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Serum mesothelin and megakaryocyte potentiating factor in pancreatic and biliary cancers

13-Dec-2011 | Elad Sharon; Jingli Zhang; Kevin Hollevoet; Seth M. Steinberg; Ira Pastan; Masanori Onda; Jochen Gaedcke; B. ..., Clinical Chemistry , 2011

Abstract Background: Tumor mesothelin overexpression is present in different malignancies, including the majority of patients with pancreatic or biliary cancers. The objective of this study was to evaluate the use of shed serum mesothelin and megakaryocyte potentiating factor (MPF) concentrations ...


Review: New biomarkers for acute renal injury

05-Jul-2011 | (Sachin S. Soni et al), Clinical Chemistry , 2011

Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, Volume 49, Issue 8, Page 1257-1263, August 2011.


The Athlete Biological Passport from the perspective of an anti-doping organization

05-Jul-2011 | Mario Zorzoli, Clinical Chemistry , 2011

Abstract The introduction of the Athlete Biological Passport is a landmark in the fight against doping. Contrary to traditional toxicological anti-doping analysis, its aim is to detect the biological consequences of doping through the measurement of different specific biomarkers which generate ...


New serum biomarkers for detection of tuberculosis using surface-enhanced laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry

14-Jun-2011 | Ji-Yan Liu; Lei Jin; Meng-Yuan Zhao; Xin Zhang; Chi-Bo Liu; Yu-Xiang Zhang; Fu-Jian Li; Jian-Min Zhou; Hua-J ..., Clinical Chemistry , 2011

Abstract Background: New technologies for the early detection of tuberculosis (TB) are urgently needed. Pathological changes within an organ might be reflected in proteomic patterns in serum. The aim of the present study was to screen for the potential protein biomarkers in serum for the ...


Determinants of blood levels of some thrombogenic biomarkers in healthy Arab adolescent subjects

13-Jun-2011 | Abayomi O. Akanji; Abdulwahab N. Al-Isa; Lukman Thalib, Clinical Chemistry , 2011

Abstract Background: Acute coronary syndromes present clinically as a consequence of plaque rupture and thrombosis possibly related to altered homeostasis of thrombogenic factors. It is speculated that this vulnerability in adults should be predictable from blood levels of thrombogenic biomarkers ...


Blood cells characteristics as determinants of acute myocardial infarction

02-May-2011 | Roberto Cemin; Luca Donazzan; Giuseppe Lippi; Francesca Clari; Massimo Daves, Clinical Chemistry , 2011

Abstract Background: The aim of this study is to analyse the relation between red blood cells, platelets morphology and acute myocardial infarction (AMI), and to assess whether they could supplement the role of traditional cardiac biomarkers in the early identification of patients with AMI. ...


Symposium Abstracts

27-Apr-2011 | Clinical Chemistry , 2011

SYM 1 Biomarkers for the Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases SYM 2 Diagnostic Challenges in Liver Disease YR 1 Clinical Chemistry 2010 and Beyond: Opportunities and Challenges for the Next Decade SYM 3 Tumor Markers in Cancer IFCC 1 IFCC EMD/CPD Joint Symposium: ELearning and Distance Education ...


ISW Abstracts

27-Apr-2011 | Clinical Chemistry , 2011

Clinical and Economic Advances in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis The Value of Improved Workflow Solutions Autonomous Biosensors – Technologies that Help to Bring Biomarkers to the Patient The Clinical Utility of Multiplex Biochips for the Detection of Multiple STI's and Respiratory Pathogens ...


Review: Inflammatory markers in childhood asthma

12-Apr-2011 | Slavica Dodig; Darko Richter; Renata Zrinski-Topić, Clinical Chemistry , 2011

Abstract The major characteristic of asthma is persistent airway inflammation that fails to resolve spontaneously. Dysregulation of pro- and anti-inflammatory mechanisms is responsible for the development of chronic inflammation. The inflammatory reaction is mediated by numerous cells and their ...


Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease

12-Apr-2011 | Vida Demarin; Iris Zavoreo; Vanja Bašić Kes; Ana Marija Šimundić, Clinical Chemistry , 2011

Abstract Dementia is a growing public health concern because of the lack of effective curative treatment options and a rising global prevalence. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common type of dementia, affecting 60%–70% of all patients with dementia. The main pathological features of ...


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