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Design, Synthesis, and Structure–Activity Relationship of N-Arylnaphthylamine Derivatives as Amyloid Aggregation Inhibitors

01-Oct-2012 | Roberto Di Santo; Roberta Costi; Giuliana Cuzzucoli Crucitti; Luca Pescatori; Federica Rosi; Luigi Scipione; Diana C ..., Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2012

Dyes like CR are able to inhibit the aggregation of Aβ fibrils. Thus, a screening of a series of dyes including ABBB (1) was performed. Its main component 2 tested in an in vitro assay (i.e., ThT assay) showed good potency at inhibiting fibrils association. Congeners 4–9 have been designed and ...


Ultra-Small, Highly Stable, and Sensitive Dual Nanosensors for Imaging Intracellular Oxygen and pH in Cytosol

01-Oct-2012 | Xu-dong Wang; Judith A. Stolwijk; Thomas Lang; Michaela Sperber; Robert J. Meier; Joachim Wegener; Otto S. Wolfbeis, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2012

We report on the first dual nanosensors for imaging of pH values and oxygen partial pressure in cells. The sensors have a unique nanostructure in that a soft core structure is rigidized with a silane reagent, while poly(ethylene glycol) chains form an outer shell. Lipophilic oxygen-sensitive ...


Colorimetric studies of benzoquinoline based hot brand monoazo reactive dyes and their dyeing performance on various fibers

30-Sep-2012 | Nikhil M. Parekh, Kalpana C. Maheria, Fibers and Polymers, 2012

A series of hot brand monoazo reactive dyes (9a-l) were obtained by the coupling of diazotized 1Hbenzo[ g]pyrazolo[3,4-b]quinoline-3-ylamine (5) with various cyanurated coupling components (8a-l) in good yield. Synthesized dyes were characterized by various spectroscopic techniques. Their dyeing ...


Fine Tuning the Performance of DSSCs by Variation of the π‐Spacers in Organic Dyes that Contain a 2,7‐Diaminofluorene Donor

28-Sep-2012 | Abhishek Baheti, K. R. Justin Thomas, Chuan‐Pei Lee, Kuo‐Chuan Ho, Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 2012

Abstract Organic dyes that contain a 2,7‐diaminofluorene‐based donor, a cyanoacrylic‐acid acceptor, and various aromatic conjugation segments, which are composed of benzene, fluorene, carbazole, and thiophene units, as a π‐bridge have been synthesized and characterized by optical, ...


Selective Growth of Metallic Ag Nanocrystals on Ag3PO4 Submicro‐Cubes for Photocatalytic Applications

27-Sep-2012 | Yingpu Bi, Hongyan Hu, Shuxin Ouyang, Zhengbo Jiao, Gongxuan Lu, Jinhua Ye, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2012

Thinking outside the box: The position‐ and number‐selective growth of Ag nanocrystals on Ag3PO4 submicro‐cubes by an in situ reduction technique is demonstrated (see figure). These new Ag/Ag3PO4 heterocubes exhibit higher photocatalytic activities than pure Ag3PO4 cubes for the degradation of ...


White‐Light Electroluminescence with Tetraphenylethylene as Emitting Layer of Aggregation‐Induced Emissions Enhancement

27-Sep-2012 | Jianfang Luo, Xiaohong Wang, Xiaomei Wang, Wenming Su, Chinese Journal of Chemistry, 2012

Abstract Tetraphenylethylene (TPE) based molecules with easy synthesis, good thermal stability, and especially their aggregation‐induced emissions enhancement (AIEE) effect recently become attractive organic emitting materials due to their potentially practical application in OLEDs. Herein, ...


Fullerene‐Catalyzed Reduction of Azo Derivatives in Water under UV Irradiation

27-Sep-2012 | Yong Guo, Wengang Li, Jingjing Yan, Basem Moosa, Ma’an Amad, Charles J. Werth, Niveen M. Khashab, Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 2012

Abstract Metal‐free fullerene (C60) was found to be an effective catalyst for the reduction of azo groups in basic aqueous solution under UV irradiation in the presence of NaBH4. Use of NaBH4 by itself is not sufficient to reduce the azo dyes without the assistance of a metal catalyst such as ...


Tuning the Electrical and Optical Properties of Diketopyrrolopyrrole Complexes for Panchromatic Dye‐Sensitized Solar Cells

27-Sep-2012 | Sanyin Qu, Chuanjiang Qin, Ashraful Islam, Jianli Hua, Han Chen, He Tian, Liyuan Han, Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 2012

Abstract A series of metal‐free organic dyes that were bridged by a diketopyrrolopyrrole moiety and were composed of indoline and triphenylamine as donor groups and furan and benzene as conjugated spacer groups were designed and synthesized for use in dye‐sensitized solar cells (DSCs). The ...


Molecules, Vol. 17, Pages 11495-11506: A Facile Synthesis of Arylazonicotinates for Dyeing Polyester Fabrics under Microwave Irradiation and Their Biological Activity Profiles

27-Sep-2012 | Al-Mousawi, Saleh M. ; El-Apasery, Morsy A. ; Mahmoud, Huda M., Molecules, 2012

A as textile dyes and the fastness properties of the dyed samples were measured. Most of the dyed fabrics tested displayed very good washing and perspiration fastness and series of 2-hydroxy- and 2-amino-6-substituted-5-arylazonicotinate monoazo compounds 7a–e and 9a–c were prepared via ...


A novel general method for fast and easy preparation of cationic, neutral dimethinehemicyanine and dimethine dyes by uncatalysed Knoevenagel condensation

26-Sep-2012 | Todor Deligeorgiev, Nikolay Gadjev, Stefka Kaloyanova, Nedyalko Lesev, Aleksey Vasilev, Alexi Alexiev, Coloration Technology, 2012

Three novel general experimental procedures for preparation of cationic, neutral dimethinehemicyanine and dimethine dyes (eight of which are unpublished) by uncatalysed Knoevenagel condensation have been developed. The proposed methods are versatile as a variety of different starting materials ...


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