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Enhancing image contrast of carbon nanotubes on cellular background using helium ion microscope by varying helium ion fluence

13-Jul-2017 | M.M. DYKAS, K. PODDAR, S.L. YOONG, V. VISWANATHAN, S. MATHEW, A. PATRA, S. SAHA, G. PASTORIN, T. VENKATESAN, Journal of Microscopy, 2017

Summary Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have become an important nano entity for biomedical applications. Conventional methods of their imaging, often cannot be applied in biological samples due to an inadequate spatial resolution or poor contrast between the CNTs and the biological sample. Here we ...


In Situ Electron Driven Carbon Nanopillar-Fullerene Transformation through Cr Atom Mediation

12-Jul-2017 | Liang Zhao; Huy Q. Ta; Arezoo Dianat; Akash Soni; Artem Fediai; Wanjian Yin; Thomas Gemming; Barbara Trzebicka; Gian ..., Nano Letters, 2017

The promise of sp2 nanomaterials remains immense, and ways to strategically combine and manipulate these nanostructures will further enhance their potential as well as advance nanotechnology as a whole. The scale of these structures requires precision at the atomic scale. In this sense electron ...


Direct observations of dynamic PtCo interactions in fuel cell catalyst precursors at the atomic level using E(S)TEM

06-Jul-2017 | M.R. WARD, B. THEOBALD, J. SHARMAN, E.D. BOYES, P.L. GAI, Journal of Microscopy, 2017

Summary Reduction reactions in practical bimetallic platinum–cobalt electrode catalyst precursors containing platinum, cobalt and cobalt oxides in hydrogen at 200, 450 and 700 °C for 6 h have been studied in situ using an aberration corrected environmental (scanning) transmission electron ...


Retrieving overlapping crystals information from TEM nano‐beam electron diffraction patterns

04-Jul-2017 | A. VALERY, E. F. RAUCH, L. CLÉMENT, F. LORUT, Journal of Microscopy, 2017

Summary The diffraction patterns acquired with a transmission electron microscope (TEM) contain Bragg reflections related to all the crystals superimposed in the thin foil and crossed by the electron beam. Regarding TEM‐based orientation and phase characterisation techniques, the ...


Pontamine fast scarlet 4B bifluorescence and measurements of cellulose microfibril angles

27-Jun-2017 | J. THOMAS, N.A. IDRIS, D.A. COLLINGS, Journal of Microscopy, 2017

Summary Pontamine fast scarlet 4B is a red paper and textiles dye that has recently been introduced as a fluorescent probe for plant cell walls. Pontamine exhibits bifluorescence, or fluorescence dependent on the polarization of the excitation light: Because cellulose is aligned within the ...


Photoresponsive biodegradable poly(carbonate)s with pendent o‐nitrobenzyl ester

24-Jun-2017 | Huihui Shen, Yingchun Xia, Zhouliang Qin, Juan Wu, Li Zhang, Yanbing Lu, Xinnian Xia, Weijian Xu, Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 2017

ABSTRACT Photoresponsive amphiphilic diblock poly(carbonate)s mPEG113‐b‐PMNCn with pendent o‐nitrobenzyl ester group were synthesized through ring‐opening polymerization (ROP) using 1,8‐diazabi‐cyclo[5.4.0]undec‐7‐ene (DBU) as catalyst and monomethoxy poly(ethylene glycol) (mPEG) as ...


Materials, Vol. 10, Pages 595: Characterization of a Laser Surface-Treated Martensitic Stainless Steel

29-May-2017 | Al-Sayed, S.R. ; Hussein, A.A. ; Nofal, A.A. ; Hassab Elnaby, S.I. ; Elgazzar, H., Materials, 2017

Laser surface treatment was carried out on AISI 416 machinable martensitic stainless steel containing 0.225 wt.% sulfur. Nd:YAG laser with a 2.2-KW continuous wave was used. The aim was to compare the physical and chemical properties achieved by this type of selective surface treatment with those ...


Three-Dimensional Visualization and Characterization of Polymeric Self-Assemblies by Transmission Electron Microtomography

19-May-2017 | Hiroshi Jinnai; Takeshi Higuchi; Xiaodong Zhuge; Akihito Kumamoto; Kees Joost Batenburg; Yuichi Ikuhara, Accounts of Chemical Research, 2017

ConspectusSelf-assembling structures and their dynamical processes in polymeric systems have been investigated using three-dimensional transmission electron microscopy (3D-TEM). Block copolymers (BCPs) self-assemble into nanoscale periodic structures called microphase-separated structures, a deep ...


A novel scale‐down cell culture and imaging design for the mechanistic insight of cell colonisation within porous substrate

15-Mar-2017 | C.M. GABBOTT, Z.X. ZHOU, G.X. HAN, T. SUN, Journal of Microscopy, 2017

Summary At the core of translational challenges in tissue engineering is the mechanistic understanding of the underpinning biological processes and the complex relationships among components at different levels, which is a challenging task due to the limitations of current tissue culture and ...


The α‐β circular scanning with large range and low noise

15-Mar-2017 | J. LIU, X. YOU, Y. WANG, K. GU, C. LIU, J. TAN, Journal of Microscopy, 2017

Summary A circular‐route scanning method called α‐β circular scanning is proposed and realized using sinusoidal signals with a constant phase difference of π/2. Experiments show that the circular scanning range of α‐β circular scanning is 57% greater than the rectangular scanning range of ...


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