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Textile applications of photochromic dyes. Part 4: application of commercial photochromic dyes as disperse dyes to polyester by exhaust dyeing

18-Jul-2011 | Aldib, Mohanad; Christie, Robert M, Coloration Technology, 2011

A series of commercial photochromic dyes was applied to polyester fabric as disperse dyes. The photocoloration properties of the dyed fabrics were investigated by applying techniques previously established in our laboratories using an independent source of ultraviolet irradiation and traditional ...


Textile applications of photochromic dyes. Part 3: factors affecting the technical performance of textiles screen‐printed with commercial photochromic dyes

18-Jul-2011 | Little, Anna F; Christie, Robert M, Coloration Technology, 2011

The technical performance of five selected commercial photochromic dyes applied by screen‐printing on textiles was evaluated using a colour measurement methodology that has previously been established and validated. The results of wash fastness assessments were distinctly unusual. With the ...


Rare‐Earth Upconverting Nanobarcodes for Multiplexed Biological Detection

18-Jul-2011 | Fan Zhang; Robert C. Haushalter; Robert W. Haushalter; Yifeng Shi; Yichi Zhang; Kunlun Ding; Dongyuan Zhao; Galen D. ..., Small, 2011

Rare‐earth upconversion nanobarcodes (UPNBs) have been developed for multi­plexed signaling. There is no optical cross talk between the upconversion optical code and any reporter dyes. The midrange IR radiation used to excite the upconversion materials does not excite dyes that absorb in the ...


Computational analysis of the amplification features of active plastic optical fibers

14-Jul-2011 | I. Ayesta; J. Arrue; F. Jiménez; M. A. Illarramendi; J. Zubia, physica status solidi (a), 2011

Abstract Polymer optical fibers doped with organic dyes can be used as efficient optical amplifiers and lasers in the visible region. We computationally study the spectral evolution with distance of the pulses propagating along such fibers. The main goal is to analyze the lasing threshold and ...


Chirality generated by flows in pseudocyanine dye J‐aggregates: Revisiting 40 years old reports

13-Jul-2011 | Zoubir El‐Hachemi; Oriol Arteaga; Adolf Canillas; Joaquim Crusats; Joan Llorens; Josep M. Ribo, Chirality, 2011

Abstract Spontaneous symmetry breaking in J‐aggregates of cyanine dyes has a long history in chemical literature. In 1976, Honda and Hada claimed that they had achieved chiral induction (CD) by stirring J‐aggregates of pseudocyanine. However, this report is controversial, as the combinations of ...


The Indian drawings of the poet Cesare Pascarella: non-destructive analyses and conservation treatments

13-Jul-2011 | Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2011

Abstract The Italian dialect poet Cesare Pascarella travelled all around the world, noting down in notebooks his keen and caustic observations, and drawing sketches that are a visual reportage of his journeys. The sketches were mounted as a random collage over acidic cardboards that were ...


Dyeing and fastness properties of polyamide fabrics using some acid‐based monoazo disperse dyes

13-Jul-2011 | M. Sadeghi‐Kiakhani; K. Gharanjig; M. Arami; A. Khosravi, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2011

Abstract A series of monoazo disperse dyes derived from naphthalimide containing butyric acid has been applied on polyamide fabrics. The build up and dyeing properties of these dyes such as leveling property, wash, light, perspiration for alkaline and acidic conditions, and rubbing fastnesses ...


Binding of Organic Dyes with Human Serum Albumin: A Single‐Molecule Study

12-Jul-2011 | Das, Dibyendu Kumar; Mondal, Tridib; Mandal, Amit Kumar; Bhattacharyya, Kankan, Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 2011

Abstract Kinetics of binding of dyes at different sites of human serum albumin (HSA) has been studied by single‐molecule spectroscopy. The protein was immobilized on a glass surface. To probe different binding sites (hydrophobic and hydrophilic) two dyes, coumarin 153 (C153, neutral) and ...


Pyrrolidine‐based dye‐sensitized solar cells: A time‐dependent density functional theory investigation of the excited state electronic properties

11-Jul-2011 | Preat, Julien; Michaux, Catherine; André, Jean‐Marie; Perpète, Eric A., International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, 2011

Abstract This work reports a theoretical study of the excited state properties of a series of original conjugated metal‐free organic dyes containing the pyrrolidine (PYR) moiety. These compounds have recently been developed for dye‐sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). Our polarizable continuum model ...


Conformational Effects on the Dynamics of Internal Conversion in Boron Dipyrromethene Dyes in Solution

11-Jul-2011 | Hedley, Gordon J.; Ruseckas, Arvydas; Harriman, Anthony; Samuel, Ifor D. W., Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2011

Twisting the light away: Internal conversion between the S2 and S1 excited singlet states is rapid in the target dyes (see picture) but shows a clear sensitivity to rotational flexibility of the meso‐phenyl ring. Steric crowding by methyl groups at the 4,7‐positions leads to a curved S2 ...


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