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Azo–hydrazone tautomerism observed from UV–vis spectra by pH control and metal-ion complexation for two heterocyclic Disperse Yellow dyes

18-Jul-2012 | Wei Huang, Dalton Transactions, 2012

The azo–hydrazone tautomerism of two pyridine–2,6–dione based Disperse Yellow dyes has been achieved by pH control and metal-ion complexation, respectively, which is evidenced by UV–visible spectra using the pH–titration, 1H NMR and X–ray single–crystal diffraction techniques for two dyes and one ...


Ru complexes of thienyl-functionalized dipyrrins as NCS-free sensitizers for the dye-sensitized solar cell

18-Jul-2012 | Guocan Li; Paolo G Bomben; Kiyoshi Robson; Serge Gorelsky; Curtis P Berlinguette; Michael Shatruk, Chemical Communication, 2012

We report the first case of Ru(II) dipyrrinates employed as dyes in dye-sensitized solar cells. These complexes exhibit panchromatic light harvesting that results in significant DSSC current densities, rendering them promising for photo-voltaic applications. Adjustment of the lowest-excited state ...


Photophysical and Electrochemical Properties, and Molecular Structures of Organic Dyes for Dye‐Sensitized Solar Cells

17-Jul-2012 | Yousuke Ooyama, Yutaka Harima, ChemPhysChem, 2012

Abstract Dye‐sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) based on organic dyes adsorbed on oxide semiconductor electrodes, such as TiO2, ZnO, or NiO, which have emerged as a new generation of sustainable photovoltaic devices, have attracted much attention from chemists, physicists, and engineers because of ...


Amphiphilic polymers in photodynamic therapy

16-Jul-2012 | A. B. Solov’eva, N. A. Aksenova, N. N. Glagolev, N. S. Melik-Nubarov, A. V. Ivanov, V. I. Volkov, A. V. Chernyak, Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2012

It is shown that some amphiphilic polymers (AP), including, polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), which exhibit no their own photochemical activity, can increase the activity of porphyrin photosensitizers (PPS), the most effective and nontoxic types of dyes for photodynamic action on tumor cells. It is ...


Redox‐switchable Intramolecular π−π‐Stacking of Perylene Bisimide Dyes in a Cyclophane

16-Jul-2012 | Felix Schlosser, Michael Moos, Christoph Lambert, Frank Würthner, Advanced Materials, 2012

Molecular actuation by stepwise electrochemical reduction is demonstrated for a cyclophane that exhibits a pronounced conformational transition from a closed cavity with cofacially stacked PBIs in the neutral state to an expanded open cavity in the three‐ and fourfold reduced state.


Structure optimization of ruthenium photosensitizers for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells–a goal toward a “bright” future

16-Jul-2012 | Jen-Fu Yin, Murugesan Velayudham, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Hong-Cheu Lin, Kuang-Lieh Lu, Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2012

Research on dye-sensitized solar cells (DSC) is progressing at a rapid pace. The structural and electronic factors associated with ruthenium photosensitizers can have a significant effect on the performance of DSCs. This review emphasizes the recent developments and strategies employed in the ...


Dyes derived from 1,4‐naphthoquinone as initiators for radical and cationic photopolymerisation

13-Jul-2012 | Agnieszka Marzena Szymczak, Radosław Podsiadły, Karolina Podemska, Jolanta Sokołowska, Coloration Technology, 2012

Several 2‐phenylamino‐1,4‐naphthoquinone‐based dyes and two related benzo[2,3‐b]–phenazines were synthesised and characterised by proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and electron ionisation mass spectrometry. The electrochemical and spectral properties of these compounds were ...


Selective-adsorption removal of methyl orange(MO) by CTAB-assisted AgBr powder

13-Jul-2012 | Ping Wang, Tingsen Ming, Xuefei Wang, Huogen Yu, Journal of Wuhan University of Technology--Materials Science Edition, 2012

The AgBr powder was prepared by a hydrothermal method via a reaction of AgNO3 with hexadecyltrimethy ammonium bromide (CTAB), namely, CTAB-assisted synthesis method. The selective-adsorption ability of the AgBr samples for the MO was evaluated in a MO and Rhodamine B mixed solution via ...


Synthesis and characterization of covalently colored polymer latex based on new polymerizable anthraquinone dyes

13-Jul-2012 | Botian Li, Jie Shen, Ruibin Liang, Wenjiao Ji, Chengyou Kan, Colloid & Polymer Science, 2012

Novel polymerizable red and yellow dyes, consisting of anthraquinone chromophore, alkyl spacer, and acryloyl group, were first synthesized and then used as comonomers in the semicontinuous emulsion copolymerization of styrene, butyl acrylate, and methacrylic acid to fabricate polymer latexes. The ...


Studies on a Vinyl Ruthenium‐Modified Squaraine Dye: Multiple Visible/Near‐Infrared Absorbance Switching through Dye‐ and Substituent‐Based Redox Processes

13-Jul-2012 | Jing Chen, Rainer F. Winter, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2012

Abstract The bis(vinyl ruthenium)‐modified squaraine dye 1 was synthesized by treatment of [RuHCl(CO)(PiPr3)2] with bis(ethynyl)‐substituted squaraine 8. Spectroscopic and electrochemical measurements on 1 and its organic precursors 6–8 were performed to study the effect of the vinyl ruthenium ...


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