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Physical and dyeing properties of poly(ethylene terephthalate)/montmorillonite nanocomposite filament yarns

15-Oct-2012 | İlhan Özen, Servet Güneş, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2012

Abstract This research paper describes the generation of poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET)/organoclay nanocomposite filaments by melt‐spinning method and investigation of their physical and dyeing properties. Two montmorillonite types of clay were modified using an intercalating agent ...


Single-Pot Extraction-Analysis of Dyed Wool Fibers with Ionic Liquids

15-Oct-2012 | Katherine S. Lovejoy; Alexander J. Lou; Lauren E. Davis; Timothy C. Sanchez; Srinivas Iyer; Cynthia A. Corley; John ..., Analytical Chemistry, 2012

Analytical capabilities to identify dyes associated with structurally robust wool fibers would critically assist crime-scene and explosion-scene forensics. Nondestructive separation of dyes from wool, removal of contaminants, and dye analysis by MALDI- or ESI-MS, were achieved in a single-pot, ...


Resonance Raman Spectral Imaging of Intracellular Uptake of β‐Carotene Loaded Poly(D,L‐lactide‐co‐glycolide) Nanoparticles

12-Oct-2012 | Christian Matthäus, Stephanie Schubert, Michael Schmitt, Christoph Krafft, Benjamin Dietzek, Ulrich S. Schubert, Jür ..., ChemPhysChem, 2012

Abstract The use of nanoparticles for drug delivery has been drawing considerable attention in pharmaceutical research. With increasing diversity and potential of various carrier systems, it is important to study the impact of nanocarriers on sub‐cellular metabolic processes and organelles, ...


Electrochemical sensing and photocatalysis using Ag–TiO2 microwires

12-Oct-2012 | SOUMIT S MANDAL, ANINDA J BHATTACHARYYA, Journal of Chemical Sciences, 2012

Anatase Ag–TiO2 microwires with high sensitivity and photocatalytic activity were synthesized via polyol synthesis route followed by a simple surface modification and chemical reduction approach for attachment of silver. The superior performance of the Ag–TiO2 composite microwires is attributed ...


Photocatalysis by Phenothiazine Dyes: Visible-Light-Driven Oxidative Coupling of Primary Amines at Ambient Temperature

12-Oct-2012 | Ji Hoon Park; Kyoung Chul Ko; Eunchul Kim; Nojin Park; Ju Hong Ko; Do Hyun Ryu; Tae Kyu Ahn; Jin Yong Lee; Seung Uk Son, Organic Letters, 2012

New phenothiazine based organic dyes were prepared for visible-light-driven organic transformations. The 3,7-disubstituted phenothiazine derivatives showed visible light absorption and reversible one-electron oxidation behavior. In the presence of 0.5 mol % of 3,7-disubstituted phenothiazines, ...


Redox-Responsive Reverse Vesicles Self-Assembled by Pseudo[2]rotaxanes for Tunable Dye Release

11-Oct-2012 | Kang-Da Zhang; Tian-You Zhou; Xin Zhao; Xi-Kui Jiang; Zhan-Ting Li, Langmuir, 2012

Reverse vesicles exhibiting functions similar to those of normal vesicles have been constructed through the self-assembly of TTF/CBPQT4+-based pseudo[2]rotaxanes in a nonpolar solvent. The ends of the threads of the pseudo[2]rotaxanes are attached with a Fréchet-type G-3 dendron and a ...


Synthesis and Spectra of a Kind of Novel Longer-Wavelength Benzoxazole Indole Styryl Cyanine Dye with a Carbazole-Bridged Chain

10-Oct-2012 | Xuening Fei, Yingchun Gu, Chao Li, Yuru Liu, Lu Yu, Journal of Fluorescence, 2012

Based on cyanine dye probe oxazole yellow (YO) and Cy3, a series of novel styryl cyanine dyes were designed and synthesized. Carbazole was inserted into the structures of YO and Cy3 to act as a bridge to link the benzoxazole and indole group. This modification resulted in a novel kind of ...


Use of peat as an organic raw material for chemical processing

10-Oct-2012 | N. N. Bambalov, Solid Fuel Chemistry, 2012

Data on the use of peat in different areas of chemical processing, including the production of sorbents, dyes, biologically active materials, pharmaceuticals, and balneological and cosmetic preparations, are generalized. Special features, advantages, and prospects of the use of peat as a raw ...


Development of Organic Redox Couple and Organic Dyes for Aqueous Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

10-Oct-2012 | Haining Tian; Erik Gabrielsson; Lars Kloo; Anders Hagfeldt; Licheng Sun, Energy & Environmental Science, 2012

A water-soluble organic redox couple (TT−/DTT) and new organic dyes (D45 and D51) have been developed for aqueous dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs). An optimal efficiency of 3.5% was obtained using the D51 dye and an optimized electrolyte composition. The highest IPCE value obtained was 68% at ...


Heteroleptic Metallosupramolecular Complexes of Bodipy Dyes as Energy Transfer Cassettes

10-Oct-2012 | Fazli Sozmen; Birsen S. Oksal; O. Altan Bozdemir; Onur Buyukcakir; Engin U. Akkaya, Organic Letters, 2012

Organic Letters DOI: 10.1021/ol302451r


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