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Iron alters cell survival in a mitochondria-dependent pathway in ovarian cancer cells

01-Mar-2015 | Bauckman K; Haller E; Taran N; Rockfield S; Ruiz-Rivera A; Nanjundan M, Biochemical Journal, 2015

The role of iron in the development of cancer remains unclear. We previously reported that iron reduces cell survival in a Ras/mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK)-dependent manner in ovarian cells; however, the underlying downstream pathway leading to reduced survival was unclear. Although ...


The Competence of 7,8-Diacetoxy-4-Methylcoumarinand Other Polyphenolic Acetates in Mitigating the Oxidative Stress and their Role in Angiogenesis

27-Feb-2015 | Joshi, Rini; Arora, Shvetambri; Kumar, Ajit; Manral, Sushma; Rohil, Vishwajeet; Goel, Sanjay; Priya, Nivedita; Singh ..., Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, 2015

Abstract: The potential role of polyphenolic acetate (PA) in causing diverse biological and pharmacological actions has been well studied in our laboratory. Our investigations, for the first time, established the role of calreticulin transacetylase (CRTAase) in catalyzing the acetylation of ...


Programming the quorum sensing-based AND gate in Shewanella oneidensis for logic gated-microbial fuel cells

26-Feb-2015 | Yidan Hu; Yun Yang; Evgeny Katz; Hao Song, Chemical Communication, 2015

An AND logic gate based on a synthetic quorum-sensing (QS) module was constructed in a Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 mtrA knockout mutant. The presence of two input signals activated the expression of a periplasmic decaheme cytochrome MtrA to regenerate the extracellular electron transfer conduit, ...


Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of 1-phenanthryl-tetrahydroisoquinoline derivatives as novel p21-activated kinase 4 (PAK4) inhibitors

26-Feb-2015 | Shuai Song; Xiaodong Li; Jing Guo; Chenzhou Hao; Yan Feng; Bingyu Guo; Tongchao Liu; Qiaoling Zhang; Zhen Zhang; Rui ..., Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2015

Functional versatility and elevated expression in cancers have promoted p21-activated kinase 4 (PAK4) as one of the first-in-class anti-cancer drug targets. In this study, a series of novel 1-phenanthryl-tetrahydroisoquinoline analogues have been designed and synthesized as a novel class of ...


Development of an enzymatic pretargeting strategy for dual-modality imaging

25-Feb-2015 | J. C. Knight; M. Mosley; M. R. L. Stratford; H. T. Uyeda; H. A. Benink; M. Cong; F. Fan; S. Faulkner; B. Cornelissen, Chemical Communication, 2015

A pretargeted imaging strategy based on the HaloTag dehalogenase enzyme is described. Here, a HaloTag–Trastuzumab conjugate has been used as the primary agent targeting HER2 expression, and three new radiolabelled HaloTag ligands have been used as secondary agents, two of which offer ...


Crispene E, a cis-clerodane diterpene inhibits STAT3 dimerization in breast cancer cells

25-Feb-2015 | Julia Mantaj; S. M. Abdur Rahman; Bishwajit Bakshi; Choudhury M. Hasan; Paul J.M. Jackson; Richard B. Parsons; Khond ..., Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2015

Crispene E, a new clerodane-type diterpene, inhibited STAT3 dimerization in a cell-free fluorescent polarisation assay and was found to have significant toxicity against STAT3-dependent MDA-MB 231 breast cancer cell line and selectively inhibited the expression of STAT3 and STAT3 target genes ...


Spatiotemporal expression of EAPP modulates neuronal apoptosis and reactive astrogliosis after spinal cord injury

21-Feb-2015 | Minhao Chen, Yingjie Ni, Yonghua Liu, Xiaopeng Xia, Jianhua Cao, Chengniu Wang, Xingxing Mao, Weidong Zhang, Chen Ch ..., Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 2015

E2F‐associated phosphoprotein (EAPP) is a novel E2F binding protein that interacts with the activating members of the E2F transcription factors family and involved in various biological processes.However, the expression and function of EAPP in central nervous system (CNS) are still unknown. In ...


Notch4 signaling confers susceptibility to TRAIL induced apoptosis in breast cancer cells

21-Feb-2015 | Shambhavi Naik, Marion MacFarlane, Apurva Sarin, Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 2015

Notch signaling has been established as a key regulator of cell fate in development, differentiation and homeostasis. In breast cancers, increased Notch1 and Notch4 activity have been implicated in tumor progression and, accumulation of the intracellular domain of Notch4 (ICN4), reported in ...


Nonivamide enhances miRNA let‐7d expression and decreases adipogenesis PPARγ expression in 3T3‐L1 cells

21-Feb-2015 | Barbara Rohm, Ann‐Katrin Holik, Nicole Kretschy, Mark M. Somoza, Jakob P. Ley, Sabine Widder, Gerhard E. Krammer, Do ..., Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 2015

Red pepper and its major pungent principle, capsaicin, have been shown to be effective anti‐obesity agents by reducing energy intake, enhancing energy metabolism, decreasing serum triacylglycerol content, and inhibiting adipogenesis via activation of the transient receptor potential cation ...


MCPH1 Maintains long‐term epigenetic silencing of angpt2 in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

21-Feb-2015 | Pradeep Kumar Kopparapu, Caroline Miranda, Linda Fogelstrand, Kankadeb Mishra, Per‐Ola Andersson, Chandrasekhar Kand ..., FEBS Journal, 2015

Abstract MCPH1 (also known as inhibitor of hTERT expression) is a tumor suppressor gene functionally implicated in the DNA damage response. Angiopoietin 2 (ANGPT2) is a crucial factor regulating tumor angiopoiesis. Deregulation of angiogenesis is one of the hallmarks of many cancers, including ...


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