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Band Inversion and Topological Aspects in TiNI Monolayer

19-Jul-2016 | Aizhu Wang; Zhenhai Wang; Aijun Du; Mingwen Zhao, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016

To achieve the device application of quantum spin Hall (QSH) effect, increasing the critical temperature is crucial. Two-dimensional topological insulator (2D-TI) with a sizeable bulk band gap is one of the most promising strategies to reach this goal. Using first-principles calculations, we ...


All-Dielectric Silicon Nanogap Antennas To Enhance the Fluorescence of Single Molecules

15-Jul-2016 | Raju Regmi; Johann Berthelot; Pamina M. Winkler; Mathieu Mivelle; Julien Proust; Frédéric Bedu; Igor Ozerov; Thomas ..., Nano Letters, 2016

Plasmonic antennas have a profound impact on nanophotonics as they provide efficient means to manipulate light and enhance light–matter interactions at the nanoscale. However, the large absorption losses found in metals can severely limit the plasmonic applications in the visible spectral range. ...


Materials, Vol. 9, Pages 578: H2 Adsorbed Site-to-Site Electronic Delocalization within IRMOF-1: Understanding Non-Negligible Interactions at High Pressure

15-Jul-2016 | Wu, Jian ; Kucukkal, Mustafa U.; Clark, Aurora E., Materials, 2016

Isoreticular metal organic frameworks (IRMOFs) have shown high uptake capabilities for storage of H2 (11.5 wt % at 77 K and 170 bar). A significant literature has employed fragment models and a single adsorbed H2 to identify adsorption sites within IRMOFs, as well as the necessary ...


Liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry and passive sampling: powerful tools for the determination of emerging pollutants in water for human consumption

15-Jul-2016 | Cristiana Mirasole, Marina Di Carro, Shivani Tanwar, Emanuele Magi, Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 2016

Among the wide range of emerging pollutants, perfluorinated compounds and various pharmaceuticals, such as nonsteroidal anti‐inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), are showing growing concern. These contaminants can be found in freshwater ecosystems due to their incomplete removal during wastewater ...


Evolution of Capsaicinoids in Peter Pepper (Capsicum annuum var. annuum) During Fruit Ripening

14-Jul-2016 | Gerardo F. Barbero, Ana C. de Aguiar, Ceferino Carrera, Ángel Olachea, Marta Ferreiro‐González, Julian Martínez, Mig ..., Chemistry & Biodiversity, 2016

Abstract The evolution of individual and total contents of capsaicinoids present in Peter peppers (Capsicum annuum var. annuum) at different ripening stages has been studied. Plants were grown in a glasshouse and the new peppers were marked in a temporal space of ten days. The extraction of ...


Mechanical and thermal properties of low density polyethylene composites filled with dye‐loaded shell powder

14-Jul-2016 | Wenye Yang, Liuqin Ge, Han Lv, Meisheng Xia, Xiaosheng Ji, Zhitong Yao, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2016

ABSTRACT To achieve reinforcement and coloring in one combined process of polymer production, a dye‐loaded shell powder (DPSP) based on Congo red and pearl shell powder was prepared and used as a versatile bio‐filler in low‐density polyethylene (LDPE). The DPSP was characterized by means of ...


Physical aging in polycarbonate nanocomposites containing grafted nanosilica particles: A comparison between enthalpy and yield stress evolution

12-Jul-2016 | Vaidyanath Ramakrishnan, Sepehr Harsiny, Johannes G. P. Goossens, Theodorus L. Hoeks, Gerrit W. M. Peters, Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 2016

ABSTRACT Understanding and controlling physical aging below the glass transition temperature (Tg) is very important for the long‐term performance of plastic parts. In this article, the effect of grafted silica nanoparticles on the physical aging of polycarbonate (PC) below the Tg is studied by ...


Molecules, Vol. 21, Pages 901: Polyphenols: Extraction Methods, Antioxidative Action, Bioavailability and Anticarcinogenic Effects

11-Jul-2016 | Brglez Mojzer, Eva ; Knez Hrnčič, Maša ; Škerget, Mojca ; Knez, Željko ; Bren, Urban, Molecules, 2016

Being secondary plant metabolites, polyphenols represent a large and diverse group of substances abundantly present in a majority of fruits, herbs and vegetables. The current contribution is focused on their bioavailability, antioxidative and anticarcinogenic properties. An overview of extraction ...


Remote C−H Functionalization by a Palladium‐Catalyzed Transannular Approach

08-Jul-2016 | Suman De Sarkar, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2016

Now within reach: In the remote C−H arylation of alicyclic amines the key step is the transannular coordination of the palladium catalyst (see picture, DG=directing group). This strategy is convenient for the late‐stage functionalization of complex bioactive molecules in order to probe ...


[Report] Frigate birds track atmospheric conditions over months-long transoceanic flights

01-Jul-2016 | Henri Weimerskirch; Charles Bishop; Tiphaine Jeanniard-du-Dot; Aurélien Prudor; Gottfried Sachs, Science , 2016

Understanding how animals respond to atmospheric conditions across space is critical for understanding the evolution of flight strategies and long-distance migrations. We studied the three-dimensional movements and energetics of great frigate birds (Fregata minor) and showed that they can stay ...


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