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Nanomaterial-based Biosensors using Dual Transducing Elements for Solution Phase Detection

03-Mar-2015 | Ning Li; Xiaodi Su; Yi Lu, Analyst, 2015

Biosensors incorporating nanomaterials have demonstrated superior performance compared to their conventional counterparts. Most reported sensors use nanomaterials as a single transducer of signals, while biosensor designs using dual transducing elements have emerged as new approaches to further ...


Separation and concentration of sulfonylurea herbicides in milk by ionic‐liquid‐based foam flotation solid‐phase extraction

27-Feb-2015 | Liyuan Zhang, Bocheng Cao, Di Yao, Runzhong Yu, Changqing Yu, Hanqi Zhang, Aimin Yu, Journal of Separation Science, 2015

The ultrasound‐assisted ionic liquid foam flotation solid‐phase extraction of sulfonylurea herbicides in milk was developed and validated. The proteins and lipids were isolated from the sample matrix by adding salt and adjusting pH value. The target analytes eluted from the solid‐phase ...


A high-throughput and selective method for the measurement of surface areas of silver nanoparticles

25-Feb-2015 | Yuana Elly Agustin; Shen-Long Tsai, Analyst, 2015

A high-throughput and selective method based on biomolecule affinity coordination was employed for measuring nanoparticle surface area in solution. In this design, silver binding peptides (AgBPs) are immobilized on bacterial cellulose via the fusion with cellulose binding domains to capture ...


An ESIPT-based fluorescent probe for highly selective and ratiometric detection of mercury (II) in solution and in cells

25-Feb-2015 | Biao Gu; Liyan Huang; Naxiu Mi; Peng Yin; Youyu Zhang; Xin-Man Tu; Xu-Biao Luo; Shenglian Luo; Shouzhuo Yao, Analyst, 2015

A novel ratiometric fluorescent Hg2+ detecting system was rationally developed based on the typical excited state intramolecular proton transfer (ESIPT) characteristic of the latent fluorophore, 2-(1-(p-tolyl)-1H-phenanthro[9,10-d]imidazol-2-yl)phenol (Pol) and the Hg2+-mediated the cleavage of ...


Label-Free Free-Solution Nanoaperture Optical Tweezers for Single Molecule Protein Studies

25-Feb-2015 | Ahmed A Al Balushi; Abhay Kotnala; Skyler Wheaton; Ryan M. Gelfand; Yashaswini Rajashekara; Reuven Gordon, Analyst, 2015

Nanoaperture optical tweezers are emerging as useful label-free, free-solution tools for the detection and identification of biological molecules and their interactions at the single molecule level. Nanoaperture optical tweezers provide a low-cost, scalable, straight-forward, high-speed and ...


Desalting Large Protein Complexes during Native Electrospray Mass Spectrometry by Addition of Amino Acids to the Working Solution.

25-Feb-2015 | David Clarke; Dominic Campopiano, Analyst, 2015

Native mass spectrometry is a rapidly emerging field for characterising the structure of proteins and protein assemblies. The technique relies on electrospray ionisation (ESI) to efficiently ionise the protein analyte and transmit it into the gas phase with retention of protein structure, ...


Dispersive solid–liquid‐phase microextraction based on nanomagnetic preyssler heteropolyacid: A novel method for the preconcentration of nortriptyline

24-Feb-2015 | Zarrin Es'haghi, Sara Hooshmand, Journal of Separation Science, 2015

In this study, a new, simple, rapid and efficient method combined with UV visible spectrophotometry and high‐performance liquid chromatography analysis was developed for the extraction and determination of nortriptyline. The tendency of the preyssler tungsten heteropolyacid, H14[NaP5W30O110], ...


Confocal micro‐XRF analysis of light elements with Rh X‐ray tube and its application for painted steel sheet

24-Feb-2015 | Ryota Yagi, Kouichi Tsuji, X-Ray Spectrometry, 2015

A confocal micro‐X‐ray fluorescence (XRF) instrument with a vacuum chamber was applied for analysis of light elements for painted steel sheet. Because this instrument is equipped with a Rh‐anode X‐ray tube, light elements are excited more effectively by the Rh‐L lines. However, it was difficult ...


Combined analysis of enamelled and gilded glassware from Frederick II Castle at Melfi (Italy) to identify technology and raw materials

23-Feb-2015 | Maria Cristina Caggiani, Nicoletta Ditaranto, Maria Rachele Guascito, Pasquale Acquafredda, Rocco Laviano, Lorena Ca ..., X-Ray Spectrometry, 2015

A group of enamelled and gilded glass objects, coming from Melfi Castle (PZ ‐ Italy) from an area dated to the period between the end of the 12th and the last quarter of the 13th century, offered the opportunity to closely investigate this technology with the aim of understanding the raw ...


Quick quantification of proteins by MALDI

18-Feb-2015 | Sung Hee Ahn, Jeong Won Kang, Jeong Hee Moon, Kwang Pyo Kim, Seong Hoon Lee, Myung Soo Kim, Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 2015

Previously, we reported that the matrix‐assisted laser desorption ionization spectrum of a peptide became reproducible when an effective temperature was held constant. Using a calibration curve drawn by plotting the peptide‐to‐matrix ion abundance ratio versus the peptide concentration in a ...


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