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Influence and CFD Analysis of Cooling Air Velocity on the Purification of Aqueous Nickel Sulfate Solutions by Freezing

22-Jul-2017 | M. Hasan, Roman Filimonov, Miia John, Joonas Sorvari, M. Louhi‐Kultanen, AIChE Journal, 2017

ABSTRACT Finite energy resources and their rapidly waning imprint necessitate a sustainable wastewater treatment method. Nature could be exploited to freeze wastewater in locations which experience subzero temperatures during winter. The two most vital components that influence the efficiency ...


Considerations on film reactivity in the aqueous biphasic hydroformylation

22-Jul-2017 | H. Warmeling, A.‐C. Schneider, A. J. Vorholt, AIChE Journal, 2017

Abstract In experiments and kinetic models it was shown that the reaction rate of the biphasic aqueous hydroformylation of 1‐octene is linear dependent on the created interfacial area. This phenomenon is directly linked to the question whether the reaction takes place in the bulk phase and is ...


Design, Synthesis and X‐ray Crystal Structure of Iodinated Benzoboroxole Derivatives via Consecutive Metal‐Iodine Exchange of 3,4,5‐Triiodoanisole

22-Jul-2017 | Raed M. Al-Zoubi, Mazhar S. Al-Zoubi, Khaled T. Jaradat, Robert McDonald, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2017

A series of iodinated benzoboroxoles was designed and synthesized via successive Metal‐Iodine Exchange (MIE) reaction of 3,4,5‐triiodoanisole is reported. The reactivity and regioselectivity of the MIE reactions per se are remarkably controlled providing the iodinated products in good yields. ...


Highly Selective and Efficient Ring Hydroxylation of Alkylbenzenes with H2O2 based on an Osmium(VI) Nitrido Catalyst

22-Jul-2017 | Tai-Chu Lau, Hoi Ki Kwong, Po Kam Lo, Shek Man Yiu, Hajime Hirao, Kai Chung Lau, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2017

The osmium(VI) nitrido complex, OsVI(N)(quin)2(OTs) (1, quin = 2‐quinaldinate, OTs = tosylate), is a highly selective and efficient catalyst for the ring hydroxylation of alkylbenzenes with H2O2 under ambient conditions. Oxidation of various alkylbenzenes occurs with ring/chain oxidation ratios ...


Pillar[5]arene‐Py‐Cu gel, the first pillar[5]arene‐based metallo(organo)gel and adsorption of Sudan III by its gel‐precipitate

22-Jul-2017 | Ke Wen, Weibo Hu, Hongrui Cai, Wenjing Hu, Xiaoli Zao, Yahu A. Liu, Jiusheng Li, Biao Jiang, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2017

Pillar[5]arene‐Py‐Cu gel, a supramolecular metallo(organo)gel, was made from an A1/A2‐bipyridyl‐functionalized pillar[5]arene ligand (L) through metal‐ligand complexation. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) image of the xerogel obtained from pillar[5]arene‐Py‐Cu gel revealed its hydrangea ...


Tunable Dimerization and Trimerization of β‐Alkynyl Ketones via Silver Catalysis for Accessing Spiro and Dispiro Compounds Containing 1H‐Isochromene

22-Jul-2017 | Bo Jiang, Dan Wang, Shuai Liu, Xin-Chan Lan, Armando Paniagua, Wen-Juan Hao, Guigen Li, Shu-Jiang Tu, Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2017

New silver‐catalyzed tunable dimerization and trimerization of β‐alkynyl ketones have been established, enabling multiple C‐C bond‐forming events to selectively access skeletally diverse spiro isochromenes with generally good yields. The silver‐enabled bicycloaddition of β‐alkynyl ketones with ...


Diversity‐Oriented Synthesis of oxacyclic spirooxindole derivatives through ring‐closing enyne metathesis and intramolecular Pauson−Khand (2 + 2 + 1) cyclization of oxindole enynes

22-Jul-2017 | Gowravaram Sabitha, Satheeshkumar Reddy Kandimalla, Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2017

An efficient approach for a reagent‐based Diversity‐Oriented Synthesis (DOS) of novel fused spiro‐oxindole scaffolds have been reported from oxindole enynes. The reaction involves a metal‐catalyzed C‐3 allylation/vinylation/homoallylation of N‐substituted isatins gives rise to corresponding ...


Risk assessment through ieubk model in an inhabited area contaminated with lead

22-Jul-2017 | M.R. Delgado‐Caballero, M.C. Valles‐Aragón, R. Millan, M.T. Alarcón‐Herrera, Environmental Progress, 2017

Over centuries the mining industry has been accumulating a great quantity of wastes. The main potentially toxic elements present in the mining wastes are metals and metalloids. Due to its effects on human health, lead is one of the metals in wastes of more concern. Children are the most ...


Pretreatments to enhance the anaerobic biodegradability of Chlorella protothecoides algal biomass

22-Jul-2017 | Pedro Ayala‐Parra, Yuanzhe Liu, Reyes Sierra‐Alvarez, Jim A. Field, Environmental Progress, 2017

Anaerobic digestion (AD) is a promising approach for the recovery of energy and nutrients from microalgae biomass, but the process is limited by the resistance of the thick algal cell wall to biodegradation. This study investigated the effect of sonication, thermal, and alkaline pretreatments to ...


Characterization of Metabolic Pathways and Absorption of Sea Cucumber Saponins, Holothurin A and Echinoside A, in Vitro and in Vivo

21-Jul-2017 | Shanshan Song, Lingyu Zhang, Jian Cao, Gao Xiang, Peixu Cong, Ping Dong, Zhaojie Li, Changhu Xue, Yong Xue, Yuming Wang, Journal of Food Science, 2017

Abstract Sea cucumber saponins (SCSs) exhibit a wide spectrum of bioactivities, but their metabolic characteristics are not well elucidated. In this study, the metabolism of holothurin A (HA) and echinoside A (EA), 2 major saponins in sea cucumber, by gut microflora were investigated. First, ...


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