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Stereoselective Synthesis of 1,2-Diamine Containing Indolines by a Conjugate Addition Nitro-Mannich Reaction

29-10-2014 | J C Anderson; Ian B Campbell; Sebastien Campos; Jonathan Shannon; D A Tocher, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2014

A conjugate addition nitro-Mannich reaction followed by nitro reduction and intramolecular N-arylation gives diastereomerically pure substituted 1,2-diamine containing indolines. Placing the N-arylation cyclisation handle on the imine precursor derived from an ortho-bromine substituted aromatic ...


A small azide-modified thiazole-based reporter molecule for fluorescence and mass spectrometric detection

23-10-2014 | Stefanie Wolfram, Hendryk Würfel, Stefanie H. Habenicht, Christine Lembke, Phillipp Richter, Eckhard Birckner, Raine ..., Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2014

Abstract Molecular probes are widely used tools in chemical biology that allow tracing of bioactive metabolites and selective labeling of proteins and other biomacromolecules. A common structural motif for such probes consists of a reporter that can be attached by copper(I)-catalyzed ...


Synthesis of Galactoclusters by Metal‐Free Thiol “Click Chemistry” and Their Binding Affinities for Pseudomonas aeruginosa Lectin LecA

21-10-2014 | Caroline Ligeour, Lucie Dupin, Alberto Marra, Gérard Vergoten, Albert Meyer, Alessandro Dondoni, Eliane Souteyrand, ..., European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2014

Abstract Mannose‐centered galactoclusters specific for lectin I of Pseudomonas aeruginosa (LecA) were synthesised by a combination of phosphoramidite chemistry and metal‐free thiol click chemistry (i.e., thiol addition to acrylamide or nucleophilic displacement of bromine in a bromoacetamide ...


Polyhalogenated Carbazoles in Sediments of Lake Michigan: A New Discovery

14-10-2014 | Jiehong Guo; Da Chen; Dave Potter; Karl J. Rockne; Neil C. Sturchio; John P. Giesy; An Li, Environmental Science & Technology, 2014

Previously unknown halogenated compounds were detected during the analysis of halogenated flame retardants in two sediment cores collected from Lake Michigan. Gas chromatography coupled with high- or low-resolution mass spectrometry (MS) was used to determine the chemical structures for a total ...


ChemInform Abstract: 8‐Bromination of 2,6,9‐Trisubstituted Purines with Pyridinium Tribromide.

10-10-2014 | David Bliman, Mariell Pettersson, Mattias Bood, Morten Groetli, ChemInform, 2014

Abstract A convenient procedure for the 8‐bromination of electron‐rich trisubstituted purines using pyridinium tribromide, a crystalline alternative reagent to elemental bromine, is presented.


Why does bromine square palladium off? An ab initio study of brominated palladium and its nanomorphology

09-10-2014 | Su-Hyun Yoo; Ji-Hwan Lee; Bernard Delley; Aloysius Soon, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014

A first-principles description and prediction of brominated nanocrystals of Pd is presented. In particular, we conducted an extensive study of the adsorption behaviour of Br on various Pd surfaces (including both low and high Miller-index surfaces) as a function of its surface coverage. By ...


Crystallization and preliminary X‐ray diffraction analysis of full‐length spr1814, a response regulator of Streptococcus pneumoniae, in complex with a phosphoryl analogue

08-10-2014 | Aekyung Park, Jae Soon Oh, Young Min Chi, Seong Weon Jeong, Acta Crystallographica Section F, 2014

Spr1814 of Streptococcus pneumoniae is a signal transduction response regulator belonging to the NarL/FixJ subfamily, which has a helix–turn–helix DNA‐binding effector domain. To understand how the phosphorylation of the conserved aspartic acid residue induces conformational changes in spr1814 ...


Iron(III)-Induced Activation of Chloride and Bromide from Modeled Salt Pans

08-10-2014 | Julian Wittmer; Sergej Bleicher; Cornelius Zetzsch, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2014

The photochemistry of halides in sea spray aerosol, on salt pans, and on other salty surfaces leads to a formation of reactive halogen species. We investigated the photochemical formation of atomic chlorine (Cl) and bromine (Br) in the gas phase in the presence of laboratory-modeled salt pans ...


Synthesis of Bromo- and Carboxylic Acid-Substituted Methylenepyrans

07-10-2014 | Vologdin, Nikolay; Gauthier, Sebastien; Achelle, Sylvain; Caro, Bertrand; Robin-le Guen, Francoise, Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2014

Abstract: In this contribution we describe a series of pyranylidene derivatives bearing bromine atoms in various positions. Some of these bromo derivatives have been converted in carboxylic acid by halogen-metal exchange reaction using gaseous CO2 as electrophile. Selected compounds have ...


Beyond C, H, O, and N! Analysis of the Elemental Composition of U.S. FDA Approved Drug Architectures

06-10-2014 | Brandon R. Smith; Candice M. Eastman; Jon T. Njardarson, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2014

The diversity of elements among U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved pharmaceuticals is analyzed and reported, with a focus on atoms other than carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Our analysis reveals that sulfur, chlorine, fluorine, and phosphorous represent about 90% of ...


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