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Nitrogen Doped Thiol Functionalized Carbon Dots for Ultrasensitive Hg (II) Detection

27-May-2015 | Abhishek Gupta; Abhishek Chaudhary; Pooja Mehta; Charu Dwivedi; Syamantak Khan; Navneet Chandra Verma; Chayan Kanti ..., Chemical Communication, 2015

Nitrogen doped PEGylated carbon dots (C-dots) have been synthesized for the detection of mercury ions (Hg2+). The detection limit was found to be 6.8 nM, however upon functionalization with dithiothreitol (DTT), it reached to as low as 18 pM. The C-dots/Hg2+ system were also able to detect the ...


Selective detection of elemental mercury vapor using a surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensor

27-May-2015 | K. M. Mohibul Kabir; Ylias Mohammad Sabri; Glenn I Matthews; Lathe A Jones; Samuel Ippolito; Suresh K Bhargava, Analyst, 2015

The detection of elemental mercury (Hg0) within industrial processes is extremely important as it is the first major step in ensuring the efficient operation of implemented mercury removal technologies. In this study, a 131 MHz surface acoustic wave (SAW) delay line sensor with gold electrodes ...


Organoselenium compounds as fluorescent probes

24-May-2015 | Author(s): Snigdha Panda , Arunashree Panda , Sanjio S. Zade, Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2015

Publication date: 15 September 2015 Source:Coordination Chemistry Reviews, Volume 300 Author(s): Snigdha Panda , Arunashree Panda , Sanjio S. Zade Fluoroprobes are compounds which detect analytes (neutral molecules and ions) by simple, inexpensive, and fast fluorimetric responses. In ...


Speciation analysis of mercury in sediments using ionic‐liquid‐based vortex‐assisted liquid–liquid microextraction combined with high‐performance liquid chromatography and cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectrometry

22-May-2015 | Geng Leng, Wenjin Chen, Yong Wang, Journal of Separation Science, 2015

An improved novel method based on ionic liquid vortex‐assisted liquid–liquid microextraction has been developed for the extraction of methylmercury, ethylmercury and inorganic mercury in sediment samples prior to analysis by high‐performance liquid chromatography with cold vapor atomic ...


Mercury Deposition and Re-emission Pathways in Boreal Forest Soils Investigated with Hg Isotope Signatures

22-May-2015 | Martin Jiskra; Jan G. Wiederhold; Ulf Skyllberg; Rose-Marie Kronberg; Irka Hajdas; Ruben Kretzschmar, Environmental Science & Technology, 2015

Soils comprise the largest terrestrial mercury (Hg) pool in exchange with the atmosphere. To predict how anthropogenic emissions affect global Hg cycling and eventually human Hg exposure, it is crucial to understand Hg deposition and re-emission of legacy Hg from soils. However, assessing Hg ...


[Report] Low-altitude magnetic field measurements by MESSENGER reveal Mercury’s ancient crustal field

22-May-2015 | Catherine L. Johnson; Roger J. Phillips; Michael E. Purucker; Brian J. Anderson; Paul K. Byrne; Brett W. Denevi; Jos ..., Science , 2015

Magnetized rocks can record the history of the magnetic field of a planet, a key constraint for understanding its evolution. From orbital vector magnetic field measurements of Mercury taken by the MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging (MESSENGER) spacecraft at altitudes ...


Structural elucidation and estimation of the acute toxicity of the major UV–visible photoproduct of fludioxonil – detection in both skin and flesh samples of grape

20-May-2015 | Yannick Lassalle, Édith Nicol, Christophe Genty, Sophie Bourcier, Stéphane Bouchonnet, Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 2015

Ultraviolet (UV)–visible irradiation of fludioxonil was investigated with two photoreactors using either a mercury or xenon vapor lamp. In both cases, it led to the formation of only one photoproduct in significant amount: ...


MnOx/Graphene for the Catalytic Oxidation and Adsorption of Elemental Mercury

14-May-2015 | Haomiao Xu; Zan Qu; Chenxi Zong; Wenjun Huang; Fuquan Quan; Naiqiang Yan, Environmental Science & Technology, 2015

MnOx/graphene composites were prepared and employed to enhance the performance of manganese oxide (MnOx) for the capture of elemental mercury (Hg0) in flue gas. The composites were characterized using FT-IR, XPS, XRD, and TEM, and the results showed that the highly dispersed MnOx particles could ...


Model Study of Global Mercury Deposition from Biomass Burning

14-May-2015 | Francesco De Simone; Sergio Cinnirella; Christian N. Gencarelli; Xin Yang; Ian M. Hedgecock; Nicola Pirrone, Environmental Science & Technology, 2015

Mercury emissions from biomass burning are not well characterized and can differ significantly from year to year. This study utilizes three recent biomass burning inventories (FINNv1.0, GFEDv3.1, and GFASv1.0) and the global Hg chemistry model, ECHMERIT, to investigate the annual variation of Hg ...


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