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Automated Spectrophotometric Analyzer for Rapid Single-Point Titration of Seawater Total Alkalinity

11-09-2013 | Quanlong Li; Fengzhen Wang; Zhaohui Aleck Wang; Dongxing Yuan; Minhan Dai; Jinshun Chen; Junwei Dai; Katherine A. Ho ..., Environmental Science & Technology, 2013

An automated analyzer was developed to achieve fast, precise, and accurate measurements of seawater total alkalinity (AT) based on single-point titration and spectrophotometric pH detection. The single-point titration was carried out in a circulating loop, which allowed the titrant (hydrochloric ...


Multifunctional activated carbon/chitosan composite preparation and its simultaneous adsorption of phenol and Cr(VI) from aqueous solutions

10-09-2013 | Ruihua Huang, Bingchao Yang, Qian Liu, Yanping Liu, Environmental Progress, 2013

The simultaneous adsorption of phenol and Cr(VI) from aqueous solution onto this activated carbon/chitosan composite was investigated. This composite almost removes phenol and Cr(VI) simultaneously in a pH range of 2–5. The removals of phenol and Cr(VI) reached up to 95% when phenol and Cr(VI) ...


Complexation Facilitated Reduction of Aromatic N-Oxides by Aqueous FeII–Tiron Complex: Reaction Kinetics and Mechanisms

09-09-2013 | Yiling Chen; Huichun Zhang, Environmental Science & Technology, 2013

Rapid reduction of carbadox (CDX), olaquindox and several other aromatic N-oxides were investigated in aqueous solution containing FeII and tiron. Consistent with previous work, the 1:2 FeII–tiron complex, FeL26-, is the dominant reactive species as its concentration linearly correlates with the ...


A Natural Driven Membrane Process for Brackish and Wastewater Treatment: Photovoltaic Powered ED and FO Hybrid System

04-09-2013 | Yang Zhang; Luc Pinoy; Boudewijn Meesschaert; Bart Van der Bruggen, Environmental Science & Technology, 2013

In isolated locations, remote areas, or islands, potable water is precious because of the lack of drinking water treatment facilities and energy supply. Thus, a robust and reliable water treatment system based on natural energy is needed to reuse wastewater or to desalinate groundwater/seawater ...


Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Deposition on Model Environmental Surfaces

03-09-2013 | Xiaojun Chang; Dermont C. Bouchard, Environmental Science & Technology, 2013

Deposition of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) on model environmental surfaces was investigated using a quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring (QCM-D). Deposition behaviors of MWNTs on positively and negatively charged surfaces were in good agreement with ...


Aggregation Kinetics of Manganese Dioxide Colloids in Aqueous Solution: Influence of Humic Substances and Biomacromolecules

03-09-2013 | Xiaoliu Huangfu; Jin Jiang; Jun Ma; Yongze Liu; Jing Yang, Environmental Science & Technology, 2013

In this work, the early stage aggregation kinetics of manganese dioxide (MnO2) colloids in aqueous solution and the effects of constituents of natural organic matter (i.e., Suwannee River fulvic acid (SRFA), Suwannee River humic acid (SRHA), alginate, and bovine serum albumin (BSA)) were ...


Raw material selection for pulping and papermaking using TOPSIS multiple criteria decision making design

02-09-2013 | Kumar Anupam, Priti Shivhare Lal, Vimlesh Bist, Arvind Kumar Sharma, Vinay Swaroop, Environmental Progress, 2013

General approach for determining the suitability of a feedstock for pulping and papermaking includes chemical‐morphological analysis, cooking experiments, pulp characterization, and physico‐chemical properties evaluation. This work attempts to simplify this raw material selection problem using a ...


Characterization and utilization of clay‐based construction and demolition wastes as adsorbents for zinc (II) removal from aqueous solutions: an equilibrium and kinetic study

29-08-2013 | Hoda Arabyarmohammadi, Mohammad Mehdi Salarirad, Ali Behnamfard, Environmental Progress, 2013

Clay‐based masonry materials such as brick and tile constitute a significant part among construction and demolition debris. These bulky materials, if not reused or recycled, are mostly landfilled for disposal. In this study, three types of these waste materials including hand‐made bricks ...


Waste Plastic and Pharmaceuticals, Could an Integrated Solution Help?

29-08-2013 | Karel D. Klika, Environmental Science & Technology, 2013

Environmental Science & Technology DOI: 10.1021/es403576t


Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films Technique Equipped with a Mixed Binding Gel for Simultaneous Measurements of Dissolved Reactive Phosphorus and Dissolved Iron

27-08-2013 | Di Xu; Yifei Chen; Shiming Ding; Qin Sun; Yan Wang; Chaosheng Zhang, Environmental Science & Technology, 2013

Developing a technique to track the release of phosphorus (P) and iron (Fe) simultaneously in sediments would be very useful in deepening our understanding of the internal loading process of P coupled with Fe cycling in aquatic systems. In this study, a new technique was established to measure ...


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