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Mild Solution Synthesis of Graphene Loaded with LiFePO4-C Nanoplatelets for High Performance Lithium Ion Batteries

19-11-2014 | Muchun Liu; Yan Zhao; Sen Gao; Yan Wang; Yuexin Duan; Xiao Han; Qi Dong, New Journal of Chemistry, 2014

To reduce the reaction time, electric energy consumption, and free from high pressure as well as unsafe condition, we developed an easy and efficient method for synthesis of LiFePO4/graphene/C composite. The cathode material was in situ fabricated in an open system by microwave-assisted solvent ...


Electrocatalytic upgrading of model lignin monomers with earth abundant metal electrodes

19-11-2014 | Chun Ho Lam; Christy B. Lowe; Zhenglong Li; Kelsey N. Longe; Jordan T. Rayburn; Michael A. Caldwell; Carly E. Houdek ..., Green Chemistry, 2014

Guaiacol (2-methoxyphenol) and related lignin model monomers undergo electrocatalytic hydrogenolysis/hydrogenation (ECH) to cyclohexanol with RANEY® Nickel electrodes in aqueous solution. Aryl ether (C–O) bond cleavage is followed by reduction of the aromatic ring at ambient pressure and 75 °C. ...


Cd(II)-Terpyridine-based complex as a ratiometric fluorescent probe for pyrophosphate detection in solution and as an imaging agent in living cells

19-11-2014 | Xiao-Qi Yu; Shu-Yan Jiao; Kun Li; Wei Zhang; Yan-Hong Liu; Zeng Huang, Dalton Transactions, 2014

The terpyridine antracene ligand L1 was synthesized and characterized. L1 is a ratiometric fluorescent probe for Cd2+ with a recognition mechanism based on intramolecular charge transfer (ICT). An L1-Cd(II) complex was isolated, and its structure was established by single-crystal XRD. The ...


cis and trans influences on [Pt(SRF)(triphos)]+ complexes (SRF = polyfluorobenzothiolate)

18-11-2014 | Ruy Cervantes; Jorge Tiburcio; Hugo Torrens, New Journal of Chemistry, 2014

Platinum(ii) derivatives of the tridentate ligand Ph2PCH2CH2P(Ph)CH2CH2PPh2 (triphos), including [Pt(SRF)(triphos)](CF3SO3) RF = C6F4CF3-4 1, C6F5 2, C6HF4-4 3, C6H4CF3-4 4, C6H3F2-2,4 5, C6H4F-2 6, C6H4F-4 7 and C6H5 8, have been prepared and characterised. 1H, 19F and 31P solution NMR has been ...


Linear and non-linear wall friction of wet foams

18-11-2014 | Marie Le Merrer; Rémi Lespiat; Reinhard Höhler; Sylvie Cohen-Addad, Soft Matter, 2014

We study the wall slip of aqueous foams with a high liquid content. We use a set-up where, driven by buoyancy, a foam creeps along an inclined smooth solid wall which is immersed in the foaming solution. This configuration allows the force driving the bubble motion and the bubble confinement in ...


Superior optical properties of Fe3+-W18O49 nanoparticles prepared by solution combustion synthesis

18-11-2014 | pengqi Chen; Mingli Qin; Ye Liu; baorui jia; zhiqin cao; Qi Wan; Xuanhui Qu, New Journal of Chemistry, 2014

Modification by metal-doped allows for the design of new nanomaterials with enhanced optical properties. In this paper, the photocatalytic effects of Fe3+-doped W18O49 nanorods prepared by solution combustion synthesis, were studied for the first time. Fe3+-doped W18O49 powders were investigated ...


Synthesis and magnetic properties of tartrate-bridging rare-earth-containing polytungstoarsenate aggregates from an adaptive precursor [As2W19O67(H2O)]14−

18-11-2014 | Yuan Wang; Xiaopeng Sun; Suzhi Li; Pengtao Ma; Jingping Wang; Jingyang Niu, Dalton Transactions, 2014

Six tartrate-bridging rare-earth-substituted polytungstoarsenates [RE2(C4H4O6)(C4H2O6)(As W9O33)]218− (HoIII (1), ErIII (2), TmIII (3), YbIII (4), LuIII (5), and YIII (6)) have been synthesized under conventional solution conditions. They have been further characterized by elemental analyses, ...


Novel integrated and portable endotoxin detection system based on an electrochemical biosensor

18-11-2014 | Ana Zuzuarregui; David Souto; Eva Perez-Lorenzo; Fernando Arizti; Susana Sánchez-Gómez; Guillermo Martínez de Tejada ..., Analyst, 2014

This paper describes the design, implementation and validation of a sensitive and integral technology solution for endotoxin detection. The unified and portable platform is based on the electrochemical detection of endotoxins using a synthetic peptide immobilized on a thin-film biosensor. The ...


Tuning Phase Transition Temperature of Thermal-responsive OEGylated Poly-L-glutamate via Random Copolymerization with L-Alanine

18-11-2014 | Lei Yu; Wenxin Fu; Zhibo Li, Soft Matter, 2014

Two series of copolymers were prepared by ring-opening polymerization (ROP) of γ-(2-methoxyethoxy)esteryl-L-glutamate (L-EG2Glu) N-carboxyanhydride (NCA) and L-alanine (L-Ala) NCA using HMDS and PEG-NH2 as initiator, respectively. Poly-(L-EG2Glu-co-L-Ala) displayed lower critical solution ...


Oscillatory carbonylation using alkyne-functionalised poly(ethylene glycol)

18-11-2014 | Lynn Donlon; Katarina Novakovic, Chemical Communication, 2014

In this study palladium-catalysed oscillatory carbonylation has been achieved using mono alkyne-terminated poly(ethylene glycol) methyl ether substrates. Reproducible, synchronised oscillations in pH and solution turbidity have been recorded over several days. A reaction network accounting for ...


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