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[Technical Comment] Comment on “Extreme electric fields power catalysis in the active site of ketosteroid isomerase”

28-Aug-2015 | Deliang Chen; Tor Savidge, Science , 2015

Fried et al. (Reports, 19 December 2014, p. 1510) demonstrate electric field–dependent acceleration of biological catalysis using ketosteroid isomerase as a prototypic example. These findings were not extended to aqueous solution because water by itself has field fluctuations that are too large ...


[Technical Comment] Comment on “Extreme electric fields power catalysis in the active site of ketosteroid isomerase”

28-Aug-2015 | Aditya Natarajan; Filip Yabukarski; Vandana Lamba; Jason P. Schwans; Fanny Sunden; Daniel Herschlag, Science , 2015

Fried et al. (Reports, 19 December 2014, p. 1510) demonstrated a strong correlation between reaction rate and the carbonyl stretching frequency of a product analog bound to ketosteroid isomerase oxyanion hole mutants and concluded that the active-site electric field provides 70% of catalysis. ...


[Review] Crystallization by particle attachment in synthetic, biogenic, and geologic environments

31-Jul-2015 | James J. De Yoreo; Pupa U. P. A. Gilbert; Nico A. J. M. Sommerdijk; R. Lee Penn; Stephen Whitelam; Derk Joester; Hen ..., Science , 2015

Field and laboratory observations show that crystals commonly form by the addition and attachment of particles that range from multi-ion complexes to fully formed nanoparticles. The particles involved in these nonclassical pathways to crystallization are diverse, in contrast to classical models ...


[Perspective] Tracking the merry dance of nanoparticles

17-Jul-2015 | Christian Colliex, Science , 2015

Nanoparticles containing a few tens or hundreds of atoms have applications in an ever-expanding range of areas, from electronics to catalysis and biological sensors. This versatility stems from the high sensitivity of nanoparticle properties to size, chemical composition, and shape, which are ...


[Report] Keeping cool: Enhanced optical reflection and radiative heat dissipation in Saharan silver ants

17-Jul-2015 | Norman Nan Shi; Cheng-Chia Tsai; Fernando Camino; Gary D. Bernard; Nanfang Yu; Rüdiger Wehner, Science , 2015

Saharan silver ants, Cataglyphis bombycina, forage under extreme temperature conditions in the African desert. We show that the ants’ conspicuous silvery appearance is created by a dense array of triangular hairs with two thermoregulatory effects. They enhance not only the reflectivity of the ...


[Report] 3D structure of individual nanocrystals in solution by electron microscopy

17-Jul-2015 | Jungwon Park; Hans Elmlund; Peter Ercius; Jong Min Yuk; David T. Limmer; Qian Chen; Kwanpyo Kim; Sang Hoon Han; Davi ..., Science , 2015

Knowledge about the synthesis, growth mechanisms, and physical properties of colloidal nanoparticles has been limited by technical impediments. We introduce a method for determining three-dimensional (3D) structures of individual nanoparticles in solution. We combine a graphene liquid cell, ...


[Feature] Deep sleep

10-Jul-2015 | Warren Cornwall, Science , 2015

Scientists are reviving an old and largely discarded idea for disposing of the United States' most radioactive nuclear waste: sticking it down holes drilled 5 kilometers into Earth's crust. The renewed interest in deep boreholes comes as the federal government struggles to find a way to rid ...


[Editors' Choice] From solution to a solid bright idea

03-Jul-2015 | Marc S. Lavine, Science , 2015

Author: Marc S. Lavine


[Report] A 12 Å carotenoid translocation in a photoswitch associated with cyanobacterial photoprotection

26-Jun-2015 | Ryan L. Leverenz; Markus Sutter; Adjélé Wilson; Sayan Gupta; Adrien Thurotte; Céline Bourcier de Carbon; Christopher ..., Science , 2015

Pigment-protein and pigment-pigment interactions are of fundamental importance to the light-harvesting and photoprotective functions essential to oxygenic photosynthesis. The orange carotenoid protein (OCP) functions as both a sensor of light and effector of photoprotective energy dissipation in ...


[Policy Forum] After the Iran deal: Multinational enrichment

19-Jun-2015 | Alexander Glaser; Zia Mian; Frank von Hippel, Science , 2015

In April 2015, Iran and the E3+3 nations (France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, plus China, Russia, and the United States) negotiated a framework for a “comprehensive solution that will ensure the exclusively peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program” (1, 2). The final settlement, ...


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