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Effect of gamma irradiation on poly(butylene naphthalate) based polyesters

24-Apr-2016 | Author(s): I. Malavasi, G. Consolati, F. Quasso, M. Soccio, M. Gigli, M. Negrin, E. Macerata, F. Gia ..., Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2016

Publication date: July 2016 Source:Radiation Physics and Chemistry, Volume 124 Author(s): I. Malavasi, G. Consolati, F. Quasso, M. Soccio, M. Gigli, M. Negrin, E. Macerata, F. Giacobbo, N. Lotti, A. Munari, M. Mariani The present work investigates the effect of gamma ...


Synthesis and Characterization of New Organosoluble and Thermally Stable Polyimides Containing Pyridine and Anthracene Units

22-Apr-2016 | N. Amutha, Simi Annie Tharakan, M. Sarojadevi, Macromolecular Symposia, 2016

Summary A series of new polyimides were obtained by the polycondensation reactions of the three diamines containing pyridine and anthracene units with various aromatic tetra carboxylic dianhydrides via both two‐step and one‐step methods. The precursors and monomers were characterized by ...


Symmetrical Permeable Membranes Consisting of Overlapped Block Copolymer Cylindrical Micelles for Nanoparticle Size Fractionation

22-Apr-2016 | Zhuan Yi; Pei-Bin Zhang; Cui-Jing Liu; Li-Ping Zhu, Macromolecules, 2016

Free-standing symmetrical porous membranes consisting of uniform cylindrical micelles were prepared from a polystyrene-block-poly(4-vinylpyridine) (PS-b-P4VP) diblock copolymer following a process combining self-assembly and nonsolvent-induced phase separation (SNIPS). The fabricated membranes ...


Antifungal properties of chitosan–cobalt(II) complex and its potential on the suppression of damping‐off in cucumber seedlings

21-Apr-2016 | Xueqing Yu, Yingjun Jing, Wenchen Xia, Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2016

Abstract Chitosan–cobalt(II) complex (CTS–Co) was prepared by the complexation of chitosan with cobalt(II) ions. Fourier transform infrared spectra showed that the amine and secondary –OH groups of chitosan were involved in the complexation with Co(II) ions. The resultant CTS–Co exhibited ...


Strong Physical Hydrogels from Fibrillar Supramolecular Assemblies of Poly(ethylene glycol) Functionalized Hexaphenylbenzenes

21-Apr-2016 | J. Marakis; K. Wunderlich; M. Klapper; D. Vlassopoulos; G. Fytas; K. Müllen, Macromolecules, 2016

Gel formation without chemical cross-links requires strong physical bonds, as observed in diverse molecular and macromolecular systems or supramolecular assemblies above a critical concentration. Here, we present a new molecular amphiphile of propeller-like hexaphenylbenzene derivative bearing ...


Polyvinylferrocene-Based Amphiphilic Block Copolymers Featuring Functional Junction Points for Cross-Linked Micelles

21-Apr-2016 | Jan Morsbach; Johannes Elbert; Christian Rüttiger; Svenja Winzen; Holger Frey; Markus Gallei, Macromolecules, 2016

The synthesis of high-molecular-weight, well-defined poly(vinylferrocene)-block-poly(ethylene glycol) (PVFc-b-PEG) diblock copolymers (Mn = 13 000–44 000 g mol–1; Đ = 1.29–1.34) with precisely one allyl group at the junction point is introduced. Allyl glycidyl ether (AGE) was used to ...


Relationships between Architectures and Properties of Highly Branched Polymers: The Cases of Amorphous Poly(trimethylene carbonate) and Crystalline Poly(ε-caprolactone)

21-Apr-2016 | Yingying Ren; Zhiyong Wei; Xuefei Leng; Tong Wu; Yufei Bian; Yang Li, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2016

Highly branched polymers (HBPs) are a special class of functional polymeric materials and possess unique properties due to their unique topological structure. A new series of highly branched linear–comb and star–comb amorphous poly(trimethylene carbonate)s (PTMC) and crystalline ...


Highly Oriented and Crystalline Films of a Phenyl-Substituted Polythiophene Prepared by Epitaxy: Structural Model and Influence of Molecular Weight

21-Apr-2016 | Amer Hamidi-Sakr; Daniel Schiefer; Sangeetha Covindarassou; Laure Biniek; Michael Sommer; Martin Brinkmann, Macromolecules, 2016

The large majority of semiconducting polymers based on poly(alkylthiophene)s with either linear or branched alkyl side chains are reported to π-stack in their crystalline phases. In regioregular poly(3-(2,5-dioctylphenyl)thiophene) (PDOPT), however, π–π interactions are absent due to the presence ...


Drug release kinetics and mechanism from PLGA formulations

20-Apr-2016 | Yuanhui Ji, Anna‐Katharina Lesniak, Anke Prudic, Raphael Paus, Gabriele Sadowski, AIChE Journal, 2016

ABSTRACT The release kinetics of indomethacin (IND) and hydrochlorothiazide (HCT) from drug/PLGA formulations with different copolymer composition and molecular weight of PLGA were measured in vitro by using a rotating disk system (USP II). The release mechanism of IND and HCT from their PLGA ...


Water absorption and hygrothermal aging behavior of short ramie fiber reinforced poly(lactic acid) composites

20-Apr-2016 | Tao Yu, Fei Sun, Minyu Lu, Yan Li, Polymer Composites, 2016

Short ramie/poly(lactic acid) (PLA) composites were prepared by using extrusion and injection moulding method. The water absorption and hygrothermal aging behaviors of ramie/PLA composites at 60°C was analyzed. The water absorption and mechanical properties of the ramie/PLA composites with ...


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