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Molecules, Vol. 18, Pages 11311-11326: Revealing the Properties of Plant Defensins through Dynamics

13-09-2013 | Valente, Ana Paula; de Paula, Viviane Silva; Almeida, Fabio C. L., Molecules, 2013

Defensins are potent, ancient natural antibiotics that are present in organisms ranging from lower organisms to humans. Although the structures of several defensins have been well characterized, the dynamics of only a few have been studied. This review discusses the diverse dynamics of two plant ...


Sensors, Vol. 13, Pages 12392-12405: A Dry Membrane Protection Technique to Allow Surface Acoustic Wave Biosensor Measurements of Biological Model Membrane Approaches

13-09-2013 | Reder-Christ, Katrin ; Schmitz, Patrick ; Bota, Marian ; Gerber, Ursula ; Falkenstein-Paul, Hildegard ; Fuss, Christ ..., Sensors, 2013

Model membrane approaches have attracted much attention in biomedical sciences to investigate and simulate biological processes. The application of model membrane systems for biosensor measurements is partly restricted by the fact that the integrity of membranes critically depends on the ...


IJMS, Vol. 14, Pages 18881-18898: Spectroscopic Studies of Model Photo-Receptors: Validation of a Nanosecond Time-Resolved Micro-Spectrophotometer Design Using Photoactive Yellow Protein and α-Phycoerythrocyanin

13-09-2013 | Purwar, Namrta ; Tenboer, Jason ; Tripathi, Shailesh ; Schmidt, Marius, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2013

Time-resolved spectroscopic experiments have been performed with protein in solution and in crystalline form using a newly designed microspectrophotometer. The time-resolution of these experiments can be as good as two nanoseconds (ns), which is the minimal response time of the image intensifier ...


Energies, Vol. 6, Pages 4830-4840: Electrostatic Self-Assembly of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles on Graphene Oxides for High Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery Anodes

12-09-2013 | Yoon, Taegyune ; Kim, Jaegyeong ; Kim, Jinku ; Lee, Jung Kyoo, Energies, 2013

Magnetite, Fe3O4, is a promising anode material for lithium ion batteries due to its high theoretical capacity (924 mA h g−1), high density, low cost and low toxicity. However, its application as high capacity anodes is still hampered by poor cycling performance. To stabilize the cycling ...


Sensors, Vol. 13, Pages 12149-12165: A Self-Sensing Active Magnetic Bearing Based on a Direct Current Measurement Approach

11-09-2013 | Niemann, Andries C.; van Schoor, George ; du Rand, Carel P., Sensors, 2013

Active magnetic bearings (AMBs) have become a key technology in various industrial applications. Self-sensing AMBs provide an integrated sensorless solution for position estimation, consolidating the sensing and actuating functions into a single electromagnetic transducer. The approach aims to ...


Energies, Vol. 6, Pages 4660-4681: Coordinated Control of a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator-Based Wind Farm and a Static Synchronous Compensator for Low Voltage Ride-through Grid Code Compliance during Asymmetrical Grid Faults

09-09-2013 | Zheng, Zhong ; Yang, Geng ; Geng, Hua, Energies, 2013

This paper aims to explore a viable solution for a doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG)-based wind farm to meet the reactive support requirement of the low voltage ride-through (LVRT) grid code with safe grid-connected operation during asymmetrical grid faults. First, the control scheme for the ...


IJMS, Vol. 14, Pages 18535-18556: Microfluidic Biosensing Systems Using Magnetic Nanoparticles

09-09-2013 | Giouroudi, Ioanna ; Keplinger, Franz, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2013

In recent years, there has been rapidly growing interest in developing hand held, sensitive and cost-effective on-chip biosensing systems that directly translate the presence of certain bioanalytes (e.g., biomolecules, cells and viruses) into an electronic signal. The impressive and rapid ...


Sensors, Vol. 13, Pages 11797-11817: Automatic Determination of Validity of Input Data Used in Ellipsoid Fitting MARG Calibration Algorithms

05-09-2013 | Olivares, Alberto ; Ruiz-Garcia, Gonzalo ; Olivares, Gonzalo ; Górriz, Juan Manuel; Ramirez, Javier, Sensors, 2013

Ellipsoid fitting algorithms are widely used to calibrate Magnetic Angular Rate and Gravity (MARG) sensors. These algorithms are based on the minimization of an error function that optimizes the parameters of a mathematical sensor model that is subsequently applied to calibrate the raw data. ...


Sensors, Vol. 13, Pages 11709-11727: Design and Implementation of a New Real-Time Frequency Sensor Used as Hardware Countermeasure

04-09-2013 | Jiménez-Naharro, Raúl ; Gómez-Galán, Juan Antonio; Sánchez-Raya, Manuel ; Gómez-Bravo, Fernando ; Pedro-Carrasco, Manuel, Sensors, 2013

A new digital countermeasure against attacks related to the clock frequency is presented. This countermeasure, known as frequency sensor, consists of a local oscillator, a transition detector, a measurement element and an output block. The countermeasure has been designed using a full-custom ...


Molecules, Vol. 18, Pages 10857-10869: Purification, Partial Characterization and Immobilization of a Mannose-Specific Lectin from Seeds of Dioclea lasiophylla Mart.

04-09-2013 | Pinto-Júnior, Vanir Reis; de Santiago, Mayara Queiroz; Osterne, Vinícius José da Silva; Correia, Jorge Luis Almeida; ..., Molecules, 2013

Lectin from the seeds of Dioclea lasiophylla (DlyL) was purified in a single step by affinity chromatography on a Sephadex® G-50 column. DlyL strongly agglutinated rabbit erythrocytes and was inhibited by monosaccharides (D-mannose and α-methyl-D-mannoside) and glycoproteins (ovalbumin and ...


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