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Performance of crystal violet doped triglycine sulfate single crystals for optical and communication applications

02-Jul-2015 | Binay Kumar; Nidhi Sinha; Sonia Bhandari; Harsh Yadav; Geeta Ray; Sanjay Godara; Nidhi Tyagi; Jyoti Dalal; Sonu Kumar, CrystEngComm, 2015

Single crystals of 0.01 and 0.02 mol% crystal-violet dye doped triglycine sulfate (NH2CH2COOH)3H2SO4 (TGS) have been grown by slow evaporation technique. Enhanced dielectric, optical, thermal and mechanical behavior has been achieved by dye doping. Monoclinic structures showing particular ...


Effects of bimetallic doping on small cyclic and tubular boron clusters: B7M2 and B14M2 structures with M = Fe, Co

01-Jul-2015 | Hung Tan Pham; Minh Tho Nguyen, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

Using density functional theory with the TPSSh functional and the 6-311+G(d) basis set, we extensively searched for the global minima of two metallic atoms doped boron clusters B6M2, B7M2, B12M2 and B14M2 with transition metal element M being Co and Fe. Structural identifications reveal that ...


Tuning of structure and enhancement of upconversion luminescence in NaLuF4:Yb3+, Ho3+ crystals

01-Jul-2015 | Hao Lin; Dekang Xu; Anming Li; Dongdong Teng; Shenghong Yang; Yueli Zhang, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

A series of NaLuF4:Yb3+, Ho3+ nano/micro-crystals with different crystal structures were synthesized via a hydrothermal method using citric acid as a chelating agent. The influences of NaF content, Li+ doping, reaction temperature and reaction time on the crystal structure and shape of the ...


Vibrational Spectra and Structures of SinC clusters (n=3−8)

01-Jul-2015 | Otto Dopfer; Nguyen Xuan Truong; Savoca Marco; Danial Harding; Andre Fielicke, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

The effects of doping bare silicon clusters with carbon on their physical properties are of fundamental interest for the chemistry of the interstellar medium and the development of novel nanostructures in materials science. Carbon-doped silicon clusters (SinC, n=3-8) are characterized in the gas ...


The modulated structure and frequency upconversion properties of CaLa2(MoO4)4:Ho3+/Yb3+ phosphors prepared by microwave synthesis

01-Jul-2015 | Chang Sung Lim; A.S. Aleksandrovsky; M. S. Molokeev; Oreshonkov Aleksandr; Victor V. Atuchin, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

CaLa2-x(MoO4)4:Ho3+/Yb3+ phosphors with the doping concentrations of Ho3+ and Yb3+ (x = Ho3+ + Yb3+, Ho3+ = 0.05; Yb3+= 0.35, 0.40, 0.45 and 0.50) have been successfully synthesized by the microwave sol-gel method. The modulated and averaged crystal structures of CaLa2-x(MoO4)4:Ho3+/Yb3+ ...


X‐ray absorption and resonant photoemission studies of electroforming process in Fe‐doped SrTiO3 epitaxial films

26-Jun-2015 | Jerzy Kubacki, Dariusz Kajewski, Annemarie Koehl, Christian Lenser, Regina Dittmann, Jacek Szade, X-Ray Spectrometry, 2015

This work presents the results of the electronic structure investigations of epitaxial 2% Fe‐doped SrTiO3 film. The electroforming process of the film was performed inside the ultra‐high vacuum test chamber by applying positive 10 V bias to the film with the use of the aluminium ‘brush’ ...


Air Stable Doping and Intrinsic Mobility Enhancement in Monolayer Molybdenum Disulfide by Amorphous Titanium Suboxide Encapsulation

26-Jun-2015 | Amritesh Rai; Amithraj Valsaraj; Hema C.P. Movva; Anupam Roy; Rudresh Ghosh; Sushant Sonde; Sangwoo Kang; Jiwon Chan ..., Nano Letters, 2015

To reduce Schottky-barrier-induced contact and access resistance, and the impact of charged impurity and phonon scattering on mobility in devices based on 2D transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), considerable effort has been put into exploring various doping techniques and dielectric ...


Fluorine-Doped SnO2@Graphene Porous Composite for High Capacity Lithium-Ion Batteries

26-Jun-2015 | Jinhua Sun; Linhong Xiao; Shidong Jiang; Guoxing Li; Yong Huang; Jianxin Geng, Chemistry of Materials, 2015

For the first time, a composite of fluorine-doped SnO2 and reduced graphene oxide (F-SnO2@RGO) was synthesized using a cheap F-containing Sn source, Sn(BF4)2, through a hydrothermal process. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction results identified that F was doped in the unit ...


High-Level Doping of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Sulfur into Activated Carbon Monoliths and Their Electrochemical Capacitances

26-Jun-2015 | George Hasegawa; Takeru Deguchi; Kazuyoshi Kanamori; Yoji Kobayashi; Hiroshi Kageyama; Takeshi Abe; Kazuki Nakanishi, Chemistry of Materials, 2015

The present report demonstrates a new technique for doping heteroatoms (nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur) into carbon materials via a versatile post-treatment. The heat-treatment of carbon materials with a reagent, which is stable at ambient temperatures and evolves reactive gases on heating, in ...


Synthesis of hexagonal phase Gd2O2CO3:Yb3+,Er3+ upconversion nanoparticles via SiO2 coating and Nd3+ doping

26-Jun-2015 | W Ge; Zhiang Li; Zhiwei Lei; Tong Chen; zhengping fu; Ranran Peng; Min Liu; yalin lu, CrystEngComm, 2015

By coating SiO2 shell and Nd3+ doping, layer-structured hexagonal phase Gd2O2CO3:Yb3+,Er3+ nanoparticles were synthesized successfully through homogeneous precipitation method. The detailed mechanism was investigated and the results indicate that the SiO2 shell and Nd3+ doping ions can ...


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