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IJMS, Vol. 16, Pages 6911-6931: Functionalization of Magnetite Nanoparticles as Oil Spill Collector

26-Mar-2015 | Atta, Ayman M.; Al-Lohedan, Hamad A.; Al-Hussain, Sami A., International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2015

In the present study, a new magnetic powder based on magnetite can be used as a petroleum crude oil collector. Amidoximes based on rosin as a natural product can be prepared from a reaction between hydroxylamine and rosin/acrylonitrile adducts. The produced rosin amidoximes were used as capping ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 7206-7227: Performance and Stress Analysis of Metal Oxide Films for CMOS-Integrated Gas Sensors

25-Mar-2015 | Filipovic, Lado ; Selberherr, Siegfried, Sensors, 2015

The integration of gas sensor components into smart phones, tablets and wrist watches will revolutionize the environmental health and safety industry by providing individuals the ability to detect harmful chemicals and pollutants in the environment using always-on hand-held or wearable devices. ...


Materials, Vol. 8, Pages 1369-1383: Preparation and Electrochemical Characterization of Mesoporous Polyaniline-Silica Nanocomposites as an Electrode Material for Pseudocapacitors

25-Mar-2015 | Zu, Lei ; Cui, Xiuguo ; Jiang, Yanhua ; Hu, Zhongkai ; Lian, Huiqin ; Liu, Yang ; Jin, Yushun ; Li, Yan ; Wang, Xiaodong, Materials, 2015

Mesoporous polyaniline-silica nanocomposites with a full interpenetrating structure for pseudocapacitors were synthesized via the vapor phase approach. The morphology and structure of the nanocomposites were deeply investigated by scanning electron microscopy, infrared spectroscopy, X-ray ...


IJMS, Vol. 16, Pages 6694-6717: Limitations and Extensions of the Lock-and-Key Principle: Differences between Gas State, Solution and Solid State Structures

25-Mar-2015 | Schneider, Hans-Jörg, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2015

The lock-and-key concept is discussed with respect to necessary extensions. Formation of supramolecular complexes depends not only, and often not even primarily on an optimal geometric fit between host and guest. Induced fit and allosteric interactions have long been known as important ...


Molecules, Vol. 20, Pages 5165-5183: Influence of Pea Protein Aggregates on the Structure and Stability of Pea Protein/Soybean Polysaccharide Complex Emulsions

20-Mar-2015 | Yin, Baoru ; Zhang, Rujing ; Yao, Ping, Molecules, 2015

The applications of plant proteins in the food and beverage industry have been hampered by their precipitation in acidic solution. In this study, pea protein isolate (PPI) with poor dispersibility in acidic solution was used to form complexes with soybean soluble polysaccharide (SSPS), and the ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 6740-6762: Location Detection and Tracking of Moving Targets by a 2D IR-UWB Radar System

19-Mar-2015 | Nguyen, Van-Han ; Pyun, Jae-Young, Sensors, 2015

In indoor environments, the Global Positioning System (GPS) and long-range tracking radar systems are not optimal, because of signal propagation limitations in the indoor environment. In recent years, the use of ultra-wide band (UWB) technology has become a possible solution for object detection, ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 6586-6606: Tracking Systems for Virtual Rehabilitation: Objective Performance vs. Subjective Experience. A Practical Scenario

19-Mar-2015 | Lloréns, Roberto ; Noé, Enrique ; Naranjo, Valery ; Borrego, Adrián ; Latorre, Jorge ; Alcañiz, Mariano, Sensors, 2015

Motion tracking systems are commonly used in virtual reality-based interventions to detect movements in the real world and transfer them to the virtual environment. There are different tracking solutions based on different physical principles, which mainly define their performance parameters. ...


Entropy, Vol. 17, Pages 1411-1424: Entropy Generation Analysis for a CNT Suspension Nanofluid in Plumb Ducts with Peristalsis

19-Mar-2015 | Akbar, Noreen Sher, Entropy, 2015

The purpose of the current investigation was to discuss the entropy generation analysis for a carbon nanotube (CNT) suspension nanofluid in a plumb duct with peristalsis. The entropy generation number due to heat transfer and fluid friction is formulated. The velocity and temperature ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 2145-2164: Load Frequency Control in Isolated Micro-Grids with Electrical Vehicles Based on Multivariable Generalized Predictive Theory

18-Mar-2015 | Yang, Jun ; Zeng, Zhili ; Tang, Yufei ; Yan, Jun ; He, Haibo ; Wu, Yunliang, Energies, 2015

In power systems, although the inertia energy in power sources can partly cover power unbalances caused by load disturbance or renewable energy fluctuation, it is still hard to maintain the frequency deviation within acceptable ranges. However, with the vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technique, electric ...


IJMS, Vol. 16, Pages 6113-6123: In Vitro Corrosion and Cytocompatibility Properties of Nano-Whisker Hydroxyapatite Coating on Magnesium Alloy for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications

17-Mar-2015 | Yang, Huawei ; Yan, Xueyu ; Ling, Min ; Xiong, Zuquan ; Ou, Caiwen ; Lu, Wei, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2015

We report here the successful fabrication of nano-whisker hydroxyapatite (nHA) coatings on Mg alloy by using a simple one-step hydrothermal process in aqueous solution. The nHA coating shows uniform structure and high crystallinity. Results indicate that nHA coating is promising for improving the ...


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