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ChemInform Abstract: Effect of Isovalent Substitution on the Structure and Properties of the Zintl Phase Solid Solution Eu7Cd4Sb8‐xAsx (2 ≤ x ≤ 5).

04-Feb-2016 | Joya Cooley, Nasrin Kazem, Julia V. Zaikina, James C. Fettinger, Susan M. Kauzlarich, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract Eu7Cd4Sb8‐xAsx (x = 2, 3, 4, and 5) solid solutions are prepared from the elements in a molten Sn flux (alumina crucible in evacuated silica tubes, 1.


ChemInform Abstract: Crystal Structure of a New Hybrid Compound Based on an Iodidoplumbate(II) Anionic Motif.

04-Feb-2016 | Oualid Mokhnache, Habib Boughzala, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract Crystals of the one‐dimensional compound (PipH2)2[PbI5]I·H2O (Pip: piperazine) are obtained by slow evaporation of a solution containing a 1:2 molar mixture of PbI2 and piperazine in a 1:1 molar mixture of EtOH and DMF (25 °C, several weeks).


ChemInform Abstract: Perovskites with the Framework‐Forming Xenon.

28-Jan-2016 | Sergey N. Britvin, Sergei A. Kashtanov, Maria G. Krzhizhanovskaya, Andrey A. Gurinov, Oleg V. Glumov, Stanislav Stre ..., ChemInform, 2016

Abstract The new double‐perovskites KM(XeNaO6) (M: Ca, Sr, Ba) are obtained from the hydrothermal reactions of equimolar amounts of alkaline earth nitrates and Na4XeO6 in strong alkaline solution (10N KOH, autoclave, 170 °C, 24 h).


ChemInform Abstract: A Mild and Efficient Route to 3‐Vinylchromones in Aqueous Micellar Media.

28-Jan-2016 | Vikash Kumar, Amrita Chatterjee, Mainak Banerjee, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract By a simple and mild procedure pharmacologically interesting 3‐formylchromanes are synthesized in micellar solution by Knoevenagel condensation with various active methylene compounds.


ChemInform Abstract: Nickel Bicarbonate Revealed as a Basic Carbonate.

28-Jan-2016 | Christine Rincke, Sebastian Bette, Robert E. Dinnebier, Wolfgang Voigt, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract Ni12(CO3)8(OH)8· (x‐1)H2O or Ni12(CO3)8 (OH)6O·xH2O (x = 6‐8) is prepared by two hydrothermal methods employing an aqueous solution of Ni(NO3)2 and urea (autoclave, 1120 °C, 5 h) or by mixing Ni(NO3)2 and NaHCO3 to form amorphous nickel carbonate which is dried and brought together ...


ChemInform Abstract: Crystal Structure of Hydrazine Iron(III) Phosphate, the First Transition Metal Phosphate Containing Hydrazine.

21-Jan-2016 | Renald David, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract [Fe(PO4)(N2H4)]n is prepared under hydrothermal conditions using an aqueous solution of FeCl2 and N2H2 to which KH2PO4 is added (autoclave, 433 K, 10 h).


ChemInform Abstract: Synthesis, Structure, and Pressure‐Induced Polymerization of Li3Fe(CN)6 Accompanied with Enhanced Conductivity.

21-Jan-2016 | Kuo Li, Haiyan Zheng, Takanori Hattori, Asami Sano‐Furukawa, Christopher A. Tulk, Jamie Molaison, Mikhail Feygenson, ..., ChemInform, 2016

Abstract Anhydrous Li3Fe(CN)6 is obtained from samples prepared from freshly precipitated Ag3Fe(CN)6 which is dispersed in a cold LiCl (≈0 °C) solution, filtrated, and freeze dried to arrive at Li3Fe(CN)6·2H2O crystals, the latter being heated in a protective atmosphere (140—150 °C, 20—30 ...


ChemInform Abstract: Cu3(SeO4)2(SeO3OH)2 (H2O)16 — The First Example of a Linear Octahedral—Tetrahedral Heptamer in Inorganic Compounds.

14-Jan-2016 | Vladislav V. Gurzhiy, Alexander Al‐Shuray, Sergey N. Britvin, Sergey V. Krivovichev, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract Single crystals of the new copper selenate Cu3(SeO4)2(SeO3OH)2 (H2O)16 are obtained by hydrothermal reaction of an aqueous solution of (UO2)NO3, Cu(NO3)2, and H2SeO4 (autoclave, 180 °C, 72 h) followed by slow solvent evaporation.


ChemInform Abstract: Route to the Smallest Doped Semiconductor: Mn2+‐Doped (CdSe)13 Clusters.

14-Jan-2016 | Gerd Bacher, et al., ChemInform, 2016

Abstract Mn2+‐doped (CdSe)13 clusters are produced in large scale by heating a mixture of CdCl2 and MnCl2 (10:1) in octylamine (120 °C, 2 h) before adding an octylammonium selenocarbamate solution (25 °C, 40 h).


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