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Two-photon polymerization microfabrication of hydrogels: an advanced 3D printing technology for tissue engineering and drug delivery

28-May-2015 | Jin-Feng Xing; Mei-Ling Zheng; Xuan-Ming Duan, Chemical Society Reviews, 2015

3D printing technology has attracted much attention due to its high potential in scientific and industrial applications. As an outstanding 3D printing technology, two-photon polymerization (TPP) microfabrication has been applied in the fields of micro/nanophotonics, micro-electromechanical ...


Biotin-guided anticancer drug delivery with acidity-triggered drug release

27-May-2015 | Soyeon Park; Eunjin Kim; Won Young Kim; Chulhun Kang; Jong Seung Kim, Chemical Communication, 2015

A novel biotin-guided anticancer drug delivery system, prodrug 9, consisting of biotin, nitrobenzene, and doxorubicin, with acid-triggered drug releasing capability was synthesized. Its cellular uptake and anticancer activity are selective to the HepG2 cell line over the WI-38 cell line, as ...


Functionalized PEG‐b‐PAGE‐b‐PLGA triblock terpolymers as materials for nanoparticle preparation

22-May-2015 | Justyna A. Czaplewska, Tobias C. Majdanski, Markus J. Barthel, Michael Gottschaldt, Ulrich S. Schubert, Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 2015

ABSTRACT A series of poly(ethylene glycol)‐block‐poly(allyl glycidyl ether) (PEG‐b‐PAGE) macroinitiators are prepared using the living anionic ring‐opening polymerization (AROP) technique, and applied for further copolymerization studies. To overcome the low reactivity of the secondary ...


PEGylated Liposomes as Carriers of Hydrophobic Porphyrins

22-May-2015 | Monika Dzieciuch; Sami Rissanen; Natalia Szydłowska; Alex Bunker; Marta Kumorek; Dorota Jamróz; Ilpo Vattulainen; Ma ..., Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2015

Sterically stabilized liposomes (SSLs) (PEGylated liposomes) are applied as effective drug delivery vehicles. Understanding the interactions between hydrophobic compounds and PEGylated membranes is therefore important to determine the effectiveness of PEGylated liposomes for delivery of drugs or ...


Lectin-Gated, Mesoporous, Photofunctionalized Glyconanoparticles for Glutathione-Responsive Drug Delivery

21-May-2015 | Juan Zhou; Nanjing Hao; Thareendra DeZoysa; Mingdi Yan; Olof Ramstrom, Chemical Communication, 2015

A stimuli-responsive drug delivery system based on fluorescent, lectin-gated, mesoporous glyconanoparticles has been developed and evaluated in normal- and cancer lung epithelial cells. The gating process proved efficient, exhibiting good sealing properties in the absence of the glutathione redox ...


Tunable Luminescent Carbon Nanospheres with Well‐Defined Nanoscale Chemistry for Synchronized Imaging and Therapy

20-May-2015 | Prabuddha Mukherjee, Santosh K. Misra, Mark C. Gryka, Huei‐Huei Chang, Saumya Tiwari, William L. Wilson, John W. Sco ..., Small, 2015

In this work, we demonstrate the significance of defined surface chemistry in synthesizing luminescent carbon nanomaterials (LCN) with the capability to perform dual functions (i.e., diagnostic imaging and therapy). The surface chemistry of LCN has been tailored to achieve two different ...


Thermo‐ and pH‐ responsive copolymers: Poly(n‐Isopropylacrylamide‐co‐IAM) copolymers

20-May-2015 | Syang‐Peng Rwei, Tun‐Fun Way, Shu‐Mei Chang, Whe‐Yi Chiang, Yi‐Yin Lien, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT Poly(N‐isopropylacrylamide) (NIPAAm) is well known as a smart material with good thermal sensitivity and favorable biocompatibility. A series of new smart hydrogels, NIPAAm copolymerized with IAM (itaconamic acid; 4‐amino‐2‐methylene‐4‐oxobutanoic acid), were synthesized through ...


One‐Step Formation of “Chain‐Armor”‐Stabilized DNA Nanostructures

15-May-2015 | Valentina Cassinelli, Birgit Oberleitner, Jessica Sobotta, Philipp Nickels, Guido Grossi, Susanne Kempter, Thomas Fr ..., Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2015

Abstract DNA‐based self‐assembled nanostructures are widely used to position organic and inorganic objects with nanoscale precision. A particular promising application of DNA structures is their usage as programmable carrier systems for targeted drug delivery. To provide DNA‐based templates ...


Yolk‐Shell Porous Microspheres of Calcium Phosphate Prepared by Using Calcium L‐Lactate and Adenosine 5′‐Triphosphate Disodium Salt: Application in Protein/Drug Delivery

15-May-2015 | Guan‐Jun Ding, Ying‐Jie Zhu, Chao Qi, Tuan‐Wei Sun, Jin Wu, Feng Chen, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2015

Abstract A facile and environmentally friendly approach has been developed to prepare yolk‐shell porous microspheres of calcium phosphate by using calcium L‐lactate pentahydrate (CL) as the calcium source and adenosine 5′‐triphosphate disodium salt (ATP) as the phosphate source through the ...


Design of hemocompatible poly(DMAEMA‐co‐PEGMA) hydrogels for controlled release of insulin

15-May-2015 | Lemmuel L. Tayo, Antoine Venault, Vryan Gil R. Constantino, Alvin R. Caparanga, Arunachalam Chinnathambi, Sulaiman A ..., Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT This works aims at (i) studying the antiadhesive properties and the hemocompatibility of poly[2‐(dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate]‐co‐poly[(ethylene glycol)methacrylate] [poly(DMAEMA‐co‐PEGMA)] copolymers and (ii) investigating the insulin delivery kinetics through hydrogels at ...


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