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Inhomogenous doping induced the imperfect self-assembly of nanocrystals for the synthesis of porous AgPb10BiTe12 nanosheets and their thermoelectric transport properties

16-12-2014 | Qun Wang; Yuanyuan Fang; Hang Yin; Jianjun Li, Chemical Communication, 2014

For the first time, quaternary single-crystal-like porous AgPb10BiTe12 nanosheets in two solid forms (solid solution and a Bi-rich region coexist) were achieved. A significant enhancement of thermoelectric performance was realized through nanoscale grain boundaries and macroscale porous ...


Crystal Phase Transformation and Doping-Induced Blue Emission of Eu-doped InOOH and Cubic/Corundum-Type Rhombohedral In2O3 Nanowires

16-12-2014 | Won Joo Kim; Bong-ki Min; Debabrata Pradhan; Youngku Sohn, CrystEngComm, 2014

Blue emission from orthorhombic InOOH nanowires was increased dramatically by 30 fold after doping with 1 mol% Eu. This was attributed to reduction of Eu(III) to Eu(II), which was localized on the surface, and created defects. On the other hand, a larger amount of Eu-doping did not result in ...


A strategy to improve the energy conversion efficiency and stability of quantum dot-sensitized solar cells using manganese-doped cadmium sulfide quantum dots

16-12-2014 | Chandu V. V. M. Gopi; M. Venkata-Haritha; Soo-Kyoung Kim; Hee-Je Kim, Dalton Transactions, 2014

This article describes the effect of manganese (Mn) doping in CdS to improve the photovoltaic performance of quantum dot sensitized solar cells (QDSSCs). The performances of the QDSSCs are examined in detail using a polysulfide electrolyte with a copper sulfide (CuS) counter electrode. Under the ...


Oxidation of testosterone by permanganate and its implication in sports drug testing

16-12-2014 | Unnikrishnan Kuzhiumparambil; Shimpei Watanabe; Shanlin Fu, New Journal of Chemistry, 2014

Manipulations of urine samples by urine substitution, urine dilution, and urine adulteration with highly oxidative chemicals to escape detection in doping control analysis have been reported in the past. Adulteration of urine with oxidising chemicals such as potassium permanganate, cerium ...


Hair-based rapid analyses for multiple drugs in forensics and doping: application of dynamic multiple reaction monitoring with LC-MS/MS

13-12-2014 | Shah, Iltaf; Petroczi, Andrea; Uvacsek, Martina; Ránky, Márta; Naughton, Declan P, Chemistry Central Journal , 2014

Background: Considerable efforts are being extended to develop more effective methods to detect drugs in forensic science for applications such as preventing doping in sport. The aim of this study was to develop a sensitive and accurate method for analytes of forensic and toxicological nature in ...


Synergistic Doping of Fullerene Electron Transport Layer and Colloidal Quantum Dot Solids Enhances Solar Cell Performance

12-12-2014 | Mingjian Yuan, Oleksandr Voznyy, David Zhitomirsky, Pongsakorn Kanjanaboos, Edward H. Sargent, Advanced Materials, 2014

The spatial location of the predominant source of performance‐limiting recombination in today's best colloidal quantum dot (CQD) cells is identified, pinpointing the TiO2:CQD junction; then, a highly n‐doped PCBM layer is introduced at the CQD:TiO2 heterointerface. An n‐doped PCBM layer is ...


Network Rearrangement in AgI‐Doped GeTe4 Glasses

12-12-2014 | Pál Jóvári, Shuo Cui, Virginie Nazabal, Ivan Kaban, Brigitte Beuneu, Marc Dussauze, Catherine Boussard‐Plédel, Bruno ..., Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2014

The structure of (GeTe4)1−x(AgI)x (x=0.15 and 0.25) glasses has been investigated by X‐ray and neutron diffraction as well as extended X‐ray absorption spectroscopy (EXAFS) and Raman spectroscopy. Large‐scale structural models have been obtained by fitting simultaneously the experimental ...


Electrophosphorescence: Very High Efficiency Orange‐Red Light‐Emitting Devices with Low Roll‐Off at High Luminance Based on an Ideal Host–Guest System Consisting of Two Novel Phosphorescent Iridium Complexes with Bipolar Transport (Adv. Funct. Mater. 47/2014)

12-12-2014 | Guomeng Li, Dongxia Zhu, Tai Peng, Yu Liu, Yue Wang, Martin R. Bryce, Advanced Functional Materials, 2014

An all‐phosphor host‐guest doping system is presented by Y. Liu, Y. Wang, M. R. Bryce, and colleagues on page 7420. It is based on two novel Ir complexes possessing bipolar transporting ability and realizes ultra‐high efficiency orange‐red phosphorescent organic light‐emitting devices, which ...


Band-Gap Reduction and Dopant Interaction in Epitaxial La,Cr Co-doped SrTiO3 Thin Films

12-12-2014 | Ryan B. Comes; Peter V. Sushko; Steve M. Heald; Robert J. Colby; Mark E. Bowden; Scott A. Chambers, Chemistry of Materials, 2014

We show that by co-doping SrTiO3 (STO) epitaxial thin films with equal amounts of La and Cr, it is possible to produce films with an optical band gap ∼0.9 eV lower than that of undoped STO. Sr1–xLaxTi1–xCrxO3 thin films were deposited by molecular beam epitaxy and characterized using X-ray ...


Poly‐2‐[(4‐methylbenzylidene)amino]phenol: Investigation of thermal degradation and antimicrobial properties

11-12-2014 | Nuray Yılmaz Baran, Hacı Ökkeş Demir, Sedat Kostekçi, Mehmet Sacak, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT A new polyphenol (poly‐2‐[(4‐methylbenzylidene)amino]phenol) (P(2‐MBAP)) containing an azomethine group was synthesized by oxidative polycondensation reaction of 2‐[(4‐methylbenzylidene)amino]phenol (2‐MBAP) with NaOCl, H2O2, and O2 oxidants in an aqueous alkaline medium. The ...


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