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IJERPH, Vol. 14, Pages 83: Association of School Environment and After-School Physical Activity with Health-Related Physical Fitness among Junior High School Students in Taiwan

15-Jan-2017 | Lo, Kai-Yang ; Wu, Min-Chen ; Tung, Shu-Chin ; Hsieh, City C.; Yao, Hsueh-Hua ; Ho, Chien-Chang, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2017

The relationship between students’ school environment and exercise habits is complex, and is affected by numerous factors. However, the few studies that have been conducted on this relationship have reported inconsistent results, especially regarding Taiwanese students. We conducted this ...


Entropy, Vol. 19, Pages 33: Heuristic Approach to Understanding the Accumulation Process in Hydrothermal Pores

13-Jan-2017 | Niether, Doreen ; Wiegand, Simone, Entropy, 2017

One of the central questions of humankind is: which chemical and physical conditions are necessary to make life possible? In this “origin-of-life” context, formamide plays an important role, because it has been demonstrated that prebiotic molecules can be synthesized from concentrated formamide ...


Controllable Crystallization of CH3NH3Sn0.25Pb0.75I3 Perovskites for Hysteresis‐Free Solar Cells with Efficiency Reaching 15.2%

12-Jan-2017 | Hugh Lu Zhu, Junyan Xiao, Jian Mao, Hong Zhang, Yong Zhao, Wallace C. H. Choy, Advanced Functional Materials, 2017

While SnPb alloyed perovskites have been considered as an effective approach to broaden the absorption spectrum, it is still challenging to modify the crystallization (and thus morphology, crystallinity, and orientation) in a controllable manner and thus boost the efficiency of SnPb alloyed ...


Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 87: Scenario Prediction of Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions in China’s Machinery Industry

12-Jan-2017 | Lin, Boqiang ; Liu, Weisheng, Sustainability, 2017

Energy conservation and CO2 abatement is currently an important development strategy for China. It is significant to analyze how to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in China’s energy-intensive machinery industry. We not only employ a cointegration method and scenario analysis to ...


Twist and Shout: Single-Molecule Mechanochemistry

12-Jan-2017 | Hongbin Li; Gilbert C. Walker, ACS Nano, 2017

Chemical reactions can be accelerated by various means, including applied mechanical forces. If the direction of the force does not project well onto the desired reaction coordinate, then only poor acceleration is achieved. Recent developments in single polymer mechanics illustrate how to ...


Sidechain Engineering in Cell‐Penetrating Poly(disulfide)s

11-Jan-2017 | Paola Morelli, Stefan Matile, Helvetica Chimica Acta, 2017

Abstract Cell‐penetrating poly(disulfide)s (CPDs) have been introduced recently to explore new ways to enter into cells. In this report, we disclose a general method to covalently modify the sidechains of CPDs. Compatibility of copper‐catalyzed alkyne‐azide cycloaddition (CuAAC) with the ...


Magneto‐Thermal Metrics Can Mirror the Long‐Term Intracellular Fate of Magneto‐Plasmonic Nanohybrids and Reveal the Remarkable Shielding Effect of Gold

11-Jan-2017 | François Mazuel, Ana Espinosa, Guillaume Radtke, Matthieu Bugnet, Sophie Neveu, Yoann Lalatonne, Gianluigi A. Botton ..., Advanced Functional Materials, 2017

Multifunctional nanoparticles such as magneto‐plasmonic nanohybrids are rising theranostic agents. However, little is yet known of their fate within the cellular environment. In order to reach an understanding of their biotransformations, reliable metrics for tracking and quantification of such ...


Materials, Vol. 10, Pages 60: Spray-Drying to Get Spin-Crossover Materials

11-Jan-2017 | Daro, Nathalie ; Moulet, Lucie ; Penin, Nicolas ; Paradis, Nicolas ; Létard, Jean-François ; Lebraud, Eric ; Buffièr ..., Materials, 2017

Spin-crossover (SCO) triazole-based coordination polymers can be synthesized by micelle techniques, which almost always lead to rod-shaped nanoparticles. In order to notably reach new morphologies, we explore here the potentiality of the spray-drying (SD) method to get SCO materials. Three SCO ...


Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 122: Distributed Sensor Nodes Charged by Mobile Charger with Directional Antenna and by Energy Trading for Balancing

10-Jan-2017 | Moraes, Celso ; Myung, Sunghee ; Lee, Sangkeum ; Har, Dongsoo, Sensors, 2017

Provision of energy to wireless sensor networks is crucial for their sustainable operation. Sensor nodes are typically equipped with batteries as their operating energy sources. However, when the sensor nodes are sited in almost inaccessible locations, replacing their batteries incurs high ...


Crystallization behavior, heat resistance, and mechanical performances of PLLA/myo‐inositol blends

09-Jan-2017 | Hui Shi, Xuan Chen, Wenkai Chen, Sujuan Pang, Lisha Pan, Nai Xu, Tan Li, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2017

ABSTRACT In this work, use of myo‐inositol as a biobased nucleating agent (NA) for PLLA was researched. Effects of myo‐inositol on non‐isothermal and isothermal crystallization behaviors of PLLA at temperatures ranged from 85 °C to 130 °C were studied by using DSC, POM and WAXD. Isothermal ...


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