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Electrochemical fabrication and interfacial charge-transfer process of Ni/GaN(0001) electrodes

09-Feb-2016 | Shuang-Jiao Qin; Fei Peng; Xue-Qing Chen; Ge-Bo Pan, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016

The electrodeposition of Ni on single-crystal n-GaN(0001) film from acetate solution was investigated using scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, energy dispersive X-ray analysis, atomic force microscopy, and electrochemical techniques. The as-deposited Ni/n-GaN(0001) had a flat band ...


Neutral, heteroleptic copper(I)-4H-imidazolate complexes: synthesis and characterization of their structural, spectral and redox properties

09-Feb-2016 | Martin Schulz; Fabian Dröge; Felix Herrmann; Julian Schindler; Helmar Görls; Martin Presselt, Dalton Transactions, 2016

Facile synthetic access to four novel, neutral, heteroleptic copper(I)-complexes, incorporating 4H-imidazolates as well as the bisphosphane ligands XantPhos and DPEPhos is reported. The complexes were characterized in the solid state as well as in solution by means of single crystal X-ray ...


A simple Schiff base molecular logic gate for detection of Zn2+ in water and its bio-imaging application in plant system

07-Feb-2016 | Author(s): Barnali Naskar, Ritwik Modak, Yeasin Sikdar, Dilip K. Maiti, Avishek Banik, Tushar Kanti Dang ..., Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 2016

Publication date: 1 May 2016 Source:Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, Volume 321 Author(s): Barnali Naskar, Ritwik Modak, Yeasin Sikdar, Dilip K. Maiti, Avishek Banik, Tushar Kanti Dangar, Subhrakanti Mukhopadhyay, Debasish Mandal, Sanchita Goswami ...


Entropy, Vol. 18, Pages 55: Stability Analysis and Synchronization for a Class of Fractional-Order Neural Networks

06-Feb-2016 | Li, Guanjun ; Liu, Heng, Entropy, 2016

Stability of a class of fractional-order neural networks (FONNs) is analyzed in this paper. First, two sufficient conditions for convergence of the solution for such systems are obtained by utilizing Gronwall–Bellman lemma and Laplace transform technique. Then, according to the fractional-order ...


Polysaccharides as Alternative Moisture Retention Agents for Shrimp

06-Feb-2016 | Michael J. Torti, Charles A. Sims, Charles M. Adams, Paul J. Sarnoski, Journal of Food Science, 2016

Abstract Phosphates are used as moisture retention agents (MRAs) by the shrimp industry. Although they are effective, phosphates are expensive, need to be listed on a food label, and overuse can often lead to a higher product cost for consumers. Polysaccharides were researched as alternative ...


Graphene Doping Improved Device Performance of ZnMgO/PbS Colloidal Quantum Dot Photovoltaics

05-Feb-2016 | Long Hu, Deng‐Bing Li, Liang Gao, Hua Tan, Chao Chen, Kanghua Li, Min Li, Jun‐Bo Han, Haisheng Song, Huan Liu, Jiang ..., Advanced Functional Materials, 2016

Lead sulfide (PbS) colloidal quantum dots (CQDs) solar cells possess the advantages of absorption into the infrared, solution processing, and multiple exciton generation, making them very competitive as a low‐cost photovoltaic alternative. Employing an n‐i‐p ZnO/tetrabutylammonium ...


Hydroelementation of Unsaturated C–C Bonds Catalyzed by Metal Scorpionate Complexes

05-Feb-2016 | Matthew Wathier, Jennifer A. Love, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2016

Abstract Tridentate scorpionate ligands have a rich history in coordination chemistry. In the past two decades, metal complexes bearing scorpionate ligands have found increasing utility as catalysts for a variety of useful transformations. This microreview focuses on the utility of scorpionate ...


Protonated Phosphazenes: Structures and Hydrogen‐Bonding Organocatalysts for Carbonyl Bond Activation

05-Feb-2016 | Damien Jardel, Clotilde Davies, Frédéric Peruch, Stéphane Massip, Brigitte Bibal, Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2016

Abstract The synthesis and application of protonated phosphazeniums as hydrogen‐bond donor groups was demonstrated in the solid state and in solution. In particular, their catalytic activity was shown in the activation of the carbonyl group within cyclic esters, using a benchmark reaction, ...


Fabrication and performance evaluation of Faujasite zeolite composite ultrafiltration membrane by separation of trivalent ions from aqueous solution

05-Feb-2016 | Ashim Kumar Basumatary, Partha Pratim Adhikari, Aloke Kumar Ghoshal, G. Pugazhenthi, Environmental Progress, 2016

This study deals with the separation of trivalent salts (FeCl3 and AlCl3) from aqueous solution using Faujasite (FAU) zeolite composite ultrafiltration membrane. The ceramic support was prepared by a facile uniaxial compaction method and sintered at 950°C. The FAU coating on the ceramic support ...


Bottom-Up Nanofabrication of Supported Noble Metal Alloy Nanoparticle Arrays for Plasmonics

05-Feb-2016 | Ferry A. A. Nugroho; Beniamino Iandolo; Jakob B. Wagner; Christoph Langhammer, ACS Nano, 2016

Mixing different elements at the nanoscale to obtain alloy nanostructures with fine-tuned physical and chemical properties offers appealing opportunities for nanotechnology and nanoscience. However, despite widespread successful application of alloy nanoparticles made by colloidal synthesis in ...


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