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Control of Heterogeneous Nucleation and Growth Kinetics of Dopamine-Melanin by Altering Substrate Chemistry

13-Mar-2015 | Luke Klosterman; John K. Riley; Christopher John Bettinger, Langmuir, 2015

Dopamine-melanin (DM or “polydopamine”) can be deposited on virtually any substrate from solution through autoxidation of dopamine. The versatility of this process has allowed surface-mediated assembly of DM for a wide variety of functional coatings. Here we report the impact of well-defined ...


Solubilization of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Using a Peptide Aptamer in Water below the Critical Micelle Concentration

13-Mar-2015 | Zha Li; Tomoshi Kameda; Takashi Isoshima; Eiry Kobatake; Takeshi Tanaka; Yoshihiro Ito; Masuki Kawamoto, Langmuir, 2015

The solubilizing ability of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) in water with several dispersants was investigated. Among the dispersants, including low-molecular-weight surfactants, peptides, DNA, and a water-soluble polymer, the peptide aptamer, A2 (IFRLSWGTYFS), exhibited the highest ...


A Colloid Model System for Interfacial Sorption Kinetics

13-Mar-2015 | Paul F. Salipante; Steven D. Hudson, Langmuir, 2015

Particle adsorption to an interface may be a complicated affair, motivating detailed measurements of various processes involved, to discover better understanding of the role of particle characteristics and solution conditions on adsorption coverage and rate. Here we use micron size colloids with ...


Dendrimer Nanofluids in the Concentrated Regime: From Polymer Melts to Soft Spheres

12-Mar-2015 | Georgia A. Pilkington; Jan S. Pedersen; Wuge H. Briscoe, Langmuir, 2015

Understanding dendrimer structures and their interactions in concentrated solutions is important to a wide range of applications, such as drug delivery and lubrication. However, controversy has persisted concerning whether, when confined to proximity, dendrimers would entangle as observed for ...


An NH Moiety Is Not Required for Anion Binding to Amides in Aqueous Solution

12-Mar-2015 | Kelvin B. Rembert; Halil I. Okur; Christian Hilty; Paul S. Cremer, Langmuir, 2015

Herein, we use a combination of thermodynamic and spectroscopic measurements to investigate the interactions of Hofmeister anions with a thermoresponsive polymer, poly(N,N-diethylacrylamide) (PDEA). This amide-based polymer does not contain an NH moiety in its chemical structure and, thus, can ...


Investigation into the Mechanism and Microstructure of Reaction Intermediates in the Two-Phase Synthesis of Alkanethiol-Capped Silver Nanoparticles

12-Mar-2015 | Farhad Faghihi; Paul Hazendonk; Tony Montina, Langmuir, 2015

To gain better control over the characteristics of the alkanethiol-capped silver nanoparticles (SNP) prepared by the two-phase method, the intermediate stage of this reaction and the structure of the precursor compound were investigated. Samples taken from the intermediate stage of the reaction ...


Interactions of Univalent Counterions with Headgroups of Monomers and Dimers of an Anionic Surfactant

11-Mar-2015 | Anna Jakubowska, Langmuir, 2015

Specific ion effects in solution are related to the hydrated ion size and ion hydration, electrostatic interactions, dispersion forces, ion effects on water structure, and ion modification of surface tension. In this study, we tried to identify which factor determines the ion specificity ...


Proteinlike Copolymers as Encapsulating Agents for Small-Molecule Solutes

10-Mar-2015 | Ravish Malik; Jan Genzer; Carol K. Hall, Langmuir, 2015

We describe the utilization of proteinlike copolymers (PLCs) as encapsulating agents for small-molecule solutes. We perform Monte Carlo simulations on systems containing PLCs and model solute molecules in order to understand how PLCs assemble in solution and what system conditions promote solute ...


Superomniphobic and Easily Repairable Coatings on Copper Substrates Based on Simple Immersion or Spray Processes

09-Mar-2015 | Thomaz C. Rangel; Alexandre F. Michels; Flávio Horowitz; Daniel E. Weibel, Langmuir, 2015

Textures that resemble typical fern or bracken plant species (dendrite structures) were fabricated for liquid repellency by dipping copper substrates in a single-step process in solutions containing AgNO3 or by a simple spray liquid application. Superhydrophobic surfaces were produced using a ...


New One-Step Thiol Functionalization Procedure for Ni by Self-Assembled Monolayers

09-Mar-2015 | Claudio Fontanesi; Francesco Tassinari; Francesca Parenti; Hagai Cohen; Prakash Chandra Mondal; Vankayala Kiran; Ang ..., Langmuir, 2015

This article reports on a facile and fast strategy for the self-assembled monolayer (SAM) functionalization of nickel surfaces, employing cyclic voltammetry (CV) cycling of a suitable tailored solution containing the species to be adsorbed. Results are presented for ultrathin films formed on Ni ...


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