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Isolation and Crystal Structure of a Dithiophene Dication: Controlling Covalent Connection and Disconnction with Temperature and Phase

01-Oct-2015 | Xinping Wang; Ningning Yuan; Zaichao Zhang; Xingyong Wang, Chemical Communication, 2015

A dithienylethene (1o) undergoes a two-electron chemical oxidation to a singlet diradical as an open-isomer (1o2+) in solution, which cyclizes to a closed-form (1c2+) upon cooling. The latter crystallizes out and its structure is analyzed by single crystal X-ray diffraction. Equilibrium between ...


Mechanism of intramolecular transformations of nickel phosphanido hydride complexes

01-Oct-2015 | Shamil K. Latypov; Fedor M. Polyancev; Yulia S. Ganushevich; Vasily A. Miluykov; Oleg G. Sinyashin, Dalton Transactions, 2015

In solution, nickel phosphanido hydride complexes ([NiH{P(Ar)(H)}(dtbpe)], Ar = Dmp, Mes*) undergo a degenerate intramolecular exchange, with the Ni–H and P–H hydrogens and both halves of the dtbpe moiety interchanging. This intramolecular rearrangement was shown to occur in three steps: first, ...


New synthesis of phenyl-isothiocyanates C-functionalised cyclams. Bioconjugation and 64Cu phenotypic PET imaging studies of multiple myeloma with the te2a derivative

01-Oct-2015 | Zakaria Halme; Mathieu Frindel; Nathalie Camus; Pierre-Yves Orain; Marie Lacombe; Michel Cherel; Jean-Francois Gesti ..., Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2015

Azamacrocyclic bifunctional chelating agents (BCAs) are essential for the development of radiopharmaceuticals in nuclear medicine and we wish to prove that their bioconjugation by a function present on a carbon atom of the macrocyclic skeleton is a solution of choice to maintain their in vivo ...


Pyrene and imidazole functionalized luminescent bimetallic Ru(II) terpyridine complexes as efficient optical chemosensors for cyanide in aqueous, organic and solid Media

30-Sep-2015 | SUJOY BAITALIK; Srikanta Karmakar; Dinesh Maity; Sourav Mardanya, Dalton Transactions, 2015

We report in this work the anion recognition and sensing aspect of a new family of bimetallic Ru(II) complexes derived from a symmetrical bridging 5,11-bis(4-([2,2':6',2''-terpyridine]-4'-yl)phenyl)-4,12-dihydropyreno[4,5-d:9,10-d']diimidazole (tpy-H2PhImzPy-tpy) terpyridine ligand in solution as ...


Solution and air stable host/guest architectures from a single layer covalent organic framework

30-Sep-2015 | Daling Cui; Jennifer MacLeod; Maryam Ebrahimi; Dmitrii Perepichka; Federico Rosei, Chemical Communication, 2015

We show that the surface-supported two-dimensional covalent organic framework (COF) known as COF-1 can act as a host architecture for C60 fullerene molecules, predictably trapping the molecules under a range of conditions. The fullerenes occupy the COF-1 lattice at the solution/solid interface, ...


Path to plastics composed of ligninsulphonates (lignosulfonates)

30-Sep-2015 | Yun-Yan Wang; Yi-ru Chen; Simo Sarkanen, Green Chemistry, 2015

The properties of lignin-based polymeric materials depend on blend composition and casting conditions. When solution-cast at 150° and annealed at 180 °C, blends containing 85% w/w levels of methylated ball-milled softwood lignin can surpass polystyrene in tensile behaviour. It is more challenging ...


Purely elastic flow instabilities in microscale cross-slot devices

30-Sep-2015 | P. C. Sousa; F. T. Pinho; M. S. N. Oliveira; M. A. Alves, Soft Matter, 2015

We present an experimental investigation of viscoelastic fluid flow in a cross-slot microgeometry under low Reynolds number flow conditions. By using several viscoelastic fluids, we investigate the effects of the microchannel bounding walls and the polymer solution concentration on the flow ...


Purpose-made capillary electrophoresis instruments coupled with contactless conductivity detection as a simple and inexpensive solution for water analysis: a case study in Vietnam

30-Sep-2015 | Hong Anh Duong; Minh Duc Le; Diem Mai Kim Nguyen; Peter C Hauser; Pham Hung Viet; Duc Thanh Mai, Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 2015

A simple and inexpensive method for determination of various ionic species in different water matrices is discussed in this study. The approach is based on the employment of purpose-made capillary electrophoresis (CE) instruments with capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection (C4D), ...


Thermodynamics of the hydration equilibrium derived from the luminescence spectra of the solid state for the case of the Eu–EDTA system

30-Sep-2015 | R. Janicki; A. Mondry, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

The luminescence properties of two compounds, [C(NH2)3][Eu(EDTA)(H2O)3] (I) and [C(NH2)3]2[Yb0.97Eu0.03(EDTA)(H2O)2]ClO4·6H2O (II), were determined. The weighted sum of luminescence spectra of I and II was used to reproduce the spectra of the Eu–EDTA system in aqueous solution in the temperature ...


Excess electron reactivity in amino acid aqueous solution revealed by ab initio molecular dynamics simulation: anion-centered localization and anion-relayed electron transfer dissociation

30-Sep-2015 | Xiuxiu Wu; Liang Gao; Jinxiang Liu; Hongfang Yang; Shoushan Wang; Yuxiang Bu, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

Studies on the structure, states, and reactivity of excess electrons (EEs) in biological media are of great significance. Although there is information about EE interaction with desolvated biological molecules, solution effects are hardly explored. In this work, we present an ab initio molecular ...


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