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Cystomanamides: Structure and Biosynthetic Pathway of a Family of Glycosylated Lipopeptides from Myxobacteria

15-04-2014 | Lena Etzbach; Alberto Plaza; Ronald Garcia; Sascha Baumann; Rolf Müller, Organic Letters, 2014

Cystomanamides A–D were isolated as novel natural product scaffolds from Cystobacter fuscus MCy9118, and their structures were established by spectroscopic techniques including 2D NMR, LC-SPE-NMR/-MS, and HR-MS. The cystomanamides contain β-hydroxy amino acids along with 3-amino-9-methyldecanoic ...


A Facile Fmoc Solid Phase Synthesis Strategy To Access Epimerization-Prone Biosynthetic Intermediates of Glycopeptide Antibiotics

14-04-2014 | Clara Brieke; Max J. Cryle, Organic Letters, 2014

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/ol500840f


Assessing Stabilization through π–π Interactions in Aromatic Oligoamide β-Sheet Foldamers

14-04-2014 | Laure Sebaoun; Brice Kauffmann; Thomas Delclos; Victor Maurizot; Ivan Huc, Organic Letters, 2014

We have recently introduced aromatic oligoamide β-sheet foldamers based on rigid turn units and short linear strands that undergo intramolecular π–π stacking (Sebaoun, L.; Maurizot, V.; Granier, T.; Kauffmann, B.; Huc, I. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2014, 136, 2168). We now report that conformational ...


Correction to Helicenes from Diarylmaleimides

14-04-2014 | Harald Bock; Daniel Subervie; Pierre Mathey; Anirban Pradhan; Parantap Sarkar; Pierre Dechambenoit; Elizabeth A. Hil ..., Organic Letters, 2014

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/ol501030q


Catalytic Asymmetric Peroxidation of α,β-Unsaturated Nitroalkenes by a Bifunctional Organic Catalyst

14-04-2014 | Xiaojie Lu; Li Deng, Organic Letters, 2014

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/ol500677v


An Organotrifluoroborate-Based Convergent Total Synthesis of the Potent Cancer Cell Growth Inhibitory Depsipeptides Kitastatin and Respirantin

14-04-2014 | Ramsay E. Beveridge; Robert A. Batey, Organic Letters, 2014

The total syntheses of the highly cytotoxic neo-antimycin macrocyclic depsipeptide natural products kitastatin and respirantin have been accomplished in a convergent manner using MNBA promoted esterifications and an efficient C- and N-terminus bis-deprotection/HATU promoted macrolactamization. ...


Asymmetric Chlorocyclization of Indole-3-yl-benzamides for the Construction of Fused Indolines

14-04-2014 | Qin Yin; Shu-Li You, Organic Letters, 2014

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/ol5007532


Synthetic Strategy toward the C44–C65 Fragment of Mirabalin

11-04-2014 | Pierre-Georges Echeverria; Sébastien Prévost; Johan Cornil; Charlène Férard; Sébastien Reymond; Amandine Guérinot; J ..., Organic Letters, 2014

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/ol500720j


Pentafluorosulfanyldifluoroacetic Acid: Rebirth of a Promising Building Block

11-04-2014 | Andrej V. Matsnev; Si-Yan Qing; Mark A. Stanton; Kyle A. Berger; Günter Haufe; Joseph S. Thrasher, Organic Letters, 2014

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/ol500766v


Palladium Hydride Promoted Stereoselective Isomerization of Unactivated Di(exo)methylenes to Endocyclic Dienes

11-04-2014 | Michael E. Jung; Gloria S. Lee; Hung V. Pham; K. N. Houk, Organic Letters, 2014

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/ol500710v


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