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Preparation and characterization of starch film accompanied with ZnO nanoparticles

20-Apr-2017 | Fatemeh Mirjalili, Ali Yassini Ardekani, Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2017

Abstract Biodegradable starch‐zinc oxide films were made by casting starch film paste accompanied with ZnO nanoparticles. There was found a dissolving temperature of 60 °C, time of 30 min and the use of different amounts of oils, plasticizers, lubricants and binders presented a homogenous ...


Ductile‐to‐brittle transition behavior of low molecular weight polycarbonate under carbon dioxide

19-Apr-2017 | Tomoaki Taguchi, Ramu Miike, Tomoe Hatakeyama, Hiromu Saito, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2017

We investigated the stress–strain behavior of low molecular weight polycarbonate for optical disc grade (OD‐PC) under carbon dioxide (CO2) at various pressures, and compared the results with that under ambient pressure at various temperatures. Elongation at break decreased sharply with increased ...


Crosslinker Effects on Properties of Hydroxyethylacryl Chitosan/Sodium Alginate Hydrogel Films

19-Apr-2017 | Pitchaya Treenate, Pathavuth Monvisade, Macromolecular Symposia, 2017

Summary The aim of this research is to investigate the effects of Ca2+ and Zn2+ ions on the swelling behavior, mechanical property and antibacterial activity of hydroxyethylacryl chitosan (HC)/ sodium alginate (SA) hydrogel films. The hydrogel films composed of HC and SA in different ...


Thio-Modification of tRNA at the Wobble Position as Regulator of the Kinetics of Decoding and Translocation on the Ribosome

13-Apr-2017 | Namit Ranjan; Marina V. Rodnina, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2017

Uridine 34 (U34) at the wobble position of the tRNA anticodon is post-transcriptionally modified, usually to mcm5s2, mcm5, or mnm5. The lack of the mcm5 or s2 modification at U34 of tRNALys, tRNAGlu, and tRNAGln causes ribosome pausing at the respective codons in yeast. The pauses occur during ...


Large Positive Thermal Expansion and Small Band Gap in Double-ReO3-Type Compound NaSbF6

13-Apr-2017 | C. Yang; B. Y. Qu; S. S. Pan; L. Zhang; R. R. Zhang; P. Tong; R. C. Xiao; J. C. Lin; X. G. Guo; K. Zhang; H. Y. Tong ..., Inorganic Chemistry, 2017

Double-ReO3-type structure compound NaSbF6 undergoes a low-temperature rhombohedral to high-temperature cubic phase between 303 and 323 K, as revealed by temperature-dependent X-ray diffractions. Although many double-ReO3-type fluorides exhibit either low thermal expansion or negative thermal ...


Formation of Two-Dimensional Homologous Faults and Oxygen Electrocatalytic Activities in a Perovskite Nickelate

11-Apr-2017 | Jumi Bak; Hyung Bin Bae; Jaehoon Kim; Jihun Oh; Sung-Yoon Chung, Nano Letters, 2017

Atomic-scale direct probing of active sites and subsequent elucidation of the structure–activity relationship are important issues involving oxide-based electrocatalysts to achieve better electrochemical conversion efficiency. By generating Ruddlesden–Popper (RP) two-dimensional homologous faults ...


Synthesis and characterization of lignosulfonate-graft-poly (acrylic acid)/hydroxyethyl cellulose semi-interpenetrating hydrogels

02-Apr-2017 | Author(s): Jiaojiao Zhao, Kun Zheng, Jingya Nan, Chao Tang, Ying Chen, Yong Hu, Reactive and Functional Polymers, 2017

Publication date: Available online 29 March 2017 Source:Reactive and Functional Polymers Author(s): Jiaojiao Zhao, Kun Zheng, Jingya Nan, Chao Tang, Ying Chen, Yong Hu Maximizing the use of waste is an important part of the strategy for sustainable development. Lignosulfonate, a ...


Translation complex profile sequencing to study the in vivo dynamics of mRNA–ribosome interactions during translation initiation, elongation and termination

01-Apr-2017 | Nikolay E Shirokikh; Stuart K Archer; Traude H Beilharz; David Powell; Thomas Preiss, Nature Protocols, 2017

Nature Protocols 12, 697 (2017). doi:10.1038/nprot.2016.189 Authors: Nikolay E Shirokikh, Stuart K Archer, Traude H Beilharz, David Powell & Thomas Preiss Messenger RNA (mRNA) translation is a tightly controlled process that is integral to gene expression. It features intricate ...


Dielectrophoresis System for Testing Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Gram-Negative Bacteria to β-Lactam Antibiotics

31-Mar-2017 | I-Hsiu Su; Wen-Chien Ko; Chung-Hsin Shih; Fang-Hao Yeh; Yung-Nien Sun; Jung-Chih Chen; Po-Lin Chen; Hsien-Chang Chang, Analytical Chemistry, 2017

Gram-negative bacteria (GNBs) are common pathogens causing severe sepsis. Rapid evaluation of drug susceptibility would guide effective antibiotic treatment and promote life-saving. A total of 78 clinical isolates of 13 Gram-negative species collected between April 2013 and November 2013 from two ...


Materials, Vol. 10, Pages 375: A Novel Extrusion for Manufacturing TiBw/Ti6Al4V Composite Tubes with a Quasi-Continuous Reinforced Structure

31-Mar-2017 | Yang, Jianlei ; Jiao, Xueyan ; Chen, Wenzhen ; Zhang, Wencong ; Wang, Guofeng, Materials, 2017

The present work introduces a novel extrusion with filler material to produce the high-performance TiBw/Ti-6Al-4V composite tube with a quasi-continuous reinforced structure. A simulation was adopted to study the effect of the filler material on the shape accuracy of the tubes. Based on the ...


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