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Synthesis, characterization and selective de-esterification of diorganotinbis(O-methylphosphite)s

17-09-2013 | Ravi Shankar; Meenal Asija; Nisha Singla; Suddhastwa Basu; Gabriele Kociok-Köhn; Kieran C. Molloy, Dalton Transactions, 2013

A one-pot reaction between di-n-butyl/diethyl/dimethyltin dichloride and dimethylphosphite (MeO)2P(O)H in a solvent free medium (120 °C, 18 h) proceeds smoothly to yield the corresponding diorganotinbis(O-methylphosphite)s, [R2Sn(OP(O)(OMe)H)2]n [R = n-Bu (1), Et (2), Me (3)]. The identity of 1–3 ...


Bimetallic catalyst of PtIr nanoparticles with high electrocatalytic ability for hydrogen peroxide oxidation

16-09-2013 | Author(s): Shih-Hong Chang , Min-Hsin Yeh , John Rick , Wei-Nien Su , Din-Goa Liu , Jyh-Fu Lee , Chung-Chiun ..., Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2013

Publication date: January 2014 Source:Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 190 Author(s): Shih-Hong Chang , Min-Hsin Yeh , John Rick , Wei-Nien Su , Din-Goa Liu , Jyh-Fu Lee , Chung-Chiun Liu , Bing-Joe Hwang Carbon supported platinum–iridium bimetallic nanoparticles (PtIr/C) ...


Application of the solvent extraction technique to investigation of the anti-inflammatory activity of adlay bran

16-09-2013 | Author(s): Din-Wen Huang , Chi-Hao Wu , Chun-Kuang Shih , Chia-Yu Liu , Ping-Hsiao Shih , Tzong-Ming Shieh , C ..., Food Chemistry, 2013

Publication date: 15 February 2014 Source:Food Chemistry, Volume 145 Author(s): Din-Wen Huang , Chi-Hao Wu , Chun-Kuang Shih , Chia-Yu Liu , Ping-Hsiao Shih , Tzong-Ming Shieh , Ching-I Lin , Wenchang Chiang , Shih-Min Hsia The current study utilised a bioassay-directed chemical ...


Nitrogen Stable Isotopes in Primary Uptake Compartments Across Streams Differing in Nutrient Availability

30-08-2013 | Ada Pastor; Marc Peipoch; Lídia Cañas; Eglantine Chappuis; Miquel Ribot; Esperança Gacia; Joan Lluís Riera; Eugènia ..., Environmental Science & Technology, 2013

High variability in the natural abundance of nitrogen stable isotopes (δ15N) has been reported for primary uptake compartments (PUCs; e.g., epilithon, filamentous algae, bryophytes, macrophytes) in human-impacted aquatic ecosystems, but the origin of this variability is not yet well understood. ...


Influence of Carbonate Ester Molecular Structure on Compression Ignition Combustion and Emissions

25-08-2013 | Paul Hellier; Nicos Ladommatos; Robert Allan; John Rogerson, Energy & Fuels, 2013

A primary motivation for the development of future fuels is to halt the increasing concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide. As such, a fuel that can potentially be produced from a feedstock of alcohols and atmospheric carbon dioxide is an attractive proposition. Symmetrical carbonate esters ...


Isolation and structure of the anti,anti isomer and a DFT study of it and the syn,anti isomer of bis(tricarbonylchromium)dibenzo-[a,e]cyclooctatetraene. Evidence for an attractive electrostatic interaction between carbonyl oxygen atoms and Cr(CO)3-coordinated arene carbon atoms

12-08-2013 | Author(s): Nilantha Bandara , Chinthaka N. Ratnaweera , Steven R. Gwaltney , William P. Henry, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 2013

Publication date: 15 November 2013 Source:Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Volumes 745–746 Author(s): Nilantha Bandara , Chinthaka N. Ratnaweera , Steven R. Gwaltney , William P. Henry When dibenzo[a,e]cyclooctatetraene and hexacarbonylchromium are refluxed in di-n-butyl ether/THF ...


Semiconducting nanostructured copper sulfide thin films from bidentate copper(II) complexes of N-(dialkylcarbamothioyl)-nitrosubstituted benzamides by chemical vapour deposition

07-08-2013 | Sohail Saeed; Naghmana Rashid; Rizwan Hussain; Muhammad Azad Malik; Paul O'Brien; Wing-Tak Wong, New Journal of Chemistry, 2013

The copper(II) complexes of various N-(dialkylcarbamothioyl)-nitrosubstituted benzamide [dialkyl= di-n-butyl (1a, 2a); hexyl, methyl (3a); butyl, ethyl (4a)] have been synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, I.R spectroscopy and atmospheric pressure chemical ionization-mass ...


Through-the-Annulus Threading of the Larger Calix[8]arene Macrocycle

23-07-2013 | Carmine Gaeta; Carmen Talotta; Luigi Margarucci; Agostino Casapullo; Placido Neri, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2013

A complete study of the through-the-annulus threading of the larger calix[8]arene macrocycle with di-n-alkylammonium cations has been performed in the presence of the “superweak” TFPB counterion. Thus, it was found that such threading occurs only upon partial preorganization of the calix[8]arene ...


Microemulsion electrokinetic chromatography for analysis of phthalates in soft drinks

15-07-2013 | Author(s): Sung-Yu Hsieh , Chun-Chi Wang , Shou-Mei Wu, Food Chemistry, 2013

Publication date: 15 December 2013 Source:Food Chemistry, Volume 141, Issue 4 Author(s): Sung-Yu Hsieh , Chun-Chi Wang , Shou-Mei Wu Microemulsion electrokinetic chromatography (MEEKC) is proposed for analysis of di-n-butyl phthalate (DBP) and di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) in soft ...


Sensors, Vol. 13, Pages 8331-8339: Development of an Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Dibutyl Phthalate in Liquor

27-06-2013 | Kuang, Hua ; Liu, Liqiang ; Xu, Liguang ; Ma, Wei ; Guo, Lingling ; Wang, Libing ; Xu, Chuanlai, Sensors, 2013

A monoclonal antibody specifically recognizing dibutyl phthalate (DBP) was prepared based on a hapten (di-n-butyl-4-aminophthalate). After optimizing various parameters such as concentrations of antibody, coating antigen and composition of the assay buffer, an inhibition curve was plotted with ...


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