteristics for lithium ion storage. However, the decreased active surfaces and the sluggish charge/mass transport for beyond-lithium ion storage that has potential for large-scale energy storage systems, such as ...


Negatively Charged and Dark Excitons in CsPbBr3 Perovskite Nanocrystals Revealed by High Magnetic Fields

07-Sep-2017 | Damien Canneson; Elena V. Shornikova; Dmitri R. Yakovlev; Tobias Rogge; Anatolie A. Mitioglu; Mariana V. Ballottin; ..., Nano Letters, 2017

The optical properties of colloidal cesium lead halide perovskite (CsPbBr3) nanocrystals are examined by time-resolved and polarization-resolved spectroscopy in high magnetic fields up to 30 T. We unambiguously show that at cryogenic temperatures the emission is dominated by recombination of ...


Epitaxial Nanoflag Photonics: Semiconductor Nanoemitters Grown with Their Nanoantennas

06-Sep-2017 | Ofir Sorias; Alexander Kelrich; Ran Gladstone; Dan Ritter; Meir Orenstein, Nano Letters, 2017

Semiconductor nanostructures are desirable for electronics, photonics, quantum circuitry, and energy conversion applications as well as for fundamental science. In photonics, optical nanoantennas mediate the large size difference between photons and semiconductor nanoemitters or detectors and ...


Integrin-Assisted T-Cell Activation on Nanostructured Hydrogels

06-Sep-2017 | Judith Guasch; Christine A. Muth; Jennifer Diemer; Hossein Riahinezhad; Joachim P. Spatz, Nano Letters, 2017

Adoptive cell therapy (ACT) has shown very promising results as treatment for cancer in a few clinical trials, such as the complete remissions of otherwise terminal leukemia patients. Nevertheless, the introduction of ACT into clinics requires overcoming not only medical but also technical ...


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