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Microscopic and nanoscopic observations of metallurgical structures around inclusions at interior crack initiation site for a bearing steel in very high‐cycle fatigue

07-Aug-2015 | T. Sakai, N. Oguma, A. Morikawa, Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures, 2015

Abstract In some high‐strength steels, a fatigue crack tends to occur at the interior inclusion after a long‐term sequence of the cyclic loadings at low stress levels, although the crack takes place at the surface in the usual life region at high stress levels. Thus, we have the duplex S–N ...


Complete determination of plant tissues based only on auto‐fluorescence and the advanced image analysis – study of needles and stamens

23-Jul-2015 | Aleksandar G. Savić, Suzana Zivković, Katarina K. Jovanović, Ludovic Duponchel, Ivica Kopriva, Journal of Chemometrics, 2015

Proper determination of tissues is one of the challenging problems in modern medicine and histology. Currently, interpretation of the results mainly depends on the experience of a histologist, leading to high percentage of results misinterpretation. Bearing in mind potential application, we ...


HERMES: a soft X‐ray beamline dedicated to X‐ray microscopy

26-Jun-2015 | Rachid Belkhou, Stefan Stanescu, Sufal Swaraj, Adrien Besson, Milena Ledoux, Mahdi Hajlaoui, Didier Dalle, Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 2015

The HERMES beamline (High Efficiency and Resolution beamline dedicated to X‐ray Microscopy and Electron Spectroscopy), built at Synchrotron SOLEIL (Saint‐Auban, France), is dedicated to soft X‐ray microscopy. The beamline combines two complementary microscopy methods: XPEEM (X‐ray Photo Emitted ...


A Roadmap to Success in Photopharmacology

23-Jun-2015 | Johannes Broichhagen; James Allen Frank; Dirk Trauner, Accounts of Chemical Research, 2015

ConspectusLight is a fascinating phenomenon that ties together physics, chemistry, and biology. It is unmatched in its ability to confer information with temporal and spatial precision and has been used to map objects on the scale of tens of nanometers (10–8 m) to light years (1016 m). This ...


Efficient cross‐section preparation method for high‐resolution imaging of hard polymer composites with a scanning electron microscope

22-Jun-2015 | N. BRODUSCH, M. YOURDKHANI, P. HUBERT, R. GAUVIN, Journal of Microscopy, 2015

Summary Characterization of distribution and arrangement of filler particles in polymer composites is of primary importance to understand and maximize their mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. An innovative procedure that allows reliable and straightforward preparation of ...


Enhanced photocatalysis using side-glowing optical fibers coated with Fe-doped TiO2 nanocomposite thin films

14-Jun-2015 | Author(s): Lu Lin , Huiyao Wang , Hongmei Luo , Pei Xu, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 2015

Publication date: 1 July–1 August 2015 Source:Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, Volumes 307–308 Author(s): Lu Lin , Huiyao Wang , Hongmei Luo , Pei Xu This study characterized and evaluated photocatalytic efficiency of Fe-doped TiO2 (Fe–TiO2) nanocomposite thin ...


The morphology of the pineal gland of the yellow‐toothed cavy (Galea Spixii Wagler, 1831) and red‐rumped agouti (Dasyprocta leporina linnaeus, 1758)

12-Jun-2015 | Felipe Venceslau Câmara, Igor Renno Guimarães Lopes, Gleidson Benevides de Oliveira, Ferdinando Vinicius Fernandes B ..., Microscopy Research and Technique, 2015

ABSTRACT The pineal gland is an endocrine gland found in all mammals. This article describes the morphology of this important gland in two species of Caviideae, namely the yellow‐toothed cavy and the red‐rumped agouti. Ten adult animals of the two species used in current analysis were ...


Ultrastructure of male reproductive system of Eurydema ventrale Kolenati 1846 (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)

02-Jun-2015 | Nurcan Özyurt, Selami Candan, Zekiye Suludere, Microscopy Research and Technique, 2015

ABSTRACT The male reproductive system of Eurydema ventrale Kolenati 1846 is studied morphologically and histologically by using light, scanning and transmission electron microscopes. The reproductive system of the male E.ventrale consists of a pair of testis, a pair of vas deferens, a pair of ...


Simulation of differential interference contrast microscopy and influence of aberrations

27-May-2015 | MORITZ ESSLINGER, HERBERT GROSS, Journal of Microscopy, 2015

We model differential interference contrast (DIC) for microscopes with residual aberrations. The model presented allows to predict the DIC performance of objectives directly from its bright field point spread function. We numerically simulate partially coherent illumination and discuss the ...


Enabling the detection of UV signal in multimodal nonlinear microscopy with catalogue lens components


Summary Using an optical system made from fused silica catalogue optical components, third‐order nonlinear microscopy has been enabled on conventional Ti:sapphire laser‐based multiphoton microscopy setups. The optical system is designed using two lens groups with straightforward adaptation to ...


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