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Relaxation dynamics of liposomes in an aqueous solution

02-Jul-2015 | S. K. Kundu; S. Choe; K. Sasaki; R. Kita; N. Shinyashiki; S. Yagihara, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

The gel–liquid crystal phase transition has been studied by the temperature and frequency dependent dielectric relaxation behavior of liposomes in an aqueous solution (40 g L−1 DPPC–water mixture). Four relaxation processes were observed in the frequency range from 40 Hz to 30 GHz which were ...


Lysosome targeting fluorescence probe for imaging intracellular thiols

02-Jul-2015 | Dnyaneshwar Kand; Tanmoy Saha; Mayurika Lahiri; Pinaki Talukdar, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2015

A BODIPY-based fluorescence turn-on probe, exhibiting high selectivity and sensitivity towards intracellular thiols with excellent lysosomal localization is reported. Probe displayed fast response towards biothiols in aqueous solution. Localization of the probe in lysosome was demonstrated by ...


Synthesis and reactivity of TADDOL-based chiral Fe(II) PNP pincer complexes-solution equilibria between [small kappa]2P,N- and [small kappa]3P,N,P-bound PNP pincer ligands

01-Jul-2015 | Christian Holzhacker; Berthold Stöger; Maria Deus Carvalho; Liliana P. Ferreira; Ernst Pittenauer; Günter Allmaier; ..., Dalton Transactions, 2015

Treatment of anhydrous FeX2 (X = Cl, Br) with 1 equiv. of the asymmetric chiral PNP pincer ligands PNP-R,TAD (R = iPr, tBu) with an R,R-TADDOL (TAD) moiety afforded complexes of the general formula [Fe(PNP)X2]. In the solid state these complexes adopt a tetrahedral geometry with the PNP ligand ...


Renaissance for low shrinking resins: all-in-one solution by bi-functional vinylcyclopropane-amides

01-Jul-2015 | Paul Pineda Contreras; Christian Kuttner; Andreas Fery; Ullrich Stahlschmidt; Valérie Jérôme; Ruth Freitag; Seema Ag ..., Chemical Communication, 2015

A low volume shrinking vinylcyclopropane (VCP) monomer, showing both a high reactivity and a low viscosity, was obtained by applying a sterically hindered and isomeric spacer element, incorporating intermolecular amide hydrogen bonds. The resulting properties locate this VCP system in a ...


A bi-stable Pt(II) based molecular turnstile

01-Jul-2015 | Nicolas Zigon; Mir Wais Hosseini, Chemical Communication, 2015

Playing with competition between H- and coordination-bonds, a bi-stable unsymmetrical organometallic turnstile was designed and its dynamic behaviour studied in solution by NMR techniques. The turnstile, bearing two differentiated interaction sites, is based on a stator, composed of a square ...


The role of a structure directing agent tetramethylamonium template in the initial step of silicate oligomerization in aqueous solution

01-Jul-2015 | Thuat T Trinh; Khanh-Quang Tran; Xue-Qing Zhang; Rutger A van Santen; Evert Jan Meijer, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

To understand the formation of silicate oligomer in the initial stage is a key for zeolite synthesis. The use of different organic structure directing agents is known to be a key factor in the formation of different silicate species and the final zeolite structure. Tetramethylammonium (TMA+), for ...


Synthetic chemistry with nitrous oxide

01-Jul-2015 | Kay Severin, Chemical Society Reviews, 2015

This review article summarizes efforts to use nitrous oxide (N2O, ‘laughing gas’) as a reagent in synthetic chemistry. The focus will be on reactions which are carried out in homogeneous solution under (relatively) mild conditions. First, the utilization of N2O as an oxidant is discussed. Due to ...


Diluting concentrated solution: A general, simple and effective approach to enhance efficiency of polymer solar cells

01-Jul-2015 | Pei Cheng; Wei Ma; Cenqi Yan; Yongfang Li; Xiaowei Zhan, Energy & Environmental Science, 2015

Diluting concentrated solution (DCS) is a new, simple, general and effective approach to improve power conversion efficiencies (PCEs) of polymer solar cells (PSCs). PCEs of binary blend PSCs, ternary blend PSCs and all-polymer solar cells fabricated using this method are enhanced by a factor as ...


Centrifugo-pneumatic multi-liquid aliquoting – parallel aliquoting and combination of multiple liquids in centrifugal microfluidics

01-Jul-2015 | Frank Schwemmer; Tobias Hutzenlaub; Dirk Buselmeier; Nils Paust; Felix von Stetten; Daniel Mark; Roland Zengerle; Do ..., Lab on a Chip, 2015

The generation of mixtures with precisely metered volumes is essential for reproducible automation of laboratory workflows. Splitting a given liquid into well-defined metered sub-volumes, the so-called aliquoting, has been frequently demonstrated on centrifugal microfluidics. However, so far no ...


Water soluble kraft lignin-acrylic acid copolymer: synthesis and characterization

01-Jul-2015 | Fangong Kong; Shoujuan Wang; Jacquelyn T Price; Mohan Konduri; pedram Fatehi, Green Chemistry, 2015

Lignin produced in the kraft pulping process is insoluble in water at neutral pH, which limits its application in industry. In this paper, kraft lignin (KL) was copolymerized with acrylic acid (AA) in an aqueous solution to produce a water soluble lignin-based copolymer. The copolymerization was ...


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