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The pH-responsive behaviour of poly(acrylic acid) in aqueous solution is dependent on molar mass

03-Feb-2016 | Thomas Swift; Linda Swanson; Mark Geoghegan; Stephen Rimmer, Soft Matter, 2016

Fluorescence spectroscopy on a series of aqueous solutions of poly(acrylic acid) containing a luminescent label showed that polymers with molar mass, Mn < 16.5 kDa did not exhibit a pH responsive conformational change, which is typical of higher molar mass poly(acrylic acid). Below this molar ...


Biophysical Evaluation of Protein Structural Flexibility on Ligand Biorecognition in Solid Solution

03-Feb-2016 | Fei Ding; Wei Peng, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016

The ligand-protein recognitions are increasingly explored through different biophysical approaches, but the effects of protein flexibility are frequently neglected in many applications. The main goal of this contribution is to comparatively study the flexibility and dynamics of homologous model ...


Combining Complement Fixation and Luminol Chemiluminescence for Ultrasensitive Detection of Avian Influenza A rH7N9

03-Feb-2016 | Man Li; ZhuanZhuan Shi; Ling Yu; Changming Li, Analyst, 2016

The complement fixation test (CFT) is a serological test that can be used to detect the presence of either specific antibody or antigen to diagnose infections. In a conventional CFT, the assay result is determined by observing the clarity of the reaction solution or sediment of red cells by eyes. ...


Multi-level quantum mechanics and molecular mechanics study of SN2 reaction at nitrogen: NH2Cl + OH− in aqueous solution

03-Feb-2016 | Jing Lv; Jingxue Zhang; Dunyou Wang, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016

We employed a multi-level quantum mechanics and molecular mechanics approach to study the NH2Cl + OH− in aqueous solution. The multi-level quantum method (including DFT with both the B3LYP and M06-2X exchange-correlation functionals, and CCSD(T) level of theory) was used to treat the quantum ...


An investigation of electrochemical contact processes for silver-wire|glassy carbon and silver-coated cotton textile|glassy carbon

03-Feb-2016 | Demudu Babu Gorle; Sembanadar Karuppusamy; M. Anbu Kulandainathan; Daping He; Frank Marken, New Journal of Chemistry, 2016

The electrochemical contact between a glassy carbon substrate and a silver wire or a silver-coated cotton fabric (mechanically fastened to the electrode) is investigated in aqueous phosphate buffer media (with and without sulfide). In contrast to a conventional silver electrode immersed in ...


Coherent vibration and ultrafast dynamics upon bond formation in excited dimers of an Au(I) complex

03-Feb-2016 | Munetaka Iwamura; Ryo Wakabayashi; Junichi Maeba; Koichi Nozaki; Satoshi Takeuchi; Tahei Tahara, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016

Au–Au bond strengthening in photoexcited dimers of an Au(i) complex is captured in solution as oscillations of femtosecond absorption signals. The subsequent dynamics, when compared to the trimer's data, confirm that the bent-to-linear structural change of the trimer occurs in the first few ...


Self-assembled systems of water soluble metal 8-hydroxyquinolates with surfactants and conjugated polyelectrolytes

03-Feb-2016 | Hugh D. Burrows; Telma Costa; M. Luisa Ramos; Artur J. M. Valente; Beverly Stewart; Licinia L. G. Justino; Aline I. ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016

We have studied the interaction of 8-hydroxyquinoline-5-sulfonate (8-HQS) with the metal ions Al(iii) and Zn(ii) in aqueous solution in the presence of tetraalkylammonium surfactants using UV/vis absorption, fluorescence, NMR spectroscopy and electrical conductivity measurements, complemented by ...


Stochastic Detection and Characterisation of Individual Ferrocene Derivative Tagged Graphene Nanoplatelets

02-Feb-2016 | Haoyu Wu; Qianqi Lin; Christopher Batchelor-McAUley; Luís M Gonçalves; Carlos F. R. A. C. Lima; Richard G Compton, Analyst, 2016

Graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) are ‘tagged’ with 1-(biphen-4-yl)ferrocene. Chronoamperometry is then utilised to observe single particle impacts when GNPs suspended in solution collide with a carbon fibre micro wire electrode held at an oxidising potential, resulting in current/time transient ...


Enantioselective Assembly of Amphipathic Chiral Polymer and Racemic Chiral Small Molecules during Preparing Micro-scale Polymer Vesicles

02-Feb-2016 | Yingjue Wang; Zhuang Yiwei; Jiangang Gao; gang zou; Qijin Zhang, Soft Matter, 2016

Enantioselective assembly is observed during preparing vesicles from a mixture solution of an amphipathic block copolymer bearing pendent chiral L (or D)-phenylalanine groups in hydrophobic segments and racemic chiral small molecules. Primary experimental results reveal that racemic chiral small ...


Identification and characterization of the intermediate phase in hybrid organic–inorganic MAPbI3 perovskite

02-Feb-2016 | Xin Guo; Christopher McCleese; Charles Kolodziej; Anna C. S. Samia; Yixin Zhao; Clemens Burda, Dalton Transactions, 2016

Perovskite films were prepared using single step solution deposition at different annealing temperatures and annealing times. The crystal structure, phases and grain size were investigated with XRD, XPS and SEM/EDX. The prepared films show a typical orientation of tetragonal perovskite phase and ...


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