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Quantitative biosensor detection by chemically exchanging hyperpolarized 129Xe

24-Jan-2018 | S. Korchak; T. Riemer; W. Kilian; L. Mitschang, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

Chemical sensors informing about their local environment are of widespread use for chemical analysis. A thorough understanding of the sensor signaling is fundamental to data analysis and interpretation, and a requirement for technological applications. Here, sensors explored for the recognition ...


An ampyrone based azo dye as pH-responsive and chemo-reversible colorimetric fluorescent probe for Al3+ in semi-aqueous medium: implication towards logic gate analysis

24-Jan-2018 | Gaurav Bartwal; Komal Aggarwal; Jitender M. Khurana, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

A novel ampyrone based azo dye, 4-((6-hydroxybenzo[d][1,3]dioxol-5-yl)diazenyl)-1,5-dimethyl-2-phenyl-1H-pyrazol-3(2H)-one (1), was synthesized by coupling sesamol and 4-amino antipyrine (ampyrone) and was characterized spectroscopically. The interaction of azo dye (1) with different metal ions ...


Synthesis of a novel HER2 targeted aza-BODIPY–antibody conjugate: Synthesis, photophysical characterisation and in vitro evaluation.

23-Jan-2018 | Miffy Cheng; Antoine Maruani; Huguette Savoie; Vijay Chudasama; Ross W Boyle, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2018

We herein report the synthesis and analysis of a novel aza-BODIPY–antibody conjugate, formed by controlled and regioselective bioconjugation methodology. Employing the clinically relevant antibody, which targets HER2 positive cancers, represents the first example of an antibody targeting strategy ...


Kinetic and thermodynamic analysis of triplex formation between peptide nucleic acid and double-stranded RNA

23-Jan-2018 | Takaya Sato; Naonari Sakamoto; Seiichi Nishizawa, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2018

Kinetics and thermodynamics of triplex formation between 9-mer homopyrimidine PNA (H2N-Lys-TCTCCTCCC-CONH2) and double-stranded RNA (dsRNA, 5’-AGAGGAGGG-3’/3’-UCUCCUCCC-5’) at acidic pH were studied by means of a stopped-flow technique and isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC). These results ...


L-Malic Acid Crystallization: Polymorphism, Semi-Spherulites, Twisting, and Polarity

23-Jan-2018 | Jingxiang Yang; Chunhua Tony Hu; Alexander Shtukenberg; Qiuxiang Yin; Bart Kahr, CrystEngComm, 2018

L-Malic acid (LMA) is a commodity chemical, first isolated in crystalline form in the 18th century, yet troublesome for more than 100 years because of its resistance to forming crystals that are suited to optical or X-ray analysis. LMA crystallizations from the melt and from solutions are ...


Conformational analysis of a supramolecular synthon: a case study of 8-hydroxyquinoline

23-Jan-2018 | Ivan V. Fedyanin; Valentina A. Karnoukhova; Konstantin A. Lyssenko, CrystEngComm, 2018

A detailed comparative study of three polymorphic forms of 8-hydroxyquinoline (8HQ) was performed, by using X-ray diffraction, quantum chemical methods and different approaches to crystal packing analysis. The supramolecular synthon in 8HQ and its derivatives is a H-bonded dimer, which can exist ...


Monitoring the formation of PtNi nanoalloys supported on hollow graphitic spheres using in situ pair distribution function analysis

23-Jan-2018 | Ş. Ortatatlı; J. Knossalla; F. Schüth; C. Weidenthaler, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

This article aims to address the formation and the structural disordering/ordering phenomena of PtNi nanoalloys supported on hollow graphitic spheres (HGSs) using pair distribution function (PDF) analysis under ex situ/in situ data collection conditions. Starting from small nanoparticles (10–15 Å ...


A highly selective and sensitive chemosensor for L−tryptophan by employing Schiff based Cu(II) complex

23-Jan-2018 | Anoop Kumar Saini; Mohit Saraf; Pratibha Kumari; Shaikh M. Mobin, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

A new Cu(II) complex C40H38N4CuO2 (1) was synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, mass spectrometry and also authenticated by single crystal X–ray studies. Structural analysis of 1 reveals the distorted square planar geometry around Cu(II) centre and the presence of C−H•••O and ...


Correction: Chemical analysis in saliva and the search for salivary biomarkers – a tutorial review

23-Jan-2018 | Kamonwad Ngamchuea; Korbua Chaisiwamongkhol; Christopher Batchelor-McAuley; Richard G. Compton, Analyst, 2018

Correction for ‘Chemical analysis in saliva and the search for salivary biomarkers – a tutorial review’ by Kamonwad Ngamchuea, et al., Analyst, 2018, 143, 81–99.


Discovery of novel diarylpyrimidines as potent HIV-1 NNRTIs by investigating the chemical space of a less explored “hydrophobic channel”

23-Jan-2018 | Zhongxia Zhou; Tao Liu; Dongwei Kang; Zhipeng Huo; Gaochan Wu; Dirk Daelemans; Erik De Clercq; Christophe Pannecouqu ..., Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2018

A new series of diarylpyrimidines (DAPYs) were designed, synthesized and evaluated as novel HIV-1 NNRTIs to further explore the chemical space surrounding the “hydrophobic channel” of the NNRTI binding pocket (NNIBP), guided by the comprehensive analysis of X-ray structural biology data of HIV-1 ...


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