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Nitrogen-doped hollow activated carbon nanofibers as high performance supercapacitor electrodes

04-Jan-2015 | Author(s): Qiang Xu , Xiaoliang Yu , Qinghua Liang , Yu Bai , Zheng-Hong Huang , Feiyu Kang, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2015

Publication date: 15 February 2015 Source:Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, Volume 739 Author(s): Qiang Xu , Xiaoliang Yu , Qinghua Liang , Yu Bai , Zheng-Hong Huang , Feiyu Kang Nitrogen-doped hollow activated carbon nanofibers (HACNFs) have been prepared by the concentric ...


Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Activity of Mn‐doped Perovskite Oxides for Three‐Way Catalysis

02-Jan-2015 | Chen Zhou, Yexin Zhang, Lingjun Hu, Hongfeng Yin, Wei Guo Wang, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2015

Abstract Mn‐doped La0.8Sr0.2CoO3 perovskite oxides (La0.8Sr0.2Co1–xMnxO3; x = 0, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5) were synthesized by a modified sol‐gel method. The phase‐pure oxides were obtained. CoO and carbonates were formed on the surface of La0.8Sr0.2CoO3. With increasing doping content, these impurities ...


Doped Polycrystalline Silicon Thin Films Deposited on Glass from Trichlorosilane**

02-Jan-2015 | Ariel G. Benvenuto, Román H. Buitrago, Javier A. Schmidt, Chemical Vapor Deposition, 2015

Atmospheric pressure (AP) thermal CVD is used to deposit thin poly‐Si films on glass substrates. Also produced are heterojunction solar cells carrying out the deposition on c‐Si wafers. A batch‐type hot‐wall reactor, employing SiHCl3 as a precursor, H2 as a carrier and reaction gas, BBr3 as a ...


Transfer-Free Synthesis of Doped and Patterned Graphene Films

02-Jan-2015 | Qi-Qi Zhuo; Qi Wang; Yi-Ping Zhang; Duo Zhang; Qin-Liang Li; Chun-Hong Gao; Yan-Qiu Sun; Lei Ding; Qi-Jun Sun; Sui-D ..., ACS Nano, 2015

High-quality and wafer-scale graphene on insulating gate dielectrics is a prerequisite for graphene electronic applications. For such applications, graphene is typically synthesized and then transferred to a desirable substrate for subsequent device processing. Direct production of graphene on ...


Atomistic Study on Dopant-Distributions in Realistically Sized, Highly P-Doped Si Nanowires

02-Jan-2015 | Hoon Ryu; Jongseob Kim; Ki-Ha Hong, Nano Letters, 2015

The dependency of dopant-distributions on channel diameters in realistically sized, highly phosphorus-doped silicon nanowires is investigated with an atomistic tight-binding approach coupled to self-consistent Schrödinger–Poisson simulations. By overcoming the limit in channel sizes and doping ...


Redox Chemistries and Plasmon Energies of Photodoped In2O3 and Sn-Doped In2O3 (ITO) Nanocrystals

02-Jan-2015 | Alina M. Schimpf; Sebastien D. Lounis; Evan L. Runnerstrom; Delia J. Milliron; Daniel R. Gamelin, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2015

Plasmonic doped semiconductor nanocrystals promise exciting opportunities for new technologies, but basic features of the relationships between their structures, compositions, electronic structures, and optical properties remain poorly understood. Here, we report a quantitative assessment of the ...


White‐Emitting Tuning and Energy Transfer in Eu2+/Mn2+‐Substituted Apatite‐Type Fluorophosphate Phosphors

31-Dec-2014 | Ning Guo, Chengzheng Jia, Jing Li, Yuefeng Zhao, Ruizhuo Ouyang, Wei Lü, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2014

Herein, a series of Eu2+&Mn2+substituted fluorophosphates Ca6Gd2Na2(PO4)6F2 phosphor with apatite structure have been synthesized and investigated by the powder X‐ray diffraction, photoluminescence spectra, fluorescence decay curves, thermal quenching, and chromaticity properties. Particularly, ...


Low‐temperature Sintering and Microwave Dielectric Properties of MgZrNb2O8 Ceramics with BaCu (B2O5) Addition

31-Dec-2014 | Xin Tang, Hui Yang, Qi‐long Zhang, Jue‐hui Zhou, International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, 2014

The effects of BaCu (B2O5) doping on sintering characteristics, phase constitute, and dielectric properties of MgZrNb2O8 ceramics were investigated. Results indicated that a small amount of BaCu (B2O5) can effectively lower the sintering temperature of MgZrNb2O8 ceramics from 1300°C to 1100°C ...


Tunability of Short-Channel Effects in MoS2 Field-Effect Devices

31-Dec-2014 | Feng Zhang; Joerg Appenzeller, Nano Letters, 2014

MoS2 transistors have been electrically characterized and analyzed in terms of their vulnerability to short channel effects and their response to various environments. We find that the electrical performance of MoS2 flakes is governed by an unexpected dependence on the effective body thickness of ...


Thermoelectric properties and chlorine doping effect of In4Pb0.01Sn0.03Se2.9Clx polycrystalline compounds

30-Dec-2014 | Jin Hee Kim; Min Jae Kim; Suekyung Oh; Jong-Soo Rhyee; Su-Dong Park; Docheon Ahn, Dalton Transactions, 2014

We investigated thermoelectric properties of the Cl-doped polycrystalline compounds of In4Pb0.01Sn0.03Se2.9Clx (x = 0.02, 0.04, and 0.06). The x-ray diffraction measurement shows gradual change of lattice volume for x ≤ 0.04 without any impurity phases indicating systemic change of Cl-doping. The ...


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