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Growth of III‐Nitrides

17-Apr-2015 | Russell D. Dupuis, Fernando A. Ponce, physica status solidi (c), 2015

Abstract The International Symposium on the Growth of III‐Nitrides (ISGN) series of conferences have been premier international forums for experts from academia, industry, and national laboratories to present their latest progress and exchange ideas in the fundamental and applied aspects of ...


ChemInform Abstract: A Unique 1,2‐Acyl Migration for the Construction of Quaternary Carbon by Visible Light Irradiation of Platinum(II) Polypyridyl Complex and Molecular Oxygen.

16-Apr-2015 | Qing‐Yuan Meng, Tao Lei, Lei‐Min Zhao, Cheng‐Juan Wu, Jian‐Ji Zhong, Xue‐Wang Gao, Chen‐Ho Tung, Li‐Zhu Wu, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract Enamines (I) react with molecular oxygen and alcohols in the presence of platinum catalyst PTP under irradiation with blue LEDs to form α‐trisubstituted esters.


A novel tunable blue-green-emitting CaGdGaAl2O7:Ce3+,Tb3+ phosphor via energy transfer for UV-excited white LEDs

15-Apr-2015 | Chao Liang; Hongpeng You; Yibing Fu; Xiaoming Teng; Kai Liu; Jinhua He, Dalton Transactions, 2015

CaGdGaAl2O7 and CaGdGaAl2O7:Ce3+,Tb3+ have been synthesized by a traditional solid state reaction for the first time. The Rietveld refinement confirmed that CaGdGaAl2O7 has a tetragonal crystal system with the space group P [[4 with combining macron]] 21m. The photoluminescence properties show ...


Density of Trap States and Auger-mediated Electron Trapping in CdTe Quantum-Dot Solids

14-Apr-2015 | Simon C. Boehme; Jon Mikel Azpiroz; Yaroslav V. Aulin; Ferdinand C. Grozema; Daniël Vanmaekelbergh; Laurens D.A. Sie ..., Nano Letters, 2015

Charge trapping is an ubiquitous process in colloidal quantum-dot solids and a major limitation to the efficiency of quantum dot based devices such as solar cells, LEDs, and thermoelectrics. Although empirical approaches led to a reduction of trapping and thereby efficiency enhancements, the ...


Characteristics of the epitaxy of InGaN-based light-emitting diodes grown by nanoscale epitaxial lateral overgrowth using a nitrided titanium buffer layer

12-Apr-2015 | Author(s): Chen-Yu Shieh , Zhen-Yu Li , Jenq-Yang Chang , Gou-Chung Chi, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2015

Publication date: 1 May 2015 Source:Materials Chemistry and Physics, Volume 157 Author(s): Chen-Yu Shieh , Zhen-Yu Li , Jenq-Yang Chang , Gou-Chung Chi In this work, a buffer layer of nitrided titanium (Ti) achieved through the nitridation of a Ti metal layer on a sapphire substrate was ...


Energy Harvesting: A Motion‐ and Sound‐Activated, 3D‐Printed, Chalcogenide‐Based Triboelectric Nanogenerator (Adv. Mater. 14/2015)

07-Apr-2015 | Mehmet Kanik, Mehmet Girayhan Say, Bihter Daglar, Ahmet Faruk Yavuz, Muhammet Halit Dolas, Mostafa M. El‐Ashry, Mehm ..., Advanced Materials, 2015

A multi‐layered triboelectric nanogenerator (MULTENG) is built using a 3D printing technique which can be actuated by acoustic waves, vibration of a moving car, and tapping motion. MULTENG generates an open circuit voltage and a short circuit current up to 396 V and 1.62 mA, respectively and ...


Structure Design of Naphthalimide Derivatives: Toward Versatile Photoinitiators for Near-UV/Visible LEDs, 3D Printing, and Water-Soluble Photoinitiating Systems

03-Apr-2015 | Jing Zhang; Frédéric Dumur; Pu Xiao; Bernadette Graff; David Bardelang; Didier Gigmes; Jean Pierre Fouassier; Jacque ..., Macromolecules, 2015

Seven naphthalimide derivatives (NDP1–NDP7) with different substituents have been designed as versatile photoinitiators (PIs), and some of them when combined with an iodonium salt (and optionally N-vinylcarbazole) or an amine (and optionally chlorotriazine) are expected to exhibit an enhanced ...


Impact of hydrostatic pressure on the crystal structure and photoluminescence properties of Mn4+-doped BaTiF6 red phosphor

01-Apr-2015 | Yonggang Wang; Ting Wen; Lingyun Tang; Liuxiang Yang; Wenge Yang; Yusheng Zhao, Dalton Transactions, 2015

High-efficiency red phosphors with non-rare-earth activators are emerging as an alternative for next generation solid-state warm white LEDs. Their optical properties depend strongly on the local site symmetry and the crystal field strength. Herein we present the pressure tuning of structural and ...


A compact photomicroreactor design for kinetic studies of gas‐liquid photocatalytic transformations

31-Mar-2015 | Yuanhai Su, Volker Hessel, Timothy Noël, AIChE Journal, 2015

Abstract A compact photomicroreactor assembly consisting of a capillary microreactor and small‐scale LEDs was developed for the study of reaction kinetics in the gas‐liquid photocatalytic oxidation of thiophenol to phenyl disulfide within Taylor flow. The importance of photons was convincingly ...


Defect‐enabled electrical current leakage in ultraviolet light‐emitting diodes

27-Mar-2015 | Michael W. Moseley, Andrew A. Allerman, Mary H. Crawford, Jonathan J. Wierer, Michael L. Smith, Laura B. Biedermann, physica status solidi (a), 2015

Electrical current leakage paths in AlGaN‐based ultraviolet (UV) light‐emitting diodes (LEDs) are identified using conductive atomic force microscopy. Open‐core threading dislocations are found to conduct current through insulating Al0.7Ga0.3N layers. A defect‐sensitive H3PO4 etch reveals these ...


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