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Changes in Olfactory Receptor Expression Are Correlated With Odor Exposure During Early Development in the zebrafish (Danio rerio)

01-May-2016 | Cristian Calfún; Calixto Domínguez; Tomás Pérez-Acle; Kathleen E. Whitlock, Chemical Senses, 2016

We have previously shown that exposure to phenyl ethyl alcohol (PEA) causes an increase in the expression of the transcription factor otx2 in the olfactory epithelium (OE) of juvenile zebrafish, and this change is correlated with the formation of an odor memory of PEA. Here, we show that the ...


Anti‐Angiogenic Properties of Cafestol and Kahweol Palmitate Diterpene Esters

29-Apr-2016 | Marzieh Moeenfard, Alice Cortez, Vera Machado, Raquel Costa, Carla Luís, Pedro Coelho, Raquel Soares, Arminda Alves, ..., Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 2016

ABSTRACT Epidemiological studies support the association of coffee‐specific diterpenes, with various beneficial health effects. Although anti‐antiangiogenic properties of free cafestol and kahweol have been recently described, available data regarding their esterified form, in particular ...


Carbon monoxide improves neuronal differentiation and yield by increasing the functioning and number of mitochondria

29-Apr-2016 | Ana S. Almeida, Ursula Sonnewald, Paula M. Alves, Helena L.A. Vieira, Journal of Neurochemistry, 2016

Abstract The process of cell differentiation goes hand‐in‐hand with metabolic adaptations, which are needed to provide energy and new metabolites. Carbon monoxide (CO) is an endogenous cytoprotective molecule able to inhibit cell death and improve mitochondrial metabolism. Neuronal ...


Characterization of Glycolytic Pathway Genes Using RNA-Seq in Developing Kernels of Eucommia ulmoides

29-Apr-2016 | Yanzhi Feng; Lin Zhang; Jianmin Fu; Fangdong Li; Lu Wang; Xiaofeng Tan; Wenjuan Mo; Heping Cao, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2016

Eucommia ulmoides Oliver, the only member of the Eucommiaceae family, is a rare and valuable tree used to produce a highly valued traditional Chinese medicine and contains α-linolenic acid (ALA) up to 60% of the total fatty acids in the kernels (embryos). Glycolysis provides both cellular energy ...


rno‐miR‐665 targets BCL2L1 (Bcl‐xl) and increases vulnerability to propofol in developing astrocytes

28-Apr-2016 | Wen‐Chong Sun, Ling Pei, Journal of Neurochemistry, 2016

Abstract Propofol exerts a cytotoxic influence over immature neurocytes. Our previous study revealed that clinically relevant doses of propofol accelerated apoptosis of primary cultured astrocytes of developing rodent brains via rno‐miR‐665 regulation. However, the role of rno‐miR‐665 during ...


Enhanced intracellular soluble production of 3‐ketosteroid‐Δ1‐dehydrogenase from Mycobacterium neoaurum in Escherichia coli and its application in the androst‐1,4‐diene‐3,17‐dione production

27-Apr-2016 | Minglong Shao, Yaling Chen, Xian Zhang, Zhiming Rao, Meijuan Xu, Taowei Yang, Hui Li, Zhenghong Xu, Shangtian Yang, Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 2016

Abstract BACKGROUND The 3‐ketosteroid‐Δ1‐dehydrogenase (KSDD) expressed in Escherichia coli was mainly in the form of inclusion bodies and the KSDD enzyme activity was at a low level. Therefore, the regulation of process conditions and supplementation of natural osmolytes were carried out to ...


Engineered Biosynthesis of Medicinally Important Plant Natural Products in Microorganisms

26-Apr-2016 | Zhang, Shuwei; Wang, Siyuan; Zhan, Jixun, Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, 2016

Abstract: Plants produce structurally and functionally diverse natural products. Some of these compounds possess promising health-benefiting properties, such as resveratrol (antioxidant) curcumin (anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anticancer), paclitaxel (anticancer) and artemisinin ...


Investigation of SPR biosensor for analyzing the influence of connexin 43 expression on the cytotoxicity of cisplatin

26-Apr-2016 | yijia wang; shiwu zhang; chunze zhang; zhenying zhao; xiaoli zheng; lihua xue; jun liu; Xiaocong Yuan, Analyst, 2016

The real-time and label-free detection abilities of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensors cater the need of evaluating the influence of some genes expression on anti-tumor drug cytotoxicity. However, studies in this field are lacking. Connexin 43 is a tumor-suppressor gene and the mechanism ...


Multiple Oxidative Modifications in the Ophiobolin Biosynthesis: P450 Oxidations Found in Genome Mining

26-Apr-2016 | Koji Narita; Ryota Chiba; Atsushi Minami; Motoichiro Kodama; Isao Fujii; Katsuya Gomi; Hideaki Oikawa, Organic Letters, 2016

Heterologous expression of four candidate genes found in ophiobolin gene clusters from three fungal strains was employed to elucidate the late-stage biosynthetic pathway of phytotoxin ophiobolin. Expression of oblBAc (cytochrome P450) from the cryptic gene cluster gave unexpected products, and ...


Polyphosphate as a Bioactive and Biodegradable Implant Material: Induction of Bone Regeneration in Rats 

23-Apr-2016 | Xiaohong Wang, Shunfeng Wang, Feng He, Emad Tolba, Heinz C. Schröder, Bärbel Diehl‐Seifert, Werner E. G. Müller, Advanced Engineering Materials, 2016

Inorganic polyphosphate (polyP) is a naturally occurring polymer that is bioresorbable and anabolically active on bone forming cells in vitro. In order to demonstrate if polyP also shows morphogenetic activity in vivo, animal studies are performed applying the rat calvarial defect model. ...


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