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Swift and NuSTAR observations of GW170817: Detection of a blue kilonova

22-Dec-2017 | P. A. Evans; S. B. Cenko; J. A. Kennea; S. W. K. Emery; N. P. M. Kuin; O. Korobkin; R. T. Wollaeger; C. L. Fryer; K. ..., Science , 2017

With the first direct detection of merging black holes in 2015, the era of gravitational wave (GW) astrophysics began. A complete picture of compact object mergers, however, requires the detection of an electromagnetic (EM) counterpart. We report ultraviolet (UV) and x-ray observations by Swift ...


The runners up

22-Dec-2017 | Erik Stokstad; Elizabeth Pennisi; Jocelyn Kaiser; Jon Cohen; Jennifer Couzin-Frankel; Paul Voosen; Ann Gibbons; Adri ..., Science , 2017

Breakthrough of the Year 2017The runners-up for Science’s Breakthrough of the Year are, in no particular order of merit, the first new great ape species discovered since 1929, a banner year for cryo–electron microscopy, a cultural change in communicating biology papers, an advance in editing DNA ...


AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Award winners named

22-Dec-2017 | Earl Lane, Science , 2017

Stories on the social value of aging female killer whales, a frantic hunt for a meteorite in the Australian outback, and the unusual brain of the world's greatest solo climber are among the winners of the 2017 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards. Judges also honored “Boomtown, Flood Town,” an


An integrated assessment of the vascular plant species of the Americas

22-Dec-2017 | Carmen Ulloa Ulloa; Pedro Acevedo-Rodríguez; Stephan Beck; Manuel J. Belgrano; Rodrigo Bernal; Paul E. Berry; Lois B ..., Science , 2017

Botanical exploration in the Americas has a history that stretches back for half a millennium, with knowledge assembled in diverse regional floras and lists. Ulloa Ulloa et al. present a comprehensive and integrated compilation of all known native New World vascular plant species (see the ...


Light curves of the neutron star merger GW170817/SSS17a: Implications for r-process nucleosynthesis

22-Dec-2017 | M. R. Drout; A. L. Piro; B. J. Shappee; C. D. Kilpatrick; J. D. Simon; C. Contreras; D. A. Coulter; R. J. Foley; M. ..., Science , 2017

On 17 August 2017, gravitational waves (GWs) were detected from a binary neutron star merger, GW170817, along with a coincident short gamma-ray burst, GRB 170817A. An optical transient source, Swope Supernova Survey 17a (SSS17a), was subsequently identified as the counterpart of this event. We ...


Safety concerns derail dengue vaccination program

22-Dec-2017 | Dennis Normile, Science , 2017

Efforts to control dengue suffered a major setback in late November when Sanofi Pasteur announced that its vaccine, the only one on the market, should only be given to those who have already had one infection with the mosquito-borne disease that affects millions of people in the tropics each ...


Determination of intrinsic attenuation in the oceanic lithosphere-asthenosphere system

22-Dec-2017 | Nozomu Takeuchi; Hitoshi Kawakatsu; Hajime Shiobara; Takehi Isse; Hiroko Sugioka; Aki Ito; Hisashi Utada, Science , 2017

We recorded P and S waves traveling through the oceanic lithosphere-asthenosphere system (LAS) using broadband ocean-bottom seismometers in the northwest Pacific, and we quantitatively separated the intrinsic (anelastic) and extrinsic (scattering) attenuation effects on seismic wave propagation ...


How seismic waves lose energy

22-Dec-2017 | Colleen A. Dalton, Science , 2017

Ocean basins record the life history of a tectonic plate—its creation at a mid-ocean ridge, its thickening over time, and its consumption at a subduction zone. The movement of tectonic plates is possible because the lithosphere, Earth's stiff outermost shell, slides on top of a weak ...


A New World of plants

22-Dec-2017 | Thomas J. Givnish, Science , 2017

On page 1614 of this issue, Ulloa Ulloa et al. ( 1 ) provide the first comprehensive overview of vascular plant diversity in the New World. The study, which includes a 2600-page online checklist and a continuously updated, searchable database [Vascular Plants of the Americas, see ( 2 )] is a ...


Fungal effectors of wheat stem rust

22-Dec-2017 | Stella Hurtley; Pamela J. Hines, Science , 2017

Plant Science The fungal pathogen Ug99 (named for its identification in Uganda in 1999) threatens wheat crops worldwide. Ug99 can kill entire fields of wheat and is undeterred by many of the disease-resistance genes that otherwise protect wheat crops. Two papers describe two peptides secreted by ...


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