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ChemInform Abstract: The Synthesis of 3,4‐Disubstituted Dihydroquinolin‐2(1H)‐one under Metal‐Free Conditions in Aqueous Solution.

19-Mar-2015 | Hongyan Wang, Bin Sun, Jun Yang, Jitao Wang, Pu Mao, Liangru Yang, Wenpeng Mai, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract A facile synthesis of 3,4‐dihydroquinolone and related naphthyridone derivatives via a metal‐free radical tandem cyclization is developed.


ChemInform Abstract: Transport Properties of the SnBi2Te4—PbBi2Te4 Solid Solution.

19-Mar-2015 | Lin Pan, Jing Li, David Berardan, Nita Dragoe, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract The Sn1‐xPbxBi2Te4 solid solution is characterized by XRD, Hall, Seebeck coefficient, electrical resistivity, thermal conductivity, and specific heat measurements.


ChemInform Abstract: New Complex Bismuth Oxides in the Bi2O3—NiO—Sb2O5 System and Their Properties.

19-Mar-2015 | A. V. Egorysheva, O. G. Ellert, Y. V. Zubavichus, O. M. Gajtko, N. N. Efimov, R. D. Svetogorov, V. Yu. Murzin, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract The pyrochlore‐type solid solution (Bi2‐xNix) Ni2/3‐ySb4/3+yO7+‐δ (x = 0.1‐0.35, y = 0‐0.1) and Bi3Ni2/3Sb7/3O11 of the KSbO3 structure type are discovered in the 650 °C isothermal section of the Bi2O3‐NiO‐Sb2O5 phase diagram.


ChemInform Abstract: Phosphate Enriched Polyoxometalate Based Ionic Salts for Proton Conduction.

19-Mar-2015 | Chandan Dey, Tanay Kundu, Harshitha Barike Aiyappa, Rahul Banerjee, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract A series of [NiMo12O30(PO4)8]n‐ (Ni‐POM) anion and organic cation based ionic composites are prepared under hydrothermal conditions using an EtOH solution of (MoO3)12·H3PO4, conc.


ChemInform Abstract: Synthesis and Characterization of the Phosphates Na1+xMg1+xCr2‐x(PO4)3 (x = 0; 0.2) and NaZnCr2(PO4)3 with the α‐CrPO4 Structure.

12-Mar-2015 | Khalifa Souiwa, Mourad Hidouri, Olivier Toulemonde, Mathieu Duttine, Mongi B. Amara, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract Single crystals of Na1.2Mg1.2Cr1.8(PO4)3 are prepared by drying (353 K, 24 h) a 6N HNO3 solution of Na2CO3, Mg(NO3)2, Cr(NO3)3, (NH4)H2PO4, and MoO3 followed by a complex heating schedule (the formed Na2Mo2O7 is used as a flux in 3‐fold molar excess; Pt crucible, 473‐873 K, 24 ...


ChemInform Abstract: A New Decaoxidooctaborate(2‐) Anion, [B8O10(OH)6]2‐: Synthesis and Characterization of [Co(en)3][B5O6(OH)4] [B8O10(OH)6)]·5H2O (en = 1,2‐Diaminoethane).

12-Mar-2015 | Mohammed A. Altahan, Michael A. Beckett, Simon J. Coles, Peter N. Horton, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract Single crystals of [Co(en)3][B5O6(OH)4] [B8O10(OH)6]·5H2O are prepared by addition of B(OH)3 to a H2O/MeOH solution of [Co(en)3][OH]3 (gentle warming, 3 h; 41% yield).


ChemInform Abstract: Three Structure Types and Intermediate Cerium Valence in the Solid Solution CeRu1—xNixSn.

12-Mar-2015 | Oliver Niehaus, Paula M. Abdala, Rachid St. Touzani, Boniface P. T. Fokwa, Rainer Poettgen, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract Single crystals of the solid solutions CeRu1‐xNixSn (x = 0.12—1) are obtained by melting stoichiometric mixtures of the elements (arc welded Nb ampoules, 1670 K, 5 min; controlled cooling).


ChemInform Abstract: The Palladium(II) Complex of N,N‐Diethyl‐1‐ferrocenyl‐3‐thiabutanamine: Synthesis, Solution and Solid State Structure and Catalytic Activity in Suzuki—Miyaura Reaction.

12-Mar-2015 | Ivan Damljanovic, Dragana Stevanovic, Anka Pejovic, Danijela Ilic, Marija Zivkovic, Jovana Jovanovic, Mirjana Vukice ..., ChemInform, 2015

Abstract The title complex generated in situ is an excellent catalyst in Suzuki—Miyaura coupling.


ChemInform Abstract: Ca2Mn2O5 as Oxygen‐Deficient Perovskite Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Evolution Reaction.

24-Feb-2015 | Jaemin Kim, Xi Yin, Kai‐Chieh Tsao, Shaohua Fang, Hong Yang, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract Phase‐pure O‐deficient Ca2Mn2O5 as an electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in alkaline media is prepared under mild conditions via reductive annealing (350 °C, 5% H2/Ar) of CaMnO3 which is derived by sol‐gel processing of a HNO3 solution of CaCO3, Mn(NO3)2, and citric ...


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