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The effect of MWNTs concentration and nanofiber orientation on mechanical properties of PAA nanocomposite nanofibrous web

18-Apr-2015 | Seyed Vahid Ebadi, Aref Fakhrali, Ali Akbar Gharehaghaji, Saeedeh Mazinani, Seyed Omid Ranaei‐Siadat, Polymer Composites, 2015

In this research, nanocomposite nanofibrous webs of poly (acrylic acid) (PAA)/multi‐walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) were obtained via electrospinning. The effect of MWNTs concentration on the morphology and mechanical properties of PAA/MWNTs nanofibers was investigated by changing the MWNTs ...


The effect of expanded graphite on the physical properties of conductive EVA/wax phase change blends for thermal energy storage

18-Apr-2015 | Mokgaotsa J. Mochane, Adriaan S. Luyt, Polymer Composites, 2015

A study of the morphology, dynamic mechanical, impact, and tensile properties of ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA)/expanded graphite (EG) and EVA/wax/EG composites is presented. The composites were prepared by melt blending. The EVA/EG composites showed ductile behavior, while brittle ...


A comparative study on the effects of electron beam irradiation on imidacloprid-resistant and -susceptible Aphis gossypii (Hemiptera: Aphididae)

13-Apr-2015 | Author(s): Seung-Hwan Yun , Hyun-Na Koo , Seon-Woo Lee , Hyun Kyung Kim , Yuri Kim , Bumsoo Han , Gil-Hah Kim, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2015

Publication date: July 2015 Source:Radiation Physics and Chemistry, Volume 112 Author(s): Seung-Hwan Yun , Hyun-Na Koo , Seon-Woo Lee , Hyun Kyung Kim , Yuri Kim , Bumsoo Han , Gil-Hah Kim The melon and cotton aphid, Aphis gossypii, is a polyphagous insect pest. This study compared ...


Effects of molecular weight and grafted maleic anhydride of functionalized polylactic acid used in reactive compatibilized binary and ternary blends of polylactic acid and thermoplastic cassava starch

10-Apr-2015 | Sukeewan Detyothin, Susan E. M. Selke, Ramani Narayan, Maria Rubino, Rafael A. Auras, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT Polylactic acid (PLA) was reactively functionalized with maleic anhydride (MA) and 2,5‐bis(tert‐butylperoxy)−2,5‐dimethylhexane (Luperox 101 or L101) using a twin screw extruder (TSE). The effects of functionality (grafted MA level) and/or number average molecular weight of ...


Preparation and properties of polycarbonate nanocomposites using attapulgite grafted poly(methyl methacrylate) as a potential nanofiller

10-Apr-2015 | Hang Xu, Haicun Yang, Liu Zhang, Qingting Ni, Fanghong Gong, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT The Core‐shell hybrid particles with attapulgite (ATP) as the core and polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) as the shell (ATP‐g‐PMMA) were prepared via reversible addition‐fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization method. The diameter of ATP‐g‐PMMA was increased to 50–60 nm, and the ...


Hydrolytic degradation of biodegradable polyesters under simulated environmental conditions

10-Apr-2015 | Rajendran Muthuraj, Manjusri Misra, A.K. Mohanty, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT In this study, the durability of poly(butylene succinate) (PBS), poly(butylene adipate‐co‐terephthalate) (PBAT), and PBS/PBAT blend was assessed by exposure to 50°C and 90% relative humidity for a duration of up to 30 days. Due to the easy hydrolysis of esters, the mechanical ...


The architecture of amyloid‐like peptide fibrils revealed by X‐ray scattering, diffraction and electron microscopy

07-Apr-2015 | Annette E. Langkilde, Kyle L. Morris, Louise C. Serpell, Dmitri I. Svergun, Bente Vestergaard, Acta Crystallographica Section D, 2015

Structural analysis of protein fibrillation is inherently challenging. Given the crucial role of fibrils in amyloid diseases, method advancement is urgently needed. A hybrid modelling approach is presented enabling detailed analysis of a highly ordered and hierarchically organized fibril of the ...


The Requirements for Superplasticity with an Emphasis on Magnesium Alloys

07-Apr-2015 | Megumi Kawasaki, Roberto B. Figueiredo, Terence G. Langdon, Advanced Engineering Materials, 2015

Superplasticity is defined formally as a tensile elongation of at least 400% and a strain rate sensitivity of ≈0.5. It is now well established that superplasticity occurs only in materials having very small grain sizes, typically less than ≈10 μm. These small grains may be achieved in two ...


Molecules, Vol. 20, Pages 6033-6047: Ring-Opening Graft Polymerization of Propylene Carbonate onto Xylan in an Ionic Liquid

07-Apr-2015 | Zhang, Xueqin ; Chen, Mingjie ; Liu, Chuanfu ; Zhang, Aiping ; Sun, Runcang, Molecules, 2015

The amidine organocatalyst 1,8-diazabicyclo[5.4.0]undec-7-ene (DBU) is an effective nucleophilic catalyst. Biocomposites with tuneable properties were successfully synthesized by ring-opening graft polymerization (ROGP) of propylene carbonate (PC) onto xylan using DBU as a catalyst in the ionic ...


Degradation of aviation sealing materials in rapeseed biodiesel

04-Apr-2015 | Michal Dubovský, Marián Božek, Milan Olšovský, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT Nowadays, the airline industry and worldwide companies in the aerospace industry have been forced to find new ecological alternatives to traditional fuels to substitute as aviation fuels and kerosene. In aero turbo engines, rubber seals based on nitrile–butadiene rubber (NBR) with ...


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