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Dipole–Dipole and H‐Bonding Interactions Significantly Enhance the Multifaceted Mechanical Properties of Thermoresponsive Shape Memory Hydrogels

20-11-2014 | Yinyu Zhang, Yongmao Li, Wenguang Liu, Advanced Functional Materials, 2014

High strength hydrogels were previously constructed based on dipole–dipole and hydrogen bonding reinforcement. In spite of the high tensile and compressive strengths achieved, the fracture energy of the hydrogels strengthened with sole noncovalent bondings was rather low due to the lack in ...


Synthesis and properties of polyurethane/graphite elastomer by in situ technique

19-11-2014 | Zhiyi Zhang, Huan Zhang, Ye Li, Haixiang Jia, Jinquan Shou, Kai Wen, Pengguang Bai, Yi Xue, Lizhong Bai, Yaqing Liu, Polymer Composites, 2014

Elastomeric polyurethane (PU) was mixed with 0, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 wt% of graphite to obtain PUE‐based composites. The structure of PU/graphite elastomer was characterized by scanning electron microscopy. It was found that the polyurethane elastomer (PUE) molecular chains were intercalated ...


External stimulus‐responsive interfaces in polymer nanocomposites

19-11-2014 | Meriane Cristine dos Santos, Patrícia S. Oliveira Patricio, Rodrigo Lambert Oréfice, Polymer Composites, 2014

Materials that can switch from stiff to soft or from brittle to tough by slightly changing the temperature, pH, electric, or magnetic fields of their environments, can have a pronounced impact on many applications, including sensors, biomedical materials for less invasive surgeries, and ...


Influence of the soft segment length on the properties of water‐cured poly(carbonate‐urethane‐urea)s

19-11-2014 | Magdalena M. Mazurek, Karolina Tomczyk, Monika Auguścik, Joanna Ryszkowska, Gabriel Rokicki, Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 2014

Poly(carbonate‐urethane‐urea)s (PCUU) based on oligocarbonate diols (Mn ≈ 2000) with different length of the hydrocarbon chain as soft segments were synthesized and investigated. Carbonate oligomerols were obtained in a two‐step method from dimethyl carbonate (DMC) and linear α,ω‐diols ...


Modeling Linear and Cyclic PKS Intermediates through Atom Replacement

19-11-2014 | Gaurav Shakya; Heriberto Rivera, Jr.; D. John Lee; Matt J. Jaremko; James J. La Clair; Daniel T. Fox; Robert W. Haus ..., Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014

The mechanistic details of many polyketide synthases (PKSs) remain elusive due to the instability of transient intermediates that are not accessible via conventional methods. Here we report an atom replacement strategy that enables the rapid preparation of polyketone surrogates by selective atom ...


Edible films based on native and phosphated 80:20 waxy:normal corn starch

18-11-2014 | Tomy J. Gutiérrez, María Soledad Tapia, Elevina Pérez, Lucía Famá, Starch - Stärke, 2014

Edible films based on 80:20 waxy:normal corn starch were evaluated for their potential use in the food industry. Two types of film were prepared by the casting method: The first from native corn starch and the second from starch modified with glycerol. The influence of this chemical ...


Inhibitors of β-Site Amyloid Precursor Protein Cleaving Enzyme (BACE1): Identification of (S)-7-(2-Fluoropyridin-3-yl)-3-((3-methyloxetan-3-yl)ethynyl)-5′H-spiro[chromeno[2,3-b]pyridine-5,4′-oxazol]-2′-amine (AMG-8718)

14-11-2014 | Thomas A. Dineen; Kui Chen; Alan C. Cheng; Katayoun Derakhchan; Oleg Epstein; Joel Esmay; Dean Hickman; Chuck E. Kre ..., Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2014

We have previously shown that the aminooxazoline xanthene scaffold can generate potent and orally efficacious BACE1 inhibitors although certain of these compounds exhibited potential hERG liabilities. In this article, we describe 4-aza substitution on the xanthene core as a means to increase ...


Synthesis and properties of stereo mixtures of enantiomeric block copolymers of polylactide and aliphatic polycarbonate

13-11-2014 | Koji Kobayashi, Shuhei Kanmuri, Yoshiharu Kimura, Kazunari Masutani, Polymer International, 2014

Abstract A‐B‐A tri‐block copolymers of polylactides (PLA: A) and aliphatic polycarbonates (APC: B) were prepared by ring‐opening polymerization (ROP) of D‐ and L‐lactides with poly(hexamethylene carbonate) diol (PHMC) and poly(hexamethylene/ pentamethylene carbonate) diol (PHPC) as ...


Speed of Sound, Density, and Related Thermodynamic Excess Properties of Binary Mixtures of Butan-2-one with C1–C4 n-Alkanols and Chloroform

12-11-2014 | Mikhail A. Varfolomeev; Ksenia V. Zaitseva; Ilnaz T. Rakipov; Boris N. Solomonov; Wojciech Marczak, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2014

Densities and speeds of sound were measured for binary mixtures of butan-2-one with methanol, propan-1-ol, butan-1-ol, and chloroform at temperatures of 293.15–323.15 K and at atmospheric pressure, with the uncertainties of 0.05 kg·m–3 and 0.5 m·s–1, respectively. The molar excesses of volume, ...


An Integrated Imaging Probe Design: The Synthesis of 99mTc/Re‐Containing Macrocyclic Peptide Scaffolds

11-11-2014 | Jennifer L. Hickey, Emily J. Simpson, Jinqiang Hou, Leonard G. Luyt, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2014

Abstract β‐Sheets account for over 30 % of all secondary structural conformations found in proteins. The intramolecular hydrogen bonding that exists between the two peptide strands is imperative in maintaining this secondary structure. With the proper design, cyclic peptides may act as ...


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