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Evaluation of berberine/bovine serum albumin nanoparticles for liver fibrosis therapy

17-12-2014 | P.-L. Lam; S.H.L. Kok; Roberto Gambari; T.W. Kok; H.-Y. Leung; K.-L. Choi; C.-S. Wong; D. K.-P. Hau; W.-Y. Wong; Kim ..., Green Chemistry, 2014

Excretion of pharmaceutical residues causes the emergence of toxic potential to the environment. Nanomedicine is commonly associated with nanoparticulate drug delivery to offer the improved therapeutic effects at a lower dose for disease treatments. Green chemistry is to reduce or exclude the ...


CPMV induced synthesis of Hollow-porous SiO2 Nanocapsules with excellent performance in Drug delivery

17-12-2014 | Koushi Kumar; Pradip Paik, Dalton Transactions, 2014

An idiosyncratic hollow mesoporous-SiO2 nanocapsule has been synthesized at room temperature using unmodified Cowpea mosaic Virus (CPMV) as a template, and without using any catalyst or surfactant during synthesis. The average size of the capsules synthesized is ~200-250 nm with 60-100 nm hollow ...


The formation of biodegradable micelles from a therapeutic initiator for enzyme-mediated drug delivery

16-12-2014 | Mthulisi Khuphe; Algy Kazlauciunas; Martin Huscroft; Paul D. Thornton, Chemical Communication, 2014

The direct grafting of amphiphilic macromolecules by sequential n-carboxyanhydride ring-opening polymerisation (NCA ROP) from a therapeutic initiator enables the formation of monodisperse drug-containing micelles. The subsequent enzyme-mediated hydrolysis of the peptide component permits the ...


Cell membrane wrapping of a spherical thin elastic shell

16-12-2014 | Xin Yi; Huajian Gao, Soft Matter, 2014

Nanocapsules that can be tailored intelligently and specifically have drawn considerable attention in the fields of drug delivery and bioimaging. Here we conduct a theoretical study on cell uptake of a spherical nanocapsule which is modeled as a linear elastic solid thin shell in three ...


Tumor‐Targeting Multifunctional Rattle‐Type Theranostic Nanoparticles for MRI/NIRF Bimodal Imaging and Delivery of Hydrophobic Drugs

12-12-2014 | Yunfeng Jiao, Yangfei Sun, Xiaoling Tang, Qingguang Ren, Wuli Yang, Small, 2014

The development of theranostic systems capable of diagnosis, therapy, and target specificity is considerably significant for accomplishing personalized medicine. Here, a multifunctional rattle‐type nanoparticle (MRTN) as an effective biological bimodal imaging and tumor‐targeting delivery system ...


Core–shell biopolymer microspheres for sustained drug release

12-12-2014 | Liqing Tan, Tao Jiang, Xiaolan Yang, Wei Li, Lijun Pan, Mingan Yu, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT In this work, a core–shell biopolymer microsphere comprising a carvedilol‐loaded yeast cell wall polysaccharides core surrounded by a silk fibroin shell layer is developed to eliminate the risks of using synthetic polymers for drug encapsulation on human health and to avoid burst ...


Study on physiochemical structure and in vitro release behaviors of doxycycline‐loaded PCL microspheres

12-12-2014 | Ozlem Aydin, Baran Aydin, Aysen Tezcaner, Dilek Keskin, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT This study aimed to develop drug delivery system of doxycycline‐loaded polycaprolactone (PCL) microspheres. The investigated microsphere formulation can be considered for local application in bone infections and degenerative joint diseases, which generally require long‐term treatments ...


ChemInform Abstract: Bioinspired Nanoarchitectonics as Emerging Drug Delivery Systems

11-12-2014 | Katsuhiko Ariga, Kohsaku Kawakami, Mitsuhiro Ebara, Yohei Kotsuchibashi, Qingmin Ji, Jonathan P. Hill, ChemInform, 2014

Abstract Review: [81 refs.


Establishment of a Trimodality Analytical Platform for Tracing, Imaging and Quantification of Gold Nanoparticles in Animals by Radiotracer Techniques

11-12-2014 | Chien-Hung Chen; Fong-Sian Lin; Wei-Neng Liao; Sanching L. Liang; Min-Hua Chen; Yo-Wen Chen; Wan-Yu Lin; Ming-Hua Hs ..., Analytical Chemistry, 2014

This study aims to establish a 198Au-radiotracer technique for in vivo tracing, rapid quantification, and ex vivo visualization of PEGylated gold nanoparticles (GNPs) in animals, organs and tissue dissections. The advantages of GNPs lie in its superior optical property, biocompatibility and ...


Microencapsulation of indocyanine green for potential applications in image-guided drug delivery

10-12-2014 | Zhiqiang Zhu; Ting Si; Ronald X. Xu, Lab on a Chip, 2014

We present a novel process to encapsulate indocyanine green (ICG) in liposomal droplets at high concentration for potential applications in image-guided drug delivery. The microencapsulation process follows two consecutive steps of droplet formation by liquid-driven coaxial flow focusing (LDCFF) ...


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