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Non-Faradaic Li+ Migration and Chemical Coordination across Solid-State Battery Interfaces

26-Oct-2017 | Forrest S. Gittleson; Farid El Gabaly, Nano Letters, 2017

Efficient and reversible charge transfer is essential to realizing high-performance solid-state batteries. Efforts to enhance charge transfer at critical electrode–electrolyte interfaces have proven successful, yet interfacial chemistry and its impact on cell function remains poorly understood. ...


On-Demand Spin–Orbit Interaction from Which-Layer Tunability in Bilayer Graphene

23-Oct-2017 | Jun Yong Khoo; Alberto F. Morpurgo; Leonid Levitov, Nano Letters, 2017

Spin–orbit interaction (SOI) that is gate-tunable over a broad range is essential to exploiting novel spin phenomena. Achieving this regime has remained elusive because of the weakness of the underlying relativistic coupling and lack of its tunability in solids. Here we outline a general strategy ...


Label-Free Single-Molecule Thermoscopy Using a Laser-Heated Nanopore

10-Oct-2017 | Hirohito Yamazaki; Rui Hu; Robert Y. Henley; Justin Halman; Kirill A. Afonin; Dapeng Yu; Qing Zhao; Meni Wanunu, Nano Letters, 2017

When light is used to excite electronic transitions in a material, nonradiative energy during relaxation is often released in the form of heat. In this work, we show that photoexcitation of a silicon nitride nanopore using a focused visible laser results in efficient localized photothermal ...


Near-Infrared Intersubband Photodetection in GaN/AlN Nanowires

06-Oct-2017 | Jonas Lähnemann; Akhil Ajay; Martien I. Den Hertog; Eva Monroy, Nano Letters, 2017

Intersubband optoelectronic devices rely on transitions between quantum-confined electron levels in semiconductor heterostructures, which enables infrared (IR) photodetection in the 1–30 μm wavelength window with picosecond response times. Incorporating nanowires as active media could enable an ...


Gigahertz Optomechanical Modulation by Split-Ring-Resonator Nanophotonic Meta-Atom Arrays

05-Oct-2017 | Yuta Imade; Ronald Ulbricht; Motonobu Tomoda; Osamu Matsuda; Gediminas Seniutinas; Saulius Juodkazis; Oliver B. Wright, Nano Letters, 2017

Using polarization-resolved transient reflection spectroscopy, we investigate a metasurface consisting of coherently vibrating nanophotonic U-shaped split-ring meta-atoms that exhibit colocalized optical and mechanical resonances. With an array of these resonators formed of gold on glass, ...


Solid-State Nanopore Analysis of Diverse DNA Base Modifications Using a Modular Enzymatic Labeling Process

05-Oct-2017 | Fanny Wang; Osama K. Zahid; Brandi E. Swain; Derek Parsonage; Thomas Hollis; Scott Harvey; Fred W. Perrino; Rahul M. ..., Nano Letters, 2017

Many regulated epigenetic elements and base lesions found in genomic DNA can both directly impact gene expression and play a role in disease processes. However, due to their noncanonical nature, they are challenging to assess with conventional technologies. Here, we present a new approach for the ...


Hydration Friction in Nanoconfinement: From Bulk via Interfacial to Dry Friction

21-Sep-2017 | Alexander Schlaich; Julian Kappler; Roland R. Netz, Nano Letters, 2017

The viscous properties of nanoscopically confined water are important when hydrated surfaces in close contact are sheared against each other. Numerous experiments have probed the friction between atomically flat hydrated surfaces in the subnanometer separation regime and suggested an increased ...


Facile Synthesis of Catalytic AuPd Nanoparticles within Capillary Microreactors Using Polyelectrolyte Multilayers for the Direct Synthesis of H2O2

08-Sep-2017 | Shamayita Kanungo; Violeta Paunovic; Jaap C. Schouten; M. Fernanda Neira D’Angelo, Nano Letters, 2017

Microreactors present innovative solutions for problems pertaining to conventional reactors and therefore have seen successful application in several industrial processes. Yet, its application in heterogeneously catalyzed gas–liquid reactions has been challenging, mainly due to the lack of an ...


Remote Manipulation of Ligand Nano-Oscillations Regulates Adhesion and Polarization of Macrophages in Vivo

08-Sep-2017 | Heemin Kang; Sungkyu Kim; Dexter Siu Hong Wong; Hee Joon Jung; Sien Lin; Kaijie Zou; Rui Li; Gang Li; Vinayak P. Dra ..., Nano Letters, 2017

Macrophages play crucial roles in various immune-related responses, such as host defense, wound healing, disease progression, and tissue regeneration. Macrophages perform distinct and dynamic functions in vivo, depending on their polarization states, such as the pro-inflammatory M1 phenotype and ...


Reassessing Graphene Absorption and Emission Spectroscopy

08-Sep-2017 | Yuan Yang; Grigory Kolesov; Lucas Kocia; Eric J. Heller, Nano Letters, 2017

We present a new paradigm for understanding optical absorption and hot electron dynamics experiments in graphene. Our analysis pivots on assigning proper importance to phonon-assisted indirect processes and bleaching of direct processes. We show indirect processes figure in the excess absorption ...


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