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[News & Analysis] Space Physics: The Savage Radiation of the Van Allen Belts Is Homegrown

31-Jul-2013 | Richard A. Kerr, Science , 2013

The solution to a decades-old space mystery may help save satellites from deadly radiation.


[Report] Galvanic Replacement Reactions in Metal Oxide Nanocrystals

29-May-2013 | Myoung Hwan Oh, Taekyung Yu, Seung-Ho Yu, Byungkwon Lim, Kyung-Tae Ko, Marc-Georg Willinger, Dong-Hwa Seo, Byung Hyo ..., Science , 2013

Hollow mixed-metal oxide nanoparticles can be made by replacing the metal cations through redox reactions in solution. [Also see Perspective by Ibáñez and Cabot]


[Research Article] Rationally Designed Complex, Hierarchical Microarchitectures

22-May-2013 | Wim L. Noorduin, Alison Grinthal, L. Mahadevan, Joanna Aizenberg, Science , 2013

Complex solids are crafted through small changes to the solution conditions in a reaction-diffusion coupled system. [Also see Perspective by Vlieg]


[Report] Evidence for a Symmetrical Fluoronium Ion in Solution

10-Apr-2013 | Mark D. Struble, Michael T. Scerba, Maxime Siegler, Thomas Lectka, Science , 2013

Fluoride appears to form a dicoordinate carbon-bridging intermediate previously seen only for the heavier halogens. [Also see Perspective by Hennecke]


[Report] Sign-Problem–Free Quantum Monte Carlo of the Onset of Antiferromagnetism in Metals

26-Dec-2012 | Erez Berg, Max A. Metlitski, Subir Sachdev, Science , 2012

An effective lattice theory enables an efficient computational solution to an otherwise intractable problem.


This Week in Science

15-Dec-2012 | Science , 2012

Platelets Poison Parasites | Exotic Pulsations | Atomic Layers from Solution | Robust Reduction | CF3 from Fluoroform | Planetary Interiors Under Pressure | Architecture of a CRAC | Plasmid Partitioning | Mind the Gap | Dissecting Wnt Signaling | The Good Side of Inflammation | Androgen-Driven ...


[Perspective] Materials Science: Approaching Asymmetry and Versatility in Polymer Assembly

08-Aug-2012 | Darrin J. Pochan, Science , 2012

Multistep solution processes can create polymeric nanoparticles that are asymmetrical and that have complex internal structures.


[Report] Real-Time Imaging of Pt3Fe Nanorod Growth in Solution

30-May-2012 | Hong-Gang Liao, Likun Cui, Stephen Whitelam, Haimei Zheng, Science , 2012

An in situ liquid stage is used to study the formation of nanowires from solution in a transmission electron microscope.


[Perspective] Applied Physics: Solution-Processible Electrodes

25-Apr-2012 | Michael G. Helander, Science , 2012

Polymer-coated surfaces may provide a low-cost route for processing and fabricating organic-based electronic devices.


[Report] Determination of Noncovalent Docking by Infrared Spectroscopy of Cold Gas-Phase Complexes

15-Feb-2012 | Etienne Garand, Michael Z. Kamrath, Peter A. Jordan, Arron B. Wolk, Christopher M. Leavitt, Anne B. McCoy, Scott J. ..., Science , 2012

Conformationally freezing a weakly bound complex in the gas phase sheds light on its likely binding motifs in solution.


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