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Asymmetric Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Tetrahydropyrans via a One-Pot Organocatalytic Michael/Henry/Ketalization Sequence

27-06-2014 | Robert Hahn; Gerhard Raabe; Dieter Enders, Organic Letters, 2014

A diastereo- and enantioselective Michael/Henry/ketalization sequence to functionalized tetrahydropyrans is described. The multicomponent cascade reaction uses acetylacetone or β-keto esters, β-nitrostyrenes, and alkynyl aldehydes as substrates affording tetrahydropyrans with five contiguous ...


Biomimetic Asymmetric Total Syntheses of Spirooliganones A and B

27-06-2014 | Liyan Song; Hongliang Yao; Rongbiao Tong, Organic Letters, 2014

Biomimetic total syntheses of potent antiviral spirooliganones A and B were achieved with 3% and 2% yield, respectively, in 12 steps from commercially available materials. The synthetic strategy was inspired primarily by the biogenetic hypothesis and was enabled by two independent cascade events: ...


Regioselective Synthesis of Benzimidazolones via Cascade C–N Coupling of Monosubstituted Ureas

27-06-2014 | Johannes B. Ernst; Nicholas E. S. Tay; Nathan T. Jui; Stephen L. Buchwald, Organic Letters, 2014

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/ol501531q


Enantioselective Catalytic Desymmetrization of Maleimides by Temporary Removal of an Internal Mirror Plane and Stereoablative Over-reduction: Synthesis of (R)-Pyrrolam A

27-06-2014 | Barrie J. Marsh; Harry Adams; Mike D. Barker; Ibrahim U. Kutama; Simon Jones, Organic Letters, 2014

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/ol5016702


General Silver-Catalyzed Hydroazidation of Terminal Alkynes by Combining TMS-N3 and H2O: Synthesis of Vinyl Azides

27-06-2014 | Zhenhua Liu; Peiqiu Liao; Xihe Bi, Organic Letters, 2014

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/ol501661k


Synthesis of Substituted 3-Indolylimines and Indole-3-carboxaldehydes by Rhodium(II)-Catalyzed Annulation

26-06-2014 | Basker Rajagopal; Chih-Hung Chou; Ching-Cheng Chung; Po-Chiao Lin, Organic Letters, 2014

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/ol501618z


Nucleophilic Bromo- and Iododifluoromethylation of Aldehydes

26-06-2014 | Mikhail D. Kosobokov; Vitalij V. Levin; Marina I. Struchkova; Alexander D. Dilman, Organic Letters, 2014

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/ol501674n


Cyanogramide with a New Spiro[indolinone-pyrroloimidazole] Skeleton from Actinoalloteichus cyanogriseus

26-06-2014 | Peng Fu; Fandong Kong; Xia Li; Yi Wang; Weiming Zhu, Organic Letters, 2014

Cyanogramide (1), an unprecedented alkaloid bearing a novel spirocyclic pyrrolo[1,2-c]imidazole skeleton, was identified from the fermentation broth of the marine-derived Actinoalloteichus cyanogriseus WH1-2216-6. The structure was fully determined by spectroscopic analysis, an exciton chirality ...


Acanthomanzamines A–E with New Manzamine Frameworks from the Marine Sponge Acanthostrongylophora ingens

26-06-2014 | Akane Furusato; Hikaru Kato; Tatsuo Nehira; Keisuke Eguchi; Tetsuro Kawabata; Yukio Fujiwara; Fitje Losung; Remy E. ..., Organic Letters, 2014

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/ol5015569


Synergistic Pd/Enamine Catalysis: A Strategy for the C–H/C–H Oxidative Coupling of Allylarenes with Unactivated Ketones

25-06-2014 | Shan Tang; Xudong Wu; Wenqing Liao; Kun Liu; Chao Liu; Sanzhong Luo; Aiwen Lei, Organic Letters, 2014

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/ol501584d


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