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Olfactory Discrimination Learning in an Outbred and an Inbred Strain of Mice

01-Sep-2015 | Matthias Laska, Chemical Senses, 2015

The present study compared olfactory discrimination learning in CD-1 mice, a widely used outbred strain of mice with that of C57BL/6J mice, one of the most widely used inbred mouse strains. Using an automated olfactometer and a standard operant conditioning procedure, I found that CD-1 mice ...


Three-dimensional carbon composites as electrode materials for symmetric Li-ion capacitors in organic electrolyte

30-Aug-2015 | Author(s): Chien-Te Hsieh, Dong-Ying Tzou, Yu-Chia Chen, Ding-Kai Huang, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2015

Publication date: Available online 29 August 2015 Source:Materials Chemistry and Physics Author(s): Chien-Te Hsieh, Dong-Ying Tzou, Yu-Chia Chen, Ding-Kai Huang Symmetric electrochemical capacitors (ECs) have been fabricated using graphene nanosheets (GNs) modified with carbon ...


Systematic analysis of the polyphenol metabolome using the Phenol‐Explorer database

27-Aug-2015 | Joseph A Rothwell, Mireia Urpi‐Sarda, Maria Boto‐Ordoñez, Rafael Llorach, Andreu Farran‐Codina, Dinesh Kumar Barupal ..., Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, 2015

Scope The Phenol‐Explorer web database details 383 polyphenol metabolites identified in human and animal biofluids from 221 publications. Here we exploit these data to characterize and visualize the polyphenol metabolome, the set of all metabolites derived from phenolic food ...


IJERPH, Vol. 12, Pages 10300-10313: Metabolic Degradation of 1,4-dichloronaphthalene by Pseudomonas sp. HY

25-Aug-2015 | Yu, Jian ; Wu, Xiaoli ; Song, Youqun ; Ren, Wenhui ; Tang, Hao L., International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2015

There is increasing concern regarding the adverse health effects of polychlorinated naphthalenes (PCNs). The metabolic degradation of 1,4-dichloronaphthalene (1,4-DCN) as a model PCN, was studied using a strain of Pseudomonas sp. HY. The metabolites were analyzed by gas chromatography-mass ...


Materials, Vol. 8, Pages 5398-5413: On the Influence of the Sample Absorptivity when Studying the Thermal Degradation of Materials

21-Aug-2015 | Boulet, Pascal ; Brissinger, Damien ; Collin, Anthony ; Acem, Zoubir ; Parent, Gilles, Materials, 2015

The change in absorptivity during the degradation process of materials is discussed, and its influence as one of the involved parameters in the degradation models is studied. Three materials with very different behaviors are used for the demonstration of its role: a carbon composite material, ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 8887-8907: Influence of Hydrogen-Based Storage Systems on Self-Consumption and Self-Sufficiency of Residential Photovoltaic Systems

21-Aug-2015 | Pötzinger, Christian ; Preißinger, Markus ; Brüggemann, Dieter, Energies, 2015

This paper analyzes the behavior of residential solar-powered electrical energy storage systems. For this purpose, a simulation model based on MATLAB/Simulink is developed. Investigating both short-time and seasonal hydrogen-based storage systems, simulations on the basis of real weather data are ...


Lithium-Doping Inverts the Nanoscale Electric Field at the Grain Boundaries in Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 and Increases Photovoltaic Efficiency

19-Aug-2015 | Hao Xin; Sarah M Vorpahl; Andrew D. Collord; Ian L. Braly; Alexander R. Uhl; Benjamin W. Krueger; David S. Ginger; H ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

Passive grain boundaries (GBs) are essential for polycrystalline solar cells to reach high efficiency. However, the GBs in Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 have less favorable defect chemistry compared to CuInGaSe2. Here, using scanning probe microscopy we show that lithium doping of Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 changes the ...


IJERPH, Vol. 12, Pages 9658-9671: Pollution Characteristics and Health Risk Assessment of Airborne Heavy Metals Collected from Beijing Bus Stations

17-Aug-2015 | Zheng, Xiaoxia ; Zhao, Wenji ; Yan, Xing ; Shu, Tongtong ; Xiong, Qiulin ; Chen, Fantao, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2015

Airborne dust, which contains high levels of toxic metals, is recognized as one of the most harmful environment component. The purpose of this study was to evaluate heavy metals pollution in dustfall from bus stations in Beijing, and to perform a risk assessment analysis for adult passengers. The ...


Sustainability, Vol. 7, Pages 11240-11259: Quantitative Decision Making Model for Carbon Reduction in Road Construction Projects Using Green Technologies

17-Aug-2015 | Jang, Woosik ; You, Hyun-Woo ; Han, Seung Heon, Sustainability, 2015

Numerous countries have established policies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and have suggested goals pertaining to these reductions. To reach the target reduction amounts, studies on the reduction of carbon emissions have been conducted with regard to all stages and processes in ...


Flexible Graphene Field-Effect Transistors Encapsulated in Hexagonal Boron Nitride

17-Aug-2015 | Nicholas Petrone; Tarun Chari; Inanc Meric; Lei Wang; Kenneth L. Shepard; James Hone, ACS Nano, 2015

Flexible graphene field-effect transistors (GFETs) are fabricated with graphene channels fully encapsulated in hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) implementing a self-aligned fabrication scheme. Flexible GFETs fabricated with channel lengths of 2 μm demonstrate exceptional room-temperature carrier ...


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