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[Perspective] Committing to ecological restoration

08-May-2015 | Katharine Suding; Eric Higgs; Margaret Palmer; J. Baird Callicott; Christopher B. Anderson; Matthew Baker; John J. G ..., Science , 2015

At the September 2014 United Nations Climate Summit, governments rallied around an international agreement—the New York Declaration on Forests—that underscored restoration of degraded ecosystems as an auspicious solution to climate change. Ethiopia committed to restore more than one-sixth of its ...


[Perspective] A chaotic approach clears up imaging

10-Apr-2015 | Harald G. L. Schwefel; Hakan E. Türeci, Science , 2015

Lasers appear to be ideal light sources for a variety of projection and imaging systems because of their spectral brightness and their ability to produce a beam of light that can be tightly collimated to travel long distances. Lasers owe these extraordinary properties to a quality called ...


[Research Article] Dynamic DNA devices and assemblies formed by shape-complementary, non–base pairing 3D components

27-Mar-2015 | Thomas Gerling; Klaus F. Wagenbauer; Andrea M. Neuner; Hendrik Dietz, Science , 2015

We demonstrate that discrete three-dimensional (3D) DNA components can specifically self-assemble in solution on the basis of shape-complementarity and without base pairing. Using this principle, we produced homo- and heteromultimeric objects, including micrometer-scale one- and two-stranded ...


[Report] Multidimensional hierarchical self-assembly of amphiphilic cylindrical block comicelles

20-Mar-2015 | Huibin Qiu; Zachary M. Hudson; Mitchell A. Winnik; Ian Manners, Science , 2015

Self-assembly of molecular and block copolymer amphiphiles represents a well-established route to micelles with a wide variety of shapes and gel-like phases. We demonstrate an analogous process, but on a longer length scale, in which amphiphilic P-H-P and H-P-H cylindrical triblock comicelles ...


[Perspective] A return to the pre-antimicrobial era?

06-Mar-2015 | Stephen Baker, Science , 2015

After many years out of the limelight, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in bacteria is firmly back on the international political and scientific agenda (1, 2). The potential impact of AMR on hospital-acquired bacterial infections such as Staphylococcus aureus and Acinetobacter baumannii in ...


[Perspective] Single proteins under a diamond spotlight

06-Mar-2015 | Philip Hemmer; Carmen Gomes, Science , 2015

Proteins are the workhorse of life. They assemble the structural elements of the cell, catalyze metabolism, regulate cellular functions, and even transcribe and repair DNA. Many of the proteins' functions are related to their physical shape and conformations. For example, protein-folding problems ...


[Report] Electron-hole diffusion lengths > 175 μm in solution-grown CH3NH3PbI3 single crystals

27-Feb-2015 | Qingfeng Dong; Yanjun Fang; Yuchuan Shao; Padhraic Mulligan; Jie Qiu; Lei Cao; Jinsong Huang, Science , 2015

Long, balanced electron and hole diffusion lengths greater than 100 nanometers in the polycrystalline organolead trihalide compound CH3NH3PbI3 are critical for highly efficient perovskite solar cells. We found that the diffusion lengths in CH3NH3PbI3 single crystals grown by a solution-growth ...


[Report] Origin of dramatic oxygen solute strengthening effect in titanium

06-Feb-2015 | Qian Yu; Liang Qi; Tomohito Tsuru; Rachel Traylor; David Rugg; J. W. Morris Jr.; Mark Asta; D. C. Chrzan; Andrew M. ..., Science , 2015

Structural alloys are often strengthened through the addition of solute atoms. However, given that solute atoms interact weakly with the elastic fields of screw dislocations, it has long been accepted that solution hardening is only marginally effective in materials with mobile screw ...


[Report] High-efficiency solution-processed perovskite solar cells with millimeter-scale grains

30-Jan-2015 | Wanyi Nie; Hsinhan Tsai; Reza Asadpour; Jean-Christophe Blancon; Amanda J. Neukirch; Gautam Gupta; Jared J. Crochet; ..., Science , 2015

State-of-the-art photovoltaics use high-purity, large-area, wafer-scale single-crystalline semiconductors grown by sophisticated, high-temperature crystal growth processes. We demonstrate a solution-based hot-casting technique to grow continuous, pinhole-free thin films of organometallic ...


[Report] Vibrational relaxation and microsolvation of DF after F-atom reactions in polar solvents

30-Jan-2015 | G. T. Dunning; D. R. Glowacki; T. J. Preston; S. J. Greaves; G. M. Greetham; I. P. Clark; M. Towrie; J. N. Harvey; A ..., Science , 2015

Solvent-solute interactions influence the mechanisms of chemical reactions in solution, but the response of the solvent is often slower than the reactive event. Here, we report that exothermic reactions of fluorine (F) atoms in d3-acetonitrile and d2-dichloromethane involve efficient energy flow ...


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