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ChemInform Abstract: Molecular CHEVREL‐Like Clusters [(RhPPh3)6(μ3‐Se)8] and [Pd6(μ3‐Te)8]4‐.

15-May-2015 | Guenther Thiele, Zhiliang You, Stefanie Dehnen, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract [(RhPPh3)6(μ3‐Se)8] ·0.5en is obtained by layering a solution of [K(18‐crown‐6)]2[Pb2Se3] in en with a saturated THF solution of Rh(PPh3)3Cl (2 weeks, 16% yield).


ChemInform Abstract: A Facile Route to Aqueous Ag:ZnCdS and Ag:ZnCdSeS Quantum Dots: Pure Emission Color Tunable over Entire Visible Spectrum.

15-May-2015 | Ruosheng Zeng, Zhiguo Sun, Sheng Cao, Rongan Shen, Zuoji Liu, Jintao Long, Jinju Zheng, Yayun Shen, Xiangnan Lin, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract Aqueous Ag:ZnCdS quantum dots (QDs) are prepared based on a co‐nucleation doping strategy using aqueous solutions of Cd(OAc)2, Zn(OAc)2 (in presence of mercaptopropionic acid; Cd:Zn molar ratio of 1:1), and AgNO3 at pH 7 to which a reactive S (and Se) powder precursor (hydrothermal S ...


ChemInform Abstract: The Mercury‐Richest Europium Amalgam Eu10Hg55.

15-May-2015 | Frank Tambornino, Constantin Hoch, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract Single crystals of Eu10Hg55 are prepared by isothermal electrocrystallization under anhydrous conditions from a solution of EuI3·8DMF in DMF on a reactive Hg cathode (amalgamated Cu spoon, 5 V, 72 h).


ChemInform Abstract: Silver‐Catalyzed Radical Fluorination of Alkylboronates in Aqueous Solution.

15-May-2015 | Zhaodong Li, Zhentao Wang, Lin Zhu, Xinqiang Tan, Chaozhong Li, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract The transformation of primary and secondary boronic acids as well as primary, secondary and tertiary pinacolates and bispinacolates to the corresponding fluorides is described.


ChemInform Abstract: Lanthanide‐Supported Molybdenum—Vanadium Oxide Clusters: Syntheses, Structures and Catalytic Properties.

07-May-2015 | Fei Fei, Haiyan An, Changgong Meng, Lin Wang, Huilong Wang, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract [Ln(H2O)5] 2Mo6V2O26·8H2O (Ln: La, Ce, Nd) are prepared by the reaction of [Mo6V2O26]6‐ with Ln(NO3)3 in aqueous solution at pH 3 (80 °C, 1 h).


ChemInform Abstract: Sol—Gel Synthesis and Room‐Temperature Properties of α‐LiZr2(PO4)3.

07-May-2015 | Hany El‐Shinawi, Colin Greaves, Juergen Janek, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract α‐LiZr2(PO4)3 is prepared by a sol‐gel approach from a stoichiometric solution of Li(OAc) and ZrO(NO3)2 in HNO3 to which EDTA and citric acid is given at pH


ChemInform Abstract: Tuning the Structures of AsMo12 and AsW12 into Chiral Crystals by Introducing CH3CN and H2O.

07-May-2015 | Youlin Wang, Xiaoming Lu, Tao Min, Jun Feng, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract [Na(15‐crown‐5)2] [Na(15‐crown‐5)]2(AsMo12O40)·MeCN (I) and [Na(15‐crown‐5)2] [Na(15‐crown‐5)] 2(AsW12O40)·2H2O (II) are solvothermally synthesized from mixtures of Na2MoO4 or Na2WO4, Na3AsO4, MeCN, MeOH, 15‐crown‐5, and HCl solution (autoclave, pH 2.5—3, 120 °C, 48—72 h).


ChemInform Abstract: Raman Detected Sensing of Volatile Organic Compounds by Vapochromic Cu[AuX2(CN)2]2 (X: Cl, Br) Coordination Polymer Materials.

07-May-2015 | Jeffrey S. Ovens, Daniel B. Leznoff, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract Cu[AuX2(CN)2]2 (X: Cl, Br) are prepared by reacting Cl2 gas with a MeOH suspension of Cu(OH)2[Au(Cn)2]2 or Br2 with the respective aqueous solution.


ChemInform Abstract: Crystal Structure of [Y6(μ6‐O)(μ3‐OH)8 (H2O)24]I8·8H2O.

27-Apr-2015 | Francois Le Natur, Guillaume Calvez, Olivier Guillou, Carole Daiguebonne, Kevin Bernot, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract The title compound precipitates from a solution of Y2O3 in aq.


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