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Properties characterisation of polycarbonate and multi‐walled carbon nanotubes composites prepared by solution technique

21-Sep-2015 | Wachirawut Thaithae, Christian Antonio, Piyachat Wattanachai, Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015

Abstract Polycarbonate (PC) and multi‐walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) composites were prepared by solution method where 0–20% w/w MWNTs were added into two types of PC solutions, i.e. a low and a high molecular weight solution. The composites were processed into plastic sheets using a ...


A simple heat transfer model for laminar film condensation of superheated vapours on a vertical plate

12-Sep-2015 | Zhixiang Zhao, Yanzhong Li, Kang Zhu, Yuan Ma, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015

Abstract A mathematical model is developed for the study of free convection film condensation for superheated vapours on a vertical plate. The local film thickness as well as the local heat transfer coefficient (HTC) can be obtained through analytically solving the model. The analytical ...


Poly(arylene sulfide sulfone) hybrid ultrafiltration membrane with TiO2‐g‐PAA nanoparticles: Preparation and antifouling performance

10-Sep-2015 | Shushan Yuan, Juan Wang, Xiaojun Wang, Shengru Long, Gang Zhang, Jie Yang, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2015

Poly(arylene sulfide sulfone) (PASS) is a kind of newly developed polymeric membrane material which has excellent mechanical strength, thermal stability, and solvent resistance. And, it would be a potential material for high temperature ultrafiltration and organic solvent filtration. In this ...


Separation of a Biofuel: Recovery of biobutanol by Salting‐out + Distillation Method

03-Sep-2015 | Shaoqu Xie, Xueqing Qiu, Conghua Yi, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2015

Abstract The ABE fermentation broth was enriched by a prefractionator after being preheated. The enriched ABE solution was salted out by the K2HPO4 solutions at 25 °C, 60 °C, and 80 °C, respectively. The water in the enriched ABE solution was largely removed by the salting‐out method. The ...


Analysis of stagnation region heat transfer of axisymmetric impinging jets on solid surfaces

03-Sep-2015 | Mayank Modak, Krati Garg, Santosh K. Sahu, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2015

Abstract A theoretical model has been proposed to evaluate the heat transfer characteristics of axisymmetric impinging fluid jets on the horizontal hot surface at the stagnation region using energy integral method. A generalized expression involving various modelling parameters such as Nusselt ...


H2S Reactive Absorption from Off‐gas in a Spray Column: Insights from Experimental and Modeling

26-Aug-2015 | Fatemeh Bashipour, Saied Nouri Khorasani, Amir Rahimi, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2015

Abstract H2S removal from off‐gas stream was performed in a spray column by H2S reactive absorption into NaOH solution. The individual and interactive effects of three independent operating variables on percentage of absorbed H2S were investigated: the initial pH of scrubbing solution (pH0), ...


Adsorptive removal of dyes from synthetic and real textile wastewater using magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles: Thermodynamic and mechanistic insights

20-Aug-2015 | Nashaat N. Nassar, Nedal N. Marei, Gerardo Vitale, Laith A. Arar, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015

Abstract Magnetic iron‐oxide nanoparticles exhibit high efficiency in wastewater treatment for many important reasons, including that they can remove contaminants from wastewater rapidly owing to their high external surface area/unit mass and interstice reactivity. Additionally, this type of ...


An efficient non‐Newtonian fluid‐flow simulator for variable aperture fractures

19-Aug-2015 | Joseph P. Morris, Gocha G. Chochua, Andrey V. Bogdan, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015

Abstract Many natural and industrial applications involve non‐Newtonian fluids with high effective viscosity ratios flowing between surfaces with spatial variations in aperture. In particular, hydraulic fracturing operations often require pumping sequences of non‐Newtonian fluids with ...


Wire‐coating by withdrawal from a bath of Phan‐Thien‐Tanner fluid

12-Aug-2015 | Muhammad Asif Javed, Nasir Ali, Tasawar Hayat, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015

In this paper, the problem of coating wire by withdrawing it from a bath of Phan‐Thien‐Tanner (PTT) fluid is investigated. The problem is analyzed using (a) the complete form of the Phan‐Thien‐Tanner (PTT) constitutive equation with a linearized version of the stress coefficient; and (b) the ...


Kinetics of catalytic oxidation of sulphite in diluted aqueous solutions

07-Aug-2015 | Michal Opletal, Petr Novotný, František J. Rejl, Tomáš Moucha, Michal Kordač, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2015

Abstract Catalyzed reaction of sulfite with oxygen is often used by industry for corrosion protection by chemical deoxygenation. The same reaction system is considered very important as a part of atmospheric chemistry due to SO2 immission modeling. In these applications, reaction kinetic data ...


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