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Erythropoietin mediated expression of Placenta Growth Factor is regulated via activation of hypoxia inducible factor -1{alpha} and post-transcriptionally by mir214 in Sickle Cell Disease

16-Apr-2015 | Gonsalves C; Li C; Mwa Mpollo M; Pullarkat V; Malik P; Tahara S; Kalra V, Biochemical Journal, 2015

Placental growth factor (PlGF) plays an important role in various pathological conditions and diseases such as inflammation, cancer, atherosclerosis and sickle cell disease (SCD). Abnormally high PlGF levels in SCD patients are associated with increased inflammation and pulmonary hypertension and ...


Intrinsically disordered cytoplasmic domains of two cytokine receptors mediate conserved interactions with membranes

07-Apr-2015 | Haxholm G; Nikolajsen L; Olsen J; Fredsted J; Larsen F; Goffin V; Pedersen S; Brooks A; Waters M; Kragelund B, Biochemical Journal, 2015

Class 1 cytokine receptors regulate essential biological processes through complex intracellular signaling networks. However, the structural platform for understanding their functions is currently incomplete as structure-function studies of the intracellular domains (ICDs) are critically lacking. ...


Akt-Mediated regulation of antidepressant-sensitive serotonin transporter function, cell surface expression and phosphorylation

12-Mar-2015 | Rajamanickam J; Annamalai B; Rahbek-Clemmensen T; Sundaramurthy S; Gether U; Jayanthi L; Ramamoorthy S, Biochemical Journal, 2015

The serotonin (5-HT) transporter (SERT) controls serotonergic neurotransmission in the brain by rapid clearance of 5-HT from the synaptic cleft into presynaptic neurons. SERTs are primary target for antidepressants for therapeutic intervention of mood disorders. Our previous studies have ...


The sigma 1 receptors are present in monomeric and oligomeric forms in living cells in the presence and absence of ligands

15-Dec-2014 | Mishra A; Mavlyutov T; Singh D; Biener G; Yang J; Oliver J; Ruoho A; Raicu V, Biochemical Journal, 2014

The sigma-1 receptor (S1R) is a membrane 223-amino acid protein that resides in the endoplasmic reticulum and the plasma membrane of some mammalian cells. The S1R is regulated by a various synthetic molecules including (+)-pentazocine, cocaine and haloperidol, and endogenous molecules such as ...


The function of phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate 4-kinase {gamma}(PI5P4K{gamma}) explored using a specific inhibitor that targets the PI5P binding site.

11-Dec-2014 | Clarke J; Giudici M; Burke J; Williams R; Maloney D; Marugan J; Irvine R, Biochemical Journal, 2014

NIH-12848 (NCGC00012848-02), a putative phosphatidylinositol-5-phosphate 4-kinase γ (PI5P4Kγ) inhibitor, was explored as a tool for investigating this enigmatic, low activity, lipid kinase. PI5P 4-kinase assays in vitro showed that NIH-12848 inhibited PI5P4Kγ with an IC50 of approximately 1μM but ...


{Less than}i{Greater than}Bombyx mori{Less than}/i{Greater than} prothoracicostatic peptide receptor is allosterically activated via a G{alpha}{Less than}sub{Greater than}i/o{Less than}/sub{Greater than} protein-biased signaling cascade by {Less than}i{Greater than}Drosophila{Less than}/i{Greater than} sex peptide

25-Nov-2014 | He X; Zang J; Yang H; Huang H; Shi Y; Zhu C; Zhou N, Biochemical Journal, 2014

In insects, molting and metamorphosis are strictly regulated by ecdysteroids. Ecdysteroid synthesis is positively or negatively controlled by several neuropeptides. The prothoracicostatic peptide BmPTSP, isolated from the larval brain of Bombyx mori, has been demonstrated to inhibit ecdysteroid ...


Effects of N-glycosylation on hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated (HCN) channels

25-Nov-2014 | Li M; Tonggu L; Tang L; Wang L, Biochemical Journal, 2014

Hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated (HCN) channels are activated by membrane hyperpolarization and conduct an inward cation current, which contributes to rhythmic electrical activity of neural and cardiac pacemaker cells. HCN channels have been shown to undergo N-linked ...


NTBI unveiled by chelatable fluorescent beads

01-Nov-2014 | Sebastiani G; Pantopoulos K, Biochemical Journal, 2014

Non-transferrin-bound iron (NTBI) emerges in plasma of patients with systemic iron overload, but has also been documented in further pathological conditions. Quantification of NTBI can be useful for diagnosis and management of these disorders. However, currently available detection methods are ...


Late stages of the synchronized macrophage fusion in osteoclast formation depend on dynamin

22-Oct-2014 | Verma S; Leikina E; Melikov K; Chernomordik L, Biochemical Journal, 2014

Macrophage fusion that leads to osteoclast formation is one of the most important examples of cell-to-cell fusion in development, tissue homeostasis and immune response. Protein machinery that fuses macrophages remains to be identified. Here we explored fusion stage of osteoclast formation for ...


A cholesterol consensus motif is required for efficient intracellular transport and raft association of a group 2 HA of influenza virus

21-Oct-2014 | De Vries M; Herrmann A; Veit M, Biochemical Journal, 2014

The HA (haemagglutinin) of influenza viruses must be recruited to membrane rafts to perform its function in membrane fusion and virus budding. We previ-ously showed with Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) that deletion of the two rafttargeting features of HA, S-acylation at the cytoplasmic ...


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