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Light‐Emitting Diodes: Bright Multicolor Bandgap Fluorescent Carbon Quantum Dots for Electroluminescent Light‐Emitting Diodes (Adv. Mater. 3/2017)

13-Jan-2017 | Fanglong Yuan, Zhibin Wang, Xiaohong Li, Yunchao Li, Zhan'ao Tan, Louzhen Fan, Shihe Yang, Advanced Materials, 2017

The first full‐color electroluminescent light‐emitting diodes (LEDs) that directly use bandgap‐emission carbon quantum dots (CQDs) with a quantum yield up to 75% as active emission layer are fabricated by Z. A. Tan, L. Z. Fan, and co‐workers, as described in article 1604436. Without using a ...


Li3AlN2—a self‐activated yellow light emitting wide‐bandgap semiconductor used for LEDs

13-Jan-2017 | Jianyan Ding, Quansheng Wu, Yanyan Li, Qiang Long, Yichao Wang, Yuhua Wang, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2017

Abstract In allusion to the problems existing in the defect‐related luminescent materials, a series self‐activated light emitting semiconductors of Li3AlN2: R (R=0, Na+, Mg2+, Si4+, Tb3+, Eu3+) have been successfully synthesized by sample‐pressure sintering. Under the excitation at 422 nm, a ...


Fabric‐based alkaline direct formate microfluidic fuel cells

12-Jan-2017 | Kryls Domalaon, Catherine Tang, Alex Mendez, Franky Bernal, Krutarth Purohit, Linda Pham, John Haan, Frank A. Gomez, ELECTROPHORESIS, 2017

Fabric‐based microfluidic fuel cells (MFCs) serve as a novel, cost‐efficient alternative to traditional FCs and batteries, since fluids naturally travel across fabric via capillary action, eliminating the need for an external pump and lowering production and operation costs. Building on previous ...


Functionalization of C‐H Bonds by Photoredox Catalysis

11-Jan-2017 | Qixue Qin, Heng Jiang, Zhentao Hu, Daan Ren, Shouyun Yu, The Chemical Record, 2017

Abstract Visible‐light photoredox catalysis has been successfully used in the functionalization of inert C−H bonds including C(sp2)‐H bonds of arenes and C(sp3)‐H bonds of aliphatic compounds over the past decade. These transformations are typically promoted by the process of ...


An investigation on the use of ultraviolet light emitting diodes (UV LEDs) in a plug‐flow reactor for water treatment

11-Jan-2017 | Catherine Almquist, Sarah Fyda, Nate Godby, Michael E. Miller, Environmental Progress, 2017

In this study, a small bench‐scale plug‐flow reactor was designed and characterized to demonstrate the feasibility of using UV/LEDs as a UV source in flow‐through advanced oxidation processes. The plug‐flow reactor was characterized by investigating the effects of residence time, H2O2/methylene ...


Optical, spectral, and thermal analyses of InGaN/GaN near‐ultraviolet flip‐chip light‐emitting diodes with different package structures

10-Jan-2017 | Soo Hyun Lee, Xiang‐Yu Guan, Jae Su Yu, physica status solidi (a), 2017

We analyzed and compared the optical, spectral, and thermal characteristics of InGaN/GaN near‐ultraviolet (NUV) flip‐chip (FC) light‐emitting diodes (LEDs) packaged on the board with dielectric/metal layers (DMB package), board with ceramic/metal layers (CMB package), and board with ...


All Inorganic Halide Perovskites Nanosystem: Synthesis, Structural Features, Optical Properties and Optoelectronic Applications

09-Jan-2017 | Xiaoming Li, Fei Cao, Dejian Yu, Jun Chen, Zhiguo Sun, Yalong Shen, Ying Zhu, Lin Wang, Yi Wei, Ye Wu, Haibo Zeng, Small, 2017

The recent success of organometallic halide perovskites (OHPs) in photovoltaic devices has triggered lots of corresponding research and many perovskite analogues have been developed to look for devices with comparable performance but better stability. Upon the preparation of all inorganic halide ...


Azahelicenes as visible light photoinitiators for cationic and radical polymerization: Preparation of photoluminescent polymers and use in high performance LED projector 3D printing resins

06-Jan-2017 | Assi Al Mousawi, Frédéric Dumur, Patxi Garra, Joumana Toufaily, Tayssir Hamieh, Fabrice Goubard, Thanh‐Tuân Bui, Ber ..., Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 2017

ABSTRACT In this article, novel azahelicenes (AZs) were synthesized and proposed as high performance visible light photoinitiators for both the free radical polymerization of acrylates and the cationic polymerization (CP) of epoxides upon visible light exposure using Light Emitting Diodes ...


Oxidative C–C Bond Formation Reactivity of Organometallic Ni(II), Ni(III), and Ni(IV) Complexes

29-Dec-2016 | Michael B. Watson; Nigam P. Rath; Liviu M. Mirica, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2016

The use of the tridentate ligand 1,4,7-trimethyl-1,4,7-triazacyclononane (Me3tacn) and the cyclic alkyl/aryl C-donor ligand -CH2CMe2-o-C6H4- (cycloneophyl) allows for the synthesis of isolable organometallic NiII, NiIII, and NiIV complexes. Surprisingly, the five-coordinate NiIII complex is ...


Flexible Triboelectric Nanogenerator Based on Carbon Nanotubes for Self‐Powered Weighing 

23-Dec-2016 | Saeed Ahmed Khan, Hu Lin Zhang, Yuhang Xie, Min Gao, Madad Ali Shah, Abdul Qadir, Yuan Lin, Advanced Engineering Materials, 2016

Diverse approaches have been adopted on harvesting ambient energy as sustainable, maintenance free, and green power sources for driving some small electronics due to the increasingly serious energy crisis. By coupling triboelectric effect and electrostatic induction, triboelectric ...


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