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Synthesis and characterization of surface patterned nanoimprinted in1–xCrxP/P(VDF‐TrFE) nanocomposite films for solar cell application potential

11-Aug-2017 | Ahmed Alshahrie, Salius Juodkazis, Ahmed A. Al‐Ghamdi, Waleed E.M. Elsayed, Polymer Composites, 2017

Nanoimprinted nanocomposites based on the inclusion of semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) into ferroelectric polymer matrix have shown a paramount encouragement owing to their versatile applications, such as field effect transistors, lasers, LEDs, bio‐probes, metal ion sensors, and photovoltaic ...


The Inductive Effect of Neighboring Cations in Tuning Luminescence Properties of the Solid Solution Phosphors

10-Aug-2017 | Wenge Xiao; Dan Wu; Liangliang Zhang; Xia Zhang; Zhendong Hao; Guo-Hui Pan; Ligong Zhang; Xuewei Ba; Jiahua Zhang, Inorganic Chemistry, 2017

Forming solid solutions through cation substitution is an efficient way to improve the luminescence properties of Ce3+ or Eu2+ activated phosphors and even to develop new ones, which is badly needed for phosphor-converted white LEDs. Here, we report new color tunable solid solution phosphors ...


Ultrapure Green Light-Emitting Diodes Using Two-Dimensional Formamidinium Perovskites: Achieving Recommendation 2020 Color Coordinates

08-Aug-2017 | Sudhir Kumar; Jakub Jagielski; Nikolaos Kallikounis; Young-Hoon Kim; Christoph Wolf; Florian Jenny; Tian Tian; Corin ..., Nano Letters, 2017

Pure green light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are essential for realizing an ultrawide color gamut in next-generation displays, as is defined by the recommendation (Rec.) 2020 standard. However, because the human eye is more sensitive to the green spectral region, it is not yet possible to achieve an ...


Structure and composition peculiarities and spectral-luminescent properties of colorless and pink Bi4Ge3O12 scintillation crystals

06-Aug-2017 | Author(s): G.M. Kuz'micheva, I.A. Kaurova, L.I. Ivleva, E.V. Khramov, P.A. Eistrikh-Geller, V.B. Rybakov ..., Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 2017

Publication date: Available online 2 August 2017 Source:Arabian Journal of Chemistry Author(s): G.M. Kuz'micheva, I.A. Kaurova, L.I. Ivleva, E.V. Khramov, P.A. Eistrikh-Geller, V.B. Rybakov, T.V. Chukhlovina, S.V. Firstov Czochralski-grown colorless and pink Bi4Ge3O12 (BGO) ...


Synthesis, electronic structure and luminescent properties of a new red-emitting phosphor GdBiW2O9:Eu3+

30-Jul-2017 | Author(s): Zhi Xie, Weiwei Zhou, Wang Zhao, Hao Zhang, Qichang Hu, Xuee Xu, Chemical Physics Letters, 2017

Publication date: 1 October 2017 Source:Chemical Physics Letters, Volume 685 Author(s): Zhi Xie, Weiwei Zhou, Wang Zhao, Hao Zhang, Qichang Hu, Xuee Xu Red phosphor of GdBiW2O9:Eu3+ was prepared by solid-state reaction method. The phase purity and structure of the samples were ...


Versatile Luminescent Europium(III)−β-Diketonate-imidazo-bipyridyl Complexes Intended for White LEDs: A Detailed Photophysical and Theoretical Study

26-Jul-2017 | Kasturi Singh; Rajamouli Boddula; Sivakumar Vaidyanathan, Inorganic Chemistry, 2017

Three ancillary ligands based on imidazo-bipyridyl with phenyl (Ph), naphthyl (Np), and triphenylamine (TPA) substitution were synthesized and secondhand to formulate the consistent europium(III) ternary complexes using thenoyltrifluoroacetone as an anionic ligand. The complete investigation of ...


Synthesis and luminescent properties of Sr4‐xSi3O8Cl4:xEu3+ red phosphor by hydrothermal method

25-Jul-2017 | Zhiren Wei, Kun Zheng, Tengxuan Hou, Ruiqi Wang, Zhe wen, Boyu Wang, Xu Li, Li Guan, Zhiping Yang, Feng Teng, International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, 2017

Abstract Sr4‐xSi3O8Cl4:xEu3+ (SSOC:Eu3+) phosphors were successfully synthesized by hydrothermal method. The crystallization of this phosphor was analyzed by means of X‐ray diffraction patterns. The size and morphology were recorded using SEM patterns of samples. And the PLE and PL spectra ...


Photoluminescence properties of novel BaGd2Si3O10:RE2+/3+ (RE = Eu or Ce) phosphors with the trichromatic emission for white LEDs

25-Jul-2017 | Gen Li; Yuhua Wang, New Journal of Chemistry, 2017

Novel phosphors BaGd2Si3O10:RE2+/3+ (RE = Eu or Ce) were designed and prepared by a solid state reaction. The crystal structure was characterized by the X-ray diffraction. The optical band gap was estimated by the diffuse reflectance spectrum. The photoluminescence properties were investigated ...


White light emissive bipolar ligand and their EuIII complex for white/red light emitting diodes

24-Jul-2017 | Author(s): Rajamouli Boddula, Sivakumar Vaidyanathan, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 2017

Publication date: 1 October 2017 Source:Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, Volume 347 Author(s): Rajamouli Boddula, Sivakumar Vaidyanathan Fluorene integrated phenanthro-imidazole (phenyl factionalized) bipolar ligand and their corresponding EuIII complex was ...


Electron irradiation of near‐UV GaN/InGaN light emitting diodes

21-Jul-2017 | In‐Hwan Lee, Alexander Y. Polyakov, N. B. Smirnov, I. V. Shchemerov, N. M. Shmidt, N. A. Tal'nishnih, E. I. Shabunin ..., physica status solidi (a), 2017

Irradiation with 6 MeV electrons of near‐UV (peak wavelength 385–390 nm) multi‐quantum‐well (MQW) GaN/InGaN light emitting diodes (LEDs) causes an increase in density of deep electron traps near Ec−0.8 and Ec−1 eV, and correlates to a 90% decrease of electroluminescence (EL) efficiency after a ...


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