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Hydrido{(acylphosphine)(diphenylphosphinous acid)}rhodium(III) Complexes. Catalysts for the Homogeneous Hydrolysis of Ammonia- or Amine-Boranes under Air

10-10-2014 | Virginia San Nacianceno; Lourdes Ibarlucea; Claudio Mendicute-Fierro; Antonio Rodríguez-Diéguez; José M. Seco; Itzia ..., Organometallics, 2014

The reaction of [RhCl(COD)]2 (COD = 1,5-cyclooctadiene) with PPh2(o-C6H4CHO) (Rh/P = 1:1) in the presence of 4-methylpyridine (4-pic) or isoquinoline (iquin) leads to hydridoacyl complexes [RhHCl(PPh2(o-C6H4CO))L2] (L = 4-pic, 1; iquin, 2). Their reaction with diphenylphosphine oxide affords ...


Reactions of Alkenes and Alkynes with an Acyclic Silylene and Heavier Tetrylenes under Ambient Conditions

09-10-2014 | Felicitas Lips; Akseli Mansikkamäki; James C. Fettinger; Heikki M. Tuononen; Philip P. Power, Organometallics, 2014

Cycloaddition reactions of the acyclic silylene Si(SAriPr4)2 (AriPr4 = C6H3-2,6(C6H3-2,6-iPr2)2) with a variety of alkenes and alkynes were investigated. Its reactions with the alkynes phenylacetylene and diphenylacetylene and the diene 2,3-dimethyl-1,3-butadiene yielded silacycles ...


Hetero-dicarbene Complexes of Palladium(II): Syntheses and Catalytic Activities

09-10-2014 | Dan Yuan; Han Vinh Huynh, Organometallics, 2014

A series of Pd(II) dibromido complexes 2–6 bearing cis-chelating hetero-dicarbenes, which contain two different types of NHCs linked by a propylene chain, have been synthesized. In most cases, the N-methylbenzimidazolin-2-ylidene moiety was kept as one NHC donor, while the other one varies with ...


Synthesis and Reactivity of Four- and Five-Coordinate Low-Spin Cobalt(II) PCP Pincer Complexes and Some Nickel(II) Analogues

09-10-2014 | Sathiyamoorthy Murugesan; Berthold Stöger; Maria Deus Carvalho; Liliana P. Ferreira; Ernst Pittenauer; Günter Allmai ..., Organometallics, 2014

Anhydrous CoCl2 or [NiCl2(DME)] reacts with the ligand PCPMe-iPr (1) in the presence of nBuLi to afford the 15e and 16e square planar complexes [Co(PCPMe-iPr)Cl] (2) and [Ni(PCPMe-iPr)Cl] (3), respectively. Complex 2 is a paramagnetic d7 low-spin complex, which is a useful precursor for a series ...


Stable Silenolates and Brook-Type Silenes with Exocyclic Structures

09-10-2014 | Michael Haas; Roland Fischer; Michaela Flock; Stefan Mueller; Martin Rausch; Robert Saf; Ana Torvisco; Harald Stueger, Organometallics, 2014

The first silenolates with exocyclic structures [(Me3Si)2Si(Si2Me4)2SiC(R)O]−K+ (2a: R = 1-adamantyl; 2b: mesityl; 2c: o-tolyl) were synthesized by the reaction of the corresponding acylcyclohexasilanes 1a–c with KOtBu. NMR spectroscopy and single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis suggest that ...


Site Selectivity of [RuCp*]+ Complexation in Cyclopenta[def]triphenylenes

09-10-2014 | Bryce R. Hoggard; Christopher B. Larsen; Nigel T. Lucas, Organometallics, 2014

A series of new cyclopenta-fused triphenylenes has been synthesized in high yield and reacted with [Ru(μ3-Cl)Cp*]4 to form [RuCp*(η6-arene)]PF6 complexes. Systematic variation of the cyclopenta[def]triphenylene allowed the site of complexation to be probed and the influence of the electronic and ...


Nickel Complexes Featuring Iminophosphorane–Phenoxide Ligands for Catalytic Ethylene Dimerization

08-10-2014 | Thibault Cheisson; Thi-Phuong-Anh Cao; Xavier F. Le Goff; Audrey Auffrant, Organometallics, 2014

A series of bidentate ligands associating an iminophosphorane and a phenoxide were synthesized and coordinated to nickel(II), leading initially to bimetallic KNi adducts. Replacement of the potassium by another metal allowed the isolation and characterization of bimetallic LiNi and AlNi ...


Bis[N,N′-diisopropylbenzamidinato(−)]silicon(II): Cycloaddition Reactions with Organic 1,3-Dienes and 1,2-Diketones

08-10-2014 | Nadine Laskowski; Konstantin Junold; Claudia Kupper; Johannes A. Baus; Christian Burschka; Reinhold Tacke, Organometallics, 2014

Reaction of the donor-stabilized silylene 1 (which is three-coordinate in the solid state and four-coordinate in solution) with organic 1,3-dienes (2,3-dimethyl-1,3-butadiene, 1,3-butadiene, (E,E)-1,4-diphenyl-1,3-butadiene, 2,3-dibenzyl-1,3-butadiene, 1,3-cyclohexadiene, or cyclooctatetraene) ...


Mechanochemical Synthesis of [1,3-(SiMe3)2C3H3]3(Al,Sc), a Base-Free Tris(allyl)aluminum Complex and Its Scandium Analogue

08-10-2014 | Nicholas R. Rightmire; Timothy P. Hanusa; Arnold L. Rheingold, Organometallics, 2014

Unsolvated tris(allyl)aluminum, (C3H5)3Al, has never been isolated, although adducts with THF, OPPh3, and pyridine are known. Attempts to make a base-free derivative with the bulky 1,3-bis(trimethylsilyl)allyl anion (A′) from the reaction of aluminum halides and K[A′] in ethers or by ...


Degenerate Pathways for Metallacycle Ring Inversions: A Common Phenomenon Consistent with the Principle of Microscopic Reversibility

08-10-2014 | Roger G. Letterman; Charles B. Duke, III; Tung T. To; Theodore J. Burkey; Charles Edwin Webster, Organometallics, 2014

Organometallics DOI: 10.1021/om5007165


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