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ChemInform Abstract: Mechanosynthesis of Pharmaceutically Relevant Sulfonyl‐(thio)ureas.

23-10-2014 | Davin Tan, Vjekoslav Strukil, Cristina Mottillo, Tomislav Friscic, ChemInform, 2014

Abstract The first application of mechanochemistry to conduct the synthesis of sulfonyl‐(thio)ureas (III), (VI), and (X), including antidiabetic drugs tolbutamide, chlorpropamide (VIa) and glibenclamide (X) by either stoichiometric base‐assisted or Cu‐catalyzed coupling of sulfonamides and ...


Study on the Synergistic Properties of Quaternary Phosphonium Bromide Salts with N-Vinylcaprolactam Based Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor Polymers

16-10-2014 | Carlos D. Magnusson; Malcolm A. Kelland, Energy & Fuels, 2014

We have evaluated the synergism of five tetraalkyl phosphonium bromide salts with N-vinylcaprolactam based polymers by carrying out high pressure rocking cell experiments with a structure II-forming natural gas mixture. (n-Pe)4PBr was shown to be a superior synergist than (n-Bu)4PBr when used in ...


Self-assembly of long chain fatty acids: effect of a methyl branch

09-10-2014 | Jonathan F. D. Liljeblad; Eric Tyrode; Esben Thormann; Ann-Claude Dublanchet; Gustavo Luengo; C. Magnus Johnson; Mar ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014

The morphology and molecular conformation of Langmuir–Blodgett deposited and floating monolayers of a selection of straight chain (eicosanoic acid, EA), iso (19-methyl eicosanoic acid, 19-MEA), and anteiso (18-methyl eicosanoic acid, 18-MEA) fatty acids have been investigated by Vibrational Sum ...


Predictive Microbiology For Cosmetics Based On Physicals, Chemicals And Concentration Parameters

09-10-2014 | Senda Ghalleb, Segolene De Vaugelade, Odile Sella, Marc Lavarde, Christine Mielcarek, Anne‐Marie Pense‐Lheritier, St ..., International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 2014

Abstract Objective Challenge test is essential to assure the efficiency of the preservative system in products. A previous study realized by our staff in 2012, carried out to evaluate the influence of three parameters (ethanol, pH and water) on the microbiological cosmetics products ...


Released neighboring-cation stress induced blue-shift of Eu2+ emission in (Ba,Sr)3Lu(PO4)3:Eu2+ eulytite solid-solution phosphors

08-10-2014 | Ziyuan Wang; Zhiguo Xia; Maxim Molokeev; Victor V. Atuchin; QuanLin Liu, Dalton Transactions, 2014

A series of iso-structural eulytite-type (Ba,Sr)3Lu(PO4)3:Eu2+ solid solution phosphors with different Sr/Ba ratios were synthesized by a solid-state reaction. Crystal structures of (Ba,Sr)3Lu(PO4)3:Eu2+ were resolved by Rietveld method, which shows an eulytite-type structure as cubic Bi4(SiO4)3 ...


Development of standards for reliable surface analyses by ISO technical committee 201 on surface chemical analysis

07-10-2014 | C. J. Powell, R. Shimizu, K. Yoshihara, S. Ichimura, Surface and Interface Analysis, 2014

The need for reliable surface analyses together with quality‐management requirements for analytical laboratories led the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to form its Technical Committee (TC) 201 on Surface Chemical Analysis in 1991. This article describes the organization of ...


Molecules, Vol. 19, Pages 15611-15623: Anti-Fibrosis Effect of Scutellarin via Inhibition of Endothelial–Mesenchymal Transition on Isoprenaline-Induced Myocardial Fibrosis in Rats

29-09-2014 | Zhou, Hao ; Chen, Xiao ; Chen, Lingzhi ; Zhou, Xi ; Zheng, Gaoshu ; Zhang, Huaiqin ; Huang, Weijian ; Cai, Jiejie, Molecules, 2014

Scutellarin (SCU) is the major active component of breviscapine and has been reported to be capable of decreasing myocardial fibrosis. The aim of the present study is to investigate whether SCU treatment attenuates isoprenaline-induced myocardial fibrosis and the mechanisms of its action. Rats ...


ATP Binding and Aspartate Protonation Enhance Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Plant Cryptochrome

07-09-2014 | Fabien Cailliez; Pavel Müller; Michaël Gallois; Aurélien de la Lande, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2014

Cryptochromes are flavoproteins encountered in most vegetal and animal species. They play a role of blue-light receptors in plants and in invertebrates. The putative resting state of the FAD cofactor in these proteins is its fully oxidized form, FADox. Upon blue-light excitation, the ...


Determination of Saffron Quality by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

05-08-2014 | M. Valle García-Rodríguez; Jéssica Serrano-Díaz; Petros A. Tarantilis; Horacio López-Córcoles; Manuel Carmona; Gonza ..., Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2014

The aim of this work was to propose a high-performance liquid chromatography with diode array detection (HPLC–DAD) method for determining the three main compounds responsible for determining the quality of saffron (crocetin esters, picrocrocin, and safranal) by preparing an aqueous extract ...


BiZn Bond Formation in Liquid Ammonia Solution: [BiZnBi]4−, a Linear Polyanion that is Iso(valence)‐electronic to CO2

03-07-2014 | Christian B. Benda, Tobias Köchner, Raphaela Schäper, Stephan Schulz, Thomas F. Fässler, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2014

Abstract Reactions of the zinc(I) complex [Zn2(Mesnacnac)2] (Mesnacnac=[(2,4,6‐Me3C6H2)NC(Me)]2CH) with solid K3Bi2 dissolved in liquid ammonia yield crystals of the compound K4[ZnBi2]⋅(NH3)12 (1), which contains the molecular, linear heteroatomic [BiZnBi]4− polyanion (1 a). This anion ...


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