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Modification of polydimethylsiloxane with polyvinylpyrrolidone: Influence of reinforcing filler on physico‐mechanical properties

28-Jan-2016 | Shib Shankar Banerjee, Indumathi Ramakrishnan, Bhabani K. Satapathy, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2016

The present article reports an approach for the modification of hydrophobic polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) with low molecular weight hydrophilic polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) via solution blending method to develop new PDMS‐based materials with improved mechanical performance and wettability which can ...


A new model based on coupling of MEP/CFD/ILIA for prediction of primary atomization

27-Jan-2016 | Seyed Mostafa Hosseinalipour, Hadiseh Karimaei, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2016

Abstract The maximum entropy principle (MEP) is one of the first methods which were used to predict droplet size and velocity distributions of sprays. Due to some drawbacks of this model, the predicted results are not well matched with experimental data. This paper presents a different ...


Exact solution of heat transfer problem for generalized newtonian flow between two infinite parallel plates

19-Jan-2016 | Aidar I. Kadyirov, Ekaterina K. Vachagina, Anastasiya A. Kaynova, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2016

ABSTRACT In this paper the exact solution of the heat transfer problem for generalized Newtonian flow between two infinite parallel plates is obtained by using the Fourier method and taking into account the viscous dissipation of the fluid. The original variable is proposed to expand the ...


Benchmarking of gas‐assisted atomization systems for liquid disintegration

14-Jan-2016 | Astrid Günther, Aljoscha Lampa, Udo Fritsching, Jewe Schröder, Agnes Kleinhans, Volker Gaukel, Heike P. Schuchmann, ..., Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2016

Abstract Gas atomization of viscous liquid solutions or melts is a versatile technique for powder production. In this study four different gas–assisted atomizer systems are compared to assess their atomization performance for water and polymer solution feeds. An external mixing twin‐fluid ...


Polyacrylonitrile solution homogeneity study by dynamic shear rheology and the effect on the carbon fiber tensile strength

13-Jan-2016 | Bradley A. Newcomb, Prabhakar V. Gulgunje, Yaodong Liu, Kishor Gupta, Manjeshwar G. Kamath, Chandrani Pramanik, Sush ..., Polymer Engineering and Science, 2016

Poly(acrylonitrile‐co‐methacrylic acid) (PAN‐co‐MAA)/N,N‐dimethylformamide (DMF) solutions were prepared and dynamic shear rheology of these solutions were investigated. With increasing stirring time up to 72 h at 70°C, the polymer solution became less elastic (more liquid‐like) with a ∼60% ...


Partial oxidation of methane to syngas over Pt/Rh/MgO catalyst supported on FeCralloy woven fibre

12-Jan-2016 | Z. Ma, P. Ouzilleau, C. Trevisanut, C. Neagoe, S. Lotfi, D. C. Boffito, G. S. Patience, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2016

Abstract Integrating a high pressure syngas step with Fischer‐Tropsch (FT) in a single vessel reduces investment and operating costs to synthesize GtL liquids. Methane catalytic partial oxidation (CPOX) to produce syngas for FT is an economic opportunity for micro‐refineries. Many metals and ...


Consequence modeling of dynamic source terms

09-Jan-2016 | Michael James, Process Safety Progress, 2016

While several dispersion modeling tools provide modeling tools for static situations, it is challenging to model conditions when there are several variables continually changing. This article discusses several modeling approaches to solve the source term of a release event, including: tracking ...


Newtonian and non‐Newtonian flows in microchannels: in‐line rheological characterisation

04-Jan-2016 | Taotao Fu, Odile Carrier, Denis Funfschilling, Youguang Ma, Huai Z. Li, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2016

Abstract The micro‐particle image velocimetry (micro‐PIV) is a quantitative full field technique for the velocity measurement for flows in microfluidics. The flow fields of both Newtonian and non‐Newtonian fluids in microchannels were investigated by micro‐PIV. The velocity profiles in various ...


Optimization of anionic dye adsorption onto Melia azedarach sawdust in aqueous solutions: effect of calcium cations

18-Dec-2015 | Aliasghar Najafpoor, Hosein Alidadi, Habibollah Esmaeili, Tahereh Hadilou, Maryam Dolatabadi, Ahmad Hosseinzadeh, Mo ..., Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015

ABSTRACT Adsorption of RR141 (an anionic dye) was carried out onto Melia Azaderach sawdust (MAS) in solutions containing low concentrations of calcium ions. The effect of dye concentration, solution pH, Ca2+ concentration, adsorbent dose, and contact time was investigated by response surface ...


Novel colloidal nanofiber electrolytes from PVA‐organoclay/poly(MA‐alt‐MVE), and their NaOH and Ag‐carrying polymer complexes

17-Dec-2015 | Murat Şimşek, Zakir M. O. Rzayev, Selim Acar, Bahtiyar Salamov, Ulviya Bunyatova, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2015

Novel multifunctional polymer nanofiber electrolytes with covalence crosslinked structures from various solution blends of reactive intercalated poly(vinyl alcohol)/octadecylamine montmorillonite (as a matrix polymer), poly(maleic anhydride‐alt‐methyl vinyl ether) (as a partner polymer) and ...


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