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Advanced digital image analysis method dedicated to the characterization of the morphology of filamentous fungus

06-Feb-2017 | N. HARDY, M. MOREAUD, D. GUILLAUME, F. AUGIER, A. NIENOW, C. BÉAL, F. BEN CHAABANE, Journal of Microscopy, 2017

Summary Filamentous fungi have a complex morphology that induces fermentation process development issues, as a consequence of viscosity increase and diffusion limitations. In order to better understand the relationship between viscosity changes and fungus morphology during fermentations of ...


Three‐Phase Segmentation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anode Materials Using Lab Based X‐ray Nano‐Computed Tomography

02-Feb-2017 | T. M. M. Heenan, J. J. Bailey, X. Lu, J. B. Robinson, F. Iacoviello, D. P. Finegan, D. J. L. Brett, P. R. Shearing, Fuel Cells, 2017

Abstract Triple‐phase boundaries are an important microstructural metric to assess the performance and durability of solid oxide fuel cell electrodes and are known to significantly influence the performance at cell level. In recent years many advancements have been made in the quantification ...


Three-Dimensional Localization of Single Molecules for Super-Resolution Imaging and Single-Particle Tracking

02-Feb-2017 | Alex von Diezmann; Yoav Shechtman; W. E. Moerner, Chemical Reviews, 2017

Single-molecule super-resolution fluorescence microscopy and single-particle tracking are two imaging modalities that illuminate the properties of cells and materials on spatial scales down to tens of nanometers or with dynamical information about nanoscale particle motion in the millisecond ...


A systematic investigation of the charging effect in scanning electron microscopy for metal nanostructures on insulating substrates

02-Dec-2016 | R. FLATABØ, A. COSTE, M. M. GREVE, Journal of Microscopy, 2016

Summary Scanning electron microscopy is perhaps the most important method for investigating and characterizing nanostructures. A well‐known challenge in scanning electron microscopy is the investigation of insulating materials. As insulating materials do not provide a path to ground they ...


CuI heterogenized on thiosemicarbazide modified‐multi walled carbon nanotubes (thiosemicarbazide‐MWCNTs‐CuI): Novel heterogeneous and reusable nanocatalyst in the C‐N Ullmann coupling reactions

02-Dec-2016 | Hojat Veisi, Yalda Metghalchi, Malak Hekmati, Shiva Samadzadeh, Applied Organometallic Chemistry, 2016

Herein we described the synthesis of novel thiosemicarbazide‐MWCNTs‐CuI nanocatalyst by covalent grafting of thiosemicarbazide on carbon nanotubes surface and subsequent coordination with CuI catalyst. The formation of nanocatalyst was analyzed by Raman spectroscopy, energy dispersive ...


Photonics: Nanolasers for precision imaging

17-Nov-2016 | Nature, 2016

Photonics: Nanolasers for precision imaging Nature 539, 7629 (2016). doi:10.1038/539332b Researchers have turned nanowires into tiny lasers that could one day be used in high-resolution microscopy.The resolution of optical microscopes is ...


Materials, Vol. 9, Pages 927: ZnO-Layered Double Hydroxide@Graphitic Carbon Nitride Composite for Consecutive Adsorption and Photodegradation of Dyes under UV and Visible Lights

15-Nov-2016 | Zhang, Luhong ; Li, Li ; Sun, Xiaoming ; Liu, Peng ; Yang, Dongfang ; Zhao, Xiusong, Materials, 2016

In this work, a ZnO-layered double hydroxide@graphitic carbon nitride composite (ZnO-LDH@C3N4) was synthesized via co-precipitation method with solvothermal treatment. The structure and morphology of ZnO-LDH@C3N4 composite were characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier transform ...


Atomically Thin Graphene Windows That Enable High Contrast Electron Microscopy without a Specimen Vacuum Chamber

15-Nov-2016 | Yimo Han; Kayla X. Nguyen; Yui Ogawa; Jiwoong Park; David A. Muller, Nano Letters, 2016

Scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) require a high vacuum environment to generate and shape an electron beam for imaging; however, the vacuum conditions greatly limit the nature of specimens that can be examined. From a purely scattering physics perspective, it is not necessary to place the ...


Tomography of a Probe Potential Using Atomic Sensors on Graphene

10-Nov-2016 | Jonathan Wyrick; Fabian D. Natterer; Yue Zhao; Kenji Watanabe; Takashi Taniguchi; William G. Cullen; Nikolai B. Zhit ..., ACS Nano, 2016

Our ability to access and explore the quantum world has been greatly advanced by the power of atomic manipulation and local spectroscopy with scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopes, where the key technique is the use of atomically sharp probe tips to interact with an underlying ...


A stand‐alone compact EUV microscope based on gas‐puff target source


Summary We report on a very compact desk‐top transmission extreme ultraviolet (EUV) microscope based on a laser‐plasma source with a double stream gas‐puff target, capable of acquiring magnified images of objects with a spatial (half‐pitch) resolution of sub‐50 nm. A multilayer ellipsoidal ...


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