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One-step synthesis of Ag–reduced graphene oxide–multiwalled carbon nanotubes for enhanced antibacterial activities

16-Apr-2015 | Leila Shahriary; Roopa Nair; Sushma Sabharwal; Anjali A. Athawale, New Journal of Chemistry, 2015

The present study reports a rapid one-step preparation of Ag nanoparticles decorated reduced graphene oxide–multiwalled carbon nanotube hybrids (Ag–rGO–MWCNTs) by heating a mixture of graphene oxide (GO), acid functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes (f-MWCNTs), and an aqueous solution of ...


Predicting accurate absolute binding energies in aqueous solution: thermodynamic considerations for electronic structure methods

16-Apr-2015 | Jan H. Jensen, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

Recent predictions of absolute binding free energies of host-guest complexes in aqueous solution using electronic structure theory have been encouraging for some systems, while other systems remain problematic. In this paper I summarize some of the many factors that could easily contribute 1-3 ...


Structure determination of bound nitrogen-based adducts with copper(II) acetylacetonato; an EPR, ENDOR and DFT study

15-Apr-2015 | Emma Carter; Katherine M. Sharples; James A. Platts; Damien M. Murphy, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

The adducts of bis(acetylacetonato)–copper(ii), [Cu(acac)2], formed with a range of nitrogen heterocycles including pyridine (2), methylpyridines (3,4,5), amino-methylpyridines (6,7) and diazines (8,9,10) were investigated in frozen solution using X-band EPR and 1H ENDOR spectroscopy. The small ...


Cyano- and chloro-substituted coronene diimides as solution-processable electron-transporting semiconductors

15-Apr-2015 | Chenhao Zhang; Ke Shi; Kang Cai; Jiajun Xie; Ting Lei; Qifan Yan; Jie-Yu Wang; Jian Pei; Dahui Zhao, Chemical Communication, 2015

3,4,9,10-Tetracyano- and tetrachlorocoronene-1,6,7,12-tetracarboxy diimides with low LUMO levels at −3.9 to −4.2 eV are developed. These molecules manifest potent n-type semiconductive capability in solution-processed field-effect transistors, with electron mobilities of up to 0.16 cm2 V−1 s−1 ...


Controlled synthesis of monodisperse [small alpha]-calcium sulfate hemihydrate nanoellipsoids with a porous structure

15-Apr-2015 | Guangming Jiang; Qiaoshan Chen; Caiyun Jia; Sen Zhang; Zhongbiao Wu; Baohong Guan, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

We report a facile and green chemical solution approach to synthesize monodisperse α-calcium sulfate hemihydrate (α-HH) nanoellipsoids with a length of 600 nm and a width of 300 nm by simply mixing Ca2+ and SO42− glycerol–water precursor solutions in the presence of Na2EDTA. The α-HH ...


Collisional relaxation of apocarotenals: identifying the S* state with vibrationally excited molecules in the ground electronic state S0*

15-Apr-2015 | Florian Ehlers; Mirko Scholz; Jens Schimpfhauser; Jürgen Bienert; Kawon Oum; Thomas Lenzer, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

In recent work, we demonstrated that the S* signal of β-carotene observed in transient pump–supercontinuum probe absorption experiments agrees well with the independently measured steady-state difference absorption spectrum of vibrationally hot ground state molecules S0* in solution, recorded at ...


On the fate of hydraulic fracturing fluid additives: Thermochemical sulfate reduction reaction of sodium dodecyl sulfate

13-Apr-2015 | Author(s): Payman Pirzadeh , Shaunak Raval , Robert A. Marriott, Organic Geochemistry, 2015

Publication date: June–July 2015 Source:Organic Geochemistry, Volumes 83–84 Author(s): Payman Pirzadeh , Shaunak Raval , Robert A. Marriott Hydraulic fracturing is a key technology for unlocking shale gas resources. While the compatibility and performance of fracturing fluid additives ...


Kinetics, mechanism and equilibrium studies on the substitution reactions of Pd(II) in reference to Pt(II) complexes with bio-molecules

12-Apr-2015 | Author(s): Živadin D. Bugarčić , Jovana Bogojeski , Rudi van Eldik, Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2015

Publication date: 15 May 2015 Source:Coordination Chemistry Reviews, Volume 292 Author(s): Živadin D. Bugarčić , Jovana Bogojeski , Rudi van Eldik An overview of the research in the field of kinetics and mechanisms of substitution reactions of Pd(II) complexes with sulfur and nitrogen ...


Growth and characterization of thin oriented Co3O4 (111) films obtained by decomposition of layered cobaltates NaxCoO2

12-Apr-2015 | Author(s): Josef Buršík , Miroslav Soroka , Radomír Kužel , Filip Mika, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 2015

Publication date: July 2015 Source:Journal of Solid State Chemistry, Volume 227 Author(s): Josef Buršík , Miroslav Soroka , Radomír Kužel , Filip Mika The formation and structural characterization of highly (111)-oriented Co3O4 films prepared by a novel procedure from weakly ...


3,5-Disubstituted-2-(2′-pyridylpyrroles) Ir(III) complexes: Structural and photophysical characterization

12-Apr-2015 | Author(s): Teresa F. Mastropietro , Massimo La Deda , Nicolas Godbert , Loredana Ricciardi , Elisabeta I. Szerb ..., Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 2015

Publication date: 15 June 2015 Source:Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Volume 786 Author(s): Teresa F. Mastropietro , Massimo La Deda , Nicolas Godbert , Loredana Ricciardi , Elisabeta I. Szerb , Mauro Ghedini , Iolinda Aiello The synthesis, crystal structure and luminescence ...


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