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First purely inorganic polyoxotungstates constructed from dimeric tungstoantimonate-based iron–rare-earth heterometallic fragments

28-May-2015 | Junwei Zhao; Lijuan Chen; Xing-Hua Li; Jing Cao; Xing Ma; Jie Luo, CrystEngComm, 2015

The rational self-assembly of trilacunary Keggin precursor with Fe3+ and RE3+ (rare-earth) ions via a conventional aqueous solution method has led to a series of novel tungstoantimonate-based Fe–RE heterometallic derivatives [Pr(H2O)8][Pr(H2O)6][Fe4(H2O)10(B-β-SbW9O33)2]•16 H2O (1) and ...


Cyanine Fluorophore for Cellular Protection Against ROS in Stimulated Macrophages and Two-Photon ROS Detection

28-May-2015 | Miu Shan Chan; Di Xu; Lei Guo; Dick Yan Tam; Ling Sum Liu; Man Shing Wong; Pik Kwan Lo, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2015

We report the first example of a novel two-photon active, biocompatible, and macrophage cell-membrane permeable carbazole-based cyanine fluorophore for detection of three biologically important ROS namely, .OH, O2− and OCl− in solution. This versatile probe shows cellular protection not only in ...


In-depth study of the phase separation behaviour of a Thermoresponsive Ionic Liquid and Poly(ionic liquid) in Concentrated Aqueous Solution

28-May-2015 | Ge Wang; peiyi wu, Soft Matter, 2015

The temperature-induced phase transition behaviors of a thermoresponsive ionic liquid (tributylhexylphosphonium 3-sulfopropylmethacrylate, [P4,4,4,6][MC3S]) and its polymer (poly-tributylhexylphosphonium 3-sulfopropylmethacrylate, P[P4,4,4,6][MC3S]) have been investigated via DSC, optical ...


Photoelectrochemical operation of a surface-bound, nickel-phosphine H2 evolution catalyst on p-Si(111): a molecular semiconductor|catalyst construct

27-May-2015 | Junhyeok Seo; Ryan T. Pekarek; Michael J. Rose, Chemical Communication, 2015

We demonstrate the covalent attachment and catalytic function of a nickel-phosphine H2 evolution catalyst to a p-Si(111) photoelectrode. The covalently assembled semiconductor|molecular construct achieves a synergistic improvement (ΔVonset = +200 mV) as compared to a solution of [(PNP)2Ni]2+ in ...


Concentration and thermo dual-responsive wormlike micelles to hydrogels transition in ionic liquid-typed surfactant [C16imC9]Br aqueous solution without additives

27-May-2015 | Yimin Hu; Lingling Ge; Jie Han; Rong Guo, Soft Matter, 2015

Highly viscoelastic fluid formed by the ionic liquid-typed surfactant 1-hexadecyl-3-alkyl imidazolium bromide ([C16imC9]Br) in water in the absence of any additive was studied. The phase behavior and morphology of the aggregates were studied by a combination of rheological techniques, small-angle ...


Reversible water uptake/release by thermoresponsive polyelectrolyte hydrogels derived from ionic liquids

27-May-2015 | Yuki Deguchi; Yuki Kohno; Hiroyuki Ohno, Chemical Communication, 2015

Thermoresponsive polyelectrolyte hydrogels, derived from tetra-n-alkylphosphonium 3-sulfopropyl methacrylate-type ionic liquid monomers, show reversible water uptake/release, in which the gels absorb/desorb water for at least ten cycles via a lower critical solution temperature-type phase ...


Molecular simulation of oligo-glutamates in a calcium-rich aqueous solution: insights into peptide-induced polymorph selection

27-May-2015 | Jens Kahlen; Christine Peter; Davide Donadio, CrystEngComm, 2015

The presence of oligopeptides often has a drastic impact on the nucleation and crystal growth of calcium-containing minerals. Molecular simulation of complexes of peptides with Ca2+ ions can give mechanistic insight into how the pre-alignment of ions from solution by additives may steer the ...


A facile approach to fabricate porous UMCM-150 nanostructures and their adsorption behavior for methylene blue from aqueous solution

27-May-2015 | Ji-Min Yang; Qing Liu; Yan-Shang Kang; Wei-Yin Sun, CrystEngComm, 2015

Well-dispersed hierarchical flower-like and net-like architectures of UMCM-150 were successfully prepared by a facile and rapid method at room temperature. Owing to the high surface area and pore volume, the UMCM-150 flower-like nanostructures exhibit excellent adsorption capability for the dye ...


Organogold oligomers: exploiting iClick and aurophilic cluster formation to prepare solution stable Au4 repeating units.

27-May-2015 | Xi Yang; Shanshan Wang; Ion Ghiviriga; Khalil A Abboud; Adam Steven Veige, Dalton Transactions, 2015

see attached


One-pot Relay Reduction-Isomerization of [small beta]-Trifluoromethylated-[small alpha],[small beta]-Unsaturated Ketones to chiral [small beta]-Trifluoromethylated Saturated Ketones Over Combined Catalysts in Aqueous Medium

26-May-2015 | Xuelin Xia; Meng Wu; Ronghua Jin; tanyu Cheng; Guohua Liu, Green Chemistry, 2015

Despite great achievements obtained in tandem reactions, solution of the incompatible nature of bimetal complexes participated in a multi-step catalytic process is still an unmet challenge. Herein, we utilize an functionalized periodic mesoporous organosilica with well-defined single-site chiral ...


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