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“Ready-to-Use” Hollow Nanofiber Membrane-Based Glucose Testing Strips

21-10-2014 | Xiaoyuan Ji; Zhiguo Su; Ping Wang; Guanghui Ma; Songping Zhang, Analyst, 2014

A novel “ready-to-use” glucose test strip based on polyurethane hollow nanofibers membrane was fabricated through facile co-axial electrospinning. By involving glucose oxidase and horseradish peroxidase in the core-phase solution, and chromogenic agent either in core-solution (in case of ...


Sensors, Vol. 14, Pages 19507-19516: Multifrequency Excitation Method for Rapid and Accurate Dynamic Test of Micromachined Gyroscope Chips

17-10-2014 | Deng, Yan ; Zhou, Bin ; Xing, Chao ; Zhang, Rong, Sensors, 2014

A novel multifrequency excitation (MFE) method is proposed to realize rapid and accurate dynamic testing of micromachined gyroscope chips. Compared with the traditional sweep-frequency excitation (SFE) method, the computational time for testing one chip under four modes at a 1-Hz frequency ...


Electrochemical Behavior of Nicotine at Unmodified Carbon Paste Electrode and Its Determination in a Set of Refilling Liquids for Electronic Cigarettes

16-10-2014 | Matěj Stočes, Ivan Švancara, Electroanalysis, 2014

Abstract In this manuscript, a carbon paste electrode (CPE) from traditional components has been used to study the electrochemical oxidation of nicotine and its feasibility to be performed at unmodified and otherwise untreated carbon paste in an effort to propose a simple voltammetric method ...


Oligopeptide-heavy metal interaction monitoring by hybrid gold nanoparticles based assay.

15-10-2014 | jane politi; JOLANDA SPADAVECCHIA; Mario Iodice; Luca De Stefano, Analyst, 2014

Phytochelatins are small peptides that can be found in several organisms, which uses these oligopeptides to handle heavy metal elements. Here, we report a method of monitoring interactions between lead (II) ions in aqueous solution and Phytochelatin 6 oligopeptides bioconjugated onto pegylated ...


Glyconanoparticles for colorimetric bioassays

15-10-2014 | María J. Marín; Claire L. Schofield; Robert A. Field; David A. Russell, Analyst, 2014

Carbohydrate molecules are involved in many of the cellular processes that are important for life. By combining the specific analyte targeting of carbohydrates with the multivalent structure and change of solution colour as a consequence of plasmonic interactions with the aggregation of metal ...


Sensors, Vol. 14, Pages 19162-19175: HPV Genotyping 9G Membrane Test: A Point-of-Care Diagnostic Platform

15-10-2014 | Song, Keumsoo ; Nimse, Satish Balasaheb; An, Heejung ; Kim, Taisun, Sensors, 2014

The results of HPV detection in 550 cervical samples by cervical cytology were compared with the sequencing analysis and HPV genotyping 9G membrane test. The HPV genotyping 9G membrane test can efficiently identify and discriminate five HR-HPV genotypes. The 100% identical results of HPV ...


Sensitive and selective colorimetric detection of Cu2+ in aqueous medium via aggregation of thiomalic acid functionalized Ag nanoparticles

14-10-2014 | Vairaperumal Tharmaraj; Jyisy Yang, Analyst, 2014

A simple and effective colorimetric method for determination of copper ion was developed in this work. In this method, thiomalic acid functionalized silver nanoparticles (TMA-AgNPs) were prepared and the changes of solution color, which induced by the aggregation of TMA-AgNPs in the presence of ...


Exploration of interactions between membrane proteins embedded in supported lipid bilayers and their antibodies by reflectometric interference spectroscopy-based sensing

14-10-2014 | Yoshikazu Kurihara; Tsuneo Sawazumi; Toshifumi Takeuchi, Analyst, 2014

A microfluidic reflectometric interference spectroscopy (RIfS)-based sensor was fabricated to investigate the activity of multidrug resistance-associated protein 1 (MRP1), applied as a model membrane protein. Vesicles containing MRP1 were immobilized simply by injecting a vesicle solution (50 μg ...


A Solvent Replenishment Solution for Managing Evaporation of Biochemical Reactions in Air-Matrix Digital Microfluidics Devices

14-10-2014 | Mais J. Jebrail; Ron Renzi; Anupama Sinha; Jim Van De Vreugde; Carmen Gondhalekar; Cesar Ambriz; Robert J Meagher; S ..., Lab on a Chip, 2014

Digital microfluidics (DMF) is a powerful technique for sample preparation and analysis for a broad range of biological and chemical applications. In many cases, it is desirable to carry out DMF on an open surface, such that the matrix surrounding the droplets is ambient air. However, the utility ...


Characterization of Cr(V)-induced genotoxicity using CdTe nanocrystals as fluorescent probes

14-10-2014 | Wen-hao Zhang; Chao-Xia Sui; Xie Wang; Gong-Ju Yin; Ying-Fan Liu; Ding Zhang, Analyst, 2014

CdTe nanocrystals capped by cysteamine were synthesized to study Cr(V)-induced genotoxicity. On the surface of TiO2 thin films, the stepwise process of DNA breakage induced by Cr(V)-GSH complexes was vividly observed by using CdTe-DNA self-assembled fluorescent probes; In acetate buffer solution, ...


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