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Effect of montmorillonite on flame spread characteristics and smoke toxicity of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer composite

20-May-2016 | Xiaonan Ren, Ruowen Zong, Yuan Hu, Siuming Lo, Polymer Composites, 2016

In this article, MMT (montmorillonite) and ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) blends were prepared via melt blending process using a twin‐screw extruder. Differences of flame spread characteristics and smoke toxicity with addition of MMT was analyzed. Flame spread properties of materials with ...


Mass Spectrometric Investigation of Silicon Extremely Enriched in 28Si: From 28SiF4 (Gas Phase IRMS) to 28Si Crystals (MC-ICP-MS)

20-May-2016 | Axel Pramann; Olaf Rienitz, Analytical Chemistry, 2016

A new generation of silicon crystals even further enriched in 28Si (x(28Si) > 0.999 98 mol/mol), recently produced by companies and institutes in Russia within the framework of a project initiated by PTB, were investigated with respect to their isotopic composition and molar mass M(Si). A ...


Yielding the Yield-Stress Analysis: A study focused on the effects of elasticity on the settling of a single spherical particle in simple yield-stress fluids

19-May-2016 | Dimitrios Fraggedakis; Ioannis Dimakopoulos; John Tsamopoulos, Soft Matter, 2016

The sedimentation of a single particle in materials which exhibit simultaneously elastic, viscous and plastic behavior is examined in an effort to explain phenomena that contradict the nature of purely yield-stress materials. Such phenomena include the loss of the fore-and-aft symmetry with ...


Comparison of the compact dry TC method with the standard method ISO 21149:2006 for determining aerobic colony counts in cosmetic emulsion

18-May-2016 | Segolene De Vaugelade, Magali Aime, Nicolas Farcette, Elodie Maurel, Thierry Lacour, Claire Thomas, Stephane Bouchon ..., International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 2016

Abstract Objective Compact Dry TC, a rapid method kit for determining aerobic colony counts, has been developed by Nissui Pharmaceutical Co. for food application. These plates are presterilized and contain culture medium, a cold‐soluble gelling agent and a color redox indicator for rapid ...


Energies, Vol. 9, Pages 365: Energy Performance of Verandas in the Building Retrofit Process

13-May-2016 | Albatici, Rossano ; Passerini, Francesco ; Pfafferott, Jens, Energies, 2016

Passive solar elements for both direct and indirect gains, are systems used to maintain a comfortable living environment while saving energy, especially in the building energy retrofit and adaptation process. Sunspaces, thermal mass and glazing area and orientation have been often used in the ...


IJERPH, Vol. 13, Pages 488: A Mouse Model for Studying Nutritional Programming: Effects of Early Life Exposure to Soy Isoflavones on Bone and Reproductive Health

11-May-2016 | Ward, Wendy E.; Kaludjerovic, Jovana ; Dinsdale, Elsa C., International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2016

Over the past decade, our research group has characterized and used a mouse model to demonstrate that “nutritional programming” of bone development occurs when mice receive soy isoflavones (ISO) during the first days of life. Nutritional programming of bone development can be defined as the ...


On non‐combustibility of commercial building materials

10-May-2016 | Jadwiga Fangrat, Fire and Materials, 2016

Summary Non‐combustibility is discussed on the basis of experimental data for 66 commercial building materials obtained from two standard test methods: EN ISO 1716 oxygen bomb calorimeter and EN ISO 1182 cylindrical furnace. The sample materials are divided into five categories: concrete and ...


Evaluating the intergranular corrosion susceptibility of Al‐Mg‐Si‐Cu alloys using electrochemical methods

08-May-2016 | C. Schnatterer, A. Bulinger, D. Zander, Materials and Corrosion, 2016

The susceptibility of the 6056 aluminum alloy in the solution annealed (T4) and artificially aged (T6) condition to intergranular corrosion (IGC) was investigated utilizing the established testing standard ISO 11846 B and an electrochemical procedure specified as ISO 11846C. The first method ...


Sustainability, Vol. 8, Pages 428: From Life Cycle Costing to Economic Life Cycle Assessment—Introducing an Economic Impact Pathway

29-Apr-2016 | Neugebauer, Sabrina ; Forin, Silvia ; Finkbeiner, Matthias, Sustainability, 2016

Economic activities play a key role in human societies by providing goods and services through production, distribution, and exchange. At the same time, economic activities through common focus on short-term profitability may cause global crisis at all levels. The inclusion of three ...


Reaction of aerogel containing ceramic fibre insulation to fire exposure

25-Apr-2016 | K. Ghazi Wakili, A. Remhof, Fire and Materials, 2016

SUMMARY Aerogel containing ceramic fibre insulations represent a newly developed high performance insulation material applied in industrial installations and recently expanding rapidly into the construction industry to reduce the heat transfer through walls and ceilings. As a rather expensive ...


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