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Centrifugo-pneumatic multi-liquid aliquoting – parallel aliquoting and combination of multiple liquids in centrifugal microfluidics

01-Jul-2015 | Frank Schwemmer; Tobias Hutzenlaub; Dirk Buselmeier; Nils Paust; Felix von Stetten; Daniel Mark; Roland Zengerle; Do ..., Lab on a Chip, 2015

The generation of mixtures with precisely metered volumes is essential for reproducible automation of laboratory workflows. Splitting a given liquid into well-defined metered sub-volumes, the so-called aliquoting, has been frequently demonstrated on centrifugal microfluidics. However, so far no ...


Naked Eye Instant Reversible Sensing of Cu2+ and Its In-Situ Imaging in Live Brine Shrimp Artemia

01-Jul-2015 | Ratish R Nair; M Raju; Neha M Patel; Ishan H Raval; Suresh Eringathodi; Soumya Haldar; Pabitra Baran Chatterjee, Analyst, 2015

A Cu2+-specific colorimetric reversible fluorescent receptor HL was designed and synthesized which showed naked eye observable colour change from colourless to pink on addition of aqueous buffer (pH 7.4) solution of 30 ppb Cu2+. Short response time (≤ 5 sec) and low detection limit (nearly 3 ppb) ...


Structural properties and chemical bonds in double metal cyanide catalysts

26-Jun-2015 | K. Lawniczak‐Jablonska, E. Dynowska, W. Lisowski, J. W. Sobczak, A. Chruściel, W. Hreczuch, J. Libera, A. Reszka, X-Ray Spectrometry, 2015

Double metal cyanide (DMC) catalysts are commonly applied at industrial ring‐opening polymerization of the epoxides, being the initial stage of the polyurethanes manufacturing route. This group of catalysts is frequently used in industry, but the knowledge on the molecular nature of their high ...


Do formalin fixation and freeze‐thaw affect near‐infrared Raman spectroscopy of cartilaginous tissue? A preliminary ex vivo analysis of native human articular cartilage

26-Jun-2015 | Yasuhito Takahashi, Takaaki Shishido, Kengo Yamamoto, Yasunobu Sawaji, Jun Nishida, Giuseppe Pezzotti, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 2015

Near‐infrared (NIR) Raman microprobe spectroscopy has been applied to the non‐invasive characterization of the biochemical structure of extracellular matrix in articular cartilage, a step forward along the path of in vivo diagnostic application of chondropathy. In most studies handling ex vivo ...


"Just Another Tool for Online Studies” (JATOS): An Easy Solution for Setup and Management of Web Servers Supporting Online Studies

26-Jun-2015 | Kristian Lange et al., PLoS ONE, 2015

by Kristian Lange, Simone Kühn, Elisa Filevich We present here “Just Another Tool for Online Studies” (JATOS): an open source, cross-platform web application with a graphical user interface (GUI) that greatly simplifies setting up and communicating with a web server to host online studies that ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 15127-15158: A Secure Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Considering Secure Data Aggregation

26-Jun-2015 | Rahayu, Triana Mugia; Lee, Sang-Gon ; Lee, Hoon-Jae, Sensors, 2015

The commonly unattended and hostile deployments of WSNs and their resource-constrained sensor devices have led to an increasing demand for secure energy-efficient protocols. Routing and data aggregation receive the most attention since they are among the daily network routines. With the ...


[Report] A 12 Å carotenoid translocation in a photoswitch associated with cyanobacterial photoprotection

26-Jun-2015 | Ryan L. Leverenz; Markus Sutter; Adjélé Wilson; Sayan Gupta; Adrien Thurotte; Céline Bourcier de Carbon; Christopher ..., Science , 2015

Pigment-protein and pigment-pigment interactions are of fundamental importance to the light-harvesting and photoprotective functions essential to oxygenic photosynthesis. The orange carotenoid protein (OCP) functions as both a sensor of light and effector of photoprotective energy dissipation in ...


Iron Atom Exchange between Hematite and Aqueous Fe(II)

26-Jun-2015 | Andrew J. Frierdich; Maria Helgeson; Chengshuai Liu; Chongmin Wang; Kevin M. Rosso; Michelle M. Scherer, Environmental Science & Technology, 2015

Aqueous Fe(II) has been shown to exchange with structural Fe(III) in goethite without any significant phase transformation. It remains unclear, however, whether aqueous Fe(II) undergoes similar exchange reactions with structural Fe(III) in hematite, a ubiquitous iron oxide mineral. Here, we use ...


Charged supramolecular assemblies of surfactant molecules in gas phase

26-Jun-2015 | David Bongiorno, Leopoldo Ceraulo, Sergio Indelicato, Vincenzo Turco Liveri, Serena Indelicato, Mass Spectrometry Reviews, 2015

Abstract The aim of this review is to critically analyze recent literature on charged supramolecular assemblies formed by surfactant molecules in gas phase. Apart our specific interest on this research area, the stimuli to undertake the task arise from the widespread theoretical and ...


Experimental determination of CO2 diffusion coefficient in aqueous solutions under pressure at room temperature via Raman spectroscopy: impact of salinity (NaCl)

25-Jun-2015 | Clément Belgodere, Jean Dubessy, Denis Vautrin, Marie‐Camille Caumon, Jérôme Sterpenich, Jacques Pironon, Pascal Rob ..., Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 2015

The accurate determination of the diffusion coefficient of dissolved CO2 in aqueous solutions is a key parameter to predict the transport of the dissolved gas in the aqueous solution of porous aquifers and caprocks in the context of the mitigation of greenhouse gases emissions. A better ...


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