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Energies, Vol. 9, Pages 1025: Forecasting the State of Health of Electric Vehicle Batteries to Evaluate the Viability of Car Sharing Practices

03-Dec-2016 | Semanjski, Ivana ; Gautama, Sidharta, Energies, 2016

Car-sharing practices are introducing electric vehicles (EVs) into their fleet. However, the literature suggests that at this point shared EV systems are failing to reach satisfactory commercial viability. A potential reason for this is the effect of higher vehicle usage, which is characteristic ...


Energies, Vol. 9, Pages 1026: Research on a Household Dual Heat Source Heat Pump Water Heater with Preheater Based on ASPEN PLUS

03-Dec-2016 | Gou, Xiang ; Fu, Yang ; Shah, Imran Ali; Li, Yamei ; Xu, Guoyou ; Yang, Yue ; Wang, Enyu ; Liu, Liansheng ; Wu, Jinxiang, Energies, 2016

This article proposes a dual heat source heat pump bathroom unit with preheater which is feasible for a single family. The system effectively integrates the air source heat pump (ASHP) and wastewater source heat pump (WSHP) technologies, and incorporates a preheater to recover shower wastewater ...


Sensors, Vol. 16, Pages 2053: Fuzzy Computing Model of Activity Recognition on WSN Movement Data for Ubiquitous Healthcare Measurement

03-Dec-2016 | Chiang, Shu-Yin ; Kan, Yao-Chiang ; Chen, Yun-Shan ; Tu, Ying-Ching ; Lin, Hsueh-Chun, Sensors, 2016

Ubiquitous health care (UHC) is beneficial for patients to ensure they complete therapeutic exercises by self-management at home. We designed a fuzzy computing model that enables recognizing assigned movements in UHC with privacy. The movements are measured by the self-developed body motion ...


IJMS, Vol. 17, Pages 2010: The Large Phenotypic Spectrum of Fabry Disease Requires Graduated Diagnosis and Personalized Therapy: A Meta-Analysis Can Help to Differentiate Missense Mutations

01-Dec-2016 | Citro, Valentina ; Cammisa, Marco ; Liguori, Ludovica ; Cimmaruta, Chiara ; Lukas, Jan ; Cubellis, Maria Vittoria; A ..., International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2016

Fabry disease is caused by mutations in the GLA gene and is characterized by a large genotypic and phenotypic spectrum. Missense mutations pose a special problem for graduating diagnosis and choosing a cost-effective therapy. Some mutants retain enzymatic activity, but are less stable than the ...


Sensors, Vol. 16, Pages 2028: Enabling Smart Air Conditioning by Sensor Development: A Review

30-Nov-2016 | Cheng, Chin-Chi ; Lee, Dasheng, Sensors, 2016

The study investigates the development of sensors, in particular the use of thermo-fluidic sensors and occupancy detectors, to achieve smart operation of air conditioning systems. Smart operation refers to the operation of air conditioners by the reinforcement of interaction to achieve both ...


Extraction of Flow Behavior and Hall–Petch Parameters Using a Nanoindentation Multiple Sharp Tip Approach 

29-Nov-2016 | Alexander Leitner, Verena Maier‐Kiener, Daniel Kiener, Advanced Engineering Materials, 2016

An appealing idea to material scientists is to characterize the mechanical behavior of materials with minimal experimental effort while guaranteeing highly reliable results. Nanoindentation is a candidate technique to reach this objective. Though it is already a standard method to extract ...


Materials’ Methods: NMR in Battery Research

28-Nov-2016 | Oliver Pecher; Javier Carretero-González; Kent J. Griffith; Clare P. Grey, Chemistry of Materials, 2016

Improving electrochemical energy storage is one of the major issues of our time. The search for new battery materials together with the drive to improve performance and lower cost of existing and new batteries is not without its challenges. Success in these matters is undoubtedly based on first ...


Sustainability, Vol. 8, Pages 1213: Game Behavior Analysis between the Local Government and Land-Lost Peasants in the Urbanization Process

26-Nov-2016 | Zhang, Lu ; Du, Hongru ; Zhao, Yannan, Sustainability, 2016

China is entering a period of rapid urban development. With the rapid expansion of cities, a large number of peasants have lost their land as a result. Given the development of urbanization, safeguarding the rights and interests of land-lost peasants in the process of urbanization has become a ...


A Kinetic Study of Furan Formation in Wheat Flour‐Based Model Systems during Frying

25-Nov-2016 | María S. Mariotti‐Celis, Rommy N. Zúñiga, Pablo Cortés, Franco Pedreschi, Journal of Food Science, 2016

Abstract Furan is a possible human carcinogen, which is formed in worldwide highly consumed fried starchy foods. In order to elucidate the mechanisms responsible for its occurrence in this food category and propose techniques for its mitigation, the kinetics of furan formation, oil absorption, ...


Energies, Vol. 9, Pages 988: Scenario Analysis of Carbon Emissions of China’s Electric Power Industry Up to 2030

25-Nov-2016 | Wu, Qunli ; Peng, Chenyang, Energies, 2016

In this paper, the Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning (LEAP) model is constructed to simulate six scenarios for forecasting national electricity demand in China. The results show that in 2020 the total electricity demand will reach 6407.9~7491.0 billion KWh, and will be 6779.9~10,313.5 ...


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