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A naturally modified cellulose

19-Jan-2018 | Stella Hurtley; Steve Mao, Science , 2018

Chemical Biology Cellulose is the most abundant biopolymer on Earth and an important component of bacterial biofilms. Thongsomboon et al. used solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to identify a naturally derived, chemically modified cellulose, phosphoethanolamine cellulose (see the


A global map of soil bacteria

19-Jan-2018 | Stella Hurtley; Andrew M. Sugden, Science , 2018

Biogeography Soil bacteria play key roles in regulating terrestrial carbon dynamics, nutrient cycles, and plant productivity. However, the natural histories and distributions of these organisms remain largely undocumented. Delgado-Baquerizo et al. provide a survey of the dominant bacterial taxa


‘Liquid biopsy’ for cancer promises early detection

19-Jan-2018 | Jocelyn Kaiser, Science , 2018

A team of researchers has taken a major step toward one of the hottest goals in cancer research: a blood test that can detect tumors early. Their new test, which examines cancer-related DNA and proteins in the blood, yielded a positive result about 70% of the time across eight common cancer types ...


Chiromagnetic nanoparticles and gels

19-Jan-2018 | Jihyeon Yeom; Uallisson S. Santos; Mahshid Chekini; Minjeong Cha; André F. de Moura; Nicholas A. Kotov, Science , 2018

Chiral inorganic nanostructures have high circular dichroism, but real-time control of their optical activity has so far been achieved only by irreversible chemical changes. Field modulation is a far more desirable path to chiroptical devices. We hypothesized that magnetic field modulation can be ...


Regeneration circuits in the thymus

19-Jan-2018 | Stella Hurtley; Anand Balasubramani, Science , 2018

Thymus Chemotherapy and radiation treatments in cancer patients damage a number of tissues and organs, including the thymus. Prolonged thymic damage can lead to T cell deficiency and increased susceptibility to opportunistic infections and malignancies. Wertheimer et al. examined thymic ...


The believer

19-Jan-2018 | Lizzie Wade, Science , 2018

According to the Book of Mormon, ancient people called the Nephites sailed from Israel to the Americas around 600 B.C.E. Centuries later, Jesus appeared to them after his resurrection. Thomas Stuart Ferguson, a Mormon lawyer from California, was determined to use science to prove these scriptures ...


Rochester roiled by fallout from sexual harassment case

19-Jan-2018 | Meredith Wadman, Science , 2018

The University of Rochester (U of R) in New York struggled last week to respond to its president's sudden departure even as a lengthy report was issued that largely approved of his administration's handling of explosive sexual harassment complaints against a noted linguist. President Joel ...


Remote control of nanoscale devices

19-Jan-2018 | Björn Högberg, Science , 2018

Processes that occur at the nanometer scale have a tremendous impact on our daily lives. Sophisticated evolved nanomachines operate in each of our cells; we also, as a society, increasingly rely on synthetic nanodevices for communication and computation. Scientists are still only beginning to ...


Multiplexed gene synthesis in emulsions for exploring protein functional landscapes

19-Jan-2018 | Calin Plesa; Angus M. Sidore; Nathan B. Lubock; Di Zhang; Sriram Kosuri, Science , 2018

Improving our ability to construct and functionally characterize DNA sequences would broadly accelerate progress in biology. Here, we introduce DropSynth, a scalable, low-cost method to build thousands of defined gene-length constructs in a pooled (multiplexed) manner. DropSynth uses a library of ...


Seismicity curbed by lowering volume

19-Jan-2018 | Stella Hurtley; Brent Grocholski, Science , 2018

Induced Seismicity Determining why hydraulic fracturing (also known as fracking) triggered earthquakes in the Duvernay Formation in Canada is important for future hazard mitigation. Schultz et al. found that injection volume was the key operational parameter correlated with induced earthquakes in


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