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Variation in the chromatographic, material, and chemical characteristics of methacrylate‐based polymer monoliths during photoinitiated low‐temperature polymerization

30-Apr-2016 | Ayumi KOBAYASHI, Takuya NAKAZA, Tomohiko HIRANO, Shinya KITAGAWA, Hajime OHTANI, Journal of Separation Science, 2016

Both separation the behavior and structure of a polymer monolith column depend on both the reaction solution composition and the polymerization conditions. In photo‐initiated low‐temperature polymerization, polymerization temperature, irradiation intensity, and polymerization time were key ...


Commercial Copper Foam as an Effective 3D Porous Electrode for Nonenzymatic Glucose Detection

29-Apr-2016 | Lili Bie, Xue Luo, Luqi Kang, Daiping He, Ping Jiang, Electroanalysis, 2016

Abstract Commercially available copper foam (CF) was used as a 3D porous electrochemical sensing platform for nonenzymatic glucose detection. CF shows high electrocatalytic activity towards glucose oxidation and can be used directly for glucose electrochemical sensing without any pretreatment. ...


Iron oxide nanotube film formed on carbon steel for photoelectrochemical water splitting: effect of annealing temperature

29-Apr-2016 | Hongda Deng, Mao‐Chia Huang, Wei‐Heng Weng, Jing‐Chie Lin, Surface and Interface Analysis, 2016

Carbon steels (CSs) were anodized in an ethylene glycol solution containing 3 vol.% H2O and 0.1 m NH4F to coat with nanotube arrays film. The as anodized nanotube arrays film were annealed in argon atmosphere at various temperatures ranging from 250 to 550 °C for 4 h. The morphology and crystal ...


Sensors, Vol. 16, Pages 620: A Magnetic Field Sensor Based on a Magnetic Fluid-Filled FP-FBG Structure

29-Apr-2016 | Xia, Ji ; Wang, Fuyin ; Luo, Hong ; Wang, Qi ; Xiong, Shuidong, Sensors, 2016

Based on the characteristic magnetic-controlled refractive index property, in this paper, a magnetic fluid is used as a sensitive medium to detect the magnetic field in the fiber optic Fabry-Perot (FP) cavity. The temperature compensation in fiber Fabry-Perot magnetic sensor is demonstrated and ...


Separation and Detection of Amino Acid Metabolites of Escherichia Coli in Microbial Fuel Cell with Capillary Electrophoresis

28-Apr-2016 | Wei Wang, Lihong Ma, Ping Lin, Kaixuan Xu, ELECTROPHORESIS, 2016

In this work, CE‐LIF was employed to investigate the amino acid metabolites produced by Escherichia coli (E coli) in microbial fuel cell (MFC). Two peptides, L‐carnosine and L‐alanyl‐glycine, together with six amino acids, cystine, alanine, lysine, methionine, tyrosine, arginine were separated ...


Enhancing resolution of free flow zone electrophoresis via a simple sheath‐flow sample injection

28-Apr-2016 | Ying Yang, Fan‐Zhi Kong, Ji Liu, Jun‐Min Li, Xiao‐Ping Liu, Guo‐Qing Li, Ju‐Fang Wang, Hua Xiao, Liu‐Yin Fan, Cheng‐ ..., ELECTROPHORESIS, 2016

In this work, a simple and novel sheath‐flow sample injection method (SFSIM) is introduced to reduce the band broadening of FFZE separation in newly‐developed self‐balance FFE instrument. A needle injector was placed in the center of the separation inlet, into which the background electrolyte ...


Bioelectrocatalytic Activity of Immobilized Alcohol Oxidase on 4‐(pyrrole‐1‐yl) Benzoic Acid Modified Carbon Nanotubes

27-Apr-2016 | Barbara Kowalewska, Katarzyna Jakubow, Electroanalysis, 2016

Abstract A novel bioelectrocatalytic system was prepared by immobilizing alcohol oxidase (AOx) onto multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) modified with 4‐(pyrrole‐1‐yl) benzoic acid (PyBA). Functional carboxylic groups from PyBA create covalent amide linkages with amine groups from the enzyme ...


Rapid point‐of‐care identification of oral medications in gastric lavage content by ambient mass spectrometry in the emergency room

27-Apr-2016 | Chi‐Wei Lee, Hung Su, Kun‐Da Wu, Jentaie Shiea, Deng‐Chyang Wu, Bai‐Hsiun Chen, Shyi‐Jang Shin, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2016

Rationale Acute poisoning should be handled with high efficiency in order to minimize morbidity and mortality in the emergency room. Unfortunately, history‐taking and physical examination are not always reliable. Mis‐swallowing of oral medications is common in the pediatric group. This study ...


Sensors, Vol. 16, Pages 607: An Embedded Sensor Node Microcontroller with Crypto-Processors

27-Apr-2016 | Panić, Goran ; Stecklina, Oliver ; Stamenković, Zoran, Sensors, 2016

Wireless sensor network applications range from industrial automation and control, agricultural and environmental protection, to surveillance and medicine. In most applications, data are highly sensitive and must be protected from any type of attack and abuse. Security challenges in wireless ...


Quantitative Analysis of Trace Palladium Contamination in Solution using Electrochemical X-Ray Fluorescence (EC-XRF)

27-Apr-2016 | Zoe J Ayres; Mark Edward Newton; Julie V Macpherson, Analyst, 2016

The application of electrochemical X-ray fluorescence (EC-XRF), for the detection of palladium (Pd) contamination in a range of solutions containing electrochemically active compounds, present in excess and relevant to the pharmaceutical and food industries, is reported. In EC-XRF, EC is used to ...


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