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Stable Tricyclic Antitubercular Ozonides Derived from Artemisinin

02-Oct-2015 | Sandeep Chaudhary; Vashundhra Sharma; Pradeep K. Jaiswal; Anil N. Gaikwad; Sudhir K. Sinha; Sunil K. Puri; Ashoke Sh ..., Organic Letters, 2015

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.5b02296


Development of (Trifluoromethyl)zinc Reagent as Trifluoromethyl Anion and Difluorocarbene Sources

02-Oct-2015 | Kohsuke Aikawa; Wataru Toya; Yuzo Nakamura; Koichi Mikami, Organic Letters, 2015

The trifluoromethylation of carbonyl compounds is accomplished by the stable (trifluoromethyl)zinc reagent generated and then isolated from CF3I and ZnEt2, which can be utilized as a trifluoromethyl anion source (CF3–). The reaction proceeds smoothly with diamine as a ligand and ammonium salt as ...


Iron Catalyzed Dual-Oxidative Dehydrogenative (DOD) Tandem Annulation of Glycine Derivatives with Tetrahydrofurans

02-Oct-2015 | Congde Huo; Fengjuan Chen; Yong Yuan; Haisheng Xie; Yajun Wang, Organic Letters, 2015

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.5b02504


Two Enantiomeric Pairs of Meroterpenoids from Rhododendron capitatum

01-Oct-2015 | Hai-Bing Liao; Chun Lei; Li-Xin Gao; Jing-Ya Li; Jia Li; Ai-Jun Hou, Organic Letters, 2015

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.5b02515


Hydroxymethyl Salicylaldehyde Auxiliary for a Glycine-Dependent Amide-Forming Ligation

01-Oct-2015 | Marianne Fouché; Florence Masse; Hans-Jörg Roth, Organic Letters, 2015

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.5b02350


Pyridine–Hydrazones as N,N′-Ligands in Asymmetric Catalysis: Pd(II)-Catalyzed Addition of Boronic Acids to Cyclic Sulfonylketimines

01-Oct-2015 | Yolanda Álvarez-Casao; David Monge; Eleuterio Álvarez; Rosario Fernández; José M. Lassaletta, Organic Letters, 2015

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.5b02613


Alkene anti-Dihydroxylation with Malonoyl Peroxides

01-Oct-2015 | Carla Alamillo-Ferrer; Stuart C. Davidson; Michael J. Rawling; Natalie H. Theodoulou; Matthew Campbell; Philip G. Hu ..., Organic Letters, 2015

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.5b02674


Small Molecules in the Cone Snail Arsenal

30-Sep-2015 | Jorge L. B. Neves; Zhenjian Lin; Julita S. Imperial; Agostinho Antunes; Vitor Vasconcelos; Baldomero M. Olivera; Eri ..., Organic Letters, 2015

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.5b02389


Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis of Tertiary Alcohols and Oxetenes Bearing a Difluoromethyl Group

30-Sep-2015 | Kohsuke Aikawa; Seiya Yoshida; Daisuke Kondo; Yuya Asai; Koichi Mikami, Organic Letters, 2015

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/acs.orglett.5b02617


Formaldehyde as Tethering Organocatalyst: Highly Diastereoselective Hydroaminations of Allylic Amines

29-Sep-2015 | Colin R. Hesp; Melissa J. MacDonald; M. Mehdi Zahedi; Didier A. Bilodeau; Shu-Bin Zhao; Marc Pesant; André M. Beauchemin, Organic Letters, 2015

Catalysts possessing sufficient activity to achieve intermolecular alkene hydroaminations under mild conditions are rare, and this likely accounts for the scarcity of asymmetric variants of this reaction. Herein, highly diastereoselective hydroaminations of allylic amines utilizing hydroxylamines ...


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