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Sensors, Vol. 14, Pages 24029-24045: A Self-Referenced Optical Intensity Sensor Network Using POFBGs for Biomedical Applications

12-12-2014 | Moraleda, Alberto Tapetado; Montero, David Sánchez; Webb, David J.; García, Carmen Vázquez, Sensors, 2014

This work bridges the gap between the remote interrogation of multiple optical sensors and the advantages of using inherently biocompatible low-cost polymer optical fiber (POF)-based photonic sensing. A novel hybrid sensor network combining both silica fiber Bragg gratings (FBG) and polymer FBGs ...


Energies, Vol. 7, Pages 8317-8337: Energy Consumption of a Battery Electric Vehicle with Infinitely Variable Transmission

12-12-2014 | Bottiglione, Francesco ; De Pinto, Stefano ; Mantriota, Giacomo ; Sorniotti, Aldo, Energies, 2014

Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) represent a possible sustainable solution for personal urban transportation. Presently, the most limiting characteristic of BEVs is their short range, mainly because of battery technology limitations. A proper design and control of the drivetrain, aimed at ...


Sensors, Vol. 14, Pages 23970-24003: A Multi-Sensor RSS Spatial Sensing-Based Robust Stochastic Optimization Algorithm for Enhanced Wireless Tethering

12-12-2014 | Parasuraman, Ramviyas ; Fabry, Thomas ; Molinari, Luca ; Kershaw, Keith ; Castro, Mario Di; Masi, Alessandro ; Ferre ..., Sensors, 2014

The reliability of wireless communication in a network of mobile wireless robot nodes depends on the received radio signal strength (RSS). When the robot nodes are deployed in hostile environments with ionizing radiations (such as in some scientific facilities), there is a possibility that some ...


Sustainability, Vol. 6, Pages 9231-9243: Empirical Evaluation of the Effect of Heat Gain from Fiber Optic Daylighting System on Tropical Building Interiors

12-12-2014 | Munaaim, Muhammad Arkam C.; Al-Obaidi, Karam M.; Ismail, Mohd Rodzi; Rahman, Abdul Malek Abdul, Sustainability, 2014

A fiber optic daylighting system is an evolving technology for transporting illumination from sunlight into building interiors. This system is a solution developed by daylighting designers to reduce operational costs and enhance comfort. As an innovative technology, fiber optic daylighting ...


Molecules, Vol. 19, Pages 20709-20730: Chemically Synthesized Glycosides of Hydroxylated Flavylium Ions as Suitable Models of Anthocyanins: Binding to Iron Ions and Human Serum Albumin, Antioxidant Activity in Model Gastric Conditions

11-12-2014 | Al Bittar, Sheiraz ; Mora, Nathalie ; Loonis, Michèle ; Dangles, Olivier, Molecules, 2014

Polyhydroxylated flavylium ions, such as 3',4',7-trihydroxyflavylium chloride (P1) and its more water-soluble 7-O-β-d-glucopyranoside (P2), are readily accessible by chemical synthesis and suitable models of natural anthocyanins in terms of color and species distribution in aqueous solution. ...


Sensors, Vol. 14, Pages 23673-23696: Mobile Phone Middleware Architecture for Energy and Context Awareness in Location-Based Services

10-12-2014 | Galeana-Zapién, Hiram ; Torres-Huitzil, César ; Rubio-Loyola, Javier, Sensors, 2014

The disruptive innovation of smartphone technology has enabled the development of mobile sensing applications leveraged on specialized sensors embedded in the device. These novel mobile phone applications rely on advanced sensor information processes, which mainly involve raw data acquisition, ...


Sustainability, Vol. 6, Pages 9139-9158: Developing a Cell-Based Spatial Optimization Model for Land-Use Patterns Planning

09-12-2014 | Huang, Chun-Wei ; Lin, Yu-Pin ; Ding, Tzung-Su ; Anthony, Johnathen, Sustainability, 2014

This study developed a cell-based spatial optimization model compatible with the ArcGIS platform, termed Dynamically Dimensioned Search Landscape Optimization Planning model (DDSLOP), for landscape planning. The development of the proposed model was based on the Dynamically Dimensioned Search ...


Sensors, Vol. 14, Pages 23563-23580: Precise Temperature Measurement for Increasing the Survival of Newborn Babies in Incubator Environments

08-12-2014 | Frischer, Robert ; Penhaker, Marek ; Krejcar, Ondrej ; Kacerovsky, Marian ; Selamat, Ali, Sensors, 2014

Precise temperature measurement is essential in a wide range of applications in the medical environment, however the regarding the problem of temperature measurement inside a simple incubator, neither a simple nor a low cost solution have been proposed yet. Given that standard temperature sensors ...


IJMS, Vol. 15, Pages 22642-22660: Highly Soluble Monoamino-Substituted Perylene Tetracarboxylic Dianhydrides: Synthesis, Optical and Electrochemical Properties

08-12-2014 | Chen, Kew-Yu ; Chang, Che-Wei, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2014

Three dialkylamino-substituted perylene tetracarboxylic dianhydrides with different n-alkyl chain lengths (n = 6, 12 or 18), 1a–1c, were synthesized under mild conditions in high yields and were characterized by 1H NMR, 13C NMR and high resolution mass spectroscopy. Their optical and ...


Molecules, Vol. 19, Pages 20424-20467: Molecular Modeling to Study Dendrimers for Biomedical Applications

08-12-2014 | Martinho, Nuno ; Florindo, Helena ; Silva, Liana ; Brocchini, Steve ; Zloh, Mire ; Barata, Teresa, Molecules, 2014

Molecular modeling techniques provide a powerful tool to study the properties of molecules and their interactions at the molecular level. The use of computational techniques to predict interaction patterns and molecular properties can inform the design of drug delivery systems and therapeutic ...


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