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[Perspective] Tracking the merry dance of nanoparticles

17-Jul-2015 | Christian Colliex, Science , 2015

Nanoparticles containing a few tens or hundreds of atoms have applications in an ever-expanding range of areas, from electronics to catalysis and biological sensors. This versatility stems from the high sensitivity of nanoparticle properties to size, chemical composition, and shape, which are ...


[Report] Keeping cool: Enhanced optical reflection and radiative heat dissipation in Saharan silver ants

17-Jul-2015 | Norman Nan Shi; Cheng-Chia Tsai; Fernando Camino; Gary D. Bernard; Nanfang Yu; Rüdiger Wehner, Science , 2015

Saharan silver ants, Cataglyphis bombycina, forage under extreme temperature conditions in the African desert. We show that the ants’ conspicuous silvery appearance is created by a dense array of triangular hairs with two thermoregulatory effects. They enhance not only the reflectivity of the ...


[Report] 3D structure of individual nanocrystals in solution by electron microscopy

17-Jul-2015 | Jungwon Park; Hans Elmlund; Peter Ercius; Jong Min Yuk; David T. Limmer; Qian Chen; Kwanpyo Kim; Sang Hoon Han; Davi ..., Science , 2015

Knowledge about the synthesis, growth mechanisms, and physical properties of colloidal nanoparticles has been limited by technical impediments. We introduce a method for determining three-dimensional (3D) structures of individual nanoparticles in solution. We combine a graphene liquid cell, ...


[Feature] Deep sleep

10-Jul-2015 | Warren Cornwall, Science , 2015

Scientists are reviving an old and largely discarded idea for disposing of the United States' most radioactive nuclear waste: sticking it down holes drilled 5 kilometers into Earth's crust. The renewed interest in deep boreholes comes as the federal government struggles to find a way to rid ...


[Editors' Choice] From solution to a solid bright idea

03-Jul-2015 | Marc S. Lavine, Science , 2015

Author: Marc S. Lavine


[Report] A 12 Å carotenoid translocation in a photoswitch associated with cyanobacterial photoprotection

26-Jun-2015 | Ryan L. Leverenz; Markus Sutter; Adjélé Wilson; Sayan Gupta; Adrien Thurotte; Céline Bourcier de Carbon; Christopher ..., Science , 2015

Pigment-protein and pigment-pigment interactions are of fundamental importance to the light-harvesting and photoprotective functions essential to oxygenic photosynthesis. The orange carotenoid protein (OCP) functions as both a sensor of light and effector of photoprotective energy dissipation in ...


[Policy Forum] After the Iran deal: Multinational enrichment

19-Jun-2015 | Alexander Glaser; Zia Mian; Frank von Hippel, Science , 2015

In April 2015, Iran and the E3+3 nations (France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, plus China, Russia, and the United States) negotiated a framework for a “comprehensive solution that will ensure the exclusively peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program” (1, 2). The final settlement, ...


[Report] Long-lived photoinduced polaron formation in conjugated polyelectrolyte-fullerene assemblies

19-Jun-2015 | Rachel C. Huber; Amy S. Ferreira; Robert Thompson; Daniel Kilbride; Nicholas S. Knutson; Lekshmi Sudha Devi; Daniel ..., Science , 2015

The efficiency of biological photosynthesis results from the exquisite organization of photoactive elements that promote rapid movement of charge carriers out of a critical recombination range. If synthetic organic photovoltaic materials could mimic this assembly, charge separation and collection ...


[Perspective] Can climate feel the pressure?

12-Jun-2015 | Daniel J. Peppe; Dana L. Royer, Science , 2015

Atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations are widely held to be the main driver of climate change through the Phanerozoic (the past 541 million years), with warm intervals corresponding to high CO2 concentrations and cold intervals having low CO2 concentrations (1) (see the figure). ...


[In Depth] Hawaii's governor proposes telescope swap

05-Jun-2015 | Adrian Cho; Ilima Loomis, Science , 2015

A proposed solution to the impasse over construction of the mammoth new Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) on Hawaii's Mauna Kea volcano is less bold than it seems—and potentially more difficult. The proposal, to dismantle one-quarter of Mauna Kea's 13 existing telescopes in return for allowing ...


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