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Photocatalytic Activity of Nitrogen and Copper Doped TiO2 Nanoparticles Prepared by Microwave-Assisted Sol-Gel Process

20-Feb-2017 | Author(s): S.M. Reda, M.A. Khairy, M.A. Mousa, Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 2017

Publication date: Available online 14 February 2017 Source:Arabian Journal of Chemistry Author(s): S.M. Reda, M.A. Khairy, M.A. Mousa Cu and N-doped TiO2 photocatalysts were synthesized from titanium (IV) isopropoxide via a microwave-assisted sol-gel method. The synthesized materials ...


Effect of N and F doping on the electronic properties of rutile TiO2 quantum dot solar cells: A first principle study

19-Feb-2017 | Author(s): Parvin Salehi-Abar, Amir Kazempour, Chemical Physics Letters, 2017

Publication date: April 2017 Source:Chemical Physics Letters, Volume 673 Author(s): Parvin Salehi-Abar, Amir Kazempour Titanium dioxide phases are important due to their special potential for use in a broad range of applications particularly low-cost solar cells. However, this potential ...


Synthesis and characterization of a liquid Eu precursor (EuCppm2) allowing for valence control of Eu ions doped into GaN by organometallic vapor phase epitaxy

19-Feb-2017 | Author(s): Brandon Mitchell, Atsushi Koizumi, Takumi Nunokawa, Ryuta Wakamatsu, Dong-gun Lee, Yasuhisa S ..., Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2017

Publication date: 1 June 2017 Source:Materials Chemistry and Physics, Volume 193 Author(s): Brandon Mitchell, Atsushi Koizumi, Takumi Nunokawa, Ryuta Wakamatsu, Dong-gun Lee, Yasuhisa Saitoh, Dolf Timmerman, Yoshinori Kuboshima, Takayuki Mogi, Shintaro Higashi, Kaoru ...


How To Choose Polyelectrolytes for Aqueous Dispersions of Conducting PEDOT Complexes

17-Feb-2017 | Anna I. Hofmann; Dimitrios Katsigiannopoulos; Muhammad Mumtaz; Ioannis Petsagkourakis; Gilles Pecastaings; Guillaume ..., Macromolecules, 2017

By using different polysaccharide and polysulfonylimide type polyelectrolytes for the synthesis of aqueous PEDOT:polyelectrolyte dispersions, the influence of the polyelectrolyte backbone and of the anionic groups on the properties of the resulting PEDOT:polyelectrolyte complex has been studied. ...


Materials, Vol. 10, Pages 198: BiCuSeO Thermoelectrics: An Update on Recent Progress and Perspective

17-Feb-2017 | Zhang, Xiaoxuan ; Chang, Cheng ; Zhou, Yiming ; Zhao, Li-Dong, Materials, 2017

A BiCuSeO system has been reported as a promising thermoelectric material and has attracted great attention in the thermoelectric community since 2010. Recently, several remarkable studies have been reported and the ZT of BiCuSeO was pushed to a higher level. It motivates us to systematically ...


Surface and Interface Engineering of Noble-Metal-Free Electrocatalysts for Efficient Energy Conversion Processes

16-Feb-2017 | Yun Pei Zhu; Chunxian Guo; Yao Zheng; Shi-Zhang Qiao, Accounts of Chemical Research, 2017

ConspectusDeveloping cost-effective and high-performance electrocatalysts for renewable energy conversion and storage is motivated by increasing concerns regarding global energy security and creating sustainable technologies dependent on inexpensive and abundant resources. Recent achievements in ...


Materials, Vol. 10, Pages 189: Boron Partitioning Coefficient above Unity in Laser Crystallized Silicon

16-Feb-2017 | Lill, Patrick C.; Dahlinger, Morris ; Köhler, Jürgen R., Materials, 2017

Boron pile-up at the maximum melt depth for laser melt annealing of implanted silicon has been reported in numerous papers. The present contribution examines the boron accumulation in a laser doping setting, without dopants initially incorporated in the silicon wafer. Our numerical simulation ...


Highly Efficient Three Primary Color Organic Single‐Crystal Light‐Emitting Devices with Balanced Carrier Injection and Transport

15-Feb-2017 | Ran Ding, Jing Feng, Feng‐Xi Dong, Wei Zhou, Yang Liu, Xu‐Lin Zhang, Xue‐Peng Wang, Hong‐Hua Fang, Bin Xu, Xian‐Bin ..., Advanced Functional Materials, 2017

Organic single crystals have a great potential in the field of organic optoelectronics because of their advantages of high carrier mobility and high thermal stability. However, the application of the organic single crystals in light‐emitting devices (OLEDs) has been limited by single‐layered ...


Ferroic ordering and charge‐spin‐lattice order coupling in Gd‐doped Fe3O4 nanoparticles relaxor multiferroic system

14-Feb-2017 | Suvra S. Laha, Ehab Abdelhamid, Maheshika P. Arachchige, Ajay Kumar, Ambesh Dixit, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2017

Abstract We investigated the effect of gadolinium doping (1‐5 at.%) on the magnetic and dielectric properties of Fe3O4 nanoparticles, synthesized by the chemical co‐precipitation technique, primarily to understand the onset of multifunctional properties such as ferroelectricity and ...


High lithium ionic conductivity in the garnet‐type oxide Li7−2xLa3Zr2−xMoxO12 (x=0‐0.3) ceramics by sol‐gel method

14-Feb-2017 | Xiaoting Liu, Yuan Li, Tiantian Yang, Zhenzhu Cao, Weiyan He, Yanfang Gao, Jinrong Liu, Guorong Li, Zhi Li, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2017

Abstract Lithium garnet‐type oxides Li7−2xLa3Zr2−xMoxO12 (x=0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3) ceramics were prepared by a sol‐gel method. The influence of molybdenum on the structure, microstructure and conductivity of Li7La3Zr2O12 were investigated by X‐ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, and ...


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