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Fe65 Ser{Less than}sup{Greater than}228{Less than}/sup{Greater than} is Phosphorylated by ATM/ATR and Inhibits Fe65-APP-Mediated Gene Transcription

14-11-2014 | Jowsey P; Blain P, Biochemical Journal, 2014

Fe65 binds the amyloid precursor protein (APP) and regulates the secretase-mediated processing of APP into several proteolytic fragments, including the amyloid-β (Aβ) peptides and APP intracellular domain (AICD). Aβ accumulation in neural plaques is a pathological feature of Alzheimer’s disease ...


Synthetic DAF-12 modulators with potential use in controlling nematodes life cycle

06-11-2014 | Dansey M; Alvarez L; Samaja G; Escudero D; Veleiro A; Pecci A; Castro O; Burton G, Biochemical Journal, 2014

Dafachronic acids (DAs) are 3-keto colestenoic acids bearing a carboxylic acid moiety at the end of the steroid side chain. These compounds interact with the DAF-12 receptor, a ligand dependent transcription factor that acts as a molecular switch mediating the choice between arrest at diapause or ...


AP2 suppresses osteoblast differentiation and mineralization through down-regulation of Frizzled-1

04-11-2014 | Yu S; Yerges-Armstrong L; Chu Y; Zmuda J; Zhang Y, Biochemical Journal, 2014

Transcription factor activating protein 2 (AP2) plays an important role in cellular differentiation. Although profound craniofacial and long bone developmental abnormalities have been observed in AP2 knockout mice, the molecular effects of AP2 on osteoblasts are poorly defined. We demonstrated ...


The clinically-approved drugs Dasatinib and Bosutinib induce anti-inflammatory macrophages by inhibiting the Salt-Inducible Kinases

29-10-2014 | Ozanne J; Prescott A; Clark K, Biochemical Journal, 2014

Macrophages switch to an anti-inflammatory, ‘regulatory’-like phenotype characterized by the production of high levels of IL-10 and low levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines to promote the resolution of inflammation. A potential therapeutic strategy for the treatment of chronic inflammatory ...


Protein intrinsic disorder in {Less than}i{Greater than}Arabidopsis {Less than}/i{Greater than}NAC transcription factors: Transcriptional activation by ANAC013 and ANAC046 and their interactions with Radical Induced Cell Death1

28-10-2014 | O'Shea C; Kryger M; Stender E; Kragelund B; Willemo{e}s M; Skriver K, Biochemical Journal, 2014

Protein ID (intrinsic disorder) plays a significant, yet relatively unexplored, role in transcription factors. Here, analysis of the transcription regulatory domains of six phylogenetically representative, plant-specific NAC transcription factors shows that the domains are present in similar ...


Exchange Protein Directly Activated by cAMP (EPAC1) Modulates Regulatory T Cell-Mediated Immune Suppression

23-10-2014 | Almahariq M; Mei F; Wang H; Cao A; Yao S; Soong L; Sun J; Cong Y; Chen J; Cheng X, Biochemical Journal, 2014

The cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) signaling pathway plays an essential role in immune functions. In this study we examined the role of the cAMP/EPAC1 (exchange protein directly activated by cAMP) axis in regulatory T-cell (Treg)-mediated immune suppression using genetic and pharmacologic ...


miR-29b Modulates Intestinal Epithelium Homeostasis by Repressing Menin Translation

15-10-2014 | Ouyang M; Su W; Xiao L; Rao J; Jiang L; Li Y; Turner D; Gorospe M; Wang J, Biochemical Journal, 2014

Menin regulates distinct cellular functions by regulating gene transcription through its interaction with partner transcription factors, but the exact mechanisms that control Menin levels remain largely unknown. Here we report that Men1 mRNA, encoding Menin, is a novel target of microRNA-29b ...


Bioenergetic differences between MCF-7 and T47D breast cancer cells and their regulation by estradiol and tamoxifen

03-10-2014 | Radde B; Ivanova M; Mai H; Salabei J; Hill B; Klinge C, Biochemical Journal, 2014

Estrogen receptor α (ERα+) breast tumors rely on mitochondria (mt) to generate ATP. The goal of this study was to determine how estradiol (E2) and 4-hydroxytamoxifen (4-OHT) affect cellular bioenergetic function in MCF-7 and T47D ERα+ breast cancer cells in serum-replete versus dextran-coated ...


Priming IKKβ kinase for action

01-10-2014 | Ley SC; Beyaert R, Biochemical Journal, 2014

IKKβ (IκB kinase β) is a core component of signalling pathways that control the activation of NF-κB (nuclear factor κB) transcription factors, which regulate many physiological processes, including cell survival, immunity and DNA-damage responses. Like many kinases, activation of IKKβ requires ...


The SARS-Coronavirus Membrane protein induces apoptosis via interfering PDK1-PKB/Akt signaling

01-10-2014 | Tsoi H; Li L; Chen Z; Lau K; Tsui S; Chan H, Biochemical Journal, 2014

A number of viral gene products are capable of inducing apoptosis through interfering with various cellular signaling cascades. We previously reported the pro-apoptotic property of the SARS-CoV Membrane (M) protein and a down-regulation of the phosphorylation level of the cell survival protein ...


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