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Formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in the atmosphere of Salvador-Ba, Brazil, using passive sampling

21-May-2017 | Author(s): Franciele O. Santana, Vânia P. Campos, Lícia P.S. Cruz, Sameque R. Luz, Microchemical Journal, 2017

Publication date: September 2017 Source:Microchemical Journal, Volume 134 Author(s): Franciele O. Santana, Vânia P. Campos, Lícia P.S. Cruz, Sameque R. Luz Among the aldehydes in the atmosphere, formaldehyde (HCHO) and acetaldehyde (CH3CHO) are the most abundant ones. They have ...


Kinetics of ozone decomposition in porous In2O3 monoliths

18-May-2017 | Danielle Klawinski; Christian Weinberger; Dominik Klaus; Jan-Henrik Smått; Michael Tiemann; Thorsten Wagner, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2017

The performance of many chemical gas-phase reactions is strongly influenced by the interaction of reactants with interfaces. Nanoporous materials, which exhibit pore diameters up to 100 nm and high specific surface areas, can be utilized to reduce the amount of cost-intensive materials (e.g. ...


Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 843: Assessing Environmental Impact Indicators in Road Construction Projects in Developing Countries

17-May-2017 | Marzouk, Mohamed ; El-zayat, Mohamed ; Aboushady, Ahmed, Sustainability, 2017

Environmental pollution is considered to be one of the main concerns in the construction industry. Environmental pollution has become a major challenge to construction projects due to the huge amount of pollution caused by construction projects. There are different types of environmental impact ...


Effect of VOC Emissions from Vegetation on Air Quality in Berlin during a Heatwave

17-May-2017 | Galina Churkina; Friderike Kuik; Boris Bonn; Axel Lauer; Rüdiger Grote; Karolina Tomiak; Tim M. Butler, Environmental Science & Technology, 2017

The potential of emissions from urban vegetation combined with anthropogenic emissions to produce ozone and particulate matter has long been recognized. This potential increases with rising temperatures and may lead to severe problems with air quality in densely populated areas during heat waves. ...


Treatment of 1,2‐dichloroethane and n‐hexane in a combined system of non‐thermal plasma catalysis reactor coupled with a biotrickling filter

16-May-2017 | Liying Jiang, Sha Li, Zhuowei Cheng, Jianmeng Chen, Guofeng Nie, Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 2017

Abstract BACKGROUND A combined system with non‐thermal plasma catalysis, CuO/MnO2 as the catalyst, and biotrickling filter (BTF) unit for the treatment of gases containing 1,2‐dichloroethane and n‐hexane was investigated. RESULTS The degradation of single 1,2‐dichloroethane in the ...


Triboelectric Nanogenerator Enhanced Nanofiber Air Filters for Efficient Particulate Matter Removal

15-May-2017 | Guang Qin Gu; Chang Bao Han; Cun Xin Lu; Chuan He; Tao Jiang; Zhen Liang Gao; Cong Ju Li; Zhong Lin Wang, ACS Nano, 2017

We developed a high-efficiency rotating triboelectric nanogenerator (R-TENG) enhanced polyimide (PI) nanofiber air filter for particulate matter (PM) removal in ambient atmosphere. The PI electrospinning nanofiber film exhibited high removal efficiency for the PM particles that have diameters ...


Novel Method for Nitrogen Isotopic Analysis of Soil-Emitted Nitric Oxide

12-May-2017 | Zhongjie Yu; Emily M. Elliott, Environmental Science & Technology, 2017

The global inventory of NOx (NOx = NO + NO2) emissions is poorly constrained, with a large portion of the uncertainty attributed to soil NO emissions that result from soil abiotic and microbial processes. While natural abundance stable N isotopes (δ15N) in various soil N-containing compounds have ...


Emulation and Sensitivity Analysis of the Community Multiscale Air Quality Model for a UK Ozone Pollution Episode

10-May-2017 | Andrew V. Beddows; Nutthida Kitwiroon; Martin L. Williams; Sean D. Beevers, Environmental Science & Technology, 2017

Gaussian process emulation techniques have been used with the Community Multiscale Air Quality model, simulating the effects of input uncertainties on ozone and NO2 output, to allow robust global sensitivity analysis (SA). A screening process ranked the effect of perturbations in 223 inputs, ...


In This Issue [This Week in PNAS]

09-May-2017 | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2017

Emissions from Canadian oil sand mining Aircraft coming in for landing from mission flight in oil sands region. Image courtesy of Andrew Elford (Environment and Climate Change Canada, Gatineau, Canada). Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are associated with ozone and aerosol formation. VOC ...


Indium‐Free Perovskite Solar Cells Enabled by Impermeable Tin‐Oxide Electron Extraction Layers

08-May-2017 | Ting Hu, Tim Becker, Neda Pourdavoud, Jie Zhao, Kai Oliver Brinkmann, Ralf Heiderhoff, Tobias Gahlmann, Zengqi Huang ..., Advanced Materials, 2017

Corrosive precursors used for the preparation of organic–inorganic hybrid perovskite photoactive layers prevent the application of ultrathin metal layers as semitransparent bottom electrodes in perovskite solar cells (PVSCs). This study introduces tin‐oxide (SnOx) grown by atomic layer ...


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