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The temperature dependence of the luminescence of rare‐earth‐doped semiconductors: 25 years after Favennec

27-Feb-2015 | K. P. O'Donnell, physica status solidi (c), 2015

Abstract Twentyfive years after the publication of P. N. Favennec's seminal paper on luminescence from rare‐earth‐doped semiconductors (Electron. Lett. 25, 718–719 (1989), with 390+ citations to date) we examine the long shadow it has cast on recent studies of europium‐doped GaN, aimed at ...


Sixteen years GaN on Si

25-Feb-2015 | Armin Dadgar, physica status solidi (b), 2015

GaN, the basis of high brightness LEDs and high power, high frequency FET's has developed to the second important semiconductor after Si. Although epitaxial growth of thin layers on sapphire has been developed already in the late 1980s the growth on Si, which offers lower cost and new ...


Recent Progress in High Refractive Index Polymers

25-Feb-2015 | Tomoya Higashihara; Mitsuru Ueda, Macromolecules, 2015

High refractive index polymers have been widely developed in recent years for their potential applications in advanced optoelectronic fabrications, such as high performance components for advanced display devices, encapsulants for light-emitting diode devices, microlens components for ...


ChemInform Abstract: De Novo Synthesis of γ,γ‐Disubstituted Butyrolactones Through a Visible Light Photocatalytic Arylation—Lactonization Sequence.

24-Feb-2015 | Wei Guo, Hong‐Gang Cheng, Li‐Yan Chen, Jun Xuan, Zhu‐Jia Feng, Jia‐Rong Chen, Liang‐Qiu Lu, Wen‐Jing Xiao, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract The Ru‐catalyzed reaction of alkenoic acids with aryldiazonium salts under the irradiation with white LEDs results in the formation of butyrolactones.


Photoluminescence Properties of Heavily Eu3+‐Doped BaCa2In6O12 Phosphor for White‐Light‐Emitting Diodes

20-Feb-2015 | Jiao Zhang, Yanmin Yang, Yanzhou Liu, Chao Mi, Gang Li, Boning Han, Yi Zhang, Hyo Jin Seo, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2015

Heavily Eu3+‐doped BaCa2In6O12 phosphors were prepared by conventional solid‐state reaction, and its structural properties were investigated by means of Rietveld refinement method using an X‐ray source. XRD patterns confirm the hexagonal phase of BaCa2In6O12: Eu3+ phosphors. The obtained ...


Light‐Emitting Diodes: Multicolored Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Perovskite Light‐Emitting Diodes (Adv. Mater. 7/2015)

12-Feb-2015 | Young‐Hoon Kim, Himchan Cho, Jin Hyuck Heo, Tae‐Sik Kim, NoSoung Myoung, Chang‐Lyoul Lee, Sang Hyuk Im, Tae‐Woo Lee, Advanced Materials, 2015

Bright, multicolored and flexible organic/inorganic hybrid perovskite (OIHP) light‐emitting diodes (LEDs) with high spectral purity at room temperature are demonstrated by S. H. Im, T.‐W. Lee and co‐workers on page 1248, using an OIHP as an emitting layer along with a self‐organized buffer ...


Low spatial coherence electrically pumped semiconductor laser for speckle-free full-field imaging [Engineering]

03-Feb-2015 | Brandon Redding; Alexander Cerjan; Xue Huang; Minjoo Larry Lee; A. Douglas Stone; Michael A. Choma; Hui Cao, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2015

The spatial coherence of laser sources has limited their application to parallel imaging and projection due to coherent artifacts, such as speckle. In contrast, traditional incoherent light sources, such as thermal sources or light emitting diodes (LEDs), provide relatively low power per ...


ChemInform Abstract: A Novel Efficient Mn4+ Activated Ca14Al10Zn6O35 Phosphor: Application in Red‐Emitting and White LEDs.

08-Jan-2015 | Wei Lue, Wenzhen Lv, Qi Zhao, Mengmeng Jiao, Baiqi Shao, Hongpeng You, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract The highly efficient deep red‐emitting phosphor Ca14Al10Zn6O35:Mn4+ is obtained by calcination of the metal carbonates and Al2O3 in air (1220 °C, 4 h).


Near-UV and blue wavelength excitable Mg0.6Ca2.16Mo0.2W0.8O6: Eu0.123+/Na0.12+ high efficiency red phosphors

04-Jan-2015 | Author(s): A. Khanna , P.S. Dutta, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 2015

Publication date: May 2015 Source:Journal of Solid State Chemistry, Volume 225 Author(s): A. Khanna , P.S. Dutta Red phosphors with narrow emission around 615nm (with FWHM~5–10nm) having chemical compositions of A 0.6Ca2.16Mo0.2W0.8O6: Eu0.12 3+/Na0.12 + (A=Mg, Sr) have been found to ...


White‐Emitting Tuning and Energy Transfer in Eu2+/Mn2+‐Substituted Apatite‐Type Fluorophosphate Phosphors

31-Dec-2014 | Ning Guo, Chengzheng Jia, Jing Li, Yuefeng Zhao, Ruizhuo Ouyang, Wei Lü, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2014

Herein, a series of Eu2+&Mn2+substituted fluorophosphates Ca6Gd2Na2(PO4)6F2 phosphor with apatite structure have been synthesized and investigated by the powder X‐ray diffraction, photoluminescence spectra, fluorescence decay curves, thermal quenching, and chromaticity properties. Particularly, ...


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