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Investigation on the Active Sites for NO Oxidation Reaction over MnOx-CeO2 catalysts

24-Mar-2017 | Zhihui Sun; Jun Wang; Jinxin Zhu; Chen Wang; jianqiang wang; Meiqing Shen, New Journal of Chemistry, 2017

MnOx-CeO2 is a potential substitute for commercial Pt-based diesel oxidation catalyst. To better investigate its active sites for NO oxidation reaction, a series of MnOx-CeO2 samples with low Mn doping amounts (≤ 5%) were synthesized by the incipient-wetness impregnation method. The catalysts ...


The effect of Co and In combinational or individual doping on the structural, optical and selective sensing properties of ZnO nanoparticles

19-Mar-2017 | Author(s): Mpho William Maswanganye, K.E. Rammutla, T.E. Mosuang, B.W. Mwakikunga, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2017

Publication date: August 2017 Source:Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 247 Author(s): Mpho William Maswanganye, K.E. Rammutla, T.E. Mosuang, B.W. Mwakikunga Variably doped ZnO samples by the sol-gel process have been tested for response to humidity and industrial gases of ...


Evaluation of various approaches to the isolation of steroid hormones from urine samples prior to FASS‐MEKC analysis

17-Mar-2017 | Ilona Olędzka, Piotr Kowalski, Alina Plenis, Tomasz Bączek, ELECTROPHORESIS, 2017

The goal of this study was to assess various analytical approaches for the simultaneous and efficient extraction of steroid hormones (cortisone, cortisol, prednisolone, corticosterone, testosterone, 17α‐methyltestosterone, epitestosterone, progesterone) from urine samples prior to separation ...


Correlating Carrier Density and Emergent Plasmonic Features in Cu2–xSe Nanoparticles

17-Mar-2017 | Lauren E. Marbella; Xing Yee Gan; Derrick C. Kaseman; Jill E. Millstone, Nano Letters, 2017

Recently, a wide variety of new nanoparticle compositions have been identified as potential plasmonic materials including earth-abundant metals such as aluminum, highly doped semiconductors, as well as metal pnictides. For semiconductor compositions, plasmonic properties may be tuned not only by ...


Materials, Vol. 10, Pages 309: ZT Optimization: An Application Focus

17-Mar-2017 | Tuley, Richard ; Simpson, Kevin, Materials, 2017

Significant research has been performed on the challenge of improving thermoelectric materials, with maximum peak figure of merit, ZT, the most common target. We use an approximate thermoelectric material model, matched to real materials, to demonstrate that when an application is known, average ...


Atomically Precise Lateral Modulation of a Two-Dimensional Electron Liquid in Anatase TiO2 Thin Films

16-Mar-2017 | Z. Wang; Z. Zhong; S. McKeown Walker; Z. Ristic; J.-Z. Ma; F. Y. Bruno; S. Riccò; G. Sangiovanni; G. Eres; N. C. Plu ..., Nano Letters, 2017

Engineering the electronic band structure of two-dimensional electron liquids (2DELs) confined at the surface or interface of transition metal oxides is key to unlocking their full potential. Here we describe a new approach to tailoring the electronic structure of an oxide surface 2DEL ...


Organic Thermoelectrics: Water‐Processable, Air‐Stable Organic Nanoparticle–Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites Exhibiting n‐Type Thermoelectric Properties (Small 11/2017)

15-Mar-2017 | Yoshiyuki Nonoguchi, Atsushi Tani, Tomohiro Ikeda, Chigusa Goto, Naoki Tanifuji, Ryoko M. Uda, Tsuyoshi Kawai, Small, 2017

Using spectroscopic and thermoelectric characterization, the effect of organic bases on the doping of carbon nanotubes is investigated by Y. Nonoguchi, R. M. Uda, T. Kawai, and co‐workers in article number 1603420. The composite prepared at an appropriate pH shows n‐type transport properties ...


Iron Nanocubes: Gas Phase Synthesis of Multifunctional Fe‐Based Nanocubes (Adv. Funct. Mater. 11/2017)

15-Mar-2017 | Jerome Vernieres, Stephan Steinhauer, Junlei Zhao, Audrey Chapelle, Philippe Menini, Nicolas Dufour, Rosa E. Diaz, K ..., Advanced Functional Materials, 2017

In article number 1605328 Mukhles Sowwan and co‐workers synthesize multi‐functional hybrid Fe nanocubes via a flexible gas phase method providing morphological control during formation. This approach enabled tailoring the magneto‐plasmonic properties of Fe nanocubes by Au doping and realizing ...


Modulation‐Doped In2O3/ZnO Heterojunction Transistors Processed from Solution

15-Mar-2017 | Dongyoon Khim, Yen‐Hung Lin, Sungho Nam, Hendrik Faber, Kornelius Tetzner, Ruipeng Li, Qiang Zhang, Jun Li, Xixiang ..., Advanced Materials, 2017

This paper reports the controlled growth of atomically sharp In2O3/ZnO and In2O3/Li‐doped ZnO (In2O3/Li‐ZnO) heterojunctions via spin‐coating at 200 °C and assesses their application in n‐channel thin‐film transistors (TFTs). It is shown that addition of Li in ZnO leads to n‐type doping and ...


Intersubband absorption in Si‐ and Ge‐doped GaN/AlN heterostructures in self‐assembled nanowire and 2D layers

15-Mar-2017 | Akhil Ajay, Caroline B. Lim, David A. Browne, Jakub Polaczynski, Edith Bellet‐Amalric, Martien I. den Hertog, Eva Monroy, physica status solidi (b), 2017

GaN/AlN is a promising material system for the development of an ultrafast intersubband technology operating at telecommunication wavelengths, thanks to the large conduction band offset and sub‐picosecond intraband relaxation time. In this paper, we explore short wavelength infrared ...


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