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Selective conversion of furfural to cyclopentanone and cyclopentanol by different preparation methods of Cu-Co catalysts

29-10-2014 | Xing-Long Li; Jin Deng; Tao Pan; Chu-Guo Yu; Hua-Jian Xu; Yao Fu, Green Chemistry, 2014

Cu-Co catalysts, prepared by co-precipitation method (CP) and oxalate sol-gel method (OG), can selectively convert furfural (FFA) to cyclopentanone (CPO) and cyclopentanol (CPL), respectively. The conversion of FFA to CPO and CPL by Cu-Co catalysts was studied in aqueous solution. We found that ...


Aqueous production of oxygen atoms from hydroxyl radicals

29-10-2014 | Edelsys Codorniu-Hernandez; Kyle Wm. Hall; Daniel Ziemianowicz; Sheelagh Carpendale; Peter Kusalik, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014

The behavior of the hydroxyl radical (OH*) in solution is significant to a broad range of scientific and technological fields. OH* is considered a highly reactive, short-lived species and previous studies have neglected the possibility of encounters of two OH* in solution. However, these ...


Coordination of Ln3+ in ortho-tetramethyl-substituted cucurbituril supramolecular assemblies formed in the presence of cadmium nitrate: potential applications for isolation of heavier lanthanides

29-10-2014 | Jia-Jia Zhou; Xin Yu; Ying-Chun Zhao; Xin Xiao; Yun-Qian Zhang; Sai-Feng Xue; Zhu Tao; Jing-Xin Liu; Qian-Jiang Zhu, CrystEngComm, 2014

Coordination in supramolecular assemblies was investigated by reacting a series of lanthanide cations (Ln3+) and a new alkyl-substituted cucurbituril, the ortho-tetramethyl-substituted cucurbituril (o-TMeQ[6]), in the presence of cadmium nitrate as an inorganic structure inducer in neutral ...


The photo-orientation of azobenzene in viscous solutions, simulated by a stochastic model

29-10-2014 | Valentina Cantatore; Giovanni Granucci; Maurizio Persico, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014

We report a computational study of the photo-orientation kinetics in a viscous solution of azobenzene in ethylene glycol, under irradiation with linearly polarized light. The development of anisotropy and its interplay with photoisomerization are simulated by a stochastic model. A distinctive ...


Facile one-pot method synthesis CNT/GeO2 nanocomposite for high performance Li ion battery anode material

29-10-2014 | Fangfang Jia; Lingxiao Song; Wei Wei; Peng Qu; Maotian Xu, New Journal of Chemistry, 2014

For the first time, we synthesized CNT/GeO2 nanocomposite via a facile one-pot solution method. The as-prepared CNT/GeO2 nanocomposite appears as webs of curved nanotubes and nanoparticles, forming strong intertwined entanglements with a three-dimensional (3D) network structure. Such a hybrid ...


Fabrication of folate bioconjugated near-infrared fluorescent silver nanoclusters for targeted in vitro and in vivo bioimaging

28-10-2014 | Yong Wang; Cong Dai; Xiu-Ping Yan, Chemical Communication, 2014

Thiolpolyethyleneimine stabilized silver nanoclusters (SH-PEI-AgNCs) with intense NIR fluorescence and chemical stability were fabricated in aqueous solution. The SH-PEI-AgNCs were subsequently bioconjugated with folate for targeted in vitro and in vivo bioimaging.


Solution scattering studies of the hierarchical assembly of porphyrin trimers based on benzene triscarboxamide

28-10-2014 | Richard van Hameren; Arend van Buul; Dirk Visser; Richard K Heenan; Stephen M King; Alan Rowan; Roeland J.M. Nolte; ..., Soft Matter, 2014

The self-assembly of achiral and chiral porphyrin trimers based on benzene triscarboxamide in solution is studied with the help of NMR, FT-IR, UV-vis, and CD spectroscopy. These studies revealed that in apolar solvents the porphyrin trimers self-assembled in columnar stacks via a combination of ...


Rational design of a room temperature molecular spin switch. The light-driven coordination induced spin state switch (LD-CISSS) approach

28-10-2014 | M. Dommaschk; C. Schütt; S. Venkataramani; U. Jana; C. Näther; F. D. Sönnichsen; R. Herges, Dalton Transactions, 2014

Extensive use of quantum chemical calculations has been made to rationally design a molecule whose spin state can be switched reversibly using light of two different wavelengths at room temperature in solution. Spin change is induced by changing the coordination number of a nickel complex. The ...


Make PyrophosphateVisible: The First Precipitable and Real-time Fluorescent Sensor for Pyrophosphate in Aqueous Solution

28-10-2014 | Xiao-Qi Yu; Shu-Yan Jiao; Kun Li; Xin Wang; Zeng Huang; Lin Pu, Analyst, 2014

An in situ generated BINOL-DPA-Zn(II) complex was presented as a chemo-sensing ensemble for the recognition of phosphate-based molecules. The ensemble showed high sensitivity and selectivity for pyrophosphates (PPi), it could be successfully applied in imaging PPi in living cells. Notably, ...


Supramolecular interaction of labetalol with cucurbit[7]uril for its sensitive fluorescence detection

28-10-2014 | Huangxian Ju; Chang-Feng Li; Jianxia Feng, Analyst, 2014

This work studied the host-guest interaction between cucurbit[7]uril (CB[7]) and labetalol in acidic aqueous solution and proposed a simple competitive method for fluorescence detection of labetalol. The binding constant of labetalol-CB[7] was (1.83±0.22)×106 M−1, which was much greater than ...


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