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Detection of nonfluorescent molecules using differential interference contrast thermal lens microscope for extended nanochannel chromatography

09-Aug-2011 | Shimizu, Hisashi; Mawatari, Kazuma; Kitamori, Takehiko, Journal of Separation Science, 2011

Abstract An ultrasensitive absorbance detector, the differential interference contrast thermal lens microscope (DIC‐TLM), was employed for a chromatography system using silica nanochannel. Recently, separation of ultrasmall volume sample has been strongly required for single‐cell biological and ...


Solid-State Thermochromism and Phase Transitions of Charge Transfer 1,3-Diamino-4,6-dinitrobenzene Dyes

09-Aug-2011 | Jong Hoon Lee, Panče Naumov, Ihn Hee Chung and Sang Cheol Lee, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2011

The Journal of Physical Chemistry A DOI: 10.1021/jp205793b


Efficient Separation of Dyes by Mucin: Toward Bioinspired White‐Luminescent Devices

08-Aug-2011 | Hendler, Netta; Belgorodsky, Bogdan; Mentovich, Elad D.; Gozin, Michael; Richter, Shachar, Advanced Materials, 2011

Nature's ability to form stable and controllable host‐guest systems is exploited to construct a new type of robust matrix biomaterial, which is used for the formation of protein luminescent films and devices. This simple methodology involves the extraordinary capabilities of mucin proteins to ...


Chemical Surface Modification of Self‐Assembled Monolayers by Radical Nitroxide Exchange Reactions

08-Aug-2011 | Wagner, Hendrik; Brinks, Marion K.; Hirtz, Michael; Schäfer, Andreas; Chi, Lifeng; Studer, Armido, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2011

Abstract This article describes the application of nitroxide exchange reactions of surface‐bound alkoxyamines as a tool for reversible chemical modification of self‐assembled monolayers (SAMs). This approach is based on radical chemistry, which allows for introduction of various functional ...


Experimental analysis and optimization of the synthesizing property of nitrogen‐modified TiO2 visible‐light photocatalysts

05-Aug-2011 | Te‐Li Su; Yu‐Lin Kuo; Tsai‐Jung Wu; Fu‐Chen Kung, Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 2011

Abstract BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to investigate improvement of the photocatalytic activity of visible‐light driven nitrogen‐modified TiO2 (N‐TiO2) powder toward methyl blue (MB) and direct blue‐86 (DB‐86) dyes. The Taguchi method with an L9 orthogonal array was applied to plan the ...


Neutral dyeing of wool and wool/polyester blend fabrics using sulphatoethylsulphone reactive‐disperse dyes

05-Aug-2011 | Mousa, A A; Youssef, Y A; Farouk, R; Ayiesh, T M; Arief, M H, Coloration Technology, 2011

Two models of temporarily anionic sulphatoethylsulphone reactive disperse dyes were applied to wool, polyester and wool/polyester blend fabrics at different dyeing pH. Maximum exhaustion values and colour yield were observed at pH 7. The results showed that reactive disperse dyes containing ...


Synthesis and spectroscopic investigation of cationic donor‐(π‐bridge)‐acceptor dye, 4‐[N‐(5,6,7,8‐tetrahydroisoquinolinium‐5‐ylidene)methyl]‐N,N‐dialkylaniline iodide

05-Aug-2011 | Jędrzejewska, Beata; Michalak, Barbara, Coloration Technology, 2011

The synthesis and fundamental spectroscopic properties of eight hemicyanine (HC) dyes are presented. The dyes were prepared by the condensation of N‐methyl‐5,6,7,8‐tetrahydroisoquinolinium iodide with p‐(N,N‐dialkylamino)benzaldehydes. The compounds were characterised by nuclear magnetic ...


Adsorption of organic anions from aqueous solutions by layered silicates modified with cationic surfactant

02-Aug-2011 | M. Yu. Trifonova, S. A. Dolenko, S. V. Bondarenko, Yu. I. Tarasevich, Colloid Journal, 2011

The interaction of anionic organic dyes with layered silicates (kaolinite and hydromica) both natural and modified with a cationic surfactant (cetylpyridinium bromide) is studied by adsorption and spectral methods. The adsorption of organic anions by modified silicates is proved to proceed via ...


Structure elucidation of the dye Acid Red 131: complete 1H, 13C and 15N NMR data assignment

01-Aug-2011 | Elisabetta Schievano; Ileana Menegazzo; Ester Marotta; Stefano Mammi, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, 2011

Abstract The chemistry of dyes and pigments is relevant to the textile industry, because of the importance to establish the best conditions for the finishing process and to understand the interactions among various compounds to yield the correct hue and nuances. For this reason, the molecular ...


Optical properties of dye sensitized TiO2 nanowires from time‐dependent density functional theory

01-Aug-2011 | Dick Hartmann Douma; Ralph Gebauer, physica status solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters, 2011

Abstract We present a computational study based on time‐dependent density functional theory of the optical absorption spectra of TiO2 nanowires sensitized with organic dye molecules. We concentrate on catechol and squaraine dyes. For those molecules, we compute adsorption geometries and ...


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