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Two anionically derivatized scandium oxoselenates(IV): ScF[SeO3] and Sc2O2[SeO3]

27-Nov-2016 | Author(s): Stefan Greiner, Sheng-Chun Chou, Thomas Schleid, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 2016

Publication date: February 2017 Source:Journal of Solid State Chemistry, Volume 246 Author(s): Stefan Greiner, Sheng-Chun Chou, Thomas Schleid Scandium fluoride oxoselenate(IV) ScF[SeO3] and scandium oxide oxoselenate(IV) Sc2O2[SeO3] could be synthesized through solid-state reactions. ...


ChemInform Abstract: The Role of Nonmagnetic d0 vs. d10 B‐Type Cations on the Magnetic Exchange Interactions in Osmium Double Perovskites.

17-Nov-2016 | Hai L. Feng, Kazunari Yamaura, Liu Hao Tjeng, Martin Jansen, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract Polycrystalline samples of Ba2MOsO6 (M: Sc (I), In (II)) are prepared by solid state reactions of 4:1:2 molar mixtures of BaO2M2O3, and OsO2 (Al2O3 crucibles in quartz ampoules, 950—1025 °C, 96 h).


The effect of holding time on the size distribution of β‐Si3N4 particles and nucleation undercooling in multicrystalline silicon

07-Sep-2016 | Espen Undheim, Kai Erik Ekstrøm, Lars Arnberg, Randi Holmestad, Marisa Di Sabatino, physica status solidi (c), 2016

Abstract The nucleation mechanism for directional solidification of multicrystalline silicon (mc‐Si) in silicon nitride (Si3N4) coated crucibles has been investigated. A combination of thermal and particle size analysis was used to show that the nucleation undercooling was inversely ...


Experimental Investigation of Reaction Confinement Effects on Coke Yield in Coal Pyrolysis

01-Aug-2016 | Jeffrey LeBlanc; John Quanci; Marco J. Castaldi, Energy & Fuels, 2016

The pyrolysis of agglomerating coal was analyzed by thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) coupled to microgas chromatography (μGC) to determine the effects of reactor confinement on solid product yield, tar evolution, and gas composition. The primary volatile products generated from pyrolysis are ...


ChemInform Abstract: Synthesis and Crystal Structure of New K and Rb Selenido/Tellurido Ferrate Cluster Compounds.

22-Jul-2016 | Pirmin Stueble, Angela Berroth, Caroline Roehr, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract The FeII/III mixed cluster compounds Rb7[Fe4Te8], K7[Fe4Te8], K6[Fe4Se8], and K5Fe2Te5 are prepared by solid state reaction of stoichiometric amounts of the elements (Al2O3 crucibles sealed in steel autoclaves, 800—900 °C).


Hermetic Thermal Behavior of 3,4‐Diaminofurazan (DAF)

27-Apr-2016 | Yanfeng Li, Xiaofeng Wang, Kangzhen Xu, Bozhou Wang, Jirong Song, Fengqi Zhao, Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics, 2016

Abstract Hermetic thermal behavior of 3,4‐diaminofurazan (DAF) was studied by DSC method with special high‐pressure hermetic crucibles. The complete exothermic decomposition process of DAF can be provided. The extrapolated onset temperature, peak temperature, and enthalpy of decomposition at a ...


ChemInform Abstract: Low Temperature Transport and Thermodynamic Properties of the Zintl Compound Yb11AlSb9: A New Kondo Lattice Semiconductor.

21-Apr-2016 | E. T. Magnavita, C. Rettori, J. M. Osorio‐Guillen, F. F. Ferreira, L. Mendonca‐Ferreira, M. A. Avila, R. A. Ribeiro, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract Single crystals of the title compound are prepared from the elements using Sn as a flux (alumina crucibles, 1100 °C, 5 h).


ChemInform Abstract: Ca18.75Li10.5 [Al39N55]:Eu2+ — Supertetrahedron Phosphor for Solid‐State Lighting.

14-Apr-2016 | Peter Wagatha, Philipp Pust, Volker Weiler, Angela S. Wochnik, Peter J. Schmidt, Christina Scheu, Wolfgang Schnick, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract Ca18.75Li10.5 [Al39N55]:Eu2+ (0.5 mol%) is prepared by hot pressing of stoichiometric amounts of Li3N, CaH2, AlN, and EuF3 (Mo‐lined corundum crucibles in an isostatic press, 51.7 MPa N2, 1250 °C, 5 h).


ChemInform Abstract: Interpenetration of a 3D Icosahedral M@Ni12 (M: Al, Ga) Framework with Porphyrin‐Reminiscent Boron Layers in MNi9B8.

04-Feb-2016 | Qiang Zheng, Frank R. Wagner, Alim Ormeci, Yurii Prots, Ulrich Burkhardt, Marcus Schmidt, Walter Schnelle, Yuri Grin ..., ChemInform, 2016

Abstract The new borides AlNi9B8 (I) and GaNi9B8 (II) are prepared by arc melting of the elements with a 5% excess of Ga for loss compensation followed by annealing (alumina crucibles in evacuated quartz tubes, 920 °C (I) or 895 °C (II), 7 d).


ChemInform Abstract: Cubic Structure of the Mixed Halide Perovskite CH3NH3PbI3‐xClx via Thermal Annealing.

03-Dec-2015 | Deying Luo, Leiming Yu, Hai Wang, Taoyu Zou, Li Luo, Zhu Liu, Zhenghong Lu, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract Cubic MeNH3PbI3‐xClx films of 530 nm thickness and a large crystalline structure are obtained by vacuum deposition using MeNH3I and PbCl2 in the molar ratio of 3:1 as precursors in alumina crucibles, followed by thermal treatment at 70‐120 °C for 1 h.


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