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[Report] Origin of dramatic oxygen solute strengthening effect in titanium

06-Feb-2015 | Qian Yu; Liang Qi; Tomohito Tsuru; Rachel Traylor; David Rugg; J. W. Morris Jr.; Mark Asta; D. C. Chrzan; Andrew M. ..., Science , 2015

Structural alloys are often strengthened through the addition of solute atoms. However, given that solute atoms interact weakly with the elastic fields of screw dislocations, it has long been accepted that solution hardening is only marginally effective in materials with mobile screw ...


[Report] High-efficiency solution-processed perovskite solar cells with millimeter-scale grains

30-Jan-2015 | Wanyi Nie; Hsinhan Tsai; Reza Asadpour; Jean-Christophe Blancon; Amanda J. Neukirch; Gautam Gupta; Jared J. Crochet; ..., Science , 2015

State-of-the-art photovoltaics use high-purity, large-area, wafer-scale single-crystalline semiconductors grown by sophisticated, high-temperature crystal growth processes. We demonstrate a solution-based hot-casting technique to grow continuous, pinhole-free thin films of organometallic ...


[Report] Vibrational relaxation and microsolvation of DF after F-atom reactions in polar solvents

30-Jan-2015 | G. T. Dunning; D. R. Glowacki; T. J. Preston; S. J. Greaves; G. M. Greetham; I. P. Clark; M. Towrie; J. N. Harvey; A ..., Science , 2015

Solvent-solute interactions influence the mechanisms of chemical reactions in solution, but the response of the solvent is often slower than the reactive event. Here, we report that exothermic reactions of fluorine (F) atoms in d3-acetonitrile and d2-dichloromethane involve efficient energy flow ...


[In Depth] Japan's nuclear renaissance dogged by waste challenge

23-Jan-2015 | Dennis Normile, Science , 2015

Later this spring, Japan is likely to restart the first two of the 48 nuclear reactors idled in the aftermath of the 2011 meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. But the resumption of nuclear power generation is refocusing attention on a lingering challenge: what to do with the ...


[News & Analysis] Space Physics: The Savage Radiation of the Van Allen Belts Is Homegrown

31-Jul-2013 | Richard A. Kerr, Science , 2013

The solution to a decades-old space mystery may help save satellites from deadly radiation.


[Report] Galvanic Replacement Reactions in Metal Oxide Nanocrystals

29-May-2013 | Myoung Hwan Oh, Taekyung Yu, Seung-Ho Yu, Byungkwon Lim, Kyung-Tae Ko, Marc-Georg Willinger, Dong-Hwa Seo, Byung Hyo ..., Science , 2013

Hollow mixed-metal oxide nanoparticles can be made by replacing the metal cations through redox reactions in solution. [Also see Perspective by Ibáñez and Cabot]


[Research Article] Rationally Designed Complex, Hierarchical Microarchitectures

22-May-2013 | Wim L. Noorduin, Alison Grinthal, L. Mahadevan, Joanna Aizenberg, Science , 2013

Complex solids are crafted through small changes to the solution conditions in a reaction-diffusion coupled system. [Also see Perspective by Vlieg]


[Report] Evidence for a Symmetrical Fluoronium Ion in Solution

10-Apr-2013 | Mark D. Struble, Michael T. Scerba, Maxime Siegler, Thomas Lectka, Science , 2013

Fluoride appears to form a dicoordinate carbon-bridging intermediate previously seen only for the heavier halogens. [Also see Perspective by Hennecke]


[Report] Sign-Problem–Free Quantum Monte Carlo of the Onset of Antiferromagnetism in Metals

26-Dec-2012 | Erez Berg, Max A. Metlitski, Subir Sachdev, Science , 2012

An effective lattice theory enables an efficient computational solution to an otherwise intractable problem.


This Week in Science

15-Dec-2012 | Science , 2012

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