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On the copper(II) binding of asymmetrically functionalized tripodal peptides: solution equilibrium, structure, and enzyme mimicking

24-Jan-2018 | Ágnes Dancs; Katalin Selmeczi; Nora V Nagy; Tamás Gajda, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

Our aim is to combine the preorganized structure of tripodal scaffolds and the advantageous metal-binding ability of histidine subunits. To this end, recently we studied the copper(II) complexes of the tris(L-histidyl)-functionalized tren derivative tren3his. Here we report the copper(II) binding ...


A synergistic effect of Ceria and Co in N-doped leaf-like carbon nanosheets derived from two-dimensional metal-organic framework and their enhanced performance in oxygen reduction reaction

24-Jan-2018 | Wei Xia; Jingjing Li; Tao Wang; Li Song; Hu Guo; Hao Gong; Cheng Jiang; Bin Gao; Jianping He, Chemical Communication, 2018

A novel two-dimensional Ceria@Co, N doped leaf-like porous carbon nanosheets (Ce-HPCN) was fabricated using a efficient aqueous solution-mediated method. More importantly, the prepared Ce-HPCN demonstrates even better electrocatalytic performance than the commercial Pt/C by the synergistic effect ...


Rapid Screening of Gas Catalysts in Methane Activation Using ICP-QQQ-MS

24-Jan-2018 | Qian He; Jiajia Wu; Sichun Zhang; Xiang Fang; Zhi Xing; Chao Wei; Xinrong Zhang, Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 2018

A novel platform for rapid screening of gas catalysts in methane activation using ICP-QQQ-MS was developed. The gas ions catalysts could be produced in ICP torch from the bulk solution. The dynamic reaction cell in ICP-QQQ-MS could be used as the reactor to mix methane with the gas ions catalyst ...


Identification of Isoforms of Aspartic Acid Residue in Peptides by 2D UV-MS Fingerprinting of Cold Ions

23-Jan-2018 | Vladimir Kopysov; Mikhail V Gorshkov; Oleg V Boyarkin, Analyst, 2018

We use 2D UV-MS cold-ion spectroscopy for identifications of L-Asp, D-Asp, L-isoAsp and D-isoAsp residues in a fragment peptide derived from hormon protein amylin. Relative solution concentrations of all four isoforms in an equimolar quaternary mixture have been determined within 4% error. The ...


Triphenylbismuth(V) di[(iso)nicotinates] - transmetallation agents or divergent organometalloligands? First organobismuth(V)-based silver(I) coordination polymers

23-Jan-2018 | Ahmad Ben Kiran; Teodora Mocanu; Alpar Pöllnitz; Sergiu Sova; Marius Andruh; Cristian Silvestru, Dalton Transactions, 2018

The reaction of Ph3BiCl2 with alkali salts of isonicotinic and nicotinic acids afforded Ph3Bi[O(O)CC5H4N-4]2 (1) and Ph3Bi[O(O)CC5H4N-3]2 (2), respectively, which were characterized by multinuclear NMR spectroscopy in solution, mass spectrometry and IR spectroscopy in the solid state. Their ...


A fluorescent turn-on probe for cyanide anion detection based on an AIE active cobalt(II) complex

23-Jan-2018 | Moustafa T. Gabr; F. Christopher Pigge, Dalton Transactions, 2018

A new tetradentate polypyridine ligand that displays aggregation induced emission (AIE) characteristics has been synthesized. A coordination complex with CoCl2 has been prepared and characterized by X-ray crystallography. The Co(ii) complex retains the AIE activity of the ligand in aqueous ...


Fullerene derivative with a branched alkyl chain exhibits enhanced charge extraction and stability in inverted planar perovskite solar cells

23-Jan-2018 | Cheng-Bo Tian; Edison Castro; German Betancourt-Solis; Zi-Ang Nan; Olivia Fernandez-Delgado; Sohan Jankuru; Luis Ec ..., New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

Fullerene derivatives are known for their excellent electron transport properties, which can effectively serve as electron transport layers (ETL) deposited from solution at low temperatures in perovskite solar cells (PSCs). However, it remains unclear how functional groups attached to the ...


Nonthermal optical emission spectrometry for simultaneous and direct determination of zinc, cadmium and mercury in the spray

23-Jan-2018 | Yi Cai; Xin-Gang Gao; Zhi-Na Ji; Yong-Liang Yu; Jian-Hua Wang, Analyst, 2018

A nonthermal optical emission spectrometric (OES) system is developed for the simultaneous multielement determination of zinc, cadmium and mercury, with a dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) microplasma generated on the nozzle of a pneumatic micronebulizer as excitation source. After solution ...


Adsorptive removal of ciprofloxacin by ethylene diaminetetraacetic acid/[small beta]-cyclodextrin composite from aqueous solution

23-Jan-2018 | Fei Yu; Dexian Chen; Jie Ma, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

β-Cyclodextrin (β-CD) was cross-linked with ethylene diaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) to prepare ethylene diaminetetraacetic acid–β-cyclodextrin (EDTA/β-CD). EDTA/β-CD was applied for the removal of ciprofloxacin (CPX) from water. The qualitative analysis of this material was performed using ...


ZnO nanodisks decorated with Au nanorods for enhanced photocurrent generation and photocatalytic activity

23-Jan-2018 | Ping She; Kongliang Xu; Yinxing Shang; Qinrong He; Shan Zeng; Shengyan Yin; Guolong Lu; Song Liang; Hang Sun; Zhenni ..., New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

A facile approach for the preparation of Au nanorod/ZnO nanodisk (AuNR/ZnONDK) through in situ nucleation and growth of ZnO in AuNR colloidal solution has been developed. This is the first report of AuNRs modified on the ZnO surface. Furthermore, the aspect ratios of AuNRs in nanohybrids of ...


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