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pH Assisted control over binding and relocation of acridine guest between a macrocyclic nanocarrier and natural DNA

03-Mar-2015 | Mhejabeen Sayed; Haridas Pal, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

Differential binding affinity of hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin (HPβCD) macrocycle, a drug delivery vehicle, towards protonated and deprotonated forms of the well-known DNA binder and a model anticancer drug, acridine, has been exploited as a strategy for dye/drug transportation and pH responsive ...


Natural Products as Exquisitely Potent Cytotoxic Payloads for Antibody- Drug Conjugates

28-Feb-2015 | M. Gromek, Samantha; J. Balunas, Marcy, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, 2015

Abstract: Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are an emerging area of study within medicinal chemistry and are thought of as sophisticated drug delivery systems due to their specificity to a disease-targeted antigen. ADCs have been actively utilized as therapeutics for hematological and solid ...


Tuning salicylate‐based polymers to overcome lag time and extend release via copolymers and polymer blends

27-Feb-2015 | Leonid Garber, Neel Jingar, Roselin Rosario‐Meléndez, Kathryn E. Uhrich, Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 2015

ABSTRACT This work describes how physicochemical properties of salicylate‐based poly(anhydride‐esters) (PAEs) can be tuned for drug delivery and optimized by comparing copolymerization with polymer blending. These alterations reduced the lag time of drug release, while still maintaining a ...


Electrochemically Driven Supramolecular Interaction of Quinones and Ferrocifens: An Example of Redox Activation of Bioactive Compounds

27-Feb-2015 | G. de Paiva, Yen; da Rocha Ferreira, Fabricia; Lucio Silva, Thaissa; Labbe, Eric; Buriez, Olivier; Amatore, Christia ..., Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, 2015

Abstract: This review discusses the state of the art, challenges and perspectives in recent applications of electrochemistry in the life sciences. It deals mainly with the elucidation of molecular mechanisms of drug action, drug design and development, involving electron transfer, ...


Hyperhydrophilic three dimensional crosslinked beads as effective drug carrier in acidic medium: adsorption isotherm and kinetics appraisal

27-Feb-2015 | Sachin Tanaji Mane; Surendra Ponrathnam; Nayaku Nivrati Chavan, New Journal of Chemistry, 2015

Conventional drug delivery materials are known to provide slow and less drug loading in aqueous medium due to hydrophobic or less hydrophilic properties of the carrier. However present study was interested in synthesis of cheaply available metals modified hyperhydrophilic polymer. ...


Synthesis and characterization of an octaarginine functionalized graphene oxide nano-carrier for gene delivery applications

27-Feb-2015 | Rana Imani; Shahriar Hojjati Emami; Shahab Faghihi, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

The success of gene therapy is largely dependent on the development of a gene carrier. Recently cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) have been employed for enhancing the gene and drug delivery efficacy of nano-particles. The feasibility of octaarginine (R8) functionalized graphene oxide (GO) as a ...


Sol-Gel-Based Biosensing Applied to Medicinal Science

26-Feb-2015 | T. C. Moreira, Felismina; P. Moreira-Tavares, Ana; Goreti F. Sales, M., Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, 2015

Abstract: Biosensors have opened new horizons in biomedical analysis, by ensuring increased assay speed and flexibility, and allowing point-of-care applications, multi-target analyses, automation and reduced costs of testing. This has been a result of many studies merging nanotechnology ...


Active Targeting of Tumors through Conformational Epitope Imprinting

26-Feb-2015 | Yan Zhang, Chunyue Deng, Sha Liu, Jin Wu, Zhangbao Chen, Chong Li, Weiyue Lu, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2015

Abstract Inspired by the knowledge that most antibodies recognize a conformational epitope because of the epitope’s specific three‐dimensional shape rather than its linear structure, we combined scaffold‐based peptide design and surface molecular imprinting to fabricate a novel nanocarrier ...


Preparation of New Dendrimer‐like Star Shaped Amphiphilic PEG/PCL Copolymers for Biocompatible and High Efficiency Curcumin Delivery

25-Feb-2015 | Sepideh Khoee, Alireza Kavand, Farzaneh Hashemi Nasr, Polymer International, 2015

Abstract Novel amphiphilic star‐shaped terpolymers comprised of hydrophobic poly(ε‐caprolactone), pH sensitive poly(amino ester) block and hydrophilic poly(ethylene glycol) (Mn = 1100, 2000) were synthesized using symmetric pentaerythritol as the core initiator for ring opening polymerization ...


Influence of ligand distribution on uptake efficiency

25-Feb-2015 | Veronika Schubertová; Francisco J. Martinez-Veracoechea; Robert Vácha, Soft Matter, 2015

Cellular uptake is a crucial process in nanomedicine and drug-delivery; however, the factors that affect its efficiency/speed are not well understood. We report computer simulations on passive uptake via receptor-mediated endocytosis of nanoparticle coated with ligands. In particular, we study ...


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