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Simple method for determining of the isokinetic temperature value for the SNAr reactions in solution

13-Jun-2017 | Vladislav M. Vlasov, Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry, 2017

Abstract The changes of the free energy of activation δ∆G≠exp and the activation entropy δ∆S≠ in the framework of the isokinetic relationship δ∆G≠exp versus (Tiso−Texp) δ∆S≠ were explored quantitatively to predict the isokinetic temperature Tiso for the aromatic nucleophilic substitution ...


Entropy, Vol. 19, Pages 263: Exergy Dynamics of Systems in Thermal or Concentration Non-Equilibrium

08-Jun-2017 | Sciubba, Enrico ; Zullo, Federico, Entropy, 2017

The paper addresses the problem of the existence and quantification of the exergy of non-equilibrium systems. Assuming that both energy and exergy are a priori concepts, the Gibbs “available energy” A is calculated for arbitrary temperature or concentration distributions across the body, with an ...


Organophosphate Esters in Air, Snow, and Seawater in the North Atlantic and the Arctic

08-Jun-2017 | Jing Li; Zhiyong Xie; Wenying Mi; Senchao Lai; Chongguo Tian; Kay-Christian Emeis; Ralf Ebinghaus, Environmental Science & Technology, 2017

The concentrations of eight organophosphate esters (OPEs) have been investigated in air, snow and seawater samples collected during the cruise of ARK-XXVIII/2 from sixth June to third July 2014 across the North Atlantic and the Arctic. The sum of gaseous and particle concentrations (ΣOPE) ranged ...


Comparison of greenhouse gas emissions relative to two frying processes for homemade potato chips

05-Jun-2017 | Monica Carvalho, Maria Mayara de Souza Grilo, Raphael Abrahao, Environmental Progress, 2017

This study presents a comparative life cycle assessment (LCA) for two homemade processes for obtaining potato chips: hot‐air frying versus conventional stovetop deep frying. LCA evaluates the environmental impacts associated with a product or process by analyzing the product life cycle from the ...


Regioselective (thio)carbamoylation of 2,7-di-tert-butylpyrene at the 1-position with iso(thio)cyanates

29-May-2017 | Anna Wrona-Piotrowicz; Marzena Witalewska; Janusz Zakrzewski; Anna Makal, Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2017

Abstract It has been found that 2,7-di-tert-butylpyrene reacts with aliphatic iso(thio)cyanates in the presence of trifluoromethanesulfonic acid to exclusively afford the corresponding 1-substituted (thio)amides in high yields. For aromatic iso(thio)cyanates the reaction is less regioselective, ...


Synthesis and characterizations of hemiditactic homopolymers derived of poly(3‐allyl‐3‐methylmalic acid): An example of a new class of polymer's ditacticity

17-May-2017 | Rima Belibel, Christel Barbaud, Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 2017

ABSTRACT A number of works have been focused on the study of polymers microtacticity and the probability of iso‐, syndio‐, and atactic arrangement of monomers such as polypropylene and poly(methacrylic esters) before the 1980s. This type of study was fewer in the last four decades despite the ...


Prenatal Nonylphenol and Bisphenol A Exposures and Inflammation Are Determinants of Oxidative/Nitrative Stress: A Taiwanese Cohort Study

17-May-2017 | Yu-Fang Huang; Pei-Wei Wang; Li-Wei Huang; Chun-Hao Lai; Winnie Yang; Kuen-Yuh Wu; Chensheng Alex Lu; Hsin-Chang Che ..., Environmental Science & Technology, 2017

Prenatal exposure to nonylphenol (NP) and/or bisphenol A (BPA) has been reported to be associated with adverse birth outcomes; however, the underlying mechanisms remain unclear. The primary mechanism is endocrine disruption of the binding affinity for the estrogen receptor, but oxidative stress ...


Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 1118: Comprehensive and Highly Accurate Measurements of Crane Runways, Profiles and Fastenings

13-May-2017 | Dennig, Dirk ; Bureick, Johannes ; Link, Johannes ; Diener, Dmitri ; Hesse, Christian ; Neumann, Ingo, Sensors, 2017

The process of surveying crane runways has been continually refined due to the competitive situation, modern surveying instruments, additional sensors, accessories and evaluation procedures. Guidelines, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 12488-1, define target values ...


An isoflavone enriched diet increases skeletal muscle adaptation in response to physical activity in ovariectomized rats

12-May-2017 | Wenya Zheng, Jonas Hengevoß, Sebastian T. Soukup, Sabine E. Kulling, Mingyong Xie, Patrick Diel, Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, 2017

Scope : This study was to investigate anabolic adaptation of skeletal muscle in response to an isoflavone (ISO) enriched diet, training and their combinations in ovariectomized (OVX) rats. Methods and results : Female Wistar rats were sedentary, performed treadmill uphill running, ...


Entropy, Vol. 19, Pages 219: Calculating Iso-Committor Surfaces as Optimal Reaction Coordinates with Milestoning

11-May-2017 | Elber, Ron ; Bello-Rivas, Juan M.; Ma, Piao ; Cardenas, Alfredo E.; Fathizadeh, Arman, Entropy, 2017

Reaction coordinates are vital tools for qualitative and quantitative analysis of molecular processes. They provide a simple picture of reaction progress and essential input for calculations of free energies and rates. Iso-committor surfaces are considered the optimal reaction coordinate. We ...


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