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Engineering polypeptide folding through trans double bonds: Transformation of miniature beta-meanders to hybrid helices

29-Jul-2015 | Hosahudya N Gopi; Mothukuri Ganesh Kumar; Sushil N Benke; K. Muruga Poopathi Raja, Chemical Communication, 2015

Utilization of conjugated double bonds to engineer the novel folded miniature beta-meander type structures, single step transformation of miniature beta-meanders into alpha, alpha, gamma-hybrid peptide 10/12-helices using catalytic hydrogenation, their solution and single crystal conformations ...


New ester based gemini surfactants: the effect of different cationic headgroups on micellization properties and viscosity of aqueous micellar solution

29-Jul-2015 | Avinash Bhadani; Misako Tani; Takeshi Endo; Kenichi Sakai; Masahiko Abe; Hideki Sakai, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

A new series of ester functionalized cationic gemini surfactants having different cationic headgroups (i.e. piperidinium, pyrrolidinium, morpholinium and quaternary ammonium) have been synthesized and characterized using NMR and Mass spectroscopy. These new gemini surfactants were investigated ...


Heavy Water: A Simple Solution to Increasing Brightness of Fluorescence Proteins in Super-resolution Imaging

29-Jul-2015 | Wei Qiang Ong; Yemima Rose Citron; Joerg Schnitzbauer; Daichi Kamiyama; Bo Huang, Chemical Communication, 2015

Photoactivatable fluorescent proteins (PA-FPs) are widely used in live single-molecule super-resolution imaging but emit substantially fewer photons than organic dyes do. Here, we show that in heavy water (D2O) instead of H2O, common PA-FPs emit 26 %–54 % more photons, effectively improving the ...


Effects of Constituent Ions of a Phosphonium-based Ionic Liquid on Molecular Organization of H2O as Probed by 1-Propanol: Tetrabutylphosphonium and Trifluoroacetate Ions

29-Jul-2015 | Takeshi Morita; Kumiko Miki; Ayako Nitta; Hiroyo Ohgi; Peter Westh, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

Aqueous solutions of tetrabutylphosphonium trifluoroacetate, [P4444]CF3COO, exhibit a liquid-liquid phase transition with a lower critical solution temperature. Herein, we characterized the constituent ions, [P4444]+ and CF3COO−, in terms of their effects on the molecular organization of H2O on ...


Mechanochemical and solution-based cocrystallization of 9,10-phenanthrenequinone and thiourea

29-Jul-2015 | Vinko Nemec; Nikola Škvorc; Dominik Cinčić, CrystEngComm, 2015

We have synthesized the first known cocrystal of 9,10-phenanthrenequinone utilizing both liquid-assisted mechanochemical synthesis and crystallization from a solution.


Efficient mineralization of benzoic and phthalic acids in water by catalytic ozonation using a nickel oxide catalyst

28-Jul-2015 | Diana Magallanes; Julia L Rodriguez; TATYANA POZNIAK; MIGUEL A. Valenzuela; Luis A Lanturdo; Isaac Chairez, New Journal of Chemistry, 2015

Organic acids (OA) are usually used as a refractory model compounds that require prolonged reaction time for their mineralization by different treatments. In this study, benzoic and phthalic acids in aqueous solution, were significantly degraded and mineralized by catalytic ozonation in presence ...


Understanding the conformational behaviour of Ac-Ala-NHMe in different media. A joint NMR and DFT study.

28-Jul-2015 | Rodrigo A Cormanich; Roberto Rittner; Michael Buhl, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2015

The conformational behaviour of Ac-Ala-NHMe was studied in the gas-phase and in solution by theoretical calculations (B3LYP/aug-cc-pVDZ level) and experimental 1H NMR. The conformational preferences of this compound was shown to result from a complex interplay between the strengths of possible ...


pH value manipulated phase transition, microstructure evolution and tunable upconversion luminescence in Yb3+-Er3+ codoped LiYF4/YF3 nanoparticles

28-Jul-2015 | Song Ye; Rongxuan Hu; Nan Jiang; Huiyun Wang; Deping Wang, Dalton Transactions, 2015

The pH value plays an important role in controlling the crystallization process and microstructure of the final products in the synthesis of nanocrystals with solvothermal method. This work reported the effect of the mother solution pH value on the precipitation of LiYF4 and YF3 nanoparticles, as ...


Thianthrene-functionalized polynorbornenes as high-voltage materials for organic cathode-based dual-ion batteries

28-Jul-2015 | Martin Erich Speer; Martin Kolek; Jean Jacques Jassoy; Jennifer Heine; Martin Winter; Peter Maria Bieker; Birgit Esser, Chemical Communication, 2015

Thianthrene-functionalized polynorbornenes were investigated as high-voltage organic cathode materials for dual-ion cells. The polymers show reversible oxidation reactions in solution and as a solid in composite electrodes. Constant current investigations displayed a capacity of up to 66 mAh g-1 ...


A high selectivity fluorescent chemosensor for cyanide anion based on a chalcone derivative in the present of iron (III) ion, and its capacity for living cell imaging in mixed aqueous system

28-Jul-2015 | wen yang; zhongqin cheng; yunlong xu; Jie Shao; weiqun zhou; Juan Xie; Mengying Li, New Journal of Chemistry, 2015

A donor-acceptor chalcone based 4-dimethylamino 4-fluorochalcone (1) is found exhibiting a distinct green fluorescence and has a good stability in CH3CN/water (V/V=1:9) buffer solution (Tris-HCl, pH=7.4), and that the in situ formed 1-Fe3+ complex upon addition of Fe3+ serves as a highly ...


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