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Single Molecule Nanoelectrochemistry in Electrical Junctions

07-Oct-2016 | Richard J. Nichols; Simon J. Higgins, Accounts of Chemical Research, 2016

ConspectusIt is now possible to reliably measure single molecule conductance in a wide variety of environments including organic liquids, ultrahigh vacuum, water, ionic liquids, and electrolytes. The most commonly used methods deploy scanning probe microscopes, mechanically formed break ...


Helium Ion Microscope Fabrication Causing Changes in the Structure and Mechanical Behavior of Silicon Micropillars

06-Oct-2016 | Yue‐Cun Wang, Lin Tian, Fan Liu, Yuan‐Bin Qin, Gong Zheng, Jing‐Tao Wang, Evan Ma, Zhi‐Wei Shan, Small, 2016

Silicon is used as a prominent case to demonstrate the dramatic effects of helium ion microscope nanofabrication. Structurally, a submicrometer Si pillar can turn completely amorphous at He+ doses typically used for micromachining, forming nanobubbles at higher doses. In terms of mechanical ...


Histological and ultrastructural features of the rectum in Poecilimon cervus Karabağ, 1950 (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae)

06-Oct-2016 | Irmak Polat, Zekiye Suludere, Selami Candan, Microscopy Research and Technique, 2016

Abstract The morphology and ultrastructure of the rectum in Poecilimon cervus Karabağ, 1950 (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae) were analyzed by light microscope, scanning (SEM) and transmission electron microscopes (TEM). The rectum is the final part of the digestive tract that plays an important ...


Constituent elements and their distribution in the radioactive Cs-bearing silicate glass microparticles released from Fukushima nuclear plant

01-Oct-2016 | Toshihiro Kogure; Noriko Yamaguchi; Hiroyo Segawa; Hiroki Mukai; Satoko Motai; Kotone Akiyama-Hasegawa; Masanori Mit ..., Journal of Electron Microscopy, 2016

Microparticles of radioactive cesium (Cs)-bearing silicate glass emitted from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant were investigated mainly using state-of-the-art energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy in scanning transmission electron microscopes. Precise elemental maps of the particles were ...


Materials, Vol. 9, Pages 816: Preparation and Characterization of Chitosan—Agarose Composite Films

30-Sep-2016 | Hu, Zhang ; Hong, Pengzhi ; Liao, Mingneng ; Kong, Songzhi ; Huang, Na ; Ou, Chunyan ; Li, Sidong, Materials, 2016

Nowadays, there is a growing interest to develop biodegradable functional composite materials for food packaging and biomedicine applications from renewable sources. Some composite films were prepared by the casting method using chitosan (CS) and agarose (AG) in different mass ratios. The ...


[Review] Atomic electron tomography: 3D structures without crystals

23-Sep-2016 | Jianwei Miao; Peter Ercius; Simon J. L. Billinge, Science , 2016

### BACKGROUND To understand material properties and functionality at the most fundamental level, one must know the three-dimensional (3D) positions of atoms with high precision. For crystalline materials, x-ray crystallography has provided this information since the pioneering work of Max von ...


Plasmonic Imaging of Electrochemical Reactions of Single Nanoparticles

23-Sep-2016 | Yimin Fang; Hui Wang; Hui Yu; Xianwei Liu; Wei Wang; Hong-Yuan Chen; N. J. Tao, Accounts of Chemical Research, 2016

ConspectusElectrochemical reactions are involved in many natural phenomena, and are responsible for various applications, including energy conversion and storage, material processing and protection, and chemical detection and analysis. An electrochemical reaction is accompanied by electron ...


Bayesian model for detection and classification of meningioma nuclei in microscopic images

20-Sep-2016 | O. WIRJADI, Y.‐J. KIM, F. STECH, L. BONFERT, M. WAGNER, Journal of Microscopy, 2016

Summary Image segmentation aims to determine structures of interest inside a digital picture in biomedical sciences. State‐of‐the art automatic methods however still fail to provide the segmentation quality achievable by humans who employ expert knowledge and use software to mark target ...


Reverse Monte Carlo reconstruction algorithm for discrete electron tomography based on HAADF‐STEM atom counting

20-Sep-2016 | F. MOYON, D. HERNANDEZ‐MALDONADO, M. D. ROBERTSON, A. ETIENNE, C. CASTRO, W. LEFEBVRE, Journal of Microscopy, 2016

Summary In this paper, we propose an algorithm to obtain a three‐dimensional reconstruction of a single nanoparticle based on the method of atom counting. The location of atoms in three dimensions has been successfully performed using simulations of high‐angle‐annular‐dark‐field images from ...


A self‐adaptive and nonmechanical motion autofocusing system for optical microscopes

01-Sep-2016 | Yufu Qu, Shenyu Zhu, Ping Zhang, Microscopy Research and Technique, 2016

Abstract For the design of a passive autofocusing (AF) system for optical microscopes, many time‐consuming and tedious experiments have been performed to determine and design a better focus criterion function, owing to the sample‐dependence of this function. To accelerate the development of ...


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