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Mapping point-of-care performance using locally-smoothed median and maximum absolute difference curves

19-Oct-2011 | Gerald J. Kost; Nam K. Tran; Harpreet Singh, Clinical Chemistry , 2011

Abstract Background: The goal is to introduce visual performance mapping efficient for establishing acceptance criteria and facilitating decisions regarding the utility of hospital point-of-care devices. This approach uniquely reveals the quality of performance locally, as opposed to globally. ...


Within-subject biological variation of glucose and HbA1c in healthy persons and in type 1 diabetes patients

02-Jun-2011 | Siri Carlsen; Per Hyltoft Petersen; Svein Skeie; Øyvind Skadberg; Sverre Sandberg, Clinical Chemistry , 2011

Abstract Background: Several articles describing within-subject biological variation of fasting glucose and HbA1c in healthy populations have been published, but information about biological variation of glucose and HbA1c in patients with type 1 diabetes is scarce. It is reasonable to assume that ...


Pre-analytical effects of different lithium heparin plasma separation tubes in the routine clinical chemistry laboratory

24-May-2011 | Gunnar Brandhorst; Jutta Engelmayer; Sandra Götze; Michael Oellerich; Nicolas von Ahsen, Clinical Chemistry , 2011

Abstract Background: In this study the pre-analytical effects of sample storage on frequently used routine clinical chemistry assays were evaluated by comparing four different lithium heparin plasma separation tubes to a reference collection procedure. Methods: Blood was collected from 20 healthy ...


Novel aspects of cellular action of dipeptidyl peptidase IV/CD26

23-May-2011 | Siegfried Ansorge; Karsten Nordhoff; Ute Bank; Anke Heimburg; Heiko Julius; Doreen Breyer; Anja Thielitz; Dir ..., Biological Chemistry, 2011

Abstract The cellular dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPIV, E.C., CD26) is a type II membrane peptidase with various physio-logical functions. Our main knowledge on DPIV comes from studies of soluble DPIV which plays a role in regulation of glucose homeostasis by inactivation of the incretins ...


DPP-4 inhibition increases GIP and decreases GLP-1 incretin effects during intravenous glucose tolerance test in Wistar rats

23-May-2011 | Ernst-Joachim Freyse; Sabine Berg; Klaus-Dieter Kohnert; Peter Heinke; Eckhard Salzsieder, Biological Chemistry, 2011

Abstract GIP metabolite [GIP (3–42)] and GLP-1 metabolite [GLP-1 (9–36) amide] have been reported to differ with regard to biological actions. Systemic DPP-4 inhibition can therefore reveal different actions of GIP and GLP-1. In catheter wearing Wistar rats, insulinotropic effects of equipotent ...


Selective inhibition of dipeptidyl peptidase 4 by targeting a substrate-specific secondary binding site

23-May-2011 | Kerstin Kühn-Wache; Joachim W. Bär; Torsten Hoffmann; Raik Wolf; Jens-Ulrich Rahfeld; Hans-Ulrich Demuth, Biological Chemistry, 2011

Abstract Dipeptidyl peptidase 4/CD26 (DP4) is a multifunctional serine protease liberating dipeptide from the N-terminus of (oligo)peptides which can modulate the activity of these peptides. The enzyme is involved in physiological processes such as blood glucose homeostasis and immune response. ...


Investigating the effects of physiological bile acids on GLP-1 secretion and glucose tolerance in normal and GLP-1R-/- mice

23-May-2011 | Eamon P. Rafferty; Alastair R. Wylie; Katharine H. Hand; Chris E. Elliott; David J. Grieve; Brian D. Green, Biological Chemistry, 2011

Abstract Physiological secretion of bile acids has previously been linked to the regulation of blood glucose. GLP-1 is an intestinal peptide hormone with important glucose-lowering actions, such as stimulation of insulin secretion and inhibition of glucagon secretion. In this investigation, we ...


High-sensitivity troponin T improves the prognostic value of N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide in patients with stable coronary artery disease: results from the LURIC Study

17-May-2011 | Boris T. Ivandic; Eberhard Spanuth; Marcus Kleber; Tanja B. Grammer; Winfried März, Clinical Chemistry , 2011

Abstract Background: Cardiac troponin T is an established prognostic marker in patients with acute coronary syndromes, but not in stable coronary artery disease (CAD) like N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP). We examined the additive prognostic value of a high-sensitivity ...


Interchangeability of blood gas, electrolyte and metabolite results measured with point-of-care, blood gas and core laboratory analyzers

20-Apr-2011 | Aila Leino; Kaisa Kurvinen, Clinical Chemistry , 2011

Abstract Background: The random use of point-of-care, blood gas and core laboratory analyzers to measure electrolytes and metabolites increases the variability in test results. This study was designed to determine whether these results performed on whole blood (point-of-care and blood gas) and ...


An increase in serum uric acid concentrations is associated with an increase in the Framingham risk score in Korean adults

12-Apr-2011 | Ga-Eun Nam; Kyung-Shik Lee; Yong-Gyu Park; Kyung-Hwan Cho; Seung-Hwan Lee; Byung-Joon Ko; Do-Hoon Kim, Clinical Chemistry , 2011

Abstract Background: Uric acid is a novel cardiovascular disease (CVD) factor, but its use as an independent risk factor for CVD remains controversial. Here, we examined the correlation between Framingham risk score (FRS) and serum uric acid concentrations in asymptomatic Korean adults. Methods: ...


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