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Determination of metal ion concentrations by SERS using 2,2'-bipyridyl complexes

26-Aug-2015 | Julie Ann Docherty; Samuel Mabbott; Ewen Smith; John Reglinski; Karen Faulds; Christine Davidson; Duncan Graham, Analyst, 2015

Surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) can generate characteristic spectral “fingerprints” from metal complexes, thus providing the potential for the development of methods of analysis for the identification and quantitation of a range of metal ions in solution. The advantages include ...


Hybrid zinc oxide/graphene electrodes for depleted heterojunction colloidal quantum-dot solar cells

26-Aug-2015 | Mohammad Mahdi Tavakoli; Hossein Aashuri; A. Simchi; Zhiyong Fan, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

Recently, hybrid nanocomposites consisting of graphene/nanomaterial heterostructures have emerged as promising candidates for the fabrication of optoelectronic devices. In this work, we have employed a facile and in-situ solution-based process to prepare zinc oxide/graphene quantum dots (ZnO/G ...


Selective and visual Ca2+ ion recognition in solution and in a self-assembly organogel of terpyridine-based derivative triggered by ultrasound

26-Aug-2015 | Li Jun Geng; Yajuan Li; Zengyao Wang; Yan Qiu Wang; Guoliang Feng; xue lei pang; Xudong Yu, Soft Matter, 2015

a new kind of terpyridine-based Ca2+ sensor TS based on internal charge transfer (ICT) was designed and studied. In the diluted solution state, TS sensed Ca2+ and Mg2+ ions among test ions via “off–on” approach as seen from fluorescence spectra among test ions. Moreover, TS was able to form ...


Gelation of Fmoc-diphenylalanine is a first order phase transition

26-Aug-2015 | Nikola A. Dudukovic; Charles F. Zukoski, Soft Matter, 2015

We explore the gel transition of the aromatic dipeptide derivative molecule fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl-diphenylalanine (Fmoc-FF). The addition of water to a solution of Fmoc-FF in dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) results in increased attractions leading to self-assembly of Fmoc-FF molecules into a ...


Selective growth of metallic nanostructures on microstructured copper substrate in solution

26-Aug-2015 | Zhiwei He; Jianying He; Zhiliang Zhang, CrystEngComm, 2015

Selective growth of metallic micro/nanostructures on desired micropatterns was achieved via a simple solution-immersion process. Interestingly, metallic micro/nanostructures directly grow only inside the hollow copper micropatterns due to the different surface properties. Furthremore, these ...


Solid-state structure, solution-state behaviour and catalytic activity of electronically divergent C,N-chelating palladium–N-heterocyclic carbene complexes

26-Aug-2015 | Michael R. Chapman; Benjamin R. M. Lake; Christopher M. Pask; Bao N. Nguyen; Charlotte E. Willans, Dalton Transactions, 2015

A family of electronically diverse pyridyl- and picolyl-substituted imidazolium salts have been prepared and coordinated to palladium in a single step, to deliver a variety of palladium(ii)–N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) complexes. Neutral Pd(NHC)X2, cationic [Pd(NHC)2X]X and dicationic ...


Emissive Ir(III) complexes bearing thienylamido groups on a 1,10-phenanthroline scaffold

26-Aug-2015 | Ashlee J. Howarth; Marek B. Majewski; Christopher M. Brown; Francesco Lelj; Michael O. Wolf; Brian O. Patrick, Dalton Transactions, 2015

The synthesis, structures and photophysical properties of a series of bis-cyclometallated Ir(iii) complexes bearing phenylpyrazole (ppz) cyclometallating ligands and phenanthroline-based ancillary ligands containing thienyl- and bithienylamido groups are reported. All complexes are emissive in ...


Tunable conduction type of solution-processed germanium nanoparticle based field effect transistors and their inverter integration

26-Aug-2015 | Zeynep Meric; Christian Mehringer; Nicolas Karpstein; Michael P. M. Jank; Wolfgang Peukert; Lothar Frey, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

In this work we demonstrate the fabrication of germanium nanoparticle (NP) based electronics. The whole process chain from the nanoparticle production up to the point of inverter integration is covered. Ge NPs with a mean diameter of 33 nm and a geometric standard deviation of 1.19 are ...


A solution-processed high performance organic solar cells using a small molecule with the thieno[3,2-b]thiophene central unit

26-Aug-2015 | Qian Zhang; Yunchuang Wang; Bin Kan; Xiangjian Wan; Feng Liu; Wang Ni; Huanran Feng; Thomas P Russell; Yongsheng Chen, Chemical Communication, 2015

A solution processed acceptor-donor-acceptor (A-D-A) small molecule with thieno[3,2-b]thiophene as the central building block and 2-(1,1-dicyanomethylene)-rhodanine as the terminal unit, DRCN8TT,was designed and synthesized. The optimized power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 8.11% was achieved, ...


Shape Healable Tough Hydrogel

26-Aug-2015 | junhua wei; jilong wang; siheng Su; Molla Hasan; Jenny Qiu; shiren Wang, New Journal of Chemistry, 2015

In this work, the physically broken tough agar/poly(dimethylacrylamide) double network hydrogel was healed by a two-step process using silica nanoparticle solution and thermal treatment. Not only the shape of the hydrogel can be integrated again, its mechanical properties of the healed hydrogel ...


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