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Gas‐Phase Infrared Spectroscopy of Substituted Cyanobutadiynes: Roles of the Bromine Atom and Methyl Group as Substituents

28-Jan-2016 | M. Merced Montero‐Campillo, Otilia Mó, Manuel Yáñez, Abdessamad Benidar, Cédric Rouxel, Nicolas Kerisit, Yann Trolez ..., ChemPhysChem, 2016

Abstract The IR spectra of 5‐bromo‐2,4‐pentadiynenitrile (Br−C≡C−C≡C−CN) and 2,4‐hexadiynenitrile (CH3−C≡C−C≡C−CN), a compound of interstellar interest, have been recorded within the 4000–500 cm−1 spectral region and calculated by means of high‐level ab initio and density functional ...


ChemInform Abstract: Nucleophilic Iododifluoromethylation of Aldehydes Using Bromine/Iodine Exchange.

28-Jan-2016 | Vitalij V. Levin, Vladimir O. Smirnov, Marina I. Struchkova, Alexander D. Dilman, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract A method for the iododifluoromethylation of aldehydes using (bromodifluoromethyl)trimethylsilane is described.


Graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate from brominated poly(isobutylene‐co‐isoprene) via atom transfer radical polymerization

27-Jan-2016 | Jinyuan Wang, Chaoying Wan, Yong Zhang, Yinghao Zhai, Shiqiang Song, Wentan Ren, Zonglin Peng, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2016

ABSTRACT Commercial brominated poly(isobutylene‐co‐isoprene) (BIIR) rubber has been directly used for the initiation of atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) by utilizing the allylic bromine atoms on the macromolecular chains of BIIR. The graft copolymerization of methyl methacrylate ...


2‐Aminopyridines as an α‐Bromination Shuttle in a Transition Metal‐Free One‐Pot Synthesis of Imidazo[1,2‐a]pyridines

18-Jan-2016 | Irwan Iskandar Roslan, Kian‐Hong Ng, Gaik‐Khuan Chuah, Stephan Jaenicke, Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2016

Abstract A wide range of imidazo[1,2‐a]pyridines are accessible from cheap and readily available 2‐aminopyridines and 1,3‐dicarbonyl compounds using a unique CBrCl3/2‐aminopyridine system for bromination at the α‐carbon. 2‐Aminopyridine is not only the substrate but also acts as a bromination ...


One pot synthesis of substituted imidazopyridines and thiazoles from styrenes in water assisted by NBS

13-Jan-2016 | Mahesh H. Shinde; Umesh A. Kshirsagar, Green Chemistry, 2016

Heating of commercially available styrenes with NBS in water followed by reaction with 2-aminopyridines or thioamides afforded important heterocyclic scaffolds in a one pot procedure. The reaction proceeds via co-oxidant free, in situ formation of α-bromoketone using NBS as a bromine source as ...


Microphase Separation of P3HT-Containing Miktoarm Star Copolymers

11-Jan-2016 | Jicheol Park; Chungryong Choi; Seung Hyun; Hong Chul Moon; Kanniyambatti L. Vincent Joseph; Jin Kon Kim, Macromolecules, 2016

Well-defined [poly(methyl methacrylate)]2poly(3-hexylthiophene) miktoarm star copolymers (PMMA2P3HT) were successfully synthesized via anionic coupling reaction. P3HT with two bromine groups at one chain end (P3HT-Br2) was synthesized by Williamson reaction between excess amount of ...


Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of 3‐((4‐(t‐Butyl)‐2‐(2‐benzylidenehydrazinyl)thiazol‐5‐yl)methyl)quinolin‐2(1H)‐ones as Neuraminidase Inhibitors

08-Jan-2016 | Yilin Fang, Mengwu Xiao, Aixi Hu, Jiao Ye, Wenwen Lian, Ailin Liu, Chinese Journal of Chemistry, 2016

Abstract A series of novel 3‐((4‐(t‐butyl)‐2‐(2‐benzylidenehydrazinyl)thiazol‐5‐yl)methyl)quinolin‐2(1H)‐ones (7a–7z) were designed, synthesized and evaluated for their ability of inhibiting neuraminidase (NA) of in?uenza H1N1 virus. Some compounds displayed moderate influenza NA inhibitory ...


Extension of Structure–Reactivity Correlations for the Hydrogen Abstraction Reaction by Bromine Atom and Comparison to Chlorine Atom and Hydroxyl Radical

08-Jan-2016 | Marvin L. Poutsma, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2016

Recently we presented structure–reactivity correlations for the gas-phase ambient-temperature rate constants for hydrogen abstraction from sp3-hybridized carbon by chlorine atom and hydroxyl radical (Cl•/HO• + HCR3 → HCl/HOH + •CR3); the reaction enthalpy effect was represented by the independent ...


ChemInform Abstract: Hexamethonium Bis(tribromide) (HMBTB) a Recyclable and High Bromine Containing Reagent.

07-Jan-2016 | Bappi Paul, Bishal Bhuyan, Debraj D. Purkayastha, Siddhartha S. Dhar, Bhisma K. Patel, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract HMBTB is used as a crystalline and stable reagent for the bromination of electron rich arenes as well as imidazole, olefins, alkynes, and carbonyl compounds.


Rh(II)-Catalyzed Synthetic Strategy for Diverse and Functionalized Halonaphthalenyl Ethers and Esters from Diazo Compounds and Its Application to Polyaromatic Compounds

28-Dec-2015 | Ek Raj Baral; Yong Rok Lee; Sung Hong Kim; Young-Jung Wee, Synthesis, 2015

SynthesisDOI: 10.1055/s-0035-1561295 An efficient and simple synthesis of various functionalized halonaphthalenyl ethers and esters in moderate to good yield was achieved via rhodium(II)-catalyzed reaction of readily available diazo compounds with benzyl halides or acid halides. This methodology ...


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