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Exalted Photocatalytic Activity of Tetragonal BiVO4 by Er3+ Doping Through a Luminescence Cooperative Mechanism

18-09-2013 | Sergio Obregón; Soo Wohn Lee; Gerardo Colón, Dalton Transactions, 2013

Er-doped BiVO4 are synthesized by means of a surfactant free microwave assisted hydrothermal method having good photoactivities under sun-like excitation for the degradation of Methylene Blue. From the structural and morphological characterization it has been stated that the presence of Er3+ ...


Doping alkaline-earth: a strategy of stabilizing hexagonal GdF3 at room temperature

18-09-2013 | Qi Zhao; Baiqi Shao; Wei Lü; Yongchao Jia; Wenzhen Lv; Mengmeng Jiao; Hongpeng You, Dalton Transactions, 2013

Hexagonal GdF3 is a more efficient phosphor host compared with the traditional orthorhombic form but the hexagonal phase is thermodynamically unstable at room temperature. Herein, we present a strategy to stabilize hexagonal GdF3 by doping with alkaline-earth ions in a mild hydrothermal reaction ...


The visible transmittance and solar modulation ability of VO2 flexible foils simultaneously improved by Ti doping: an optimization and first principle study

17-09-2013 | Shi Chen; Lei Dai; Jianjun Liu; Yanfeng Gao; Xinling Liu; Zhang Chen; Jiadong Zhou; Chuanxiang Cao; Penggang Han; Ho ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2013

The Mott phase transition compound vanadium dioxide (VO2) shows promise as a thermochromic smart material for the improvement of energy efficiency and comfort in a number of applications. However, the use of VO2 has been restricted by its low visible transmittance (Tvis) and limited solar ...


The effect of doping a molecular spin ladder with non-magnetic impurities

17-09-2013 | Sadafumi Nishihara; Xiao Zhang; Kazuhisa Kunishio; Katsuya Inoue; Xiao-Ming Ren; Tomoyuki Akutagawa; Jun-ichiro Kish ..., Dalton Transactions, 2013

Since carrier doping of two-leg spin ladders can theoretically induce a superconductive state, investigation of such systems is of great use in the study of superconductivity. In this paper, we report the successful creation of a non-magnetic impurity doped into a two-leg molecular spin ladder ...


Photocatalytic hydrogen generation enhanced by band gap narrowing and improved charge carrier mobility in AgTaO3 by compensated co-doping

17-09-2013 | Min Li; Junying Zhang; Wenqiang Dang; Scott K. Cushing; Dong Guo; Nianqiang Wu; Penggang Yin, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2013

The correlation of the electronic band structure with the photocatalytic activity of AgTaO3 has been studied by simulation and experiments. Doping wide band gap oxide semiconductors usually introduces discrete mid-gap states, which extends the light absorption but has limited benefit for ...


Investigation on electrical transport, CO sensing characteristics and mechanism for nanocrystalline La1−xCaxFeO3 sensors

16-09-2013 | Author(s): Changmin Shi , Hongwei Qin , Ming Zhao , Xiaofeng Wang , Ling Li , Jifan Hu, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2013

Publication date: January 2014 Source:Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 190 Author(s): Changmin Shi , Hongwei Qin , Ming Zhao , Xiaofeng Wang , Ling Li , Jifan Hu The appropriate doping of Ca in nanocrystalline LaFeO3 not only reduces the electrical resistance, but also ...


ChemInform Abstract: Effect of Heavy Doping of Nickel in Compound Mo3Sb7: Structure and Thermoelectric Properties.

12-09-2013 | Xiaolong Deng, Minfeng Lue, Jian Meng, ChemInform, 2013

Abstract Polycrystalline heavily Ni‐doped Mo3Sb7 phases (NixMo3‐yNiySb7, x + y = 0.00, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25 and 0.30) are prepared by solid state reaction of stoichiometric mixtures of the elements (evacuated quartz ampoules, 1043 K, 5 d).


Fabrication of Low-Fouling Ultrafiltration Membranes Using a Hydrophilic, Self-Doping Polyaniline Additive

12-09-2013 | Brian T. McVerry; James A. T. Temple; Xinwei Huang; Kristofer L. Marsh; Eric M. V. Hoek; Richard B. Kaner, Chemistry of Materials, 2013

A simple, scalable method for fabricating fouling-resistant ultrafiltration membranes is described. A self-doped, sulfonated form of polyaniline was blended into polysulfone (PSf) ultrafiltration (UF) membranes to enhance hydrophilicity and fouling resistance. Polyaniline in its base form was ...


Nanocrystal Diffusion Doping

12-09-2013 | Vladimir A. Vlaskin; Charles J. Barrows; Christian S. Erickson; Daniel R. Gamelin, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2013

A diffusion-based synthesis of doped colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals is demonstrated. This approach involves thermodynamically controlled addition of both impurity cations and host anions to preformed seed nanocrystals under equilibrium conditions, rather than kinetically controlled doping ...


Fabrication of dual excitation dual emission phosphor with plasmonic enhancement of fluorescence for simultaneous conversion of solar UV and IR to visible radiation

11-09-2013 | SANTA CHAWLA; M Parvaz; Vineet Kumar; Zubair Buch, New Journal of Chemistry, 2013

A dual excitation, dual emission phosphor has been fabricated by simultaneous doping of lanthanide ions Er3+, Yb3+, Eu3+ in a highly efficient host YVO4. YVO4 doped with Er3+, Yb3+, Eu3+ showed dual excitation i.e., simultaneously excitable by UV and IR radiation and dual emission i.e., ...


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