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Adsorption of Ozone and Plasmonic Properties of Gold Hydrosol: Effect of Nanoparticles Size

24-Jun-2015 | Boris Grigor'evich Ershov; Evgeny Vladilenovich Abkhalimov; Vyacheslav Roldughin; Viktor Rudoy; Olga Dement'eva; Rom ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

The impact of size of gold nanoparticles on the magnitude of bathochromic shift of their plasmon resonance peak upon ozone adsorption is revealed and analyzed. Namely, the plasmon band position of 7, 10, 14 and 32 nm nanoparticles shifts toward longer wavelengths by 51, 35, 23 and 9 nm ...


Optimal Ozone Control with Inclusion of Spatiotemporal Marginal Damages and Electricity Demand

24-Jun-2015 | S. Morteza Mesbah; Amir Hakami; Stephan Schott, Environmental Science & Technology, 2015

Marginal damage (MD), or damage per ton of emission, is a policy metric used for effective pollution control and reducing the corresponding adverse health impacts. However, for a pollutant such as NOx, the MD varies by the time and location of the emissions, a complication that is not adequately ...


Decolorization of reactive blue 171 dye using ozonation and UV/H2O2 and elucidation of the degradation mechanism

22-Jun-2015 | Namata N. Patil, Sanjeev R. Shukla, Environmental Progress, 2015

In this report, the degradation of a commercially important dye C. I. Reactive Blue 171 (RB 171) has been investigated using peroxidation under UV light and ozone. The effect of operational conditions such as the dye concentration, operating pH and use of the oxidants such as ozone and UV/H2O2 ...


U.S. Air Quality and Health Benefits from Avoided Climate Change under Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

22-Jun-2015 | Fernando Garcia-Menendez; Rebecca K. Saari; Erwan Monier; Noelle E. Selin, Environmental Science & Technology, 2015

We evaluate the impact of climate change on U.S. air quality and health in 2050 and 2100 using a global modeling framework and integrated economic, climate, and air pollution projections. Three internally consistent socioeconomic scenarios are used to value health benefits of greenhouse gas ...


Remodeling of glial coverage of glutamatergic synapses in the rat nucleus tractus solitarii after ozone inhalation

17-Jun-2015 | Keodavanh Chounlamountry, Bénédicte Boyer, Virginie Penalba, Anne‐Marie François‐Bellan, Olivier Bosler, Jean‐Pierre ..., Journal of Neurochemistry, 2015

Abstract Besides the well‐described inflammatory and dysfunction effects on the respiratory tract, accumulating evidence indicates that ozone (O3) exposure also affects central nervous system functions. However, the mechanisms through which O3 exerts toxic effects on the brain remain poorly ...


Reaction Kinetics of Catechol (1,2-Benzenediol) and Guaiacol (2-Methoxyphenol) with Ozone

17-Jun-2015 | Atallah El Zein; Cécile Coeur; Emil Obeid; Amélie Lauraguais; Thomas Fagniez, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2015

The kinetic reactions of 1,2-benzenediol (catechol) and 2-methoxyphenol (guaiacol) with ozone were studied in a simulation chamber (8 m3) under dark conditions. The rate coefficients were measured at 294 ± 2 K, atmospheric pressure and dry conditions (relative humidity, RH < 1%), except for ...


Performances of Liquid‐Exfoliated Transition Metal Dichalcogenides as Hole Injection Layers in Organic Light‐Emitting Diodes

15-Jun-2015 | Cheolmin Kim, Thang Phan Nguyen, Quyet Van Le, Jong‐Myeong Jeon, Ho Won Jang, Soo Young Kim, Advanced Functional Materials, 2015

2D transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) nanosheets, including MoS2, WS2, and TaS2, are used as hole injection layers (HILs) in organic light‐emitting diodes (OLEDs). MoS2, WS2, and TaS2 nanosheets are prepared using an exfoliation by ultrasonication method. The thicknesses and sizes of the TMD ...


Ethylene vinyl acetate as compatibilizer on cure characteristics and mechanical properties of (natural rubber)/(Recycled acrylonitrile‐butadiene rubber) blends

11-Jun-2015 | Hazwani Syaza Ahmad, Hanafi Ismail, Azura A. Rashid, Journal of Vinyl and Additive Technology, 2015

Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) has been used as a compatibilizer for (natural rubber)/(recycled acrylonitrile‐butadiene rubber) (NR/NBRr) blends, vulcanized by sulfur. EVA offers excellent heat, ozone, and weather resistance, whereas the vinyl acetate groups provide oil resistance to the blend. It ...


Bidirectional Flux of Methyl Vinyl Ketone and Methacrolein in Trees with Different Isoprenoid Emission under Realistic Ambient Concentrations

11-Jun-2015 | Silvano Fares; Elena Paoletti; Francesco Loreto; Federico Brilli, Environmental Science & Technology, 2015

Methyl vinyl ketone (MVK) and methacrolein (MAC) are key oxidation products (iox) of isoprene, the most abundant volatile organic compound (VOC) emitted by vascular plants in the atmosphere. Increasing attention has been dedicated to iox, as they are involved in the photochemical cycles ...


Insights into the Electronic Structure of Ozone and Sulfur Dioxide from Generalized Valence Bond Theory: Bonding in O3 and SO2

11-Jun-2015 | Tyler Y. Takeshita; Beth A. Lindquist; Thom H. Dunning, Jr., Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2015

There are many well-known differences in the physical and chemical properties of ozone (O3) and sulfur dioxide (SO2). O3 has longer and weaker bonds than O2, whereas SO2 has shorter and stronger bonds than SO. The O–O2 bond is dramatically weaker than the O–SO bond, and the singlet–triplet gap in ...


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