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Solvent effects on modulus of poly(propylene oxide)-based organogels as measured by cavitation rheology

25-May-2016 | Kyle C. Bentz; Susan E. Walley; Daniel A. Savin, Soft Matter, 2016

A series of novel organogels were synthesized from poly(propylene oxide) (PPO) functionalized with main chain urea moieties which provided rapid gelation and high moduli in a variety of solvents. Three different molecular weight PPOs were used in this study: 430, 2000, and 4000 g mol−1, each with ...


Electrochemical activity and high ionic conductivity of lithium copper pyroborate Li6CuB4O10

25-May-2016 | Florian Strauss; Gwenaëlle Rousse; Daniel Alves Dalla Corte; Mohamed Ben Hassine; Matthieu Saubanère; Mingxue Tang; ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016

In the search for new cathode materials for Li-ion batteries, borate (BO33−) based compounds have gained much interest during the last two decades due to the low molecular weight of the borate polyanions which leads to active materials with increased theoretical capacities. In this context we ...


Photoresponsive Gelators

25-May-2016 | Emily Draper; Dave John Adams, Chemical Communication, 2016

Low molecular weight gels can be responsive to a range of external stimuli. The use of light as an external stimulus to modify gels is of particular interest for a number of reasons. Light is a non-invasive trigger. For example, using light it is possible to spatially target a specific area of ...


Prediction of Intracellular Localization of Fluorescent Dyes Using QSAR Models

24-May-2016 | Uchinomiya, Shohei; W. Horobin, Richard; Alvarado-Martínez, Enrique; Peña-Cabrera, Eduardo; Chang, Young-Tae, Combinatorial Chemistry, 2016

Abstract: Control of fluorescent dye localization in live cells is crucial for fluorescence imaging. Here, we describe quantitative structure activity relation (QSAR) models for predicting intracellular localization of fluorescent dyes. For generating the QSAR models, electric charge (Z) ...



24-May-2016 | Dorota Ruszkiewicz; C L Paul Thomas; Gary A Eiceman, Analyst, 2016

Analyst, 2016, Accepted ManuscriptDOI: 10.1039/C6AN00435K, Paper Dorota Ruszkiewicz, C L Paul Thomas, Gary A EicemanThis is an Accepted Manuscript, which has been through the RSC Publishing peer review process and has been accepted for publication. Accepted manuscripts are published online ...


IJMS, Vol. 17, Pages 788: Extraction Optimization, Preliminary Characterization and Bioactivities in Vitro of Ligularia hodgsonii Polysaccharides

21-May-2016 | Song, Xueping ; Tang, Jun, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2016

The optimization extraction, preliminary characterization and bioactivities of Ligularia hodgsonii polysaccharides were investigated. Based on single-factor experiments and orthogonal array test, the optimum extraction conditions were obtained as follows: extraction time 3 h, temperature 85 °C, ...


Non‐monotonic molecular weight dependence of crystallization rates of linear and cyclic poly(epsilon‐caprolactone)s in a wide temperature range

20-May-2016 | Zhaolei Li, Jing Wang, Ricardo A. Pérez‐Camargo, Alejandro J. Müller, Boyu Zhang, Scott M. Grayson, Wenbing Hu, Polymer International, 2016

Abstract By using a commercial fast‐scan chip‐calorimeter, the effect of molecular weight on the isothermal crystallization rates of linear and cyclic poly(epsilon‐caprolactone) samples (PCLs) are investigated. The results confirmed the non‐monotonic molecular weight dependence of the ...


Thiophene-Fused 1,10-Phenanthroline and Its Conjugated Polymers

20-May-2016 | Tingting Wang; Hongyan Wang; Guangwu Li; Mengwei Li; Zhishan Bo; Yulan Chen, Macromolecules, 2016

A novel type of π-extended 1,10-phenanthroline, specifically with fused thiophene groups at the less exploited 3-, 4-, 7-, and 8-positions of the phenanthroline ring, and its conjugated polymers were designed and synthesized. The current developed route is based on the Bischler–Napieralski ...


Functional polymer from high molecular weight linear polyols and polyurethane‐based crosslinking units: Synthesis, characterization, and boron retention properties

19-May-2016 | Manuel Palencia, Diego F Restrepo, Enrique Combatt, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2016

ABSTRACT The objective of this work was to synthesize functional polymers, with boron removal properties, from high molecular weight linear polyols based on N‐methyl‐d‐glucamine (NMDG) and polyurethane units as crosslinking reagent. For that, (4‐vinylbenzyl)‐N‐methyl‐d‐glucamine monomer ...


Synergistic Effects in Bimetallic Palladium–Copper Catalysts Improve Selectivity in Oxygenate Coupling Reactions

19-May-2016 | Konstantinos A. Goulas; Sanil Sreekumar; Yuying Song; Purnima Kharidehal; Gorkem Gunbas; Paul J. Dietrich; Gregory R ..., Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2016

Condensation reactions such as Guerbet and aldol are important since they allow for C–C bond formation and give higher molecular weight oxygenates. An initial study identified Pd-supported on hydrotalcite as an active catalyst for the transformation, although this catalyst showed extensive ...


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