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Novel integrated and portable endotoxin detection system based on an electrochemical biosensor

18-11-2014 | Ana Zuzuarregui; David Souto; Eva Perez-Lorenzo; Fernando Arizti; Susana Sánchez-Gómez; Guillermo Martínez de Tejada ..., Analyst, 2014

This paper describes the design, implementation and validation of a sensitive and integral technology solution for endotoxin detection. The unified and portable platform is based on the electrochemical detection of endotoxins using a synthetic peptide immobilized on a thin-film biosensor. The ...


Making pyrophosphate visible: the first precipitable and real-time fluorescent sensor for pyrophosphate in aqueous solution

18-11-2014 | Shu-Yan Jiao; Kun Li; Xin Wang; Zeng Huang; Lin Pu; Xiao-Qi Yu, Analyst, 2014

An in situ generated BINOL–DPA–Zn(ii) complex is presented as a chemo-sensing ensemble for the recognition of phosphate-based molecules. The ensemble showed high sensitivity and selectivity for pyrophosphates (PPi), and it could be successfully applied in imaging PPi in living cells. Notably, the ...


Sensors, Vol. 14, Pages 21535-21548: Magnetic Bead-Based Colorimetric Immunoassay for Aflatoxin B1 Using Gold Nanoparticles

14-11-2014 | Wang, Xu ; Niessner, Reinhard ; Knopp, Dietmar, Sensors, 2014

A competitive colorimetric immunoassay for the detection of aflatoxin B1 (AFB) has been established using biofunctionalized magnetic beads (MBs) and gold nanoparticles (GNPs). Aflatoxin B1-bovine serum albumin conjugates (AFB-BSA) modified MBs were employed as capture probe, which could ...


Ionic‐liquid‐based, manual‐shaking‐ and ultrasound‐assisted, surfactant‐enhanced emulsification microextraction for the determination of three fungicide residues in juice samples

13-11-2014 | Xiaochu Chen, Xiangwei You, Fengmao Liu, Fan Hou, Xu Zhang, Journal of Separation Science, 2014

A novel manual shaking and ultrasound‐assisted surfactant‐enhanced emulsification microextraction method was developed for the determination of three fungicides in juice samples. In this method, the ionic liquid, 1‐ethyl‐3‐methylimidazolium bis[(trifluoromethyl)sulfonyl]imide, instead of a ...


Evaluation of the combination of a dispersive liquid‐liquid microextraction method with micellar electrokinetic chromatography coupled to mass‐spectrometry for the determination of estrogenic compounds in milk and yogurt

13-11-2014 | Giovanni D'Orazio, María Asensio‐Ramos, Javier Hernández‐Borges, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez‐Delgado, Salvatore Fanali, ELECTROPHORESIS, 2014

In this work, the suitability of a methodology based on dispersive liquid‐liquid microextraction (DLLME) has been evaluated for the extraction of four endoestrogens (estriol, 17α‐estradiol, 17β‐estradiol and estrone), an exoestrogen (17α‐etynylestradiol) and a mycotoxin (zearalenone), together ...


Ink Dating Using Thermal Desorption and Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry: Comparison of Results Obtained in Two Laboratories

12-11-2014 | Agnès Koenig, Jürgen Bügler, Dieter Kirsch, Fritz Köhler, Céline Weyermann, Journal of Forensic Sciences, 2014

Abstract An ink dating method based on solvent analysis was recently developed using thermal desorption followed by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) and is currently implemented in several forensic laboratories. The main aims of this work were to implement this method in a new ...


Voltammetric Determination of 2‐Aminofluoren‐9‐one and Investigation of Its Interaction with DNA on a Glassy Carbon Electrode

11-11-2014 | Andrea Hájková, Jiří Barek, Vlastimil Vyskočil, Electroanalysis, 2014

Abstract Voltammetric behavior of the genotoxic environmental pollutant 2‐aminofluoren‐9‐one (2‐AFN) was investigated using direct current voltammetry (DCV) and differential pulse voltammetry (DPV) at a glassy carbon electrode (GCE) in both negative and positive potential regions. For the ...


Hydrogen peroxide concentration by pervaporation of a ternary liquid solution in microfluidics

11-11-2014 | Iwona Ziemecka; Benoit Scheid; Benoit Haut, Lab on a Chip, 2014

Pervaporation in a microfluidic device is performed on liquid ternary solutions of hydrogen peroxide/water/methanol in order to concentrate hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) by removing methanol. The quantitative analysis of the pervaporation of solutions with different initial compositions is performed, ...


Sensors, Vol. 14, Pages 21281-21315: Online Variational Bayesian Filtering-Based Mobile Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks

11-11-2014 | Zhou, Bingpeng ; Chen, Qingchun ; Li, Tiffany Jing; Xiao, Pei, Sensors, 2014

The received signal strength (RSS)-based online tracking for a mobile node in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is investigated in this paper. Firstly, a multi-layer dynamic Bayesian network (MDBN) is introduced to characterize the target mobility with either directional or undirected movement. In ...


Sensors, Vol. 14, Pages 21316-21328: The Influence of Nanopore Dimensions on the Electrochemical Properties of Nanopore Arrays Studied by Impedance Spectroscopy

11-11-2014 | Kant, Krishna ; Priest, Craig ; Shapter, Joe G.; Losic, Dusan, Sensors, 2014

The understanding of the electrochemical properties of nanopores is the key factor for better understanding their performance and applications for nanopore-based sensing devices. In this study, the influence of pore dimensions of nanoporous alumina (NPA) membranes prepared by an anodization ...


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