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Removal of aromatic amines and decolourisation of azo dye baths by electrochemical treatment

17-Mar-2013 | Victor López‐Grimau, Miquel Riera‐Torres, Montserrat López‐Mesas, Carmen Gutiérrez‐Bouzán, Coloration Technology, 2013

The presence of aromatic amines in effluent from dyeing processes of the textile industry is an added problem to the high coloration typical of this type of effluent. The main objective of the present work was to eliminate these two problems simultaneously by electrochemical treatment using bath ...


Hydrothermal Synthesis of Graphene/Bi2WO6 Composite with High Adsorptivity and Photoactivity for Azo Dyes

15-Mar-2013 | Jiang Zhang, Zheng‐Hong Huang, Yong Xu, Feiyu Kang, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2013

Graphene/Bi2WO6 composites have been synthesized by hydrothermal reduction at 160°C for 24h using ethanol as the reducing agent. All as‐prepared composites were characterized using X‐ray diffraction (XRD), UV–vis diffuse reflectance spectroscopy, FT‐IR spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, scanning ...


Probing Single-Molecule Fluorescence Spectral Modulation within Individual Hotspots with Subdiffraction-Limit Image Resolution

14-Mar-2013 | Lin Wei; Chang Liu; Bo Chen; Peng Zhou; Hongchang Li; Lehui Xiao; Edward S. Yeung, Analytical Chemistry, 2013

The enhancement of the electromagnetic field on the rough metallic nanostructure has been extensively applied to obtain chemical or biological information about molecules with high sensitivity and has received much attention due to its potential applications in new types of devices based on ...


Functionalized Silica Nanoparticles: A Platform for Fluorescence Imaging at the Cell and Small Animal Levels

14-Mar-2013 | Kemin Wang; Xiaoxiao He; XiaoHai Yang; Hui Shi, Accounts of Chemical Research, 2013

Going in vivo, including living cells and the whole body, is very important for gaining a better understanding of the mystery of life and requires specialized imaging techniques. The diversity, composition, and temporal–spatial variation of life activities from cells to the whole body require the ...


Synthesis and Characterization of 2D‐D‐π‐A‐Type Organic Dyes Bearing Bis(3,6‐di‐tert‐butylcarbazol‐9‐ylphenyl)aniline as Donor Moiety for Dye‐Sensitized Solar Cells

13-Mar-2013 | Tanika Khanasa, Nittaya Jantasing, Somphob Morada, Nararak Leesakul, Ruangchai Tarsang, Supawadee Namuangruk, Tinnag ..., European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2013

Abstract A series of novel 2D‐D‐π‐A‐type organic dyes, namely CCTTnA (n = 1–3), bearing bis(3,6‐di‐tert‐butylcarbazol‐9‐ylphenyl)aniline as an electron‐donor moiety (2D‐D), oligothiophene segments with a number of thiophene units from one to three units as π‐conjugated spacers (π), and ...


Positive and negative‐mode laser desorption/ionization‐mass spectrometry (LDI‐MS) for the detection of indigoids in archaeological purple

13-Mar-2013 | Erika Ribechini, Josefina Pérez‐Arantegui, Maria Perla Colombini, Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 2013

Laser‐based ionization techniques have demonstrated to be a valuable analytical tool to study organic pigments by mass spectrometric analyses. Though laser‐based ionization techniques have identified several natural and synthetic organic dyes and pigments, they have never been used in the ...


A new family of bioorthogonally applicable fluorogenic labels

13-Mar-2013 | András Herner; Ivana Nikic; Mihaly Kallay; Edward A Lemke; Peter Kele, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2013

Synthetic procedures for the construction of fluorogenic azido-labels were developed. Photophysical properties were elaborated by experimental and theoretical investigations. Of the newly synthesized fluorogenic and bioorthogonally applicable dyes two were selected on the basis of their ...


Two pairs of 1:2 nickel(II) and copper(II) metal-complex dyes showing the same trans configuration and azo-hydrazone transformation but different thermal properties

13-Mar-2013 | Wei Huang, Dalton Transactions, 2013

Two pairs of 1:2 neutral trans mononuclear transition-metal (M = NiII and CuII) complexes of pyridine-2,4-dione and quinoline-2,4-dione based heterocyclic dyes have been structurally and spectrally characterized and compared herein. X-ray single-crystal diffraction analyses of four complexes, ...


New insights into two-photon absorption properties of functionalized aza-BODIPY dyes at telecommunication wavelengths: a theoretical study

13-Mar-2013 | Xiaoting Liu; Jilong Zhang; Kai Li; Xiaobo Sun; Zhijian Wu; Aimin Ren; Jikang Feng, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2013

Special attention has been paid to understanding the structural effect on electronic structure and absorption spectra for an extensive series of functionalized aza-BODIPY molecules. We have employed the quadratic response theory as well as a sum-over-states approach involving few intermediate ...


Gemcitabine–Coumarin–Biotin Conjugates: A Target Specific Theranostic Anticancer Prodrug

12-Mar-2013 | Sukhendu Maiti; Nayoung Park; Ji Hye Han; Hyun Mi Jeon; Jae Hong Lee; Sankarprasad Bhuniya; Chulhun Kang; Jong Seung Kim, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2013

We present here, the design, synthesis, spectroscopic characterization, and in vitro biological assessment of a gemcitabine–coumarin–biotin conjugate (5). Probe 5 is a multifunctional molecule composed of a thiol-specific cleavable disulfide bond, a coumarin moiety as a fluorescent reporter, ...


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