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The Strengthening Role of the Amino Group in Metal–Organic Framework MIL-53 (Al) for Methylene Blue and Malachite Green Dye Adsorption

28-Oct-2015 | Chen Li; Zhenhu Xiong; Jinmiao Zhang; Chunsheng Wu, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2015

In this paper, two kinds of metal–organic frameworks (MOFs), MIL-53(Al) and MIL-53(Al)-NH2, were synthesized. Then these MOFs were used to remove methylene blue and malachite green dyes from aqueous solution. Characterizations of MOFs were carried out by X-ray powder diffraction (XRD), scanning ...


Structure of Colloidal Solution with Size-Asymmetric Electrolytes: A Solvent Primitive Model Investigation

27-Oct-2015 | Chandra N. Patra, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2015

The structure of colloidal solution with size asymmetric electrolytes using a solvent primitive model representation is investigated using density functional theory and Monte Carlo simulation. The solvent is assumed to be an individual component apart from its behavior as a countinuum dielectric ...


Phase Behavior of Biocompatible Microemulsions Formed by Sucrose Stearate in the Presence of Sodium Deoxycholate

26-Oct-2015 | Jingjing Liang; Zhongni Wang, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2015

Biocompatible microemulsion has received increased interest among other self-assembly systems. On the basis of the phase behavior of sucrose stearate (S1570)/isopropyl alcohol/isoamyl acetate/water with α = 0.5 was investigated at 313 K, and found that emulsification occurs in this system. When ...


Adsorptive Separation of Cu2+ from an Aqueous Solution Using Trioctylamine Supported Montmorillonite

23-Oct-2015 | Dipaloy Datta; Hasan Uslu; Sushil Kumar, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2015

Montmorillonite (Mt) was used to remove copper (Cu2+) ion from wastewater stream generated from industrial effluents. This clay was modified (Mt-TOA) by using an amine-based solvent, trioctylamine (TOA). Equilibrium and kinetic experiments were carried out to determine the effect of adsorbent ...


Solid–Liquid Equilibria in the Systems CaBr2–MgBr2–H2O and NaBr–KBr–SrBr2 at 348 K

21-Oct-2015 | Juan-Xin Hu; Shi-Hua Sang; Ting-Ting Zhang; Rui-Zhi Cui; Dan Wang; Xue-Ping Zhang, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2015

The solid–liquid equilibria in the ternary system CaBr2–MgBr2–H2O and quaternary system NaBr–KBr–SrBr2–H2O at 348 K were determined with the method of isothermal solution saturation. Also determined are the densities of saturated solutions. The phase diagram of the ternary system CaBr2–MgBr2–H2O ...


Solubility of Calcium Carbonate in Ammonium Chloride Aqueous Solution at T = (298.15, 323.15, and 348.15) K

14-Oct-2015 | Haipeng Zhao; Jia Chen; Chengqi Liu; Wei Shen; Chao Cai; Yongsheng Ren, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2015

Solubility and physicochemical properties (viscosity, density, and pH value) of calcium carbonate in ammonium chloride aqueous solution at (298.15, 323.15, and 348.15) K were investigated by using isothermal dissolution method. The solubility of calcium carbonate is 0.1521 mmol·kg–1 in water, but ...


Phase Equilibrium in the Ternary System NaH2PO4 + Na2SO4 + H2O at 323.15 K and 343.15 K

08-Oct-2015 | Yang Xiao; Wei Liu; Xu Han, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2015

The ternary system of NaH2PO4 + Na2SO4 + H2O at 323.15 K and 343.15 K is studied by the method of isothermal solution saturation. The equilibrium solid phases are investigated by the Schreinemaker’s method of wet residues and verified by X-ray diffraction. The solubility of the system is ...


Solubility of Hexane in Aqueous Solutions of Methyldiethanolamine

06-Oct-2015 | Emad Alhseinat; Rana Danon; Cornelis Peters; Fawzi Banat, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2015

This paper presents new experimental solubility data of hexane in aqueous amine solutions. A set of simple thermodynamics equilibrium cells were used to measure the solubility of hydrocarbons in aqueous amine systems in the range 298 K to 333 K. Analyses of aqueous liquid samples are performed ...


Solid–Liquid Equilibrium in the Aqueous System Containing the Borates of Potassium, Rubidium, and Magnesium at 348 K

05-Oct-2015 | Hao Shi; Shan Feng; Jiangle Zhang; Yujuan Zhang; Xudong Yu; Ying Zeng, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2015

The stable phase equilibrium and phase diagram of the quaternary system K+, Rb+, Mg2+ // borate·H2O at 348 K were determined by isothermal dissolution method. The densities, refractive indices, and solubility values of the equilibrated solution in the quaternary system were measured. The ...


Phase Equilibria of CO2 Hydrate in the Aqueous Solutions of N-Butyl-N-methylpyrrolidinium Bromide

02-Oct-2015 | Xiao-Dong Shen; Zhen Long; Ling-li Shi; De-Qing Liang, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2015

This work aims at reporting the dissociation pressures of carbon dioxide simple hydrates in the aqueous solution of N-butyl-N-methylpyrrolidinium bromide at four different mass fractions (0.01, 0.05, 0.10, and 0.20) in the pressure range of (2.34 to 3.13) MPa and in the temperature range of ...


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